So You Want To Be A Dentistry Student in Asian Institute Of Medicine, Science and Technology, eh?

I know, I know. Packing your bags and coming up to Kedah to study something crazy like dentistry for 5 years is a tough decision to make.

But for most of us, it was not an option and it was a get-up-go kind of thing. We just saw the word, “dentistry course” and packed up our bags and left home within a few days. I myself had to forego one month of national service just to make in time for the course. Because it’s not easy to get into dentistry anywhere in the world and I am very fortunate to be here.

I had NO one to refer to and ask questions about Life In Kedah because there were no seniors. (I was lucky that David had a friend called Anton who is a 3rd year medical student to introduce to me. I stayed up till 4am chatting with Anton on MSN, bugging him for more information).

But lucky you!As a first year (pioneer) dental student approaching the end of her first year, I think I’m quite able to provide you with sufficient information. I’m just hoping to be one of the pages that appears on the first few results from google when interested potential juniors google about this course.

So here goes. My effort to appear on google’s search results:


Okay. Try and google and see whether I appear or not! 😛 I sound like an old newspaper uncle.

Introduction and Location
Located in Sungai Petani, Kedah, AIMST was established in 2001 and we are still currrently in our old campus in Amanjaya. It looks a *little* smaller than the INTI College of Subang Jaya..BUT it is only temporary. The BDS classes are located in shoplots opposite the main campus for the time being. Oh, we’re used to it already.

By 2007, we would already be in our new campus in Semeling which is at the foothills of Gunung Jerai. How big is our new campus? DAMN BIG WEI. Bigger than Monash. Abit smaller than University Malaya. Maybe like the size of Nottingham Semenyih. Oh I don’t know, how big is 240acres?? We have an olympic size swimming pool.

Like TAR is funded by MCA, AIMST is funded by MIC. We have the support of Samy Vellu. 🙂 The dental course started in September 2005 with 40 students. Actually 80 students applied but only half paid up. The university has 50 places to be offered.

In the new campus, there will be a hundred plus dental chairs and a part of the university will be converted into a dental hospital. We will have guinea pigs, people. YAY.

Below are some photos I snitched off the AIMST website.

What the sports stadium will look like when the grass has grown. 🙂


The course takes 5 years. It’s a 5 + 0. But who’s complaining? At a steep but considerably low price for such a course, RM210,000 will not be RM210,000 anymore if part of the course is conducted in another country.

Fees for dental courses in other countries like UK and Aussie, some can even exceed a million ringgit.. and the cheapest that we’ve found was like half a million ringgit. So come to AIMST lah if you want your parents to have enough money to see them through their golden years. (however, when you have become a dentist, be a good boy/good girl and remember to give your parents money, bring them on holidays, bring them for nice dinners, visit them, let them jaga your kids because you’re a busy dentist… but my father said he doesn’t want to take care of my kids, but my mum can’t wait to take care of mine. hahaha)

Most of us applied for the PTPTN loan. All who applied received RM105,000 from the government and they pump RM20,000 into your BCB Bank Account every term. We have 10 terms you see. So 20,000 x 10 terms.. yalah, about RM200,000.
Yes, you’ll need a BCB Bank account to apply for a PTPTN loan. The good thing about the PTPTN loan is that there is a period of 20 years after your graduation to pay it back. I’ll be 43 years old when my 20 years period end. A decade shy of retirement. Should be able to pay back, KUAaaAa.

There are people who came in with STPM qualifications, A-Levels qualifications, SAM qualifications, HCE qualifications, CPU qualifications, Foundation Of Otago University,NZ qualifications, Government matriculation qualifications and obviously if you take AIMST’s matriculation programme, you’re enable to try for a place in our dental course.

For more details: click here

Okay. So you’re in.
Schedules, Terms, Holidays
Basically, at the beginning of the academic year, a book will be given to you which gives details about the subject outlines, your daily schedule and your holidays(yay!).

The academic year is split into two terms. Each term is split into two modules. An assessment will be held at the end of every module. Finals at the end of the academic year.

Your daily schedule is according to the book. It is not the regular 8-12pm type of classes. Somedays there are only two hours of classes. If you’re lucky, they start at 9.30am and end at 12pm. If you’re unlucky, first class is at 9.30-10.30am. Second class is at 2pm-3pm. Ha-ha. Remember to check the dentistry notice board for a change of schedules. Happens pretty often.

