Plasticine Fetish/Uni Life/Trip Back Home/Exchanging NS letters with Weng Lum/Car Accident/Embarrassing Incident At A Kenduri in Seremban

I am going to pull a Lainie.Lainie, can I pull a Lainie? I know I’ve like hyper-Lainie-fied the title. Sorry about that.

Sometimes you leave too much bloggable things to accumulate and you’ll have to cramp it all in one because multiple entries at any one time is not hot.

To distress during the exam season, I bought plasticine from the neighbourhood bookshop and moulded myself silly for two hours when I really should’ve been studying. Of course, my inspiration comes from the master of polymer clay earrings, April Yim. Go here and here to look at her amazing creations. She’s even got a brochure out(you’ll have to request for it) if you are interested in purchasing some of her earrings.

My masterpieces. Cute or not?!

McDonald’s Fries.:)



A bowl of noodles with meat balls and veggie.:)

Dunkin Donut – Strawberry Frost!

Birthday cake!

Pizza with pepperoni!

A plate of vegetable with garnished with garlic.

It’s a roasted chicken, goddamnit.


An american breakfast set – complete with the sunny side up, green peas, bacon and french fries.

Hotdog with mayo and a damn realistic looking sausage;’)

Here are some random photos from uni:

This is an example of one of my problem based learning classes.

The horrible, horrible cafeteria food.

“mash potato”.

Drain water gravy.

Camwhoring at night. Don’t mind me, just skip on to the next set of photographs.

After my exams, I immediately hopped onto the bus back to good ol’ Subang Jaya!! WHoo HOoo! I was going to do so many things!! Meet up for breakfast with Weng Lum, go see Harry Potter with a few of the girls and spend some quality time with my family. I could hardly wait!!

It was raining somewhere in Penang.. nice effect hor?

This looks like something out of Disney’s Hercules.

The following morning I joined Esther, Chung Lern, Krystle, Huini, Wen Bin, Justin, Daryl, Teng Choon and Jiun Haw at Pelita just to catch up before meeting up with Weng Lum at Tanjung to exchange letters that we sent to each other back in national service. We used to send letters to each other back in national service to update each other about how much our camps sucked.

Esther’s nice hair.

l-r: me, Esther, Jiun Haw, Teng Choon, Daryl, Justin, Wen Bin, Chung Lern, Huini and Krystle.

We even took videos of each other reading the vulgar bits and decided to do a retake the next time we meet up. My video was just too horrible. UGH. I did wear my NS t-shirt for the occasion. But it was great fun to know how I whined in the letters. Weng Lum’s letters are not for the weak hearted. He swears in style, this guy. In a later blog entry, I’ll post up our letters. Buyt we’ll see about that lah, see how it goes.

Weng Lum laughing at himself.

The major event of the day was to watch Harry Potter: The Goblet Of Fire!!! Been waiting and waiting to see this show for ages. I only had 20 minutes to go home to change, pick Mun Teng and Melody up and drive to Sunway Pyramid. I thought I was some cool shit speed driver…mana tau…

I was in such a hurry and I busted my tyre on a curb near Mel’s house. The impact was such a horrible feeling. So yeap, I chipped my rims and there was a fugly flap on the tyre. I had to leave my car in front of Mel’s house and the flap was SO big that I was actually worried that the rain water would collect inside the tyre.

We all know that my father will grill me properly for this boo-boo.

After the movie, I called him and broke the terrible news.

He came over immediately in the pouring rain saying, “The tyre is gone.”.

My father was changing the tyres under the rain with a flaring temper. I was meekly carrying two huge-ass umbrellas(I’ve got a bad cramp in both my arms now) trying to shield the both of us from the rain.

It did not help that the time was 4.15pm and the family was due at Dad’s company Hari Raya Kenduri in Balakong at 5pm. He even had to go home to bathe again.

But of course lah, after the usual lecture and me going, “Yes, dad. Okay, Yes, mum. Okay. Okay. Yes. Okay. Sorry. Okay, Yes.”.. everything was back to normal. We even went to see Exorcism Of Emily’s Rose and it’s a bloody scary movie!!

Another horrible incident to complete my near disastrous weekend, was when my father brought us to Seremban to attend his ex-colleague’s open house. I was taking Satay and I saw this VERY VERY familiar face smiling back at me in what I thought was recognition. I smiled brightly and shouted, “Cikgu!!”. I thought I saw one of my National Service trainers. My parents were equally excited for me and he was supposedly dad’s ex-colleague’s husband.

I went up to him and said, “hello cikgu! Bagainmana cikgu related dengan Aunty?” The poor guy was confused. His wife came up and said, “No, my husband was never a national service trainer…?” The guy was also looking at me one kind.

I put a hand to my face and said, “Oh maaf… malu.. Wrong Person……”


Mother Fucker Friendster Hacker

Someone added me on MSN yesterday. He said he found me through my friendster and proceeded to add me to his MSN using the email he found me in my blog.

