Imagine This: Camwhore With A Bag Of Chipster And Win A Macbook.

There’s a reason why I keep a firm believe on miracles. In order to get a Macbook or an 80GB Ipod Video(OMG!!), all I have to do is camwhore with a bag of crisps. How fun and easy is that?!?

To those of you noobs out there, Chipster is the latest product from the people who brought Twisties to the masses. The first time I bought myself a packet was two weeks ago when I was waiting for my mum to pick me up from Bangsar after I got off the bus from Singapore. Nice! As you know, it’s flat and doesn’t taste like Twisties. It’s got those little air pockets that I like to break with my molars. Mmm. And it’s saltier than similiar versions of the potato chips in the market. I likeee.

Oh, bah, chips can be bought anytime. What we need to focus on today are the amazing prizes up for grabs.

Salivating yet? I know I am. I’m eyeing the Ipod, then the Macbook, if all of that fails, hopefully I’ll get the Nokia N95. Heh.

So yeah, I decided to give this contest a shot and hopefully I’ll be able to rake up enough votes with my honed camwhoring abilities. Yes! You can vote for the funniest photo taken with a bag of Chipster. We’re supposed to add in a caption too using the flash tools available at the Chipster website.

The moment I heard about the contest, I drove out to buy two bags of Chipster for my photo session. I then lined the floor with old newspapers because I knew that it would get messy after awhile.

See? Even Angel wants it. (actually she was getting horny. It’s normal. Don’t worry.)

Turns out that Angel has taken a liking towards Chipster as well.

I wanted to see if I could achieve the bug eye effect with the chips. Guess what else I discovered? They are good for removing eye make up. Angel was kind enough to eat the potato chips off me after that. Thanks Angel!

Angel’s seriously curious about what I’m getting up to.

I must’ve looked really strange for Angel to be staring at me like that.

Fooling around a little to get some inspiration.


Ahoy, mate!(This would have been lovely with the Shark background that the chipster website supplied me with.)

Sharing the love with Angel. She’s not too keen on trying out Chipster.

So I had to give a little talk about Chipster. Hopefully she changes her mind about it.

Awww, she’s begging for some Chipster now.

After awhile, I had another idea. How about sticking pieces of Chipster into my hair? Putting Chipster in rebonded hair is not that easy. This is when I start to miss my old slightly wavy hair. Sigh.

Oh yeah, Chipster for life.

My theory is to do as many stupid poses as possible. We’ll think about the caption later.

Sniffing a handful of Chipster. I look deranged, don’t I?

You really think I’m going to eat the Chipster after having all that fun with it?

This is where all the ‘used’ chipster went to.

In the website, they have three backgrounds that you would have to paste your photo onto. As the choices are pretty limited, I was running out of ideas and just simply took a few to acknowledge the ‘background’ behind me. I didn’t quite like the idea of posing specifically against the type of background that I would be using. But here’s a neutral photo anyway.

Yeah, that’s for the baddies that were supposedly chasing me in the background. You’ll see when you join the contest yourself.

So after many many minutes spent photoshopping, I was ready to upload my photos. Oh by the way, if you’re planning on joining the contest, you’re required to register with the website first.

In this step, you will have to erase your background. I wish they allowed us to upload .gif files. That would have been easier. After that, you select your backgrounds and then add in the text. Simple. Hope I get to win! So far, the other entries on the website are slightly below par. So vote for me okay!!

Actually can have five entries, but there’s something wrong with my connection so I could only do four.

Of the three different flavours of Chipsters – Sour Cream Onion, Original and Hot and Spicy – my favourite is Original. Salty and Crispy. Mmmmm.


Domain Screw Up

I’m currently having some problems with my domain.

I’ve already paid for my domain and hosting but apparently something happened with either the hosting company or the domain company(the latter is US-based.. the former is Taipan-based).

When I type www. I can’t get into my blog, but just will get me in here. ;(

And I had to access my dashboard through my blog and not with the wp-admin address.(it would direct me to that weird search engine looking page.)

Sighhh why is this happening.

Please let me know how many of you can see this post. ;( Let me know whether some of you have seen the weird search engine page as well and if you get alternative results when you check back every other hour. 🙁 I’m going through that.

I hate itttt… my blog acts up on me whenever I have a big event in my life.

First it was during my 20th birthday, now it’s a day before I start third year!

Plus, i think the people at Ultraunix might be annoyed at me for bombing them with SOS emails. Some more it’s a weekend.

Manicure, Singapore Again, Gorillapod Sex.

