What I Might Blog About: At Age 42.

6th May, 2029:

One of my worst nightmares has come true. (The main worst nightmare of mine would be to end up a spinster, but that’s taken care of for the past one and a half decade.)

Maybe it’s a good thing to have nosy neighbours. At least someone helps to keep an eye on your rebelling teenagers. Honestly, the age old saying that goes, “Wait till you have your own children,” rings damn true.

Apparently my daughter has been a dating jobless boy. For god’s sake he is 20 years old and he is not STUDYING, NOT WORKING. Heck, even in my days, kids don’t come out to the world until they are about 22 or 23 at the very least.

My daughter is only 14. This is ALMOST paedophilic. When she came from tuition just now, I had to talk to her about this.

He comes to our place almost every evening to hang out with my daughter or bring her out until the wee hours of the night. Yes, I may be lenient but this is wAyyy too much. I disapprove of her dating a 20 year old. She is only 14. She shouldn’t even be dating yet.

He is one heck of a rude young man, wait scratch that, young scum. He doesn’t even say “Hello Aunty” or “Hello Uncle” and he thinks the fridge is always welcomed to his wondering hands. Shit, I hope his hands don’t get welcomed on “other places”. Oh no..

So I sat her down after dinner.

“I don’t think you should be seeing that William boy so much la, girl..” I said to her with a slight clucking of my tongue.

“Huh?! Why not?” My daughter started to get all defensive.

“Firstly, he is too old for you. Secondly, he has no directions in life and what are you doing wasting your time with him?” I reasoned.

“I don’t believe you, mum. I CAN’T believe you. You HAVE to have a say in everything I do, don’t you? YOU’RE ALWAYS LIKE THAT LA MUM!” she started to get more and more defensive.

“Oh, you’re so blind you can’t realise what you’re getting into………HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. HE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANYONE!” I semi-yelled, semi-reasoned with her.

I called out to my husband who was oblivious to us, while reading the papers. “Dear ar.. you see, this is what you get when you have kids. Can’t you say something to her?”

“I told you long ago already don’t let your daughter mix with too many types of people at such a young age…” he muttered.

“MY DAUGHTER LA NOW? When things go wrong, it’s MY daughter. Thanks. Thanks.”, I gave up.

My daughter was already crying by then. Yes, thanks, play the guilty cards on your mum again. Uh-huh, that’s the way, that’s my girl.

“You never give me enough freedom,” she spat through her tears.

“You want to talk about freedom with me? Who is the one who does not give you a curfew? Who is the one who gives you extra allowance when you have run out of money? Tell me!” I argued.

“If YOU love me, you’d let me be in love!!!” she screamed.

“DON’T BE STUPID. YOU’RE 14. IT’S. NOT. LOVE.!!!!!!!” I screamed back.

“Furthermore, he is really too old for you. Imagine, YOU were only in standard 1 when he entered secondary school. You were STILL in primary school when he graduated from form5. But I don’t know if you can say that he “graduated” since he didn’t even pass his SPM..” I rambled.

When I turned around, my daughter has already disappeared. After a little while, I heard her slamming her room door.

There was some commotion going on at the gate. I went to inspect. Turns out that my husband was having a word with that William boy. I could only grasp a few sentences as I approached the two. Something along the lines of … too young…..doesn’t know….. not right……stay away…. call the police. CALL THE POLICE?!

Maybe this has gotten too far. But it’s just a threat, knowing my husband. You know lah, kids these days. They need to be scared shitless before they know the right thing to do.

After the boy left, I smiled weakly at my husband. I don’t feel like talking to him yet, I’m too tired. But knowing me, I won’t stay pissed for long. I settled on the sofa and picked up a magazine to read. “I’ll go check on ah girl and see how is she,” my husband said. “Okay,” I said. Sometimes he spoils her too much. Should let her reflect abit ma.

My 6 year old son clambered up next to me on the sofa. “Mummy.. just now very noisy…!”

“Yes, boyboy. Your cheh cheh is being naughty.” I told him.

“Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend means being naughty izzit?” he asked me.

“Having a lousy boyfriend or a girlfriend and NOT knowing it, yes, I suppose you can say that it is called being naughty.” I was talking to myself at this point.

My son looked more and more confused. “Is it because cheh cheh’s boyfriend is like an uncle?”

