Two Stories Of First Love And Nth Love


Step all over my old rug,
It’s okay I’ll just wash it again,
Stamp your feet all over my heart,
I promise I will not feel the pain.

I see you carry no bags,
And I have got none to call my own,
So it’s okay to take my hand,
Together, just you and me alone.

What is it that you want?
I promise I will do.
What is it that you need?
I promise I will give it to you.

I’ve never felt this way before,
At least with someone who feels the same,
Without any broken hearts,
The two of us will play no game.

What is it about you that makes me give my all?
How did I get here when I was once so faraway?
I cannot stop loving you,
And that is all that I have to say.

I’ve never missed anybody,
The way I miss you so,
Your kisses were the first,
Just as mine were also.

Who else do you miss,
Please tell me because I want to know,
I can see you that you yearn for something,
That happened sometime ago.

Clearly, Going To University Doesn’t Improve Intelligence


I’m sure you’d go “Nyamachauchipet!!!!” too if you saw what I saw this morning as we were looking for a parking place before class.  

I don’t think the person is booking for his/her friend lor. Because the stupid car was still parked like that even at 1pm. I don’t think I can sleep tonight if I don’t come to a conclusion as to WHY anybody would want to park their car like that.


Angered, I took out an A4 paper and scribbled furiously with a marker pen and strode over to the car and slammed it on the glass window.

TADA! I know I rock.

Brenda came running into class, brandishing her camera around, screaming, “Jolene!! I got something to show you!”

And I’m like, “Yeap, it was me.”

BWahahhaa. Almost the entire class saw the stupid car with that uber cool note on it. 🙂 I felt so hero. Most of them thought that the car was driven by a lady and the note was left by some big tough guy.  

I think I’m taking after an Uncle of mine who used to photostat a huge stack of expletives and paste them onto random cars if they so much as piss him off.(parking like an asshole for example.)

A WOMAN DRIVER! I should have known!

On Friday, Lie Yuen found the router’s antenna next to the router, detached. The both of were heartbroken when we tried to reattach it to the screwy thingie whatever that is, only to realise that the signal was SO damn weak. 12mbps? I PAID FOR 100.0mbps! ARGH!

I feel so handicapped without the ability to go online anywhere at anytime. 🙁

Now I get depressed when I am in the toilet. I remember the good ol’ days when I’d tell my friends exactly what I was doing while chatting with them on msn from the ceramic throne. So nice to see their reactions. Haha. 🙁

At times I’m in denial.

And then depression hits. Hard.

Sigh. I did call a shop in Low Yat though… RM150 for a new antenna. At least not a new router! Phew.

Stress Commences, Sparklers Relaxes.

 Is there a grammar error in my title? I tried saying it out loud to myself and yet sparkler relaxes sounds weirder than sparklers relaxes.

But then again, I wouldn’t say, “I wanna play sparkler,” as it is usually, “I wanna play sparklers!”

I wouldn’t say, “Can you please pass me a sparklers?” as it is clearly, “Can you please pass me a sparkler?”

I know that the examples I’ve given are not exactly Queen-Of-England material, but that’s how I usually talk. Try saying it aloud! It is very Malaysian one.

Damn the english language!

I can’t believe exams are around the corner again. Mark that down, November 15-17. You might have to search for some other blogs to fill up the time you usually spend over here, as I’ll probably be caught up with my studies. (Why, Jolene, what a good girl you are! *pats head*)

But you know, I am NOT going to say that I will “take a hiatus” because the moment I do that, I’ll blog like there’s no tomorrow. Happens all the time. I’m just going to blog blog blog and then stop for awhile whenever I like without the need to announce it to anybody who cares.

Damn the exams!

-image removed as I got told off by a med student for being unprofessional-
I never understand why most of you fancy getting your lungs blackened with accompanying grey white patches? Is it very pretty? .. Whatever rocks your boat. 🙂 Lungs  cancer, that is.

