That Big Blog Jump

I think I’m one of the last people to blog about the meet despite being the organiser of it all.

Been reading comments saying, “Huh? How come I don’t know? Why never call?”

I want to say that I’m extremely sorry. If I could do it again, I’d call the whole world, make sure no one is left out.

It also irks me a little that whenever someone comments on any of the other blogs, “EH WHY NEVER CALL…”

And the answer would be, “Don’t ask Jolene.”.

🙁 I become the bad guy la now?

There isn’t really a criteria. It’s just mutual friends of sorts that kinda thing. Loads of noobs blog-meet-goers so I don’t know if I can entertain a large crowd of strangers because dah lah at the meet I sensed some awkwardness in the air.

Hope you all understand and won’t exclude me in return. 🙁

We did not want to publicize about the meet on our blogs because that way, every Tom, Dick and Harry can appear and some might even do strange things to us(like follow us back to our cars or something.)

Yalah, I do mean stalkers. No, I do not have the good fortune of having one. But one of the bloggers do. I’m not going to mention any names but he’s the one who likes to take photos and jump high high one.

Furthermore, most of the people who were at the meet were already friends in real life. And it was initially a gathering for our age group and I was worried that the more veteran bloggers would be bored out of their skulls. But then the crowd grew. Because this one wanted to call this one, then that one wanted to call that one. But as you have it, it turned out pretty well, everybody got on famously. 🙂

But the amount was still manageable lah. I mean making reservations for 40 people to dine at Dome. Madness. I was *almost* worried that the staff at Dome would not take me seriously. Furthermore it was for a Saturday. And you know how weekend crowds are.

And they had every reason to be wary of us.

Inititally all the tables were separated and it looked like a mini wedding was about to take place. They wouldn’t join the tables for me because it would be ‘messy’.

So guess what we did? We joined it ourselves. Hohohohoho.

And after awhile, we became quite absorbed with ourselves and moving around to ‘mingle’, some of the more excited ones among us even stood up too fast and their chairs crashed to the ground. (nudge nudge Suet and JasonMumbles).

You should have seen the look on the waitress’ face. She looked at her manager and her jaw gaped open. Damn bitch. Slap her baru tau.

While it was fun enough, the venue proved to be a little bit of a problem. I’m such a lousy planner.

Once again, I hope no one is pissed with me if they didn’t get to hear about the meet. Some of you didn’t even reply my emails.

L-r: me,
Jasonmumbles, Serge,Leech, Albert

Suet, Barry, Yee Hou, Calvin

Ringo, Serge, Leech, Albert

Yee Hou and I looking at the attendance list. NO! I didn’t come up with that. Yee Hou did alot of paperwork for the event, very kind of him. Though not entirely necessary, but amusing none the least. I can’t remember which blog has the list of ffk-ers even.

The crowd.

Suanie and I

Her ear that had a clitoris(long story) is healing already!

l-r: Calvin from
Calvism, The Other Kenny and Paul Tan. Oh wait, that’s Albert behind too.

Yvonne and Jas talking to each other via my laptop!

Smashpop and I.

l-r: me, Serge, Leech

L-r: Jason,
Chris@Kampungkai, Me

l-r: Chris, Jas, Me

my brother, Jas, Smashpop

April. and her beautiful earring and darling boyfriend! (sorry I didn’t catch your name.. sorry:( ).. how loving though. Taking photo also cannot resist tickling each other.

The three hiaupors.
L-r: me, Calvin, Yee Hou

Justin, Slinky and Me

FireAngel!! She was here for her pool tournament as well, but apparently she hit the white ball in after hitting the black ball in. Tough.

Suanie and Albert catching up.

Didn’t really get to see all of April’s new stock, but it is getting pimped at most of the other blogs. So it’s great publicity for her.:)

Suanie and I with our name tags. Yes, we had name tags.

l-r: Slinky,
Julie, Karen

Weng Lum and I

My Rm9.95 soup. Ouch. In Kedah, I can eat two days’ worth of meals with that typoe of money. Somemore I couldn’t finish it because I was moving around so much. And it looks pretty disturbing.

l-r: FireAngel,
Lainey, Suanie, Leech

The other Kenny. Check out
his blog, I love his sketchings!! Damn funny.