“Uncle?! You mean too old? Yalor..too old for her also not good..” I smiled at his description.

“That means too old is no good! So it’s okay if I like the girl who sits next to me in class? But not okay if I like the standard 5 prefect who always scold me for running in the canteen?” he enquired.

“Hahahahha what?? Yes dear, I suppose it’s okay. But must show me who you know tomorrow when I pick you up from school!” I teased.

” EH DOWAN… shy la! Don’t la, mummy!!” My son, the ever blossoming romeo.

I guess all parents have their ups and downs, huh?

Hahahaha.. this is another addition to my What I Might Blog: At Age (fill in a number) series. It is quite fun to picture the more drama-mama moments of the future. LOL. I have two similiar previous entries. Though the
26 year old’s entry needs some adjustment as I am definitely not going to be graduating with a biotech or a biomed degree, now that I’m in dentistry. And the other one would be about me as a 35 year old. LOL.

Just my little method of taking a break from my studies. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week, everyone.

WiFi-ing In The Toilet Might Not Be a Good Idea

Shit happens when you are fully utilizing the wireless connection at home. Pardon the pun.

I was happily surfing Jay’s Blog(gay guy, chinese malaysian, in london. LOVE IT!!) while planting my butt on the ceramic throne – a thing I ALWAYS do to save time. But I usually end up overheating my laps and suffocating my butt cheeks.

Lie Yuen messaged me on msn while I was in the toilet.

yuen says: comfrotable or not sitting on the toilet bowl

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:
neck pain adi..

After typing that, I massaged my head, leaned back…and..oh shit…!

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:

(sorry, my daddy say I cannot swear on my blog anymore. ;`( )

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:
after i typed that i tilt my head back and my hairband fell into my pail!!!!

yuen says:
hahha i heard it

*i hate making errors with the texting. Should’ve been “look at IT this way.”

yuen says:
awe…..n it’s full of panties or wash ady

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:
hahahhaa yau mou…one pantie only.

yuen says:
aiyerrrrrrrrrrrrrr hahahahhahahaha

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:
lol whaaat….stupid hairband will be hanging on my doorknob

Miss Lai, you are having diarrhoea again. Please cut down on the ang ku+paddlepop+mamee+strawberry milk concoctions. says:
sorry for being disgusting

yuen says:
hahahhahahhahaaah it is ok….i got use to it ady

At this point, I got up, put my laptop back on the floor and do certain other activities that a girl would be too shy to say and then flush the toilet.

yuen says:
oh done?

This is what happens when you share a toilet. She can hear EVERYTHING! Shit drop also can hear la hah? 😉

Ramblings That I Have Not Done In A Long Time(with photos.)

I must be one of the few women out there who are overjoyed to have her period come today. NO! I have never been involved in any ‘extra curricular’ activities so don’t simply say. But getting your period late is never good news.

And I think it’s only wishful thinking to say things like, “Haiyah, puberty is like that one lah.”

I’m so old. I’m 19.

it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged in a rambling style but I’m hungry. I want Kentucky Fried Chicken. Probably Lie Yuen and I will head to Tesco later to go have some chicken.. but KFC chickens can never taste as good without a good glass of ice-cubed pepsi.

Like most of your mothers would have told you, “Don’t drink cold things lah! Later stomach pain,”.

How leh? Cold glass of soothing caffeine goodness with high calorie content or floor-wriggling-tears-streaming-gut-wrenching-pityful-screaming stomach cramps?


Women these days have to make such difficult choices.

Before we launch into my trademarked torrent of photos, I’d like to share with you some conversations in uni recently.

During our physiology lecture, a classmate asked, rather cockily, “SIR! Why do the corticol levels rise?”

And the lecturer, in a very professional voice, said, “You go to this website…(he always says this when he gives us extra information.)….www dot G O D dot com.”

HAHAHAHAHAHHA. So sarcastic.

But I still don’t know why corticol levels rise.:(

On Friday, Sheena, Lie Yuen and I were talking about how we’ve started to recognise the cadavers’ faces already. It’s like, “Hey! It’s that guy again! Long time no see!” Apparently the medical students have given names to the cadavers. Quite affectionate ones like, Yucky, Smelly, Hairy, Icky etc.

