My Camera Educates

For most of the more fortunate folks, 1st year of Bachelor Of Dental Surgery, AIMST has officially ended.

However, some of these fortunate folks chose to remain modest and are gearing themselves up for the possibility that they might fail a paper or two resulting in a resit somewhere end of August or early September.

Today’s exam was SUPPOSEDLY my last exam. It is the OSPA paper which scared the shit out of me back in Module 3 as I knew nothing about the format. There are 20 stations in the lab and you have 5 minutes to fill up the question paper for every station. You have a few questions for every station.

At each stations there would either be histology slides, parts of cadavers with tied/pinned structures, some slides/mini posters/photographs.. and then some individual teeth for us to identify.

It really wrecks your nerve when the chime of the timer goes off, indicating that you have to shuffle to the next station.

I think whoever who stuck their pendrives into my computer and took out all the photos I took during practical classes should buy me a nice dinner if they get an A for the OSPA paper.

One reason to love my camera and my shutterbug tendencies:

And the best part is that you can zoom even more with the aid of your computer. 🙂 All you need is a 5mega pixels camera with a macro function(if your camera has no macro function, it is time to get a new one.).

Poor Jolene was always the last to leave the class(or was it the first to leave?) for photographing everything that was placed for us to view rather than trying to understand and taking down notes about what I was seeing.

How in the world can we take down notes of photographs? A picture is worth a thousand words and I felt that bringing the camera with me to my practical classes is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I even took a photo of the notes next to the microscope which gave a brief explanation of what I’m viewing in the microscope.

It works wonders. Really. *kisses camera*

An example of one of the many many sheets of information placed on the tables during practical classes. Some of these cannot be found in the books that we have bought.

If I did not take the photos, I would have forgotten everything I saw weeks back.

Oh yeah, so while people catch up on their sleep, I have another two days of studying to do for my VIVA exams on Wednesday morning. As I have mentioned, only myself and three other classmates kena-ed this VIVA exams.

Three of us got 45-49% for our Biochemistry paper and the fella got 45-49% for his dentistry paper which entitled us to sit for an oral examination/interview to raise our D grade to a C, provided that we have passed our Anatomy, Physiology, Dentistry/Biochemistry paper. In a way we have less of a heart attack on results day with the knowledge that we have passed the other papers and only have to worry about one paper.

it’s tedious, because as a Malaysian student, you tend to vomit out everything in the examination hall and just leave your brain there and come out an empty vessel(just like before!).

🙁 Now i have to refill my poor head.

Another long night of counting down to 4am, killing bugs by pressing them with my fingers, drinking coffee, coming online every one hour for 5 minutes and then climbing into bed when I hear the soft screech of tyres at 5am, which indicates some forbidden lovers’ unearthly hour rendezvous.

I think it’s lovers lah. Could be thieves. But every night without fail. It’s annoying. When the tire screech softly to a halt, I take it as an indication that I’ve stayed up far too late once again.

So while I slog away for VIVA, Lie Yuen has gone back to her grandma’s place in Penang and no one ate dinner with me last night because all those who are staying in Penang have gone back, Andy plays basketball till 9pm, Pei Zhi has her housemates, and my other housemate and her dear boyfriend..well, it wouldn’t be nice to ask for favours from them because .. well, I just don’t want to.. not so nice lah. The rest of the humans are staying more than 2 km away from me, so….

…Maggi cup it is. ;(

Lunch tomorrow? Bread with kaya and butter.

Not making anybody feel guilty before you all terasa..:P Just wanna point out the fact that I’m feeling lonely.. hahah LIE YUEN COME BACK!! 🙁 🙁

And if it wasn’t for my VIVA exams, I’d be doing some rolling-in-bed for a few days before heading home. SIGH.

The One With 16 Dentists and 2 Pharmacists In Penang

On Tuesday, after the worst of the papers was over and done with, a bunch of the classmates decided to make a day trip to Penang to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and have dinner there.

You can’t imagine how happy I was for a break in my mundane routine of studying, surfing the net, eating, sleeping, taking exams, studying, surfing the net..etc. Can go crazy I tell you.

