Malaysian Chinese Parents Hit A New Low

While I was at Carrefour just now with my mum, I took notice of the purchases of this young family who was behind us in the line.

Sometimes you get all warm and fuzzy watching the antics of other people’s children. This family had a daughter of about two years of age, sucking on a purple Vitagen with utmost concentration. Her pink singlet matched her mother’s t-shirt, which was the exact shade of pink. The father was teasing the little girl and asked if he could take some vitagen too. It’s even cuter when they can talk too. She said, “No..”.

Among the purchases, I saw alot of milk powder, a baby seat and other baby things. I was particularly attracted to this big toy set which was PINK and…medical. It contained a pink stethoscope, mouth mirror, injection needles, medicine and all the usual things you’d find in the medical profession. Just that they were alot cuter, rounder and very very pink.

The little girl’s mother pointed at the toy set and cooed to her little girl, “Whose birthday is it tomorrow??”

And the little girl giggled with glee, “Me!!!”

The little girl’s mother continued, “Yay!! You want to be a doctor when you grow up, yes you do!”

And the little girl just giggled happily.



They start ’em young nowadays, don’t they?

Little Vitagen drinking girl will probably start her first piano class at age 4, go for tuitions from standard one, have her parents sit down and study with her, take up five tuition classes a week in secondary school, cry with stress throughout pre-u(I’ve got an Aunty who fell into depression when she was studying for her STPM) and her only option(read: The one thing that makes her parents happy) would be to do medicine.

My 4am Monologues

I’m going home to Subang for 10 days! I wish I was the sort who could travel light. In the entire one year and 2 months that I’ve been in Kedah, I’ve only gone home ONCE with just my handbag. One handphone, one wallet and one camera. With a labcoat stuffed into the handbag incase the bus gets cold.

This time around I have to lug my sillicon adhesive bra back home because the one at home has lost its adhesive, bring my calendar-analog clock to the shop to change for a new one, bring back tons of books because exams are coming, bring back a few pants because god knows I have no pants at home(I used to own only 2 pair of pants prior to my uni days .. before I learnt that knees were considered obscene.), my Venus Razor, laptop, camerachargerphonechargerlaptopcharger, webcam, microphone, pencil box, NEW pencil box, Daryl’s birthday present, my cute plushy FM radio, my makeup bag, my accessories bag, my photos(in cd form), my NEW cds… did I leave anything out?

I don’t know how I’m going to manage! Should I break every bone in my body lugging a suitcase, one backpack and one duffel bag through two LRTS and one ktm? Or should I burn a hole in my pocket and spend on a cab back to Subang?


The thing is, I could easily stock up some possessions back home without having to lug everything I own up and down. It’s not easy. Ever since I moved to Kedah, my room has never been the same. It gets depressing you know? It is devoid of a proper place to put my stationary, my ‘decorations'(at least that’s what I’ve always assumed it to look like) are not as eye catching as before and my wardrobes? I don’t even remember when’s the last time I saw neat piles of clothes in those cupboards.

I don’t even remember where I put my things anymore. Can you imagine my frustration?

As a child, I used to imagine what it was like having to move out of my home and into my husband’s house. How depressing that would be, I thought, when I could come home and be with my mummy and daddy. I didn’t know there was this transition stage called tertiary education. I am learning what its like to be away from my parents. Staying in someone else’s house after marriage should be a breeze.
Besides all that rambling above, I’ve also just made my peace with the boyfriend over something which is probably a consequence of long distance relationship. I see a pattern in the downtimes that we sometimes go through. Exam season remains a huge factor. Sometimes getting too caught up with life will result in feelings of distantness.

However, someone once said that the only way to make a long distance relationship work is by making yourself extremely busy. Which is a good idea really. That’s the advice I always give out to people who emo at me about their other halves not giving a shit about them while they are half way across the world.

Sometimes being busy doesn’t apply for every single situation. Oh well. I was wrong to react the way I did. The poor boy has been the unfortunate recipient of my silent treatments for short bouts throughout our relationship. But I think the longest running was during form 5. Too lame a reason to state here. I’d just give you two words though: Academic reasons.