Sheena was talking about one of the cadavers and she was like, “You know laa.. the one with the earring that one. I bet it’s a woman,”


Lie Yuen said, “You never notice meh? Got laaa..but rusty already,”

“HAHAHAHHA Ewwwww..why like that?!”

Sheena then made me laugh somemore when she said, “But I bet it’s not the 3 for RM10 one la…”


Only in my university will you have students gossiping about cadavers.

Alright..! Time for photos!

As most of you would know I am on a tight budget(though my father will scoff at me and say, “YOU CALL THAT TIGHT? YOU WANT ME TO TIGHTEN SOMEMORE!?”),I can’t do much here in Sungai Petani. However, I’ve been to a couple of thrift stores around the area.

I came across this rather adaorable Hello Kitty FM radio. For only RM7. What to do? Most kids these days got Mp3 players and iPod, I only have Hello Kitty FM radio. It’s quite a sad sight lah, what with the Hello Kitty’s head sticking out of my pockets and the pink ear phones that goes up to my ears while I walk around getting from classes to labs and labs to classes. But if I am happy, that’s fine. I now listen to a wide variety of English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese stations.(What to do, faulty scanning button). 

Isn’t she just adorable? She’s got a keychain connected to her ear too!

Speaking of Hello Kitty, I’ve got a little lame joke to share.

Doraemon was walking down the street. Doraemon saw Hello Kitty from a distance and said, “Hello!!” .. How come Hello Kitty never say hello back to him? Doraemon was quite sad.

Com’n! Guess why Hello Kitty cannot say hello back to Doraemon!

Oklah.. because Hello Kitty got no mouth! HAHAHAHA.

So Hello Kitty was quite sad that she cannot greet Doraemon and things like that, hence she went to do plastic surgery and now she has a mouth!

After a few days, she saw Doraemon walking on the streets again and said “Hello!!” .. How come Doraemon never say hello?

*go to the bottom of this entry for the answer.

Taken from the Japanese restaurant at Lagenda Heights. Love sunsets in Kedah.

Japanese roses are pretty…

..whereever they are. 🙂

Remember I told you about the jetty near my place? And yes, that IS Gunung Jerai.

Buttercups before the jetty.

Looks like a Dawson Creek’s kinda thing. The setting, not the person.

I feel..so.. boring, taking such touristy pictures.

A canoe would be good eh? But the lake doesn’t smell very pleasant.

Looks like something out a love story anime comic. 🙂


Decided to play around with the “Yes? You called me?” forlorn look.

My turn! 😀

ahhh.. finally we had time to clean the garden up a little. At least it looks presentable now.

See? Much better after cleaning right?

eheh. The banglos near the jetty were quite pretty. Decided to fool around la.. cannot ar?

L-r: Andy, Yan Rui, Me, Amalina at Brenda’s 21st mini-birthday-do at a Japanese restaurant around the area.

L-r: Andy, Me, Amalina, Xin Yi, Angela, Chee Wen, Brenda, Jo, Pei Zhi, Andy

No, none of these were mine. I am too poor.

It’s the rainy season up north and bugs are invading after the harvesting season of the Malaysia Rice Bowl. So the damn bugs got to look for new homes. I swear those little mofos are made of tough keratinized shells. They rain all over my notes(while I am reading them) and then the bigger ones fall on my metal bed frame making a ping-ping type of sound. You know the type where lovers throw tiny pebbles at their sweethearts’ windows? Like that la.

One of the worst places to get mozzie bites.

Random photos, lying down on Li Shen’s floor googling for the elephant man.

BWAHAHAHHA. Did you get a heart attack when you saw this picture? I know I look super retarded here but everytime I look at this photo I can’t stop laughing because I look SO bloody scary!

To achieve the effect, it’s just a matter of rotating the photo 180 degrees.

Our freezer produced too much of frost. We wanted to see if we can achieve the snow-falling effect.

can see abit la right? And I am also wondering, just like you, why is my pimple still there. Maybe it is cancerous.

Many thanks to Li Shen for pouring snow in front of me for the previous shot.

Does actual snow look like this? I won’t know…:( I’ve never seen snow before. ;( 🙁

My favourite ice-cream.

Sorry folks, just trying to clear the unloaded recent photos from my folders.

*and the answer to my lame joke would be: Because Doraemon doesn’t have ears ma.:)