Night Out At Halo Cafe, The Curve

Hanging out with Dennis, Hsin, Josh and Jill at Halo Cafe, The Curve on Thursday night was good. As always, I get my tummy workouts when I am with them. Laughed like mad all the way. Poking fun at the way Dennis has grown hair, Joshua telling me about how Ben Shyen nearly drowned in Tioman with a lifejacket on(To quote them, “Eh! BS, don’t go into the bathroom, later you drown.” Wahahhahaha.), Hsin telling us about her boyfriend’s naughty school days’ stories and Jill and her burger jokes.(What burger moves? Bergerak lah! Hahahahah! -_-“).

The songs in Halo Cafe were mostly chinese and so were the patrons. Which is why we felt safe whilst discussing political stuff.Wakakaka.

This is Joshua.

Dennis trying to pan cute. -_-“.

l-r: me and jill!

l-r: Hsin and Josh

Hsin and I were like snapping away the whole night. So what else is new?

I like this pic! Very candid. Surelah, who take one?:D

Dennis allowed me to hang my pink camera/handphone pouch on his ear. He’s too nice to me.

Grape Milk Shake. Pretty good. … it had to be. It was a whopping RM11.90. But for the company and the ambiance…….a sacrifice is worth it. 🙂

The band was pretty good! Especially this guy who grins and whistles through his teeth. He could even do the Super Mario themesong!! Amazing!!!! I was laughing all the way because he was just smiling and whistling through his teeth. He then did a rendition of Doraemon’s themesong. Hahahahahahaha…. never laughed so hard.

We decided to go grab a bite at a nearby McDonalds’ since we would have to pay through our noses if we stuck with Halo Cafe any longer.

Cheers! We had a mission. We had to make a dick shaped ice-cream. But failed. I was trying to do the mushroom head thing with the vein. Barry once said it was possible.

Camera was on the table so just pressed the button. Can you see Ronald McDonald peeking from behind the avalanche of fries?:D

Joshua and his fries.

Met up with Chien the next day at Pizza Uno and had a two hour long conversation with her. It was necessary. The woman was in UK for three weeks but decided to come home. Was carried away to her life in UK with her vivid descriptions of the place and all. It would be nice to play a foreigner every now and then.

l-r: Chien and I.

I saw this book decor idea in Axxez(is that how you spell it?) and they decorated it with sparkly beads. Covered the entire notebook with beads. Very nice! So I decided to get some and spice up some notebooks of mine back in Kedah! I even bought cute pills containers to contain ’em.

*heart, heart*

When I went over to my grandparents’ home to put some joss sticks(Chong heong), my dad and brother saw this lovely morning dew from a far defracting light with utmost beauty. It’s like a diamond in the sunlight. Hahaha, okay, shoot me for sounding damn poetic. But it was damn nice. You can’t look at it for long because the intensity of light was so high!

The Obligatory Photoblog

Obviously when I am back I have to do the things that I can never do in Kedah. Like yamcha-ing and shopping. Let’s start off from Tuesday night! Met up with Justin, Daryl and Chung Lern at Tanjung for a drink and to gossip about the old secondary school mates. Hehe, gossips about old friends are always fun.

camp at By the way, would you believe that I met my Tuan Commandant from my NSTanjung?!! He was there yam-chaing with his family. His 8 year old daughter Farah recognised me and I went over to say hello. He told me that he will help me kau tim my exemption letter. YAY. If that does not happen, I will have to repeat national service in 5 years. It was weird to be sitting with boys in front of him hahaha, because back in camp, girls and boys CANNOT mix. Somemore out after 11pm! Wahahahahaha… and I can do anything I want in front of him.. hhaha, man! But he’s a nice guy lah.

l-r: Daryl, Justin, Me, Chung Lern.

The following day marked the first day of Mel’s freedom until February. She’s no longer a first year uni student!! But we also went out to celebrate the arrival of my new camera. Hee. Many excuses to camwhore.

One in the car.

l-r: Esther, Mel and me.

Esther and her sis, Alicia came for a movie with us. Corpse Bride was..amusing. Nice laah:) Just cannot believe that the entire thing was made of plasticine. Or is it not? Or is Esther feeding me nonsense again?? My favourite character is the Corpse Bride!

l-r: Esther, Mel, Me, Liss.
Poor Liss had to lepak around for one and a half hour as she’s already seen the movie.

A little bit of window shopping soon led on to something else. *sigh*. So much for being skint. Now I’m skint-er.

Oooh-er~! Saw this slinky black tube in FOS for RM23.90. Was sooo comfortable and it actually looked good. Was contemplating….contemplating…and contemplating..before I saw it in six other colours!!!