Mike and I. It’s been a while since I last saw him, nearly a year ago at the PPS bash.

l-r: Smashpop,
Kurt, Me

Suet and Jas getting to know each other better.

Jas being.. well, Jas.

Calvin gets a wax from my name tag.

Go to Suanie’s to see her “aerial” shot.

l-r: Yee Hou and Yvonne. Omg, exact same shade of t-shirt colour.

I’m not sure who left this message, but hey I think it’s cute. 🙂

Mervyn and Jas

We were waiting for the rest to pay the bills. The manager was SO worried that the bill would not get paid so I was like, “Don’t worry, I’ll stand next to you and pay for anything that does not get paid,”. Whahahaha, I am all talk, no action. Ended up leaving him and going off to take more photos. Like this one.

The plan was to do a big group jump ala smashpop in the middle of Midvalley. Like, the concourse area there. Smashpop pandai-pandai go ask the security guard and we got rejected just because there would be brand names involved. Shit lah, people like my brother and Jason were wearing body glove clothes..that one also brand what. What’s the difference?

Then I think Smashpop thought it would be a brilliant idea to point at the lady security guard and asked if things would be different if we wanted to have a photo with her instead.

Kesian, wonder how she felt.

Anyway, we went to the Boulevard and went up a bridge and did the jump there instead. Heheh. Wonder what the people at Starbucks(below) thought?:D

Mike and I had our backpacks. The last time I saw him he was with a bag pack too. I had to bring my laptop to the meet, hence mine.

Imagine, all these people following me out of MidValley. LOL. Damn funny to walk in such a big group.

Calvin from Calvism and
Jen getting chummy.

SMK Subang Utama reunion! l-r: Me, Barry, Jas. SUET YOU’RE NOT SU ONE! SHOO! 😀
Other fellow Subang Utama people who were not in this picture were Leech, my brother and ffk-er Sarah.

Up on the bridge.

And so we started jumping under the hot sun.

This is from my brother’s camera. Wow, I’m actually jumping in this one.

Enough of jumping!!

After all the excitement, most of us had to rush off for other appointments. A few of us adjourned to McDs for some refreshments.

Nah, Jas, here’s your nice pic!

Cheers for an outing well planned! Right.

That’s me.. think Calvin took this!

L-r: Ringo, Jas, Kurt. Kurt’s surprisingly realllly nice in real life. Compared to his cool exterior on his blog. Eheh.

The Other Kenny(so cheeky !!) and Calvism’s Calvin.

So till the next time! It was great meeting all of you. The next time just publicize it lah. If you’re worried of stalkers, just bring pepper spray lorh. And take public transport.

The 56k Killer Has A Week Long Holiday

I know it’s really unlike me to leave my blog like that. I promise it’s just because of the holidays. I need to be busy with boring thigs in order to update my blog. Hahaha. It has been an eventful week which will of course be followed with photos. Tons of it.

According to Yee Hou, his brother Yee Wei(YES! they are related) dubbed me “56k killer”. Hohohoho.

Nearly a year ago, I was shitting in the toilet without entertainment. A year later, I repeated my form of entertainment;)

“Angel want snack…?”

Something needs a haircut.

When I was with Chee Kiang on Monday evening, he gave me Easter cookies! Got such thing one hor? 😀 He said he got it from Singapore’s Mrs. Fields, but didn’t pass it to me because he was afraid the bouncers at Ministry Of Sound would confisticate it just like how they opened my bag and found a bottle of water inside and took it away. Sniff sniff. Anyway it was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture. Half way eating only remembered, “Oh ya hor.. so pretty, must take photo!!”

On Tuesday afternoon, I met up with Kay Hong for lunch at Asia Cafe. I haven’t seen that fella in ages! People got Hong Kong super star type of glasses already.. and obviously I was treated to some good ol Kay Hong-ified stories. (exaggerated stories).