-image removed as I got told off by a med student for being unprofessional-
But do continue with your incessant smoking and entertain students like us during our practical session. It might be gross but it IS fun to see cancer stricken organs flapping about in a cube of formalin. When I mean flapping about, I mean to say that by shaking the cube of formalin, the cancer stricken organs are suspended in the liquid but yet some bits and processes of the organ move a little. Eeew.

-image removed as I got told off by a med student for being unprofessional-
I think this is cancer of the intestine.

-image removed as I got told off by a med student for being unprofessional-
Ahh, the uterus. Smooth nodules all over. Result of too much sex(with too many people). That’s how one of my maids acquired cancer of the cervix. Word has it that she’d sleep with whichever Bangladeshi men(foreign workers) who come a calling(to our home!! argh!) But that’s all back in 1999.

-image removed as I got told off by a med student for being unprofessional-
I’m not going to bore the lot of you with the other profiles of the cancerous organs that I’ve snapped, but i thought this one looked quite nice!

-image removed as I got told off by a med student for being unprofessional-
There is a form of cancer called teratoma. Where the growth arises from all three germ cell layers(the most initial layer of cells when a fetus is a few weeks old). Hence the growth can form bone and hair. eeee.

I’ve seen specimens whereby only the teeth forms. Looks quite sickening.

Anyhow, do forgive me if my explanation seems below par. I’m not a very brilliant student. I need my damn textbook but I’m too lazy to walk the length of my room. And I don’t think flipping through my book just to type precisely correct scientific information on my personal blog is worth the distruption of my, er, blogging flow.

I KNEW that the second tooth(upper right central incisor) that we were instructed to carve would be graded. I didn’t know it would be included in my finals. T_T

The shape is there, but I don’t know how come there’s this sudden need to be a perfectionist in my handy work. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to my studies. Because I know where I stand. From a so-called excellent student(ah, the good old days of primary school), I dropped to become an average student upon the discovery of the internet. Scraping through with a handful of A’s throughout secondary school(and even the 7A’s for PMR and 8A’s for SPM was quite a shocker to me). I know, i know. I’m SO not the typical kiasu Malaysian chinese student who strive for the extremes. I DO strive. You heard of the saying, “reach for the moon and fall among the stars.” Mine are clouds la. I’m passing. Just not excelling.

I failed alot of my exams back in college. It was a horrid feeling but I think it was because I didn’t take A-levels seriously as it wasn’t conducted by the government. Twas the transition period from government schools to private institutitions. I didn’t take college seriously because there was no standard textbook and everything was in a big jumbled up mess. Furthermore, it was one of the many many foundation courses around unlike SPM which was standardised everywhere.

I’m taking dentistry seriously because I know this is what will feed me and my family in the future. If I don’t pass, I will be deprived of the livelihood I’ve set out for. So yeah, the efforts I’m putting into this course is so much more compared to what I did for my a-levels. I could never study past 11pm back in college. During my year 1 finals, I’m sure most of you would remember, I could stay up till 7am-8am even! Results are definitely better than A-levels(since I only failed twice(damn you biochemistry!) in my entire year 1 as compared to almost all my mid term exams back in college. Fortunately I bucked up towards the end or else I wouldn’t be in this course.)

Oh, look at me ramble.:(

My point is, I know I’m an average student.

There’s this school of thought that goes to say that an academically brilliant dental student is not necessarily a brilliant dentist and a brilliant dentist did not necessarily excel in his studies. I was hoping to be someone who was good with my hands.

It’s alright, but I wanted it to be identical. My father always tells me that I am just like him. Impatient. If I can’t take something apart gently, I’d get frustrated and rip it up.

My dean who was supervising us came over to check on me. He said, “Oh, it’s looking all right!” He suggested that I bring my carved tooth over to the dental technologist for him to have a look, to see if there are any mistakes that he could rectify.
I told him I already did, and heaved a sigh.

Then he started laughing at me. I said shyly, “I am not satisfied.”

“Well, it’s good to never be satistified. This way, you’ll always strive to achieve more!” said my dean.