I can’t believe my holidays are coming to an end and all the things I planned to do when I was slogging away for my finals are still piled up. Stress, stress.

I know I haven’t been blogging properly(read: about me, me, me and the occasional thought that fleets through my head), so here are some stupid incidents that happened to me recently:-

A few weeks back when I was at Salmon Steak with Mel and Mun Teng, I was about to order a glass of watermelon juice after staring at the list of juices on the menu for the longest time. All the juices cost the same – RM2.50. The waitress was waiting for me to place an order. I looked up at her and “RM2.50!” just fell out of my mouth instead of “Watermelon juice!”

Wat the fark rite?

Mel and Mun Teng have yet to let me live it down. Some more the way I said RM2.50 is like as if it was an item on the menu and I was damn loud some more. Shy only.

Another damn malufying incident that happened to me was in Singapore. I’ve recently fallen in love with the wonderful wonderful world of steaks. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I had mine medium-rare the first night. Then a day later, when I was at another restaurant with Chee Kiang, Jon and Eng Hooi, I really wanted my steak again!

So the waiter was like, “And what wellness would you like your steak to be?”

I immediately did the whole brain-bypass thing again and piped up, “Well-rare!!”. Some more so loud and proud.

I must be on a roll – on Monday night, when Mel, Nick and I went to pick Sush up from her house, I stopped my car outside her house and started knocking on my window instead of pressing on the horn. -_- All these are spontaneous acts, like reflex actions. At least Mel and Nick enjoyed it a lot. It’s okay to be stupid when it makes others happy.

Sush and I went to get our nails done at Taipan a day before I went to Singapore!

We went to this place called Nail Extreme and they have 20% discounts on Mondays and Wednesdays.

This is the first time I’m getting a manicure. All my memories of manicures are of me giving it to other people, painting nail arts on other peoples’ nails, buffing other peoples’ nails..etc.

I’m quite happy with the design. Sush and I went back to the nail salon to get our toes done. Didn’t quite like the design i chose. 🙁

This is on the other hand.

And now, the Singapore trip starts. Again.

I arrived on Thursday night and Chee Kiang had to rush back to his uni as he had a radio show to go for. He’s one of the DJs for the NUS Radiopulze – which is like some sort of radio station in campus and only NUS students can tune in to online.

His topic for the day was about ‘bread’. This is him looking up his information while being on air.

Look at the equipments..

They even have a studio and everything.

Me and the polka dotted sound proof wall. 😀

That’s a Mac there alright. Wooo.

Some funky looking controls.

And the DJs do their radioshows in this tiny box.

Later that night, the Malaysians at Sheares Hall gathered do countdown to the country’s 50th birthday.

It was an occasion to get the Malaysians to reveal themselves(“You’re Malaysian too?!”) and introduce themselves to each other.

They started off with a round of introductions in Malay. Damn funny. It would go like this, “Hai! Nama saya blablabla. Saya dari Selangor, saya dari Fakulti(Fah-Kul-Tee) kejuruteraan,” and so on. One first year student was damn cute, he said, “Hai, Saya Orang Segar.”

And get this, after the national anthem, we had to baca ikrar. Hahahaha. I wonder if the next time I have to recite the ikrar would be when I get married.

Here’s a video of the patriotic Malaysians:-

The seniors would then stand around to cut the cake. So patriotic.|

I was the only cameraman around and so I volunteered to take a photo of the cake cutting ceremony. Quite shy also, they might have been wondering, “Who is this stranger?”

The boys from Temasek Junior College – the college Chee Kiang went to for his Asean scholarship.
L-r: Karthik, Jon, Leong Hui, Britts, Chee Kiang.

Eng Hooi! Also from TJC.

The next day, I made my way to Vivocity to catch Heroes live! Brenda was so kind to accompany me. Yeah, she was also in Singapore at the same time.

The both of us. Damn funny, the last time I saw her was in Kedah and who would’ve thought we would next meet up in Singapore? Next stop would be back in Kedah. Hohohoho. 🙁 🙁 :”'(

At 12pm, the crowd was building up. The crowd would grow and grow as 3pm draws nearer. It sucks to wait in line for so many hours. You feel imprisoned and fidgety and sad while looking out to the entire vastness of the shopping mall.

The barricaded area that I thought i would be able to go in as I had so diligently waited in line. But NoooOOooo, I needed a Starhub redemption ticket or something to go into that area. Damn bengang.

A way to pass time.

Some of the Channel V VJs were there. Funny photo of whoever this is.