Don’t know what’s wrong with him lah, smoking three sticks in a row. I asked him if I could see his pack of ciggies.. so he bodoh-ly passed them to me. I took one out and dumped it into my soup and proceeded to take out another before he grabbed the pack from me screaming, “YOU CRAZY AAA!!!??”

I’ve decided to go on a mission to destroy all my friends’ ciggies. Just last night in Mont Kiara’s Starbucks with Chee Kiang and Daryl, I pretended to want one of Daryl’s ciggies and asked him how much is one, he said about 50 cents.

So fine lorh, I took 50 cents out of my purse and proceeded to break the stick in two and threw it into the remainder of my coffee.

By the way, if you’re on birth control pills, please don’t smoke. Can get stroke.

The fate of a ciggarette in my hands. My grandmother had a stroke, no, not because she was on birth control pills, but because she was so stressed from my grandfather’s death that she chain smoked for a couple of days and died within a week from my grandfather. You want that to happen to you? Smoke somemore lah. SMOKE LA.

Don’t like his glasses.

looks better without his glasses rite??:)

Later in the evening, Chee Kiang and I double dated with Barry and Suet. Hehehe. Went to Salmon steak and had quite a good time talking lah. 🙂 Double dating is fun! To quote Chee Kiang, “Dear, we should meet other people too!”

Barry and Suet

Chee Kiang and I

They love his new piercing.

It’s been such a long time since I touched a cue stick. I used to play alot of pool when I was in form4/form5.

That’s Barry.

Suet and I

Chee Kiang and I

i know what it looks like, but I do not rely fully on the ..what’s that support support thing called? HAhaha. Don’t lah, I did play quite alot of pool in my days, but I don’t know what are the sticks called mah. Well, I AM the girl who looked at the balls on the pool table and went, “Oooo!! Pink ball!! So nice!!”

Don’t play, play. I won the first game for Chee Kiang and I. 🙂

So serious the face.

oooh provocative pose..

My boyfriend’s a leftie!

Some mad looking nipples, aren’t they?

and Suet Li wins the last game.

The obligatory mirror shot.

After that, it was ice cream at Swensens. Tuesday is Earthquake Day!!

Justin and his contradicting T-shirt. He is in a loving relationship now.

ice-cream…. I love yam!

Play with dry ice also fun one. Sheesh.

l-r: Chee Kiang, Jonathan and Daryl. (Daryl’s up for grabs! Let me know if you want his number! He is a really really sweet guy!:))

Eee.. comel nya;)


Don’t know lah, some orgy outside Swensen’s.

On Wednesday night, double dating again! Went to pyramid with Chee Kiang, Gaya and her bf Parvant.

Chee Kiang kept bugging me to take a pic of the Superstars(some chinese malaysian idol thingie, dunno dun care) people even though I wasn’t very interested. He said, “You never know how famous they can be! Take photo!!” Okay, yes dear..

Gaya and her boy.


I went home and thought that Angel would look cute in a Carrefour plastic bag.

Camwhoring with my doggie. Haven’t done this in a looong time.

Okay, poser.. please skip!:)

My dog only humps me and only me. But apparently once she could tahan me being away for so long, she humped my mother’s arm too. Did I mention that Angel’s a she?

After a loooooong dry spell of repetitive clothes in Kedah, it was time for some serious shopping. I went down to Sg. Wang with Mun Teng on Friday.

In the monorail, acting jakun.

Sunnies look good on her, don’t you think?

I think I can oull of these aviators. Are they still in fashion ar?

I Like them!!

And did you know that Lolita type of clothes are in fashion now? It’s like flooding all the shops in Sg. Wang. I know lah it’s Lala..but at least it’s an interesting type of Lala. I want more Lolita clothes. or rather I want SOME Lolita clothes.

I would love a SATIN corsette. Ooooooh er. The one with hooks in front and has wires at the sides.

The straps are very French Maid.

Forgive the pudginess. But pink is sweet, no?

Corsette top.

So what else is there to do when there are too many mirrors?