Very well said. 🙂

Oh well.

Weekends are anticipated. And then they pass so fast. Sigh.

Lie Yuen and I spent our Saturday evening at the park outside our house. We had a few more tanglungs leftover and I bought a box of   sparklers from the Ramadhan bazaar during dinner time.

Surely my tripod had to come along.:) We had good fun with the camera, as you will see later.

Another shot of Lie Yuen lighting up the lanterns.

Decorating the trees with our remaining lanterns.

I had the most brilliant idea! Why not use slow shutter speed and then make shapes with the sparklers??? This is a heart shape:)

Lanterns on a lone tree.

I feel so Harry Potter.

Lie Yuen was constantly tending to the lanterns.

An angled shot.


Flower! It DOES look like a flower, doesn’t iT?

Butterfly…. couldn’t get the feelers in!


Supposed to be a pair of lips. But Lie Yuen couldn’t get her horizontal line right, so it looks like a mouth that is talking. Heh.

Lie Yuen’s clover! Looks more like an ace, if anything. 😀

Can you see three of me in the photo? Hahaha. I was trying to write my name. Too slow!

ALMOST. argh. But an upside down one. NoO.

This was taken by the tripod. We were trying to do a heart shape, you see! With an arrow going across… hahaha. Lie Yuen couldn’t do the arrow properly because she was afraid she might hurt my hand. LOL.


Supposed to be Mount Fuji la.. But looks more like a rocket.

Then Lie Yuen said, “Wah, you think you so terrer can do KLCC meh!!”.. and I had another idea for a sparkler-drawn-shape.

Presenting to you, KLCC-or something like it, at least.

Supposed to be a flower, but turned out damn nicely as a butterfly’s profile.

She can spell too! It says YUEN, by the way.

Some videos we made by the way:



And I thought I’d upload some old videos!

Daryl was singing a song for Jon at Coffee Bean the other day. Quite horny one, and to the tune of YMCA!
You see, we’ve got this inside joke that overuses the phrase, love you long time.

It’s like saying thank you, but instead we say, Love you long time! And as a reply? Fuck you deep deep!

Here’s an example of an conversation between Daryl and Justin in PD:

Daryl: Could you please pass me the barbecue sauce?
Justin: Here you go!
Daryl: Love you long time!
Justin: Fuck you deep deep! 🙂

hehe. Use your imagination la when you see the videos.

Enjoy. Turn up your speakers.

Other than that, nothing much. So it is back to the books for me!

Happy Tanglung Day!

Yesterday was exactly one year and a month that we’ve been classmates. What other way to celebrate but walking around the residential area totting tanglungs?
We went to Lagenda Heights, were the other half of the classmates are currently staying.  

We MAY appear to be kids at heart, but I believe the true reason is that most of us are arsonists at heart.

We had our first class gathering when we celebrated the mooncake festival exactly two weeks into our course a year ago.

So much has changed since.

Before getting your modem killed again, check out this video we made! 🙂
I don’t want to spoil the gist of the story. I’ll elaborate on it at the bottom of the post.:)

RM25 worth of lanterns and candles. 

We were running late as we were supposed to meet the rest of the classmates at 9pm. It was a Bring Your Own Tanglung(BYOT) session.. so we scoured around for lanterns. We checked out almost every chinesey sundry shop to no avail to the point of even checking out an Indian grocery store. If we don’t have tanglung, those Indian deepavali clay cup with flames would do! LOL!

We went to Taman Ria and was disappointed that almost all the shops were closed. Then we passed by a shop that sold praying things(joss sticks, idols, the works) and Lie Yuen was like, “Com’n lah! This kind of shop where got sell one?”

I was indignant and said, “I’m sure got lanterns, I’LL SHOW YOU!”

So I went into the shop, full of confidence and found an entire box of lanterns. I took a packet out and went outside the shop and started jabbing at the packet of lanterns with the most lanci face ever to the rest of them who were still in the car. Wahahaha. Somemore don’t believe me.