Holidays are usually 1-2 weeks in between modules. In december, there is no break until 23rd of Dec or something right up after the new year. It sucks but it doesn’t suck too much. Imagine spending christmas in Kedah. 6 weeks of break in between your academic years. It’s not alot, but once you’re here doing dentistry, even if they give you a 3 day break, you’ll be so thankful.

Campus Life

There is none.

But what’s stopping you from being that ONE person who makes this university happening? If you’re a christian, good news for you. The Christian Fellowship programme is very active and they seem like a close knitted group. They meet up on Thursday nights and sing songs together. I’ve been declining invitations from poor Jamie time and time again to attend their meets.

There is something called a Friendship Club. But I have no friends who are in the club, so I have no idea what they get up to.

I’m not sure exactly when the new campus is ready. (though it was said that by the end of 2001 everything will be ready. Then they promised 2002. Then they promised by end of 2003. then they promised by end of 2004. Then I came in and sang happy songs about moving in by the end of 2005 and the medical students laughed at me and said, “yea, sure.”. So even if we’re told 2007, we’ll just say “well, make sure it’s before we graduate”).

So while we’re still in the temporary campus, hostels are actually double story houses in a housing area called Bandar Puteri Jaya 8km away from the temporary campus. There is a bus that takes you to and fro, so no worries. Except the bus only makes it its rounds at 7am, 12pm, and 5pm and then 7pm.

7 people to a house. 2 single rooms(RM500 per person), 1 double room(RM450 per person) and a triple sharing room(RM450 per person). A cleaner cleans the house every week so that’s settled. You’ll have a fridge, an ironingboard, a cupboard and a bed. Study tables and chairs are provided. Meals are included in the monthly fee.(you pay at the beginning of every term). Water bills and electricity bills are included but anything more than RM100, you’ll have to

But if you want me to give you an advice: STAY OUTSIDE!!
You’ll have more freedom that way. But I’m not sure how they want to allocate the new students since they have such nice big empty hostels in the new campus. And if it’s empty, it’ll be a loss for the university. I stayed in the hostel(the double story houses) for 6 months and it was okay. Only thing bad is that the security guard pops by every now and then(a rare occasion..) and if there is a member of the opposite sex hanging inside your hostel, it’s to the Student Affairs Office for you the next thing in the morning. Very annoying.

So if you appreciate more freedom in forging, ahem, friendships with er, you know, people…. stay outside.

Around Kedah: Four words: Get. Your. Own. Car. or be nice and buy your housemate nice things, chip in for petrol, wash your housemate’s car(I can hear Lie Yuen screaming “BULLSHIT!!”)..

Getting Out Of Kedah(YAY!!!): In town, there are two bus stations. The one facing the police station is the one you will have to go to if you want to go back to another state. If you want to go to Penang, as far as I know, no buses go to Penang Island straight. You’ll have to take the RM3.20 bus from the other bus station to Butterworth and take the ferry to get on to the island.

Since I only take buses to KL, I can only provide you information about how and how much it is to take buses to KL. For a one way ticket it costs RM27.00 if you buy it many days in advance. Buying the ticket on the day itself will cost you RM30.00.

SriMaju is comfortable but the timing is horrible. What would’ve been a 4-5 hours ride can extend up to 6 hours.
Konsortium is o-kay. Something made me lose my trust in them..what was it again..AH YES. Lousy airconditioning system.
Some obscure names can bring you to your destination within 4 and a half hours, but some can’t even bring you to KL.

All buses go to Pudu. Be very very wary about taking buses during festive seasons ESPECIALLY KONGSIDEEPARAYA. Super sien I tell you. For these occasions, remember to buy your bus tickets at least two weeks in advance.

Surviving In Sungai Petani

1. There’s a Tesco in Lagenda Heights. Are you feeling better now?
2. The average cab fare from the bus stop back to AIMST/Bandar Laguna Merbok/Bandar Puteri Jaya(areas were AIMST students stay) is RM12. Just tell the taxi guy that the other guy offered RM9 and settle for RM10. Fares are half priced in the early mornings.
3. Central Square offers extremely cheap movie ticket prices. RM4 – student price. Cental Square is abit better than Summit in terms of shopping. Better than Summit USJ, lousier than Sunway Pyramid. I blew RM80 two weeks ago when they had a promotion where they brought it clothes from Thailand. Damn cheap! Rm15..RM10…Rm20..RM30…
4. You apply for Streamyx in town. It’s located at the TMpoint near the bus station with buses that goes to Butterworth.
5. Places to eat: depends on how adventurous you are. AIMST CAFE IS A NONO.(though the lunches these days are getting better)
6. Don’t go out at night alone. Don’t you read the papers? But I’m still safe and sound, so you would be too. No worries to your mums and dads aights!
8. I have yet to chart the mating season of the green insects. But I strongly suspect that it is related to the rainy season. Give me time, people. Come back here in a few month’s time. *dusts more green insects of my bed*