Making my way through the Friday crowd with Mun Teng in tow. The crowd was there to meet Click 5 in person. Uh, Click 5 who? I’m freaking outdated. freaking old. like auntie adi.

But I do know who Sarah Tan is. 🙂

The infamous pink shop in Sg. Wang. So cute lah the concept.

Chee Kiang with the Bullshit T-shirt I bought for him from Sg. Wang. (I bought myself two baby tees and one strappy top from there as well!)

Camwhoring with a whole new angle while we waited for Daryl to come for drinks at Mont Kiara.

ooh! The fairy lights formed a heart shaped effect on the bush.

Other outings without pictures would be watching Gubra at Mid Valley with V-ng Yan, yamchaing till 3am for two nights in a row with Chee Kiang, Justin and Daryl and swimming till 11pm with Chee Kiang at Holiday Villa. Heeheehee.

You know how I’m always unlucky with all my bus rides to and from Kedah?
This time I was stuck with a guy who snored SO loudly.

I could not sleep for the better part of the ride. Kesian..

Have You Heard About The Malaysian Tourist In Singapore?

Good lord, I can’t believe I’ve been updating less than Xiaxue. But after doing all this watermarking thing, I tend to get lazy with my photos.

Anyway, yeah, I spent the weekend in Singapore and gosh I was stoning like mad. I closed my eyes in Malacca and when I opened my eyes I was in SIngapore already! Those trips back from Kedah sure thought me something about sleeping during long distance trips.

Speaking of long distance trips.. I really want to castrate the mastermind behind our public ‘express’ buses.

Since my stupid assessment ended at 5.30pm on Friday, I had to rush home, pack, and eat dinner at 6.15pm and then rush to the bus station to make it for the 7pm bus. I THOUGHT I was late when I reached at 7.10pm. But hey, I could have gone back, slowly packed my stuff, updated my blog, watched an episode of Desperate Housewives, clean the newly fallen papaya outside my house(yeah, I know, it’ll be there for one week. Disgusting, so what)…and then board the damn bus.

How would you like it if your bus got delayed for an ENTIRE hour? And your parents are waiting for you back in KL to make a trip to Malacca? Oh, and the bus to Singapore from Malacca leaves at 6am the following day?

OH OH! Did I mention that the bus ride from Sg. Petani to KL is like, 5 hours? On a good day?

So we boarded this really lousy bus and the stupid driver didn’t tell us that they were going to Ipoh to take somemore passengers. We wasted an ENTIRE hour touring Ipoh and I was screaming like mad because it was already 11pm and I wasn’t even OUT of Perak yet. I NEED TO GET HOME TO KL!! I HAVE TO GO TO MALACCA!!!

I reached Pudu at 2am. Chatted animatedly with my family whom I have not seen in a month and fell asleep somewhere in Seremban. We reached Malacca at 4am. And it’s all because of me. We slept for an hour plus before waking up to catch the 6am bus. We reached Sentosa Island at 11am. I was sleeping everywhere and anywhere.

Imagine, travelling from the top of Malaysia, right down to the bottom within 15 hours. Never again.

The first ride that my family went on was the Carlsberg Lookout Tower or something like that. It’s almost like the solero shot minus the speed. Just before boarding the thing, I had a very very very bad case of stomachache.

So yeah, the first thing I did in Singapore(and this is my FIFTH time in Singapore) was to shit.

I ended up going up the rotating tower on my own.

The water is surprisingly blue, hor?

Oh yeah, this is how I looked after the horrendous shitting bout. So pale. I don’t know why I always get this acute stomach aches that screams “SHIT COMING THROUGH!! ARGH!! KEELING OVER SOON..ARGGGGHHHHH!!”.. it ALWAYS come at the most inconvenient times. Like EXAMS.

I’m not surprised if I get these pains when I am half way through my own wedding.
Anybody know any good laxatives? Wait, scratch that. Laxatives will give me diarrhoea. Uh, something to clear the bowels before hand perhaps?

The tower. Boring.