Brenda didn’t like his hair, but I thought he looked pretty good.

Oooh, JoeyG. Is it? Don’t know lah I don’t watch music channels one. I got Youtube.

This one I know. Marion!!(not going to spell her surname for fear of embarrassing myself).

Some very cute girls picnicking at the side.

Channel V Vjs’ Shoes.

As time crawls by………….

Some of the die hard fans started revealing themselves. However, I was a bit skeptical if they were true friends or were they merely here for the hype of showing off their fancy banners.

Must be some fan trivia that I know nothing about.

Ah, at least something to make the crowd look more hyped up.

Can you see that banner?

Heh, this was rather cute. 😀

See the amount of people? Sucks to be short in a crowd like this. There was actually an 8 year old behind me, quite pitiful. I was contemplating if I should give way and let him come in front? It wouldn’t have been a big difference as I myself had trouble seeing the stage.

Woooo… Heroes, Heroes!! Can you see how hyped up everyone was? The crowd was waiting for part of the cast in a steady ascend of anticipation.

The VJs played some games with the audiences. You can see this girl was saying “Yatta”.

we were fortunate to have the aid of a barricade. It made a pretty good height-adder.

And the big moment arrives..

HORRIBLE PHOTOS!!! This is one of the best shot I got of Masi Oka.

Greg who plays Parkman camwhores with the crowd. Damn cute.

And then after a few rounds of thank yous and hellos, they said their goodbyes. They only spent like 15 minutes on stage and we waited for like, what, 3 hours?!

Mobbed. Seriously mobbed. It was like back at the seaside in Redang, where the waves are crazy and can toss you upside down.

After the madness, we popped into Candy Empire where Brenda went absolutely CRAaZy. She’s the ultimate hypocritical dental student. I did minimum damage by purchasing only a packet of Dark Chocolate M&Ms. Never see before in Malaysia; it came in a purple packet and tastes pretty good!

She spent 30 bucks(Singaporean bucks, okay!) on sweets. Mad.

After going back to NUS, I came out AGAIN to Vivocity to makan with Chee Kiang and one of his friends whom I’ve heard a lot about but have never met, Tiang Lim. Before meeting him, Chee Kiang was briefing me about him, telling me that he’s nice but a little blunt. When I met him, we said our hellos and “ooh, finally get to meet you”s.. and then he pointed at my eyes and said, “What’s with all the glitter man?”….. I was lost for words, “I, er, um-ah I LIKE LAH!”

Chee Kiang and his something green , something brown, something yellow, something white and something red. You don’t need to say anything, I know I’m one of those bloggers who take photos of food before eating it and then not knowing what I just ate. I do know that we went to this restaurant called Hog’s Breath. Gossshhh.. I love love love steaks now. I’ve not eaten steaks before and the medium-rare(ya, ya, laugh.) one is suppperrrr nice. It’s soft and tender and oh so juicy.

The chips were pretty good and I’m happy I had broccoli to go with my dish.

Another one of Chee Kiang’s hall mates called for a small drinking gathering up on one of the balconies of Sheares Hall. THIS is the spectacular view from one of the balconies. That’s the port and further up would be the sea. The breeze was friggin’ awesome. Especially on my last day, it was about to rain and the breeze just swept the entire 5th floor over and over and I enjoyed it so much. For a moment it was like I was in Cameron Highlands, but two notches warmer.

The lot of us..
Back row l-r: I’m sorry I can’t remember his name but I know he’s a PTS and he’s from Penang, Yen Ching, Hong Jen(?)
Front: me, Chee Kiang and Tiang Lim.

Eh Wai Kit and Wai Kin, you all damn famous in Singapore right, almost everybody I met in Singapore said they knew the both of you. Super brothers or something like that? Super Wong Brothers! Te te tuh te Te!(Mario bro’s theme song)

The balcony’s pretty spacious. Some of the students would take their books out and study there, or throw parties there even. Coooooooool. *sulks enviously*

My pwnage night shot.

Before going for supper, we dropped by Jon’s room. It was SO amazing okay. It puts ANYONE’S room to shame. He made do with the available furnitures, turned it around and about and voila! Amazing interior deco.

Tell me, WHICH guy has a table lamp with a lamp shade in his room?(Without the encouragement of his mother.)

Which guy has a COFFEE MAKER in his room and offers COFFEE to his guests?


I’m so inspired by his room. It’s so beautiful. It’s damn cozy as well. Sigh.

As if a beautiful room isn’t enough, he has a pretty awesome view too.