Second problem: Sticks. This is Andy. The mutated unicorn.

Fortunately, outside Nien’s house, there was a tree. Which was without many leaves. And then we had Joe, who is quite tall. Joe snapped off the branches for us.

And then we could have sticks to hang our tanglungs on. Thank you, Joe!

Jimmy was being a little more innovative.

The many tanglungs.

Another angle.

Chwan Hong and his lanterns.

Camwhoring with mine.

Group photo!
top l-r: Chee Wen, Joe, Xin Yi, Brenda, Pei Zhi, Zhu Zen, Ee Chean, Ken, Andy and Me
bottom l-r: Sett, Steffi, Jimmy, Sock Nee, Lie Yuen, Nien, Maxis, Poh Yee and Chwan Hong.

Me and my tanglung!

Sett and Jimmy!

Floating lanterns.

Preparing for our walk around the taman!

I asked Andy to stand far far away to get this lovely shot.(yes, my tripod came along for the occasion)

I like it when the tanglungs gather together. Makes a very nice photo.

As we were taking photos along the empty stretch of road, three touristy types were walking towards us. They were like, “Hey! What are you guys doing?”

So nice to see intrigued foreigners who are curious about our culture. Jimmy was explaining to them about the lady who drank her husband’s youth potion and flew to the moon after downing the entire vial. They listened intently and were very very interested! We even gave them some of our tanglungs and they were so happy. 🙂

We forgot to ask them what on earth are they doing, coming to Sungai Petani for a holiday. They were staying at Swiss Inn, which was a stone’s throw away from Lagenda Heights.

We came to a conclusion that MAYBE they are newly hired lecturers to come assist the overworked school of dentistry staff.

Strangers in the night.

The girls!
top l-r: Me(bent over because I thought I couldn’t fit into the frame), Xin Yi, Brenda, Steffi, Zhu Zen
bottom l-r: Lie Yuen, Poh Yee, Pei Zhi, Sock Nee, Nien

I can’t decide which photo out of the tree that I took of the exact same scene that I want to put up. That’s Swiss Inn in the background.

We were standing on either sides of a bridge.

A close up.

So nice right! I go and make spoil the photo soemmore. Haih…

Oh look! I’m so special. 😀

Ee Chean gets illuminated.

Housemates group photo!
l-r: Steffi, Sock Nee, Nien, Zhu Zen and Poh Yee.

The guys’ house.
l-r: Jimmy, Ken, Sett, Maxis, Chwan Hong, Thong, Ee Chean.
The entire house is like, three floors and there are 6 rooms in the whole house.

The Bandar Laguna Merbok gang. Six houses here. Only Lie Yuen and I and Andy and Chee Wen are the housemates among the group.
L-r: me, Brenda, Lie Yuen, Pei Zhi, Xin Yi, Joe and Andy.

Zhu Zen and Nien

Sett and Steffi. So nice lah the colour.

This is Chee Wen. He is not a vegetarian.(less hands)

This is Chwan Hong and he is a religious vegetarian. Hence the many hands to signify his purity.

Damn nice right! Can block the other boys so nicely.:D


Ken and I illuminating ourselves.

l-r: Lie Yuen, Brenda and Me. Love the background too.

Another one of Steffi and Sett.

Me and my lanterns.

Lie Yuen and Chwan Hong

I didn’t edit this photo because I loved the colours of this one as it is.

I already told Poh Yee not to move so much!

Nien and her lanterns.

An end to a fun lantern festival.

And so, the seventeen of us went back and shared four mooncakes. Expensive wei…somemore we’re only students.

I’m inviting Poh Yee to lie on my cushions. She looks traumatised though.



Oh right!! About the video.. hahahaha.. The eerie background noise is actually Chee Wen’s ring tone. Yeah, like what kind of ring tone is that. LOL! And Sett was controlling the camera. Chee Wen was swinging a lantern above my head and I was supposed to scream blood curdlingly.. but the first video had a better scream. However, Sett didn’t manage to record the scream, so the second one would have to do! 🙂