Bachelor Of Dental Surgery Culture

1. Surprise birthday parties are a norm. I know, I also don’t know why it is still called surprise.
2. The class is mainly separated into the BPJ/Hostel Gang, Lagenda Heights Gang and Bandar Laguna Merbok Gang. You hang out more due to proximity. Ie. you eat dinner with those who stay around you.
3. We like to cater our dinner. Cheapest Rm2 something, most expensive RM5.50. I buy the RM5.50 one. Got three dishes!
4. We bring our breakfast into classes depending on who’s lecturing.
5. Labcoats can be used as blankets.
6. Studystudystudystudystudystudystudystudystudystudyeatstudystudystudy.. i’m still trying to adapt to that culture.
7. If you’re staying in the hostel, Rice Cookers can be very useful. Usages of the ricecooker: making steamboat, spaggheti, cook kangkung, make tong yuin…oh yeah, and cook rice too.

APPARENTLY, the Malaysian Medical Council has instilled a rule that all institutions which are nurturing future members of the medical profession should force their boys into icky stuffy strangling < --that's what the boy's say. I say yummy sexy gorgeous neckties with sleek long sleeve shirts and slacks. *air liur meleleh*. As for the girls, no sleeveless tees, no spaggheti tops, no skirts above the knee, no tops which are too short  it’s best to dress like your grandmother. Initially you’ll pretend that you are really a professional already by donning tailored shirts, formal skirts, slacks.. but very soon you’ll just turn up in baby t-shirts and jeans day in day out. No different from college, girls have it way easier than the guys.

Do watch out for the security guards though. They seem a little anal about skirts which shows your knees. I myself have gotten reprimanded so many times that the security guard says to me, “YOU AGAIN!!”

I don’t like him.
Starting Classes

Orientation Week

The usual boring drill where the lecturers will come in and introduce themselves and the boys flock to one side while the girls flock to another side(yes this shit still happens in university). But give it a day or two and the two sexes will eventually be friends with each other.

On the third day of your orientation week, you will be required to come back to the campus after dinner for the Ragging Session! I will not spoil the fun for you by telling you what to expect but let’s just say I had to throw away a t-shirt and my sneakers.

Going To Class
Like I’ve mentioned, classes start at 9.30am and the latest class ends at 7.30pm. You could be stuck in uni for hours with nothing to do if you have such shitty time tables.

Just bring notepads(I prefer to use A4 paper to maximise my notes-taking) and a pen, an attentive ear, a clear mind and you’re good to go.

Most of your notes can be saved into your USB drive. So remember to buy one.

Since I’m only in my first year, I’ll just list out the subjects that I’ve taken so far.
We have:-
1) Anatomy
2) Physiology
3) Biochemistry
4) Dentistry
5) Oral Physiology
6) Oral Anatomy

and the LAN and University Compulsory Subjects:
1) Malaysian Studies (LAN)
2) Moral Studies/Islamic studies (LAN)
3) General Psychology (University subject)
4) Sociology (University Subject)
5) Critical Thinking (University Subject)
6) English For General Academic Purposes(EGAP, also a university subject)
7) English For Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP)
8) English For Professional Academic Purposes (EPAP)

Most students who have taken their LAN subjects in their foundation year at other private institutions can breath a sigh of relief. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR LAN CERTIFICATES WHEN YOU COME TO KEDAH. Don’t be like me, my mom had to fax my certs to the dean office, and had to courier the real certs to the student affairs department etc. Not worth the trouble.

Oh yeah, you’ll need your MUET(Malaysian University English Test) for the course. A minimum of only Band 4 will be required. :)

Your best friend and enemy will be Prof. Somayagi who lectures at the speed of a bullet train with the most detailed anatomy notes you’ll ever have. So start practising on the speed of your notes taking, ya?

Anatomy is a subject which tells you that when A is A, A is A. There’s no explanation why your body organs are where they are, it’s just there. So if you are good at memorizing then Yay..