A bean bag. His bean bag inspired me to further puff up my own beanbag in kedah. I bought like 6 more bags of beans from Carrefour today. I’m gonna have a fatter bean bag than Jon!

He bought the huge ass LCD screen on that day itself. Singapore had a PC Fair at Suntec City. External hard disk, 160Gbs, 99 bucks. Cheap right? I was itching to get it but I already have an external hard disk.:( Which costs me RM250. And it’s only like 80Gbs. I’m so sad.

NOT Jon’s room. Creative though. Don’t know why some boys are so hypocritical. tsk, tsk. Later really no sex for him then he know! *fierce mother voice, with curved senget lips in mock anger*

The Ikea laundry bag gets a makeover.

On Saturday, Jon took me and Chun Kiang(not a typo, it was another one of their college friends who’s studying at NTU) to go to the arts faculty’s cafeteria for lunch. The most beautiful cafeteria in NUS apparently. Chee Kiang was at Mediacorp attending some Radio Station course. if anybody thinks that he’s at NUS studying to be a DJ, he’s not! In his words, “A Pharmacist By Day, A DJ By Night.” 😀

Japanese food also got okay.. now that’s STYLE.

Me and my forever beef udon. Mmmm.

Chun Kiang’s something something with rice.

They also have Vietnamese food, Mediterranean food, Thai food… and a host of many other stalls all over the campus. There was even a fruit juice stall. With fresh fruits and stuff okay!

This is the air conditioned part of the cafeteria with a breath taking view of the port. *jealouss*

l-r: Chun Kiang and Jon. Yeapppp, that’s a Burger King there alright.

Another view of the cafeteria.

After lunch, Jon took us to have a little look see around NUS. That’s quite pretty, don’t you think?

Ah, another lovely view of the sea.

Since the campus is so old(as old as Malaysia and my father), they have beautiful beautiful canopy-type of trees. Poor AIMST, still like Sahara Desert with the little seedlings fresh from the nursery.

That’s the Central Library.

Then when my boyfriend got off from his course, we went to Holland Village for dinner. But this was taken when we were at this ice cream parlour called Cold Rock.

The many many flavours. However, this is not your typical ice-cream parlour. I suppose I’m not the first to introduce Cold Rock’s concept to the lot of you but I’ll be kind and let the rest of you in on it as well. It’s like they will mash the ice-cream with the toppings of your choice like how they mash your chee cheong fun(or something similiar). Just tossing or turning and mashing it all up together and the ice-cream doesn’t melt just yet!

The guy who explained the concept was damn hyperactive and I really enjoyed his presentation(and his ability to layan customers even though there was a long line) so I gave a tip of SGD1.

However, I felt like taking it back when the lady behind the counter said that I couldn’t take photos inside the ice-cream parlour. ;( I hate it when people tell me that I can’t take photos. Hahaha, I know I have no right to take photos if I am not allowed to. Just that the feeling is so tak syok.

Nuts and cereals. Yeah, pretty weird stuff to go with your ice-cream.

Pulverizing the ice-cream.

I had my ice-cream with chopped up Freddos and mixed nuts.

The Holland Village stretch gave me a very Hong Kong feel.

We went for supper at the Prata shop. Some mamak shop which is making millions by cashing in on the hungry uni students. Apparently the only mamak within the vicinity of the campus. Smart eh!

This is the non-spicy mutton curry briyani. IT’S SO GOOD! The rice is like really individual, as in their hard enough and don’t lump together? So you can like chomp on each bit for maximum effect and the curry(I don’t take curry…so this is good non-spicy curry) is to be poured all over the rice and scooped up with a piece of mutton. Heaven, absolutely heaven. But according to the pro-mamakers(Ck, Jon, karthik), Malaysia has a better version than that. Alah, I only eat maggi goreng tak mau cili, tak mau lada, tak mau pedas.(must stress the three main offenders or else I will not enjoy my meal. They would usually screw the order up if I don’t make myself clear.)

Jon ordered a really weird combination of a Bandung Milo Dinosaur.

Saw this stoning cat chillin’ out on the pavement. So amusing.

TO VIVOCITY AGAIN!! This time to meet the rest of the TJC people who are studying at NTU. While I was on the bus, someone tapped me on the shoulder. At first I couldn’t recognise her but after she told me that she was Xiao Chen then I remembered her as she had added me on MSN after reading my blog. Hehe sorry babes, bad with names and faces. ;(. She’s an orang segar doing Maths at NUS. She talks alot!