I know I’m shit but sometimes at the spur of the moment, I cannot control how I react to situations. I need to learn to muka maintain. But if I don’t show my displease, I will never be satisfied and will feel like I’ve been stepped over and over.

But luckily this is all two way as CK also has his own defence mechanism, hence preventing me from digging a bigger grave for the both of us.

What I like about myself is that I get over things very very fast. The whole thing lasted only an hour and all the silly thoughts that was running through my head evaporated just like that when I decided to tell him that I’m sorry for being so irrational.

And his reasons were very valid. Sigh. Someone please slap me to my senses. I need to remove my hormones.


Which brings me to the topic about how I deal with people that I find hard to..well, get along with. If I dislike someone, I cannot bring myself to like the person again. This does not apply to best friends/boyfriends and family.

I cannot stand people who:-

1. Talk really really slowly, have no ability to hold a conversation, shy, extremely quiet.

2. Are over polite. like stop with the thank yous, you-sure-ahs?, i-can-help-you-i-can-help-you. While good manners are very important, some people overdo it.

3. People who touch me like how a best(GIRL)friend would. I’ve been in situations where acquaintances I hardly spoke 10 sentences to, caress my hair thinking that they are being cute and playful or even linking arms with me and putting their head on my shoulders in the process. Personal bubble? Hello?

4. are evangelists. I think this topic is overdone.(I’m talking about strangers who try to preach to me under the scorching sun). While I have extremely religious friends, I’ve told them to their faces before that they should never have to invite me to anything religious. Ever. Maybe it’s a principle of mine, when I say, I don’t want to go for these things, it means I really don’t want to go, do not make this any harder for me. I find it hard to even refer to any other religions except my own(japanese buddhist..ever heard of SokaGakai?) to the point that I have to use the word “greater forces” in my presentation to replace very obvious words. I must state that I have friends of many other religions but I will put on my defense mechanism(turn cold) if I get invited persistently. This started back in primary school.

5. ask for favours and yet demands and dictate exactly how to go about doing it. Enough lah that I’m kind enough to want to help you with your problem, I could use with some polite and well-thought-out words when spoken to about the issue.

So yeah, once I find any one of these faults in someone, I find that I can never revert back to my old self(molest them, tell them perverted jokes, share things) with them because it’s just who I am. I hate myself for it, I really do because some people that I do this to are really nice and sincere. It’s just that all the little things add up and I become extra sensitive around them.  

I can’t bite back on my sarcasm as well. It just falls out of my mouth.

I’m not exaggerating. I wish I wasn’t so much like this. But the way I act is mainly to supress my own ng-song-ness. What’s the word for ng-song in english already ar? Mm. Disastisfaction? Yeah. Disastisfaction.

I’ll reply to the previous posts’ comments tomorrow. I’m TOO tired.

You Can’t Help But Imagine

I know I am 4 years too late and no one is left on the A Walk To Remember bandwagon.

I downloaded the show like five months ago into my computer and never bothered watching it…until tonight.
*changes out of snort filled t-shirt*

It really makes you think. How can someone be so patient with life, so sincere in everything yet knowing life is about to end? The religious component of the movie does explains it but still.

Is it possible for an 18 year old boy to love a girl with all his heart knowing that she will die very soon? Can you love someone you’ve only started loving, if not, deeper, after knowing that the person you love is terminally ill? While I find that very noble of Langdon, the male lead, it is hard to imagine.

The show is just so sad. To know that you will never have a family with someone. To be scared of what you will never know.

It’s very difficult to say because at this age(I’m citing 17-mid 20s), if something disastrous happens to you, the first people you will turn to would be your parents. They are the ones who will definitely be there with you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Boyfriends and friends will still show their love and support, but to what extent? Would we ever really understand and can we ever spend 24/7 next to the person we love, foregoing all forms of commitments and responsibilities for weeks, if not, months? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

But I know a parent would.

While love among the people our age do seem to blossom into something beautiful, but can it ever blossom into one as nobel as Langdon’s?

No matter how generous, kind or gracious a person is, I find that the love Langdon offered Jamie was only fit to be given  by a parent.