But important things first! Before we proceed with the 56k killer’s trademark amount of photos… I’d like to show you something I bought from Penang. It’s been nearly 5 days now and the love is still there.:)

Wanna take a guess?


I got myself some liquid foundation because my one and a half year old L’oreal cashmere is better off in the dustbin. That gunk is so dried up that I look extra wrinkled with that thing on. Highlighting every pimple wound and peeling skin. Ugh.

I am so in love with my MAC foundation. This is the first time I’m touching it in real life. I usually caress my magazine advertorials. Sighs. RM103 well spent I tell you.

I tried the foundation when I got home and it just blended seamlessly with my skin and I WAS SO HAPPY DAMNIT. I’ve finally found a good foundation that I am truly happy with.

Oh kill me. I bought myself this Club Stila Lip Glaze Palette. It was 6 colours and is apparently a limited edition. I am not a die hard fashion addict to the point where I am in touch with the season’s latest collection…so I was only in love with it because of the colours. RM125 for the record.

I KNOW it’s crazy that I could splurge on two BRANDED make up products in one day. But do keep in mind that the last time I bought make up(even the super cheapo ones) was at least two years ago!! How utterly embarrassing.

And I’ve never ever bought branded make up for myself in my entire life.

So why not start now?

Will add to my miserable collection in 2008. 🙂 Every two years I shall allow myself to splurge on something grand.

yes yes.. so they say Stila products aren’t the best around.. but their packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t even have to use it. I can just use it as an ornament on my dresser and it still serves a wonderful purpose!


They smell absolutely divine. In a fruity kind of way.

These are the lighter shades…very very pretty. I tried on some colour.. and the gloss was SO NICE AND THICK and it made my lips looked plumper.

Materialism aside……….

A bird actually flew in to my room and wouldn’t go out.

no kidding.

Me and my ingenious way of chasing the bird out.

Me aiding the bird’s escape.

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT..I’ll start on the Penang photos already. Just a couple more photos… I know some of you will just scroll down and miss some photos. So I shall force this nice ones on to you before you proceed.

This was taken by Brenda. Alot of people said that it gives this nostalgic feeling what with the old window and the potted plant. Apparently I’m waiting for my lover. According to Yee Hou, it looks more like I’m waiting for my next customer. -_-

LOL this was damn funny. As you can see it’s a street corner.. so there were some motorists who stopped to let some cars pass. I was doing this pose, looking up at the street lamp, and ALL the motorists followed suit and looked up at the same street lamp wondering what the hell I’m looking at. LOL LOL. My classmates who were standing from across the road laughed their heads off.

Joe was kind enough to drive Brenda, Lie Yuen and me down to Penang to join the others.

What do you do during a 45 minutes journey?

Right, this is the officially my fourth time in the Pearl of The Orient. 🙂 I have yet to really go around and eat Penang food.

Brenda said that this McDonalds is the meeting point for the girls’ schools and the boys’ school. 🙂 How sweet.

Upon reaching Gurney Plaza, we were distracted by stalls after stalls.

And cute moo-moo plushies.

Joe and Me.

We had lunch at Kim gary’s. My taste buds were buzzing with recognition at the familiar taste of delicious yet sinful Kim gary dishes. This would be Brenda’s dish. Can’t remember names of food for nuts.

Joe’s nissin noodle..I think.

The heavenly cheese baked rice. I love you long time.

L-r: Xin Yi, Brenda and Pei Zhi. Behind them would be Joe.

See the pretty cards and bags? 🙂

L-r: Lie Yuen, Chee Wen and Me

Andy and Lie Yuen

Clockwise from left: Ken, Ee Chean, Sett, Steffie, Poh Yee, Zhu Zen, Nien, Sock Nee, Jimmy

Even empty boxes can be such pretty things.

Obligatory toilet mirror camwhoring.

This was when I bought my MAC foundation. I was so intimidated by the brand. I thought they would’ve kicked me out of the shop or screamed at me and told me that I wasn’t even worth layaning. 🙁
It’s the fastest cosmetic shopping I ever did though.