Honestly the only time I eat good Western food out of my own money(eheh, thank you Daddy, Mummy. Muah muah.) would be in Singapore. This time around I didn’t even do any shopping in Singapore. Oh, the photo is of Fui Chin’s linguini. Black ink linguini, I think.

l-r: Eng Hooi and Jon.

Chee Kiang and me. We were waiting for the rest of them to arrive. It took them quite a while!

This was when I ordered my well-rare steak. Now THIS was really good shit. Medium-rare steak on a hot plate, an assortment of veggie on top(Hello Asparagus my love!)… but the best part was that INSIDE the steak, there were fresh oysters, which were slightly cooked as it was heated up inside the steak. But you could still taste the creamy texture of the oyster when you dig it out of the steak. MMmm. It’s called Basket Steak or something.

Not gonna pretend to be some food connoisseur, so you just be good and enjoy the visuals okay?

The fresh oysters inside the steak. Oh god, oh god….

Alas, they arrived. l-r: Kai Lin and Fui Chin. Kai Lin’s got awesome make up and a lovely fashion sense. And I never stop admiring how Fui Chin can tease boys(*nudges Chun Leen*) so cheekily and make it look like an art, so feminine and demure at the same time too. Whenever I tease boys, I always appear monster-like. They fear me.

L-r: Kai Lin, Fui Chin, Eng Hooi and Jon.

L-r: Chee Kiang, Me, Britts, Chun Leen and Sze May. Sze May and I have Esther as a mutual bosom buddy. Heh. She was texting Esther to tell her that she met me, and I felt obliged to tell Esther the same. When Esther realized I had a Singaporean number, she scolded me, “Better get PR!?” Nolah, cheaper mah. Very siong okay roaming in Singapore.

Chun Leen’s pride and joy – a tiger tattoo which he got during his recent Bangkok trip.

Me, Chun Leen’s apparently best blogging buddy*touched* and the man himself. Who would’ve thought I would be such great friends with my boyfriend’s ex room mate? 🙂

We had to rush back to NUS as the very hardworking Sheares’ photography committee members (Ck, Jon, Britts) had to go cover an Inter-Block Games’ swimming event. We were waiting for the bus in this photo. I don’t know what Chee Kiang was doing either. Hehehe.

Sudut suku me and Ck.

The clean looking swimming pool. I wonder if that’s a kid’s pool at the other side.

I didn’t know my boyfriend knew how to handle a DSLR! Shy only, I better buck up and play around with my dad’s. Cannot lose out!

You would think that NUS would have a bigger gym given the massive population of health freaks on campus.

Believe it or not, they have a FREAKING rock climbing gym. The entrance is like a small door into a classroom but converted into a rock climbing gym. Chun wei.

WARGH!! Subway on campus!! That would be like my staple if I got into dentistry at NUS. (oh all that could have been T__T) We bought sandwiches back to eat for tea and then dinner. Didn’t go out after that as Chee Kiang had a lot of assignments to catch up on.

Since his block had no electricity, we chilled out at the end of the corridor while chomping on our Subway sandwiches. That’s him arranging some chairs for our .. ahem, quiet little afternoon.

His emo look.

My happy clappy look.

We passed the time by taking photos of each other.

I don’t know what’s with the There’s Something About Marry thing either.

Obviously there would have to be a photo of the both of us right..

Thought this looked pretty cool. Like I’m floating.

The other balconies.

I’ve aged. I look like I’m entering my mid twenties.

My pretend candid shot.

HAHAA damn cute. <3

Chun Leen, look at how happy he was when he was talking to you.

See, smile until so long!

As the electricity was still out, we went to the business faculty to go online and get some work done.(him: school, me: blog and r.age). I’m damn happy because I finally found out that my wireless is really really working now. Yay yay!

Working half way on my latest r.age blog entry.:)

Chee Kiang was so busy with his work that for a moment I was actually yearning for some assignments of my own to tend to. I can’t believe I’m craving for assignments. Wtff!!

At one point, I was zoning out and just typed ‘love’ in the address bar… and uh, the status bar became like that.

And so that pretty much sums up my latest and probably last Singapore trip in a long long time. (Perhaps another one in December).

On Tuesday, I met up with Yee Hou and Jen for some good ol’ McDs.(I’m actually quite scared of the McD’s drive thru already. Ever tried going to the same Mcdonalds outlet THREE TIMES in the time frame of 24 hours?)

l-r: Jen, Me, Yee Hou.

