Malaysian Chinese Parents Hit A New Low

While I was at Carrefour just now with my mum, I took notice of the purchases of this young family who was behind us in the line.

Sometimes you get all warm and fuzzy watching the antics of other people’s children. This family had a daughter of about two years of age, sucking on a purple Vitagen with utmost concentration. Her pink singlet matched her mother’s t-shirt, which was the exact shade of pink. The father was teasing the little girl and asked if he could take some vitagen too. It’s even cuter when they can talk too. She said, “No..”.

Among the purchases, I saw alot of milk powder, a baby seat and other baby things. I was particularly attracted to this big toy set which was PINK and…medical. It contained a pink stethoscope, mouth mirror, injection needles, medicine and all the usual things you’d find in the medical profession. Just that they were alot cuter, rounder and very very pink.

The little girl’s mother pointed at the toy set and cooed to her little girl, “Whose birthday is it tomorrow??”

And the little girl giggled with glee, “Me!!!”

The little girl’s mother continued, “Yay!! You want to be a doctor when you grow up, yes you do!”

And the little girl just giggled happily.



They start ’em young nowadays, don’t they?

Little Vitagen drinking girl will probably start her first piano class at age 4, go for tuitions from standard one, have her parents sit down and study with her, take up five tuition classes a week in secondary school, cry with stress throughout pre-u(I’ve got an Aunty who fell into depression when she was studying for her STPM) and her only option(read: The one thing that makes her parents happy) would be to do medicine.