I asked the sales girl, “Hi.. I’m looking for a liquid foundation. Something casual..”
She told me that there were two types but took the least scary one for me to try. I immediate liked it and said, “Okay! I’ll take this one.”

All under 3 minutes. Keng leh!

The expression on the boy’s face is so apt! It’s like he’s doing the sweat emoticon thinking what the hell are these stupid girls doing.

Went to Maggie T to SS. Kena marah-ed by the sales girl.

After the movie(which was really thrilling, that Pirates of The Caribbean 2), we went to Parkson to get my Stila Lip Glaze so called limited edition. Apparently I bought the last set in the entire malaysia. (ya right).

I was debating with myself because it was totally unlike me to splurge like that. I mean, it should be okay right? Since I am not always like that? This being the first time and all?

You gotta love the pretty packaging, honestly.

The eyeshadows are alright. I quite like the baby blue ones. Very shimmery!

And the pretty faux metal packaging for their compact powders.

Here’s Brenda and Lie Yuen camwhoring with the mirrors at the Stila counter.

My turn!

I was hooked.

One more…..


Brenda got a makeover from the Stila lady.

Poor Joe. 🙁

She loves this shot.

And I like this shot.

l-r: Me, Stila Lady, Brenda

We had quite abit of bad luck looking for a place to eat. Driving to three places only to find that they were all closed.

After 45 minutes of driving around, we settled on Little Shanghai. It’s a steamboat+bbq buffet restaurant. Very authentic and the business was thriving!

Check out the old school entrance.

And the old school windows.

We went to the top floor to eat as it was empty. Not as crowded as downstairs. It wasn’t stuffy because they had so many fans, which lead to the messy state of my hair as you will see in the following photos.

Pei Zhi and the old school kettles containing the soup.

Brenda climbing up the old school stairs.

The selection was o-kay.. but not in abundance.

And there were also seats inside the restaurant which I think would’ve been pretty stuffy.

They had herbal eggs too! Didn’t take any though.

l-r: Sock Nee, Steffie, Sett, Andy

THe other table.

So nice right? With the windows wide open, drinking the steamboat soup and joking with your friends, sort of a perfect way to end the worst of the exams.(the exams are not done with yet, by the way. Still got a practical session to go, and as for me, I was called for a VIVA examination for my biochemistry paper because I got a borderline fail for it(D) and they want to raise my D to a C in order for me to pass my first year. To get a VIVA examination, a student will have to one or two borderline fail with a pass in the other papers. So IN a way I’m relieved. IN A WAY.

Those who failed a few of their papers would not be given a chance to have the VIVA, which is an oral examination, but will have to resit the failed papers early september or late august. So IN a way I’m lucky, but I’m pretty depressed.

Corn in the soup.

Crab meat.

hehehhe check out Lie Yuen’s face.

I LOVE STEAMBOAT!!! *heartheart*

Part of the crowd..


So simple yet delicious.

Too delicious. I overate.


See my messy hair and my prawn eating pose.

Dirty hands! I was going to wash my hands when Chee Wen took this photo of me.

HAHAHAHAH why so many bodoh shots of people eating..

Andy the steamboat connoisseur.(sp?)

Chee Wen and his Ice-cream.

Me and my orange popsicle.

Me and my orange popsicle, confused.

Sett and Steffie.. 🙂 Sorry girls, he has been taken for nearly 4 years now.


Me and my popsicle, pan cute.

l-r: Poh Yee, Me, Nien

l-r: Zhu Zen, Ee Chean, Me.

l-r: Me, Ken

l-r: Sett, Steffie

l-r: Me, Thong.

L-r: Steffie, me

Jimmy and I berbodohing.

Lie Yuen and Brenda with their popsicles.

All 18 of us!! Only Steffie and Ken are the odd ones out, as they are from the pharmacy course. Hehehe. But they are still included in our activities, no doubt. Nice people, they are.

This part was so exciting! We were to take the ferry back to the mainland and then back to Sg. Petani.

but since it was a pretty long wait, we got out of the car and camwhored abit. This is me and Lie Yuen.