Yee Hou helped me purchase one of the coolest inventions in photography – the Gorillapod! Gosh, I love it SO much! It’s like the coolest tripod because it can be positioned in ANY way possible. Only complain about it is the lack of height. It can twist and turn and you can like wrap it around anything and it will stay firm as it has like rubber linings for grip. You can like wrap the gorilla pod around a pole and then camwhore. Or wrap it around your forearm and camwhore.

Since Yee Hou himself bought a bigger one to support his DSLR, we decided that it was appropriate to take some photos of the Gorillapods giving each other a good time. When something can bend so well, you must have some inappropriate fun with it. 😉

I won’t try to be obscene and so I shall be classy and ask you to deduce the positions yourselves.

Nothing nasty about this one. We are pilots on a commercial flight.

More gorillapod sex:

Came home and noticed Angel was being stationary.. so I seized the moment..

I could probably get famous on Youtube with a video entitled, “A Day In The Eyes Of A Dog”.

Gotta think of a way to get her head out of the way. She doesn’t like to wear the gorillapod as a headgear. :\

Oh dear, it’s like 6am now. Got back a couple of hours ago from a night that ended pretty hilariously. A friend was wasted SO badly, hahahahahaha. Entertainment at its best. He comes up with the most classic quotes when he’s drunk! Though I hope he feels better now. 🙁

Honda’s Rhino Rescue Project

Now, now I know most of you are caught up in the global warming hype-it’s definitely a cause for concern though *nods seriously*- but do spare a thought for other sad things in life like Sumatran Rhinos, the smallest rhino species.

Can you imagine if your children will never ever get to see such a cute creature ever? (Actually we don’t get to see such a cute creature ever either, but you know, you might get lucky on your next hiking trip to some jungle. But you won’t see me there. So it’s very sad that my non-love for hiking will hinder my chances of ever spotting a Sumatran Rhino.)

I can’t believe poachers are killing this cute Rhino for its horn. Just so that some horny rich old man can get his magic wand up again. Wingardium Leviosa anyone?

There are only about less than 300 of these rhinos left in the world. The only part of the Rhino that is used is the horn. Like I mentioned, it is an aphrodisiac. I’m not sure if it is as potent as Viagra but imagine, only 300 of these poor rhinos left and a mere 300 old men(and perhaps some ED stricken young men) will benefit from the horns. Hello, viagra very expensive meh?

The poor rhinos are then left to die. With such a small number left in the wild, without poachers, other problems such as foresting, changing climates, diseases, genetic drifts and many other factors will lead to a drastic decrease in the amount of Sumatran rhinos out there.

Breeding rhinos in captivity is not a solution either as artificial breeding has had rather limited success. Hence the need to leave these rhinos alone to enjoy the forty species of plants that it feasts on and find more of their favourite salt licks spots.

Granted, most of us would not be able to make a big difference as individuals. One well known company decided to do their part in conserving the Sumatran Rhinos. Collaborating with WWF-Malaysia, Honda Malaysia has initiated and is committed to a 5 year long project to save the Sumatran rhinos. A contribution of RM5 million have been pledged by Honda Malaysia to WWF-Malaysia and this amount will be channeled into the efforts to conserve the Sumatran Rhinos. The project entitled Honda’s Rhino Rescue Project aims to raise awareness and educate the future generation and Malaysian public on environmental and conservation issues through various activities.

It is a very generous gesture from Honda Malaysia. It is said that no corporation has stepped forward to commit itself totally to saving the Sumatran rhinos. However, it is not the first time that Honda has carried out such projects. Thailand’s “Honda Thailand Foundation” and Philippines’ “Lamesa dam Watershed Afforestation Project” are choice examples of the wonderful efforts carried out by Honda.

Besides the large contribution, Honda Malaysia have taken the initiative to embark on various projects to raise awareness among the Malaysian public. This includes serials of advertorials(so look out for them!) road shows and series of programmes to educate school children. It’s best to instill proper human values in the young ones in their early years.

It’s all part of Honda’s effort to ensure awareness now and further propagate awareness into the future with the help of these children.

After reading this, I hope you will understand the plight of these Sumatran rhinos and will take heed the importance of this cause that is close to the heart of Malaysian’s everywhere as the Sumatran Rhino is a Malaysian natural heritage.

So do your part and tell someone else if they need aphrodisiacs, go to a pharmacy and get some. Little blue pills are better than a rhino’s horn(which has no scientific evidence to back up the co-relation between the horn’s medicinal values and it’s aphrodisiac properties) any day.