Then I went into Images Of Singapore on my own since my family went ahead already.(We were on a tour, so schedule was pretty tight. I hate the tour guide.)
We were put in this room and there’s this chest on the stage and dry ice will evaporate from behind it and a laser image is casted on the so called ‘smoke screen’, hence creating a hologram effect. Freaky leh!

Further more, I didn’t know the portraits could move!! Ala Harry Potter. I was all alone somemore. ;(

Like ghost only. And at the end, jets of smoke loops were projected out from either sides of the stage.

l-r: Mum, Aunty Doreen, Cousin Derek, Aunty Ping, Cousin Jacqie, Ted.

Fooling around with the replicas of the Kuli ages.

My Aunty Ping fat hiau again.

That’s me!


Aunty Doreen

Old school!

This is the type of jungles the communist/left-wing parties/japanese army used to fight in/hide in/whatever..just camwhore la.

I like this pic of my Aunty Ping. It looks as if she’s really watching the tv as she walks past a store back in the 1930s.

Cool effect of some Thaipusam celebrating dude.

l-r: Jacq, Ted, Aunty Ping

Dad and Mum.

Going up the Merlion in Sentosa Island. They have ultraviolet light there! Time for more pictures surely!

Then there was a Dolphin show. The dolphins are smart, yeah, but they look weird, all pink and mouldy.

Some grandmothers I tell you….. must stand in front of you, ON a bench somemore. Courtesy tak da.

The dolphin trainers called some volunteers to get down and dirty with the dolphins.

Cool Shot!

Jacqie and I! Love this pic! Will probably frame it.

Then we went for some snorkeling.

Lovely view underwater huh?

Why, I was just lucky. 🙂

My underwater guide.

Did you know that there were dugongs in Singapore too?

And then there were jellyfishes!

Bop bop bop..

OOOh er!

This is a Sea Angel. It looks damn cool right? It actually flutters its’ limbs/fins like a fairy flying.

Hehehe, was actually at the underwater world. Quite sien to tell you that I was at an aquarium type of place. So make up some story:)

Peacocks were running wild everywhere.

Open top bus!! Dad has bad hair here. But it is a nice picture otherwise.

We both look strange here.. but it shows fatherly and daughterly love, no?

Dinner at Sentosa Island. Love the lights and the reflections;)

My dad wants this statue for our house.

The evil merlion!

We ended our Sentosa Island trip with a musical fountain display.

It was cool because they could create a screen with jets of water. However, crappy animation was projected onto it. Other wise, it was pretty impressive. But I’m not raving about it.

Extremely stoned, we went back to our hotel in Geylang. Chee Kiang came to Singapore for the weekend too but I’m so sorry dearr.. couldn’t find the time to get away to spend more time with him. But we did manage to catch up on Saturday night at Ministry of Sound. I smsed Chee Kiang and told him that I’m staying in Geylang and he was like, “Isn’t that a red light district?” I didn’t know!

Sure enough, the moment I entered the hotel, there were two.

Yes, I am sure.

Okay, fine then. What else would you call women in fishnets? With old uncles touching their waists lightly and pushing them into the lifts?

After freshening up, we adjourned to Ministry of Sound at Clarke Quay. I’ve only ever heard of this place at Xiaxue’s blog! 😀

Jacq and Ted.

Chee Kiang and Me.

l-r: Jacq, Me, Ck

L-r: Ted, Jacq, Ck

A view from on top of the podium! 😀

The place wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. The cover charge was 25 sing dollars. Inclusive of two free drinks. Pretty watered down but Jacq’s whisky was a wee bit strong.

Chee Kiang and I roamed around and oops, we stumbled into this other smaller room. They were playing some retro hits.

I’ve always wanted to sit in these half ball swings!!:)

A nice pink glowly toilet.

You have to love the lighting at the reception area!

After an hour or two, we left to get something to eat.

Jakun who never really goes clubbing was going trigger happy.

So jakun that we even have to pose with the VIP sign.

And we strolled along Clark Quay. Nice place!!

Hohohohohohoh.. they don’t have Hooters in Malaysia. The hooters girls have more of an ass than a pair of boobs.