Me being amazed at the cars attempting to fit into the ferry. And I KNOW. I also don’t know why my boobs so scarily huge here. Ahem. It’s not usually like that. It’s the effect of that silly turtleneck sleeveless top. Always bluff people one.

l-r: Joe, Lie Yuen, Brenda.

KisSy kiSsy

Brenda coming in for the act.

We couldn’t go into the ferry because it was too full… so we had to wait for another 40 minutes. And what better way to spend that 40 minutes??

Finally we got onto the ferry. Such an experience!

More camwhoring..sorry sorry.

Ehehe. Thanks Brenda.

Whee.. I did’t even know my hair’s so long already. NEED TO CUT HAIR!!

One with the passing ship.

Can you see some jelly fish bobbing around?

The pretty lights over on the mainland.

See how far the ferry extends to.

The dock? Is this what it is called? Some platform thingie I don’t know..?

Love the lights. ANd the slowly descending ramp.

Well, that’s all folks. Hope you guys managed to load all the photos. Didn’t mean to be such a pain in the ass ..BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF WHEN I HAVE MY CAMERA WITH ME…:(

Pimptress’ Family Bachelor Special

I know my brother and my step cousin Justin have been waiting for my pimpage until their necks also long already. Sorry for the two months wait. Exams lah dei.

Pimptress was very busy.

LOL my brother and my step cousin emo-ed about not getting pimped, so I told them, “Haiya yes lah, coming soon.” But since I took so long, I’ll give this one EXTRA effort!! 🙂

Initially I wanted to insert the two in a last Pimptress’ Bachelor BUMPER edition(where I’ll finish all the guys one a large amount, you lucky lucky ladies.), but I thought it’ll be fun to do a family special. hahahaha.

I remember going to the hospital with arsenic on the 3rd of May 1989 when my grandparents told me that we were going to see my new brother.

Jolene the toddler: New kid on the block eh? Not for long now..*rubs chubby palms in glee*

How a two year old little girl managed to get some arsenic is not important.

But since he ate Rentokil before when he was 2 years old(true story) and didn’t get into any trouble, he didn’t die when I fed him arsenic.

Hence, Mervyn Lai Wei Shiung managed to live for another 17 years and hopefully many many years more until he is old and grey.

He may seem a little brooding and mysterious but deep down he is passionate about things that he really likes. Very much like me. 🙂 *beams proudly*

He is also loyal and creative. One thing about my brother which works with the ladies would be that he is TALL. TALL AS IN OMFG TALL. 2nd tallest in school apparently. Mun Teng’s brother bags the tallest dude title in SMK Subang Utama.

Quite cool that the two tallest guys’ sisters are best friends(along with my 10 other dahlings).

183cm I think.

-uh, I think he is trying to tell us about his new sunglasses..-

As his girlfriend, you’ll probably be able to come shopping with me, get your manicure done by me, get to camwhore with me, get to come for our family weekend movies, get to be protected by me when he is mean to you, have me to beat him up if he treats you badly  you’ll probably get the sweetest heartwarming gifts that his mind can conjure, have lovely poems written about you and the fact that he kisses the ground you walk on will be known by the entire world.

If THAT doesn’t sell, how about knowing that your babies will look OH SO ADORABLE? (i’m tooting my own horn here because alot of people say we look alike, haw haw haw). I just love this ice-cream photo. hahaha. I think he was about 3 years old. This was taken at The Valley Club in SS19, Subang Jaya.

His birthday party at McDonald’s Section 14 at age 1. Where he ruined the cake by slapping his chubby fist into the poor Donald Duck cake. 🙁

We all love fat babies don’t we? My brother was a heavy one. <3 *heart heart*

Oh well, if you guys are so stubborn and are still not convinced that you should take him home… maybe this video will change your mind.

He made it for this girl called Amanda Lee whom he really really liked who went to US last year to finish her high school education. There’s another video where he took snippets out from to make this video which was like a Goodbye Message Video to her. He filmed all her friends saying byebye to her and telling her how much they’ll miss her and stuff. Accompanied with photos that he has taken of her and with her and of all her friends, with James Blunt crooning to You’re Beautiful..if the tears don’t come cascading down at the end of the video, well I’ll slap your ass and call you Judy. (don’t know, always hear people say that phrase one. hehe)

He’d buy her a nice bouquet of roses every valentine’s day from form2(year 2003) right up till the time she’s in the USA where he ordered roses for her as well.