Practical session will be held at the Anatomy Dissection Hall

You will have a variety of lecturers for the subject and it gets abit annoying because each of them have their own style of lecturing and some goes for the simplest powerpoint presentations(black and white – the best variation no doubt) and some are SO fancy with coloured background all that crap which makes printing their slides a pain in the ass as you’ll have to slowly modify one by one back to a more eye-friendly version.

Books…mm.. the books that they recommend on the book list did nothing for me.

I’m relying heavily on the notes(you can’t go wrong there) and Atlas Of Anatomy by Frank H. Netter is good. If you can lay your hands on The Anatomical Basis Of Dentistry, get that. It’s quite useful as well.


The best best best best lecturer is Prof. Maurya. He has been lecturing all over the world and so he is quite experienced, with a book under his wing and all. His notes are the best! When he gives notes, he lets you know when you are moving onto a subtopic and after his class, photocopied notes from his book will be given out.

But if you can find his book, Physiology For Dental Students by R.K. Marya and C.M.Marya, then by all means, grab it. The photostatting guy in AIMST sucks.

Physiology is quite a straight forward subject. It’s like a story, flowing and easier to understand.



Really. Die.

Dr. Ong K.K. sets the craziest questions and majority of students have been known to fail the biochemistry paper. :(

I’m relying on Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry and occasionally flipping over to Lippincott’s(which is recommended in the booklist) if I need to. Other than that, the notes are there as well to guide you.


Perhaps the most vague subject among all the subjects in the course. But the topics are few and are regarded as introduction to the year 2 subjects. I have no advice for you on how to attempt the dentistry subject because I myself am having shite. You’ll have notes from your lecturers though. Must take your own notes as well during lecture. (ok, that’s like duh..)

Oral Anatomy

Prof. Luke was flown in from the UK to stay with us for nearly three months for this subject. Loads of practical sessions as oral anatomy consists of tooth morphology(which means knowing which teeth is which). You’ll be sharing a set of model teeth to play with with a partner and you’re supposed to learn how to recognise the teeth. His notes are brief but he hands it out before the class. So be prepared with your superb notes taking skills once again and scribble all over the notes that he has given you. Very very useful to do that. I now regret for dozing off constantly in his classes.

Recommended book: Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology by B.K.B.Berkowitz.(already listed in the booklist)

Oral Physiology

We had another guest lecturer from the UK called Prof. Ferguson. He wrote a book which apparently cost 100 pounds, so we did the next best thing and headed to the library and photostated the entire thing for RM20+.
Crazy ar? RM700 for a book?? I can’t afford that!

Well his book, Oral Bioscience by David B. Ferguson is highly recommended, though it’s difficult to understand sometimes. But what can you do? :(

Dealing With Cadavers

You can read about my first experience here.

Initially it’ll be very gross because the closest most of you have come to a cadaver which is in an advanced stage of decay would be on the National Geographic Channel when they feature mummies.

You won’t have to cut the cadavers yourself as they are already dissected for your viewing pleasure. But to touch is to learn. *shrugs* 50 cents for a pair of gloves at your friendly anatomy hall.

Don’t worry lah, after awhile you’ll even recognise the cadavers and go, “Oh hey! this guy again!”

We have three assessments before an end year final. 40% from the assessment and 60% from your finals. We have four modules and at the end of every module there’s an exam. Have fun.

Upon getting a D for your finals, you’ll be called for an oral interview..and if you fail that one, you’ll have to resit. If you fail your resit papers, then you will have to repeat your first year.

Well, I think that’s about it. If there’s anything that you’d like to enquire, feel free to drop me a line or two! I took nearly two weeks to compose this:P

I’ll add more details next time when I can think of more nonsense.

I better get back to my books or else I’ll be your classmate in the next academic year. :(

Happy Birthday Angela!

Despite the exam tension, birthdays are meant to be celebrated.

We gathered again at Latte Star Cafe, about 11.30pm on Sunday night to celebrate Angela’s birthday!

You can’t exactly compose alot of words about gatherings, so I’ll just let the photo do the talking. This post is dedicated to my classmate Angela whose birthday is today!

l-r: Lie Yuen, Angela, Brenda, Pei Zhi, me

L-r: me, brenda, Lie Yuen, Angela, Pei Zhi

L-r: Pei Zhi, Andy, Chee Wen, Xin Yi

Prize giving ceremony. Looks realistic with another camera in the photograph.

A pair of earrings!

So sparkly..

