You Can’t Help But Imagine

I know I am 4 years too late and no one is left on the A Walk To Remember bandwagon.

I downloaded the show like five months ago into my computer and never bothered watching it…until tonight.
*changes out of snort filled t-shirt*

It really makes you think. How can someone be so patient with life, so sincere in everything yet knowing life is about to end? The religious component of the movie does explains it but still.

Is it possible for an 18 year old boy to love a girl with all his heart knowing that she will die very soon? Can you love someone you’ve only started loving, if not, deeper, after knowing that the person you love is terminally ill? While I find that very noble of Langdon, the male lead, it is hard to imagine.

The show is just so sad. To know that you will never have a family with someone. To be scared of what you will never know.

It’s very difficult to say because at this age(I’m citing 17-mid 20s), if something disastrous happens to you, the first people you will turn to would be your parents. They are the ones who will definitely be there with you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Boyfriends and friends will still show their love and support, but to what extent? Would we ever really understand and can we ever spend 24/7 next to the person we love, foregoing all forms of commitments and responsibilities for weeks, if not, months? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

But I know a parent would.

While love among the people our age do seem to blossom into something beautiful, but can it ever blossom into one as nobel as Langdon’s?

No matter how generous, kind or gracious a person is, I find that the love Langdon offered Jamie was only fit to be given  by a parent.

You can argue with me that their love was so DEEP and PURE which is why he sacrificed so much for her and because of her faith in him, he became a changed man.

But I firmly believe that unless they’ve known each other for years and have loved each other for as long as they’ve known each other, a love so perfect is too good to be true. It’s not real. It’s fictitious(which it is, really. This further underlines what I’m trying to say).

What they portrayed in the movie seemed to be your average(albeit very romantic) high school couple. Unlike an old married couple, where familiarity retains love. And because of this sense of familiarity, you cannot do without each other and will do WHATEVER you can to sustain the life of the person you hold dearest to your heart.

Can the average high school couple do that? Show me an example then maybe I will believe.



And then it makes me question myself: What if I was the person with a terminal illness?

Would I shut out everyone in my life? Would I remain true to my nature and tell everybody about my sickness just like how I have to tell everybody everything about the things i want to share?

Would I allow people to love me to the very end and believe that they will love me forever? Unless they are my parents, no. People move on. I WILL be missed, most definitely, but people will eventually let go.

Maybe everything that I’m trying to say is going around in circles because I’ve been so lucky thus far and have no idea what it’s like.

But should it ever happen to me, I’m sure I will come to terms with it in a very short period of time. But would the people around me be able to?

To love someone, with all your heart, is a wonderful feeling because you know it will grow into something and you have an idea of what the future is like if you can dream about it with the person you love.

But to love someone, with the knowledge of the limited period of time you have left to be together, takes away hopes of the future which somehow mould the love into a different kind. You may love with all your heart but knowing when it will end for good takes away hope. Hope, I believe, is essential for the romance kind of love. And without it, everything changes. It really does.


So, to me, the show is not realistic at all. But it sure made me cry alot.