So if you wanna steal his heart…

Email me at, with the subject: Mysterious Mervyn

Derek Ho Hong Wai, born in 1988. He is currently doing his A levels in Sunway College and is staying on campus. Hehehe he doesn’t know that I am putting this up. Shy, extremely talented and pretty mysterious as well.

I’ve never actually heard of his romantic life but there were some teasing going on from his mean older cousin Jolene and his mean older sister Jacqueline. Hehehe.

He is a very hardworking boy, which means you can be sure that he’ll ensure that there will always be food on the table no matter what. So being his wife would mean a secure life for you.

He is not a spiteful boy, so if you’re SICK of dealing with your bastard’s sarcasm and whiplashing, my cousin here will be a breath of fresh air.

l-r: Derek, Me, Jacqueline at cousin Hong fei’s wedding.

As I have already mentioned, he is an extremely talented boy. He has a black belt in Taekwando(and I think he is still carrying on to the higher stages), doing his diploma in piano(the pianist of the family), I don’t know if playing computer games qualify as a talent but yeah, he plays games, he is taking his ice-skating hobby very seriously – last I heard he even went on to represent for some games……..and I have a gut feeling that he’ll take up cooking very very soon. Just you wait. 🙂

To top it off, he has SUCH silky hair!

Like I said, he is brilliant on the piano. Here’s him doing Fantasy Impromptu. And forgive the lag, my audio cacat, it doesn’t follow the visual component very well.

If you want more information on Derek, Email me at with the subject: Darling Derek

Here, is my step cousin Justin Tiew. I have NEVER seen this guy in real life before and we’ve only heard about each other UNTIL I saw his nick tagging at Kennysia’s tagboard before messaging him saying, “eh? my step cousin Justin TIew ar?” and so our “family-relationship” developed.

I’ve heard about him way back in 2001 because he had abit of interest in one of my friends..(teeheehee) and then he heard not so nice things about me in college due to some boob nudging incident. My boobs by the way. Yeah, we were from the same A-levels course, yet we’ve never had the chance to meet in person. Very very strange.

-photos were taken by Kevinhan, said Justin.-
I’m sure besides complementing his lovely character and personality, there’s a hundred and one things you can do for Justin like, uh, spreading honey all over those pecs and sliding over it…Mmmmmm..

Honestly, I can’t give you the analysis that Justin deserves, because I don’t know his characteristics in real life. But I do have the impression that he is a very good son, a brilliant student(he is doing an engineering course in Australia, ON FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!) and a man of the kitchen. 🙂

Alas, some clothes.

Yes ladies, he cooks. He experiments with recipes! Amazing.

He actually came all the way to Sg.Petani(yes, I’m studying in his hometown.-_-) to learn some cooking from his aunty.

Don’t you want to dine with him, savouring his labour of love with a candlelight illuminating his loving face and him romancing you in his many ways? 🙂

..ohmigod, I surprise myself sometimes. I was listening to a very upbeat disney song(something from Beauty and the beast) when I typed the above sentence. Didn’t know it can rhyme so nicely. Hahahaha.

This is his last photo, I promise. Gotta use up the ones that he sent to me, or else it doesn’t serve its purpose. 😀

For more information, please email me at with the subject: Juicy Justin

I understand that today’s selection of men is rather limited in the age category, unable to cater to the hornier older ones among you ladies.:) However, if you have a younger single sister, do hit me back yeah.

Now here are the other cousins who have been removed from the market:

Cousin Ho Hong Weng, Age 25(same age with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears you know!) and attached to an air stewardess from MAS. That’s my mum on his other side by the way.

Another potential one gone would be cousin Lo Kwan Hoong who oscillates between the english name of Vincent and Nicholas throughout his secondary school years. Previously a student of SMK Seafield, he is waiting to enter MMU. He is 18 years old.