*kepo Aunty radar starts beeping*

Kepo Aunty drinking strawberry ice shake.

*Kepo Aunty Radar goes off again*

I think the lighting of this photo is quite nice!

The drinks in this cafe are quite pretty.. about RM3.50 for one. Normal price right?

The obligatory shot of the birthday cake. Honestly I don’t get it why it’s so important to take photos of the cake. Well, I’ll just leave the photo here to eat up more of your bandwidth.

Oh, hello. 🙂 *blush*

Abit shaky, but still pretty.

Angela makes a wish. And so happened the big screen tv was showing a documentary..check out the subtitles.

I know, i know, I’m a good candid photographer.;p

One of the birthday girl with the birthday cake.

Lie Yuen and Andy.

Me and Andy having a staring competition.

I like this picture!! Thanks Brenda!

Pei Zhi and I.

Andy and I.

Brenda and I. Damnit, I look so weird here. Love the skin though, but damnit, SEI FEI PO.

Angela and I.

Another cool blurry long exposure shot.. <3 <3 *hearttt*

Baby Milo roxXxos. Anybody know whereelse I can get more? Prefably fake ones please. I’ve been wearing the yellow one for 2 years now, almost once a week. And it’s still in very good condition. Petaling Street has got some good quality stuff. Sometimes.

Oh you think you can run away from my singing today just because it’s a birthday post? You’re wrong!! Here’s another Jolene In The Shower Special: You Don’t See Me by The Pussycat Dolls. I know lah, far from it. But layan lah hah.

Which Is Worse – Noisy Children, Biting Bugs, No Electricity?

It’s that time of the year again when the green insects invade homes. I think it is due to the monsoon season. They come in swarms and hover around light sources and then die the next morning. Sometimes I even find like nearly a hundred dead bugs sitting at the crotch area of my panties(the ones which are hanging outside to dry, mind you) the next morning. Super disgusting.

But the mofos bite. It’s bad enough that they are green in colour, they bite as well. So freaky.

And they are all over the place.

The green bug is attracted to the colour green. Mating season too?

While studying throughout the night, I decided to crumple every bug that lands on my table with my two fingers. Such weak creatures they are.

Accumulating…(admittedly to increase the shock value, i went around my room searching for more insects to pinch and to be added to the pile)

I like forming uncountable objects into a heartshape. Did it with Sugar once, and there was once I even used fried rice to make the shape. 🙂

My entire bed is littered with those green bugs and while I’m studying, they attack my poor legs and I’ve been scratching like I’m having my second round of chicken pox. Must. stop. scratching. My legs have gone to hell. There are more wounds as of now – as the photos below are a few days old.

Oh, don’t worry. Pock-marks or not, I’ll still wear my miniskirts. 🙂 You lucky bastards. 😉


These ones are prior to scratching so there are no open wounds yet. This was taken a few days ago, today my leg looks diseased.


I know children are entitled to be happy when they come out to play in the evenings. Is it wrong of me to get very very angry when they scream too loud? It doesn’t help that there’re not many furnitures in my house so their screams will bounce off these four walls and echos are formed…you get the picture.

How to concentrate on my studies you tell me?

A metal was being dragged up and down the road in the backlane and I wondered if having a gun at that moment would be good….

I flipped open the window and said sweetly, “Adikkkkk~~”.. but none of the kids heard me. The little rascals..

So I saw the beautiful lighting and thought that they’d make nice subjects to photograph! As annoying as they are.

That’s the metal thing that was being dragged up and down. UGH.

Kids can play all kinds of game. Hitting footballs with badminton rackets? Dragging rubbish bin holders?

He was just standing there swinging the racket to and fro.. weird kid.

As cute as they looked, they were as noisy as hell.

I was having some fun with my recorder again but the kids were far too noisy.

Here’s one of me attempting to sing Liquid Dreams but I was mumbling alot because I couldn’t hear myself and was annoyed at the shrieking children. ARGH!! Towards the middle you can hear the children shouting and stuff. It’s THAT bad.

Oh yeah, they finally came to the fix the falling ceiling. So guess you guys can breath a sigh of relief now that there will never ever be shocking news in the morning coming from me, or what’s left of me. (Girl, 19, Killed by falling ceiling.)

Was eating ice cream while keeping an eye out on the workers when they fixed the fungus infested ceiling(which was also leaking, ew. apparently from li shen’s toilet. ew ew.).

You KNOW what sucks the most? When the electricity goes out. Somemore it’s a critical period what with the finals coming very very soon.