You can argue with me that their love was so DEEP and PURE which is why he sacrificed so much for her and because of her faith in him, he became a changed man.

But I firmly believe that unless they’ve known each other for years and have loved each other for as long as they’ve known each other, a love so perfect is too good to be true. It’s not real. It’s fictitious(which it is, really. This further underlines what I’m trying to say).

What they portrayed in the movie seemed to be your average(albeit very romantic) high school couple. Unlike an old married couple, where familiarity retains love. And because of this sense of familiarity, you cannot do without each other and will do WHATEVER you can to sustain the life of the person you hold dearest to your heart.

Can the average high school couple do that? Show me an example then maybe I will believe.



And then it makes me question myself: What if I was the person with a terminal illness?

Would I shut out everyone in my life? Would I remain true to my nature and tell everybody about my sickness just like how I have to tell everybody everything about the things i want to share?

Would I allow people to love me to the very end and believe that they will love me forever? Unless they are my parents, no. People move on. I WILL be missed, most definitely, but people will eventually let go.

Maybe everything that I’m trying to say is going around in circles because I’ve been so lucky thus far and have no idea what it’s like.

But should it ever happen to me, I’m sure I will come to terms with it in a very short period of time. But would the people around me be able to?

To love someone, with all your heart, is a wonderful feeling because you know it will grow into something and you have an idea of what the future is like if you can dream about it with the person you love.

But to love someone, with the knowledge of the limited period of time you have left to be together, takes away hopes of the future which somehow mould the love into a different kind. You may love with all your heart but knowing when it will end for good takes away hope. Hope, I believe, is essential for the romance kind of love. And without it, everything changes. It really does.


So, to me, the show is not realistic at all. But it sure made me cry alot.

I Want A New Phone/Carving Molars Is Nerve Wrecking/My Unromantic Cousin Brother/The Inappropriate Discussion

That’s the only way to title such posts man. Lainie, you’d better get it patented.

I can’t quite remember exactly what happened that made me want a new phone. But I have to say that I’ve remained faithful to my phone for quite a long time now. I bought it in Feb 2004 and I plan to get a new one after the next Chinese New year! Okay what, right?  

Honestly speaking, I’ve been dying for a 3G phone. Though it doesn’t state clearly, but does 3G means broadband internet access?

If you’re gonna think I’m stupid for thinking so, blame the maxis ads. And also, I heard that a 3G phone can be used as a modem, providing high speed internet access to your laptop/computer? I don’t know where I read it but it seems appealing to me!

I’ve set a budget of RM1.2k for myself. I was thinking I could probably save about RM300 from now until Chinese New Year and of course, use my angpow as well.

Then maybe try and be a good girl(read: not failing any papers) and ask dad if he can help me top up to the amount that I need. But then I don’t know how to go about that.. hehe. I’ll probably get an earful from him about cutting down on expenses.

However, I just found out that R.Age pays RM80-RM100 per article depending on its length and they pay RM21 PER photo.

Let’s see,I wrote three articles. Two of them are full length. 12 photos from the three articles in total. You do the maths. Wellll..for a student like me its alot already, so I’m more than happy!

🙂 With the saved money, chinese new year money and the generous pay from R.Age(not to mention I’ve not even used the money I got from the article I wrote for the Star back in March..which is not much, but any money is good money, now that I need some)…I’m only about a hundred bucks away from my target amount! Yay!

The first phone I fell in love with while surfing around was the Sony Ericsson’s z610i. It’s not official but the price is about RM1100-Rm1200.

It’s a 3G phone with a 2.0mp camera. One thing that saddens me about the phone is that it does not have FMradio. Yeah, go roll your eyes. Other than that, I’m not quite clear about any of the other functions, but it seems alright.

What I’m SO totally in love with is :-

1) It’s a flip phone. I’ve only had candybars all my life. (Nokia 3310, 3315 and 6100..)

2) It has a metallic-reflective cover and it FUNCTIONS as a screen. I know, I know. Hold your horses. I know that most flip phones have a ‘screen’ on the cover. You’ll have to look at the photos to know what I’m going about. It’s like if there’s no activity going on, the phone’s cover just looks like, well, a metallic cover. But when there’s an sms or a call, the cover will change into a screen! How cool is that???