Tell me I made the right choice by choosing the sugar pink one. 🙂 But so far I’ve gotten good reviews from everybody. Almost everyone wants one. So we’re gonna get different colours and we’ll all dance together. Just like a rainbow. Hahaha.

Since we wanted to camwhore somemore Liss wanted to get a present for her neighbour and we had time to kill, we went to Subang Parade.

I cannot tahan pointy toe Aladdin shoes. They give me blisters.

Camwhoring in the carpark of all places.
l-r: Liss, Mel and me.

Me and Spongebob!(helium balloon). I wanted to get it for Amanda because it was so big and cute and she loves Spongebob squarepants!! RM34.90 is just too much. Somemore it’s not her birthday. Sorry manda, you just gotta make do with photos.

Comel kan?

Liss and I thought that the cards in the background was a nice backdrop so, yeah, camwhore again.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a McTwist. Heck, it’s been ages since I’ve been to McDonalds.

Yam Seng! Sek shuet kou!


Mel pan cute. :

I remember there was once while having ice cream outside the McDee’s in SS15 waiting for Barry’s mum, he was telling me that one of his sister’s friends could form a vagina and then a dick with the McD’s ice cream. I wanted to see how true it was.

This is the best vagina that I could muster.

Supposed to be a dick(can see the two balls) but …. don’t know how to make the long long thing.

And this is how Liss eats her ice cream…….weird child.

The highlight of the day was dinner at Asia Cafe with the gang. So many people ffked. ………….*heartbroken*…………..No guys ffk-ed though. Those who couldn’t come were not in Malaysia. 🙂

Never tasted anything so good before!! Fried mushrooms. Mmmmmm. DeliciOUss. Thanks Kwo Kuang for the treat!!

On my way to the toilet, I saw my standard 1/2/3 classmate, Wayne Adam. My, my, how he’s grown!

I love the variety in Asia Cafe. If you’re desperate for tables, there’re always tables near the Chau Tau Foo(Fermented Toufu) stall. Fuckin’ smelly.

Min Dee and a satay.

l-r: Me, Mel and Mun Teng.

Me and Mel. My pan cute tactic is all wrong. Or is it because I am destined to never be able to have the ability to pan cute?

Suet who came with Barry for a break from her SPM preparation. When I was her age, at that time, I was looking at the books and crying at the same time. But she’s a smart one. 🙂

Random shot.

A cool pic of me and Kay Hong while looking for tables.

l-r: Kwo Kuang, Chun Guan, Mun Teng and She Dee.

l-r: Amanda, Me, E-Guy, Yijin

These are my friends. They do the peace sign. Forgive them, can?
l-r: Kay Hong, Kwo Kuang, Chun Guan.

Too cute for words.
l-r: E-Guy, Yijin, Min Dee, Mel.

Wahahaha.. saw Slinky agaiN!!! Always bumping into him, and on EVERY occasion, sure must take photo with him. This will be our thing, ok, Slinky?

I didn’t get a good pic of the lovebirds. But looking at Barry with glasses, I’m brought back to an era, circa late 90s, when he was a mere child who was the victim of the 11 year old stalker me.

Manda and me. She dived in and wanted to give me a full on pash(mouth open and all) AS A JOKE OF COURSE.(we’ll get there one day, manda, one day.:D) But I think we shocked a bunch of guys at another table because they like jumped in their seats and started laughing.

Mun Teng with my cute ball-ball sequinned hair tie! So pretty for only Rm2.95!!!! The hair tie, I mean, not Mun Teng. Mun Teng’s pretty too:D

Latest I heard, he’s Mr. Inti. HEhehe.

DIY-ed french manicure?! And Our dear future MAS pilot, Han Yijin and our dear JPA Scholar, Lee Min Dee. So proud of these two! .. No, they’re not together. Don’t you just love Min Dee’sYijin’s trademark raised-eyebrow?

Me and E-Guy! He’s currently in Nottingham and the lucky ass has got a single room to himself on campus. Those of us who are living away from home knows how fortunate it is to get a single room. Not that I don’t have one….heh, but that won’t last long.

Trying to lick him as usual.

Manda wearing my pink ball ball hair tie as a ring. She says, “Paris Hitlon on steroids.” Hehehe.

l-r: She Dee, Mun Teng, Myself and E-Guy.

On a different note, today’s shopping trip with the family to Midvalley lasted SEVEN hours. And I didn’t even know it was SEVEN hours!! I’m back to my trinklets-shopping style so I got a few cute things from Midvalley. Will photograph later.