Thought this would’ve made a lovely photo.

Then the next day, the #$)(#$&$&#$&#*$*%$)(#)$(*#$&$ tour guide woke us up at 7am, to..get this… visit NEWater. What is SO fun about NEWater? It’s abit like Indah water, it cleans the water. But I don’t seen Indah Water conducting tours and such.

Something everybody should do in Singapore. Visit a disabled toilet. If you don’t get me, nevermind. You don’t read enough of blogs, noob.

I love the glass stage effect.

Can you believe the extend they go to to beautify a water purification centre?? With elaborate water features and such??

If only my new university campus would look like this….

And then I was gobsmacked to realise that we were visiting the Botanical gardens.
This is my father. The plant is supposedly strangling him. Let’s just humour him and smile. 🙂

The Cold House!! LOVE IT! Singapore is soooooooooo hot.

My Uncle Pun can actually carry Derek….who is 18 years old already..

L-r: dad, porpor, mum, jacq, ted.

L-r: MUm, Mervyn, Jacq, Uncle Pun, Aunty Doreen, Derek, SEIFEIPO!!!!, Aunty Ping.

I like this pic! Look at the lake, do you realise that the leaves are in a shape of a tray?

l-r: Me, Kwee Fong, Hong Fei.

behind the shielf of cascading water.

And then we had a Mongolian lunch. Interesting, in a way.

We ended our Singapore weekend trip with a river cruise. You know how parents always scold you, “Your ha pa chin long hai mai?!”(Your chin got hole issit?) especially when you dribble your soup down your chin. I guess this would be an exaggeration..:)

Cousin hong fei was a little more daring. The poor woman though.

Dad’s idea tak jadi. hohohohoho.

AHHAHA I like this one.

l-r: Mum, Aunty Ping, Me.

The river is actually very dirty..

The Esplanade @ Durian! *makes plans to go out to SS19 to buy durians tonight*

These are the al fresco cafes(is this what they call it?) along the river. Don’t know which Quay la.

Oooo! That’s Clarke Quay! Where we were the night before:)

Nice! Is this a shopping mall?

I like this bit, with the vines coming down. 🙂

The Singapore city skyline.

Doesn’t the merlion looks like he is vomitting? Bluerghghh

You have to love cameras with optical zooms AND digital zooms. *air liur meleleh*

touristy pic!!

Bored looking souvenirs.

The array of kuihs were amazing.

While waiting for the bus, the older folks were too tired.
l-r: Grandma, Jacq and Derek’s Grandma, Jacq and Derek’s Grandpa.

A poser pic of me. I like the frame above:)

Will try to update more in awhile, sorry yah. Got to fetch my brother for add maths tuition. Sien.

Have a good dinner everyone!

I’m No Longer In It For The Money

It’ll be coming to an end soon! Even if it is only for a week or two before the mugging cycle begins again, but let’s not think about that.


But I’ll be in Singapore till Sunday evening.. and oh! So many things to look forward to to next week’s one week break! 🙂

To those who are anticipating the same things as I am, hehe, you know, I know, sky know, ground know. 😉

Studying has been pretty draining, but I’m quite motivated!:)

I’m grateful for Nescafe and its miracles. I’m able to pull my all nighters once more. I am PROUD of my eyebags. I am actually HAPPY that I have eyebags. It goes to show that I’ve completed what I need to complete hence the all nighters.

Yes, eyebrows will be plucked soon, don’t worry. EYEBAGS!!! YEA!!!

I know it’s kind of corny, but this lady has inspired me so much. She is actually passionate about her work as a dentist. Honestly speaking, I came into this course thinking that it would promise me fixed working hours(not of the 24 hours variety) and the opportunity to become a professional with a handsome income.

But now.. the more I’m into my course, the more I want to graduate and start working! You know, get my hands dirty and all that! Extract teeth, slice open gums to remove impacted teeth, scale, drill etc.. it almost feels like being an L driver all over again.

Remember the feeling of wanting to drive as soon as possible when you hit the legal age of 17? Oh, the anticipation!

I’m having the same feelings all over again!