3) Even though I’ll have to buy an extra memory card, the z610i uses some M2 memory card thingie(I’m quite a certain point.) which can expand up to 1GB!! 😀

4) It functions as an MP3 player too!!

I’m just worried that it’ll scratch easily. Maybe I’ll get a pouch for it.

My only concern is, however, PINK, BLUE OR BLACK???

Pink phones are so much prettier. But I’m sure I’ll get sick of it fast. Mmm.

Blue ..especially in this shade, somewhat baby blue, is my favourite colour.

Black is sexy. But so common! How laaa?



I wonder if that black dot next to the black line is actually a camera lens? Should be right since it is a 3G phone?

The pink phone!! I’ve a feeling this phone is quite thick. I can’t wait to go back to KL and hit the mobile phone distributors and run my fingers across them to have a feel!

The Nokia 7390 is perhaps my dream phone. It’s got everything the z610i has, except better. (The z610i has 72-polyphonic chords. Whatever that is).

A 3mp camera, 3G, FMradio, functions as an MP3 player etc.

You know what bags the prize? This baby has SNAKE on it. I’m the ultimate Snake champion and some people have even said that the way I play snake is a form of art. Haha.

Did I mention that it’s PINK and beautiful? .. 🙁 I am a very girly girl. I cannot help it.

SO BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t find a picture of the back of the phone but let me assure you that it is drop dead gorgeous.

Okay, ready to hear how much this phone costs?

RM2100/-. Without taxes.

Next up is the Nokia 7373. The 7390 and 7373 are from the same collection. The Nokia L’Amour collection that is. I thought they already came up with the L’Amour collection back in February? I remember entering some contest trying to win the phones. They look exactly like these models except they are mostly gold in colour which pales in comparison to these shades of pink!

One thing I really like about this phone is that it’s got a damn huge screen.

The downside? Not a 3G.

I understand that those who have 3G phones hardly make use of the function. If I’m wrong about the internet-3G relations, then I won’t be so seduced by the whole 3G factor.

But I guess I can do without 3G.

it’s a swivel phone. Though not as sexy as the two phones I mentioned above, but at least it is pink, has a camera, can be used as an Mp3 player and furthermore, I’d like to be able to see the face of the person who calls me via that big ass screen. Something the z610i cannot do with its metallic-screen cover.

The screen size and the pinkness of the phone entice me, which is why I’m considering it.

Set at RM1.6k(and it’s not even 3G, sigh).. I’m not sure if I should get it. Maybe the z610i is a better choice in terms of functions and price. Let’s not even bring the Nokia 7390 into the equation. I don’t shit gold bars. I wish I did though. Sigh.

As an Internet addict, this phone seems quite ideal. The Dopod 577w is wifi enabled and just imagine being able to detect wifi connections wherever you are. No more lugging my laptop around!

Camera is only 1.3mp and it can play mp3s, yes.

Hate the design. Hate hate hate.
But I like the design on the back of the phone and the phone’s side profile looks real good too. Hate the front of the phone. Hateeeee.

Set at RM1100 – RM1300.. it IS within my budget but the design really kills it for me. The phone’s specifications are less appealing than the three phones above but WIFI!! I want WIFI!

Yeap, only the front part looks crap.

Here’s a full list of the comparisons between the four phones!

I got a call from my parents today and Mum was telling me that they were going to go buy Mervyn’s Ipod Nano later. Dad shouted in the background, “With his own money!”

I took the opportunity to tell them about my plans and before I could say much, Mum cut in and said, “yes! You want a new phone ma, correct?”

And I’m like, “YEs yes yes yes!! With my own money okay……” (I’ll leave the parental top up bit till later, when I’ve finally decided what phone I want. But I think I should be okay on my own if I want the z610i.)

I could hear Dad say in the background, “Aren’t you supposed to be saving up for that BMW for me?”

My dad, always the kidder. 🙂 I could hear him rattling off many BMW models while I told my mother my plans.

Dad said, “Eh, why don’t you take Yea yea’s old phone?”. My late grandfather’s phone is kept at home as a spare phone.