Then he asked, “Are your hobbies really fucking around, blow job and pussy licking?”

I was like, “WHAT?!”

He said, “It says so. On your friendster.”

Horrified, I went to check out my entire profile and SURE enough someone added some stuffs to my friendster. I should’ve taken a screen shot to be uploaded here but I was in such a panic that I editted it straight away.

I suspect it is one of the students in my university because I have a habit of now logging out of my Friendster account when I use the computers there.

BUT SO WHAT? It’s called moral values!!

Which is why when I left my Friendster account idle for just TWO days, I had two pages worth of suggestions for sex. It’s usually fucking Ah Bengs and stupid big pretensive macho Indian guys.

How do I tell the difference?

The messages which say, “let’s friendster and may I stand one night and pussy lick?” are no doubt by acne ridden shit faced Lala Chais. And if they want to stand one night, that’s none of my fucking business. Their legs tired only ma. Not mine.

The big pretensive macho Indian guys are the ones with the better English. And No, no Malay guys yet or else my Friendster account can really be damn muhibbah liao.

BUT SO WHAT, Malay, Chinese or Indian also the same lah!!! All fucking fucked up hamsap!!

But my hatred is not directed to those people who messaged me but obviously to the fucking fucker who hacked my friendster account. Like, what the fuck?!


If by some miracles I ever get to know who changed my friendster account…..

I will punch him in the face so that he will black out. I will then proceed to remove his ALL his clothes and photograph him kau kau and forward it to everyone know and tell them that if they don’t forward it, they will be doomed to have a penis of that size. Oh, what if he is big issit? Then I will say, “If you don’t forward it, you won’t have a penis of that size.”

After satisfying my shutterbug tendencies, I will take my kitchen knife and start slicing away at the skin of his penis and his testicles. I will slice until NO SKIN is left so that the fucking retard’s genitalia is just a mass of muscle and blood.

I will pour an entire bowl of salt on it. I will then wait for him to wake up.

He will be screaming in pain and would not be able to move as the pain is far too excruciating. I will grab hold of his bloody penis and slice the tip away with my chopper while I look at him with the most sinister of glares. I will bring my dog in front of him and feed my dog that piece of dick.

I will then take a barbed wire and stuff it up his ass and manoeuvre it into his reproduction system’s region. I will find the urether and proceed to get the barbed wire to poke out from there. I will then pull the barbed wire through his urether damn.bloody.slowly.

I will slice through his penis so that it forks open like the tongue of a snake and to end it all, I will take my father’s hammer to turn his balls into pulp.

*bows* Thank you.

Something Stinks In The Blogosphere

I’ve done something that I’ve never done in my entire blogging phase. I’ve removed a link to another blogger.

Honestly, I won’t even call him a blogger. A stupid guy who owns a website, more like.

Why I put his link up in the first place was because I thought he was a nice noob who wanted to learn a thing or two about blogging back in April 2005. I took a look at the blog and cringed at his English but I thought, “Hey, everybody deserves a chance to fluorish,no?”


He totally abused his role in the blogosphere.

Then remember the whole fiasco where he messaged everybody on asking them to link him up? I didn’t want to take sides then but I was thinking GOSH, low or what.

The cut-and-paste maestro is not everybody’s favourite person. I don’t know when and don’t care when but when he changed his URL to a proper domain, he messaged me on MSN from time to time to change his URL on my links page. I will change it when I want to change it, why keep reminding me? If I’m not doing anything about it, I will remove it of course.

Using keywords in his blog posts that will invite an influx of traffic..such a traffic whore.

I’m not even going to say his name because, ugh, just don’t want lah.

He pings multiple pings on PPS almost every other time and comes up with lame ass excuses in his pathetic misuse of the English language.

He even wants to sue one of my good blogger friends. HAHAHAHAHAHA. So stupid.
Go read it here.

Editted: If anybody else wants to blog about him, remember. Don’t LINK to him. He doesn’t need the influx of traffic. He is using sex as a selling point with hotblogger and hotmalaygirls(the websites, no links, see?) and getting MONEY for it. We must stop it now.

Harap Maaf, Self Esteem Going Through Some Down Time

The simplicity in those words can cut so deep,
The very words which cause the simple girls to weep.
Plain and void of the stereotype beauty.

Days and days we continue to grow,
Fluorishing typically, a sight to behold.
But to what extend?

Is the light so dim that the tears-filled eyes appear invisible,
Receiving and receiving no matter how horrible,
The blows to one’s esteem.

Forget the need to point out to state the obvious,
Instilled in memories, painful and malicious.
A fragmant of the nightmare has returned.

Been devoid for so long from the shallow minds,
The sliver of their degraratory and painful lines,
The skin’s not as thick as it was assumed.

-no, this poem is not some love mumbo jumbo. I only reserve love poems for heartbreaks. The self esteem was stimulated to take a dive yesterday. Don’t worry, this is only temporary.