Has a ‘BaByGirL’ for quite a long time now..

hoho. I suppose the photo speaks for itself right?
Cousin Ho Hong Fei, age 28, married to his high school sweetheart, Kwee Fong. Both of them were classmates in Catholic High School. *cough cough* This scenario seems familiar. *cough*

Cousin Leow Mian Yong, Age 29(same age with Douglas Lim!! and Eyeris!) was previously studying in Taylor’s College’s A-Levels(same like me!) and stayed with my family for over a year when I was only 8 years old. LOL. Quite a pity I didn’t know how to appreciate the college boys that he brought home at that time.

He has a fiance who comes from Hong Kong whom he met while studying in US. He is now working in the US and will not come back. 🙁

Oh! My two semi gweilo cousins!
l-r: the 17 year old with yucky coloured hair, Simon Hall and Jonathan Hall.

They have chinese names that they use as their middle names.

Simon’s is Wei Lien and Jonathan’s is Wei Xin. hehehehe. so cute right. So it’s like Jonathan James Wei Xin Hall.

Oh, right. They are from the UK and have been living there all their lives. Their mum’s chinese and is my aunt. However, last I heard they were single, but I can never be too sure with these two cousins of mine.

I think Simon’s 23 this year and Jonathan’s only 3 days older than me, which makes him 19 as well.

Other cousins without photos:
The rest are in primary school and kindergarten and some hasn’t even started I suppose I don’t have to pimp them right?

I do have another cousin that I thought would be fun to pimp. Khoo Something Beng. Yeah, I know, me is bad bad cousin. But I call him Ah Beng Kor Kor when I see him. Though he prefers to be called Ivan, understandably.

You guys may have seen him before, previously doing some advertorial shots for Tmnet as this disco dude who dances alone on the dance floor(it’s in Klue magazine)

or the adorable Malaysian student in a foreign land who is decked out in his traditional chinese costume during the winter(which is during Chinese New Year)with the caption below saying, “My friends always ask me why I dress up like Santa Claus this time of the year.”

And he was one of the family members in that Tenaga Nasional ad with the entire family cooling their food with the table fan. Hehe.

Oh, and another with where he was some delivery boy for some rich tai tai and I think that was a Streamyx ad.

Haih, banyak lah.

He seems quite popular with the ladies, as I once saw a horde of girls coming out from his room during Chinese New Year, and him giggling with them and being very happy. heh. I wouldn’t worry much about him. Pity I don’t have photos of him though.

Well, I suppose that wraps up my family special edition. Will bring the BUMPER issue out soon, stay tuned!

Here’re some flashbacks for you to oggle:
Batch 3 Of Sweet Bachelors

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A Night Out With SOME Bachelors and Cheng Beng Before That.

Tau Foo Fah, Dusts and Other Things Make Me Sick

The internet is evil. MSN is evil. Blogs are evil. They eat up my time.

At least one less blog to read though. 🙂

Needing to devote my entire self to all that shit they call biochemistry required drastic measures. It was the last paper. So I was prepared to go all out..but due to last week’s drama, I was constantly flipping open my laptop every other hour to check on the latest updates. So this was quite a good move I would say.

Despite the beginning of my exams, I did tell myself to sleep at about 12am or latest 1am but no such luck. Constantly going to bed at earlier 4am and then downing a bottle of Chicken Herbal Essence the next morning on an empty stomach before going into the examination hall is a no-no.

Throughout the examination I would usually be found sitting with my legs tucked under my bum. I don’t think my classmates will mind because they all know me well enough for me to be unprim-and-unproper. When I am already frustrated with the bloody paper, at least let me be comfortable damnit!

However, my greatest nightmare about examinations would be having to shit oh so badly during a 3 hour paper. It’s like you’re rushing to finish the paper and yet the mofo stool in your tummy keeps banging on your abdominal walls. How to do your work you tell me?

I did try to have a good shit before all my papers. But sometimes you will forget, you see. 🙁

But I realised it has happened to me almost every time I sit for a major exam in the past 3 years. SPM not included lah. This started after SPM.

I realised that it was actually because I was nervous. Contractions in my abdominal regions were increased when I got nervous hence this intense need to go take a crap. Very kesian one I tell you. It’s very distracting.