Nearly in tears, I said, “Dad, my phone’s still quite alright and in actual fact it looks prettier than Yea Yea’s old phone. I want a newwww phone.”

LOL. No! I don’t want my grand dad’s Nokia 3100.(or issit? Some new model 3000 series one lah.)

I mean, I’d use if my phone dies on me and I have no spare cash to splurge on a newer and better phone.

Just that…i want to upgrade! It’s been 3 years!


I bet most of you are super sien already as I keep posting photos of my carved teeth every other week.

But you would too if you spent approximately 6 hours on each tooth and full concentration on minute details!

The last tooth to carve would be the 1st upper right molar. I really enjoyed carving the crown. So happy with it that before I went to bed, I’d take it out of its box and look at it lovingly, give it a good rub to retain the shine and then put it back into the box and go to sleep.

The crown was relatively easier to carve as compared to its roots.

Almost everybody in the first class broke their roots. You could hear “Aah!”, “Aah!”, “AAaah!” popping up consecutively. And for every “aaah!” the whole class moans, “Ohhhhhh…”.

My classmates are quite the orchestra, aren’t they?

The molar has three roots and you were suppposed to carve a block of wax into three parts which are away from each other. Not very easy to do. Amazingly, the dental technologist could still solder it back together by running it over the bunsen burner. But it is still very demoralising.

Our dean said that this would be the first of many many roots that we will break in our career. Not wax roots, but real roots. Even the best dentists break roots.

Poor Lie Yuen’s tooth broke in half! It was not her fault that the inside of her wax was pretty porous. Such a pity.

Our dental technologist is damn skillful.

My lovely crown.

My roots. I’m so glad I didn’t break any. I made the roots short and so its not as fragile. Short roots are actually very much like the real roots of the molar tooth. It shouldn’t even be that long in the first place.

The buccal roots(the roots facing the insides of your cheek) should curve towards each other. I wish I did it properly. Arghh!

All ready to be graded by my lecturers.

Oh, oh! This is actually a full length skirt. Makes a nice tube dress, doesn’t it?


I love good news!

My cousin sister who is in the States, msned me today and told me that my oldest cousin brother, Mian Yong, has finally proposed to his long time girlfriend, Pearl.

LOL! She started off saying that he brought his girlfriend to Colorado and they went to the Niagara falls.

As they were standing there, watching the gigantic waterfall, fireworks played in the distant.

He took the ring out of his pocket..and said….


“Oi.. here’s the ring.”


Then Pearl was like, “Hah? Like that only ar?” But took the ring anyway. hahaha.

YAY! Another wedding on the way. Best of all, they might even come back to Malaysia to hold a wedding dinner. Definitely gonna have one in the United States and another wedding dinner in Hong Kong, where Pearl is from.

The ring cost my cousin USD4000, okay? Hahaha. He said that he is damn broke now.


Just the other night, Barry and I were talking on MSN. We were talking about boobs and he said that he doesn’t like saggy boobs.

Barry: Some boobs look all good when they are in the bra, but falls down to navel level when the bra is removed. Ew.
Me: Sometimes slightly saggy boobs are good because they form cleavages easily. I’m quite sad actually because I don’t
      have a cleavage.
Barry: Be happy with your boobs lah! Alot of Malaysian girls are airports.
Me: I know, I know. Somehow I’m not quite satisfied with my size. It doesn’t look big to me. Unlike this friend of mine
      whom I went to Redang with. She had a lovely cleavage! I can’t get a natural cleavage because my boobs are obtuse.
Barry: Don’t go bitching about your boobs! 
Me: Really. One breast is like “Hey I’m going over there for awhile,” and the other one is like, “Alright, catch you later.”
Barry: LOL! Then they go their separate ways.
Me: Yah! Then maybe they play catching also. *horrid mental images of two lumps chasing each other around my body*
Barry: Use wonder bra lah.
Me: My sticky sillicon bra works that way! But I don’t wear them all the time mah, especially not with bikinis.
Barry: Don’t bitch about your boobs so much, I use your boobs to tie you up only you know!
Me: LOL!! OMG. That is NOT possible.


What a stupid conversation.