Lie Yuen and I dragged our dining table out to the smelly garden and started studying. Must’ve looked strange to the neighbours.


This is our make shift tripod by the way.:P

Alright, alright, time to layan me again. Another Jolene In The Shower special: Something Stupid.

Last I Checked, Still Naive.

After hearing all that I’ve heard today, my faith in the other rotten portion of the male population has taken a nose dive.

Fortunately, I’m only an observer in these series of depressing events(but an extremely kepo one at that, no doubt.) but by merely hearing all the shit that can happen between the so called union of man and woman can really fuck up your belief.

Oh so many.. where do I begin, the many philandering peers, the horny cafe owner, the desperate-for-a-girlfriend extremist?

“Wife, there is only one. But girlfriends are infinite.”

What the fuck? Some men think that they are the King of the world and are entitled to all the concubines that they can lay their hands on stick their dicks in. I wonder if there is ever such an emotion oh, for example, GUILT, embedded in their perverse minds. Like yes, long distance relationships is terrible but does that mean any pussy will do??(surprisingly some charge RM100 only, these days. Apparently quite pretty too.)

Sometimes, I don’t know whether it’s scarier to be the guy or the girl in a relationship.

A charming guy comes along and pours out his heart to the girl and she feels that there is a connection. Yes, I am SO much happier with this boy than my own boyfriend who is thousands of miles away from me. Yes, I will break up with him.

A prettier girl, a sexier girl, a younger girl, a more exciting girl and you’re all flustered and sweating inside. Your girlfriend who’s in another country PALES in comparison to this new blood. Just a phone call. Just an sms can end it all. Very simple. Years of relationship? I have fallen for someone else, so there.


However, there is a whole other category to the list of bad apples. I still don’t quite grasp the whole concept of cheaters. “Wife, there is only one. Girlfriends, infinite.” Bull shit. You can fool around with all the other women/men in the world and still go back to your “one and only” without a tinge of guilt? How can you bear to kiss and caress and say all the “I Love You”s in the world when you know that you’ve not been true to him/her?

COME ON!! How can it be so simple? WHY IS IT SO SIMPLE FOR THESE PEOPLE??

You do not even deserve to have her as your girlfriend if you cannot respect her at all. Fooling around only makes your partner look pitiful and YOU like a total fucked twat. I do, i do pity the other halves of those people. What was done to them makes them look stupid in my eyes. I’m talking about the partners who gets cheated on. Yeah, they look STUPID. Oh, don’t worry there are far more derogatory terms that can be used to describe those cheaters.

But sometimes you know why people cheat. Sometimes you don’t blame them because.. SOMETIMES, just sometimes, it’s not their fault. There are so many exceptions. They may not be plausible but they do make sense.

But a serial cheater?! OH MY GOD. That’s the worst of the species.

And to think these people exist in small towns. ;(

I suppose all animals are the same lah. Big town small town, metropolis, megapolis, whatever.

Sometimes I hate it that I’m so naive. Oh yes, some of you may laugh, “JOLENE?! NAIVE?! WAHHAHA THEN I MUST BE KNOWING SHIT.” but it’s true. I’m naive. I cannot accept some things. Some people have even gone so far as to call me old fashioned. Yes yes, go on. Laugh.

But it really depresses me to know that some people can treat their other halves like that. If the tables were turned, how would you feel?

Imagine your girlfriend sleeping with every other passably-hot guy at her university while you’re away studying in another country? Or going clubbing till the wee hours only to adjourn to other locations with random strangers to spend the night? It saddens me so.

Imagine YOUR boyfriend bragging to his friends about how many chicks he slept with in the past month and laughing at how your tits are slightly saggier than the other girls’. Imagine his friends roaring with laughter, patting him on his back saying, “dude, becareful, but damnit, you’re cool..”. I know I would be heartbroken.

I’m just thankful that I’ve never been invited into any of these situations and it is NOT something that entitles you to bragging rights about how hot you are just because there are still people out there who wants you even if you are attached.

Willpower, folks, willpower.

If you wanna play, play when you’re single. Don’t make your boyfriend or girlfriend look like a total idiot. You are not an idiot. But a fucked up cunning shit head, that’s for sure. If you sleep around when you are single, the worst you get called is a nymphomaniac.

I used to freak out at peers who have lost their virginities.

Now THESE things freak me out.

Sorry Disney cartoons, my people have let you down.