I did google it though. Apparently it’s IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Sigh. I wonder if there’s a cure for it.

Imagine, if I get nervous during my wedding day, I’m like, “DAMNIT, gotta take a crap.” and then rush to the toilet in my wedding gown. …. somemore the gown is white. uh-oh.

Or when I give birth for the first time. Doctor says, “PUSH MISS LAI PUSH!”

…eh… apa nih Miss Lai Damnit, cannot cannot. Can’t still be a “MISS” when I have my first child right? My father will kill me and disown me. lol

So I’ll be so nervous and will probably crap out the baby and some poo as well.
Actually I wanted to blog about how I overdosed on tau foo fah. I came down with a bad case of diarrhoea after my dentistry paper and the mere mention, scent or sight of tau foo fah would rouse these nauseous feeling in me. I’ve been eating two tubs of tau foo fah for the past 2 weeks every. single. day.

I wanted to blog about the goodness of the tau foo fah, but can’t bring myself to look at the photos or else I’d puke all over the computer. But since I took the photos a couple of weeks ago I might as well put it all up.

However I’ve become quite good friends with the Uncle who sells the tau foo fah.

To the point where I would even ask him to reserve two tubs for me everyday.

Then suddenly one morning I woke up and just thinking about tau foo fah makes me want to vomit.

Was quite bad, breaking the news to the Uncle. Well serves him right for always bullying me by telling me that he forgot to reserve my tau foo fah for me. Jokes get old very very fast. Once I even sort of believed him and walked back to Lie Yuen’s car and he chased after me with the tau foo fah.

-I know I am disgusting, bite me.-

I can’t even bring myself to go near his stall so I would usually stay in the car when Lie Yuen goes down to buy her Kwai Lin Kou(some black jelly). The Uncle thought I was angry at him. Please. 🙂 So Lie Yuen told him I had diarrhoea.. and that he needn’t save me anymore tau foo fah. The poor man looked pretty crestfallen.

But his tau foo fah was quite nice lah, when I was loving it.

Love the clothe wrapping the covers.

His soyabean is quite nice as welll.. very sweet smelling.

You can either have it with white or brown sugar.

Mmmm..milky goodness.

His wares.

The tau foo fah comes with ice!

See, he purposely reserved two tubs worth of tau foo fah for me.

I used to love this.

I editted the photo when I was still in love with tau foo fah.

His business is quite good.. so we have to go early if we want to get our tau foo fah or soya bean.

Nice shot.

Since the worst of the exams are over, I’ve decided to clean my room! YES FINALLY!

See the craziness.

That’s two halves of a dead insect, a whole dead insect, a wing, my dandruff and a bit of haw flake crumb(you know that red biscuit thing..).. found it all on my desk while I was tidying up.

While I was studying last night, I came across a reallllly old reminder amidst my biochemistry notes. LOL. So appropriate.

Clearing my room, I found four month old digestive biscuits in a container, 2 months old famous amos and 1 month old Kjeaksdjkasjd… ah screw it, what’s it called again?

see how dirty my table is? Those are mostly dead insects.

Found two dead beetles as well. And a couple of moths.

Spring cleaning to the max. Damn spiders.

I was throwing spiders into the toilet bowl.

Can you see one trying to climb out?

TADA!! Okay or not??:P

I was having dinner at one of the three coffeeshops that we usually go to with a few of the classmates.

Brenda who is pretty caught up with blogging as well would usually indulge in conversation with me about the latest going-ons in the blogosphere.

Since she doesn’t have internet at her rented room here in Sungai Petani, I briefed her about the latest going-ons. The obvious ones aside, I also told her that HER troll, Your Limpeh, has kindly paid my blog a visit as well.

Me: Yalo, ask me to Zh’ng my face somemore.
Me: At least he wants to fuck you ma. Haha. What he has been saying is FAR from anything about fucking with me.
Me: At least he finds you attractive enough to be perverted ma. He doesn’t even let me go near his balls.

LOL. That’s the difference between both of us. I sound so calm because I’m a veteran kena-flamer and she’s just had her first taste of trolls. 🙂 But Brenda does sound quite loud and talks very fast when she’s pissed. Heh.