What pissed me off most was when I was standing with my family, suddenly I felt someone tap my ass. Then a little indian boy of about 12 walked hurriedly past us and kept glancing back at me. I GLARED angrily at him and he kept turning back to look at me and then walking faster and then kept turning back. It went on for quite a while before I blurted out, “I think someone touched my ass!” Mahai, kookoochiao also not long enough yet want to touch my ass. But I could be wrong lah, which is why I didn’t scream out at him in front of the other shoppers, “HOI BUDAK KECIK YOUR LANCIAO ALSO BELUM CUKUP UMUR YOU SO NAUGHTY ADI HAH!!”… but I calmed down fast enough lah.

Always look on the bright side of every situation. If my ass got tapped/molested, it shows that my ass has got potential. *nods wisely*

My Camera’s Funeral

The family’s ancient Cybershot DSC-P3 passed away in early September. It died in a rather humiliating way. Some medical seniors from uni were posing for me and then DSC-P3 just kaput like that. Format Error was the cause of its death. I brought it to a photoshop in Central Square, Sg. Petani where a pregnant lady attended to me but she could not revive the camera and she looked at the specs, laughed and said, “It’s time to get a new one.”

The old girl only had 2.8 megapixels and I was too embarrassed to bring her out. Adrian once laughed at me somemore saying that his handphone got more pixels than my camera. Sniff. Adrian it’s all your fault!! You have stimulated me to buy a new camera. 😀 But she did serve me well… the file number even went back to DSC00000 three times!!! Meaning I took nearly 300K photos with it. Wahahaha. It was a good experience.

It has been a good four years.

I’ll miss the way you zoom in on something and sharpen yourself. I’ll miss the way you distort images with your night vision. I’ll miss the fact that you’re the only camera whose flash I am immuned to. I’ll miss pressing your buttons without having to see.

Naomitabha. Rest in piece, my metallic companion.

I’ve been thinking of getting a new camera for ages. Especially so after my cybershot died. No more SONY for me definitely, forking out RM300 for new batteries was a painful memory. Sony’s expensive, right?

I dug into my baby bank account(meaning Ang Pow collected since 1987) and there’s not much there since I’ve used bits of it for other stuff. Took out RM500 from there, mum returned me RM700 which is money I used to buy things to prepare for national service and Kedah, then there’s the “extra allowance” from loving relatives who are worried about me going all the way to Kedah.

I am finally getting a new camera. FINALLY. I’m using my own money as well because I don’t want to get my parents to buy me one since they paid so bloody much for my education already. (Dad’s been doing that “I must eat roti canai everyday now” routine on me again. -__-).. so if I tell him that I’m getting a new camera, he would think that I’m asking for it. So I shall buy first without telling him! 😀

I got Chung Lern and Esther to come along with me for this milestone of mine! Chung Lern recommended me to go to Summit because he knows the guy there who could give me a good price. Spent quite a while there moaning about how I’m damn poor now and was so undecided. Chung Lern’s greatest passion lies in photography so he was the perfect person to help me evaluate which was the best camera.

We decided on the Panasonic Lumix FX8. I wasn’t too pleased with the size at first but you know what? It grew on me. I am so in love now. The guy sold it to me for Rm1320..and I bought an Rm90 256mb memory card from him. DON’T ANYBODY DARE TELL ME THAT I COULD’VE GOTTEN IT CHEAPER ELSEWHERE…OR I’LL…i’ll…well, i’ll cry.

Painful wei. I’m only left with a couple of hundred bucks to my name. Zilch in my bank account. Esther said she could smell the money when I was counting it. Damn eeyer lah to count money in public like that. But what to do? I’m only a lowly student. No cheques to write, no credit cards to swipe.

We celebrated the occasion with some bubble tea and oligatory camwhoring.

Chung Lern is loving my new toy!! Once again I must thank him for all his wonderful advice..!

Met Sher Lyn ..surprising though. Thought we were the only people who still bother visiting Summit. Damn kesian, Chung Lern was telling me that Summit is known as “air con Pasar malam.”. Wahaha.
l-r: Chung Lern, Sher Lyn, Me, Esther.

All in all, it was good to catch up with a few friends. Haven’t met up with alot of people yet.

AnywayyYy..let’s look at my new baby!

It’s a 2.5 inches screen! Much much bigger than my old cybershot one. Now can camwhore betul betul adi.

Top view.

It’s a Leica lens, good stuff, or so Chung Lern says. I trust him!


This is my first big purchase. I’ve never bought myself any clothing items that cost more than RM100..basically I’ve hardly ever spent more than Rm200 on something for myself. It’s all the miscellaneous buys that I make which eats up my money. But THIS..this.. earrings, cute hair clips, magazines, cheap skirts and tops can wait in line. THIS is good.

Since I don’t know how to rave properly about its features as I’ve yet to look at the manual properly.. here’s a review on the Panasonic Lumix FX8. 

Shiat, my brother just came into my room and told me that he fixed the old camera. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

Oh by the way, check out my post as a guestblogger/self-invited nut on Minishorts’.

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