I’m Falling Into A Serious Case Of Depression

….and it is all Streamyx’s fault.

See, the DSL light has been blinking. I’ve been told  by many people that it’s Streamyx’s fault. Not my modem’s. It happened right after a thunderstorm, where nothing got shut down.

So I called Streamyx.

Their first excuse was that it would take 24-48 hours. This was last Tuesday.(a week ago.)

Then I called back and they said it would take 2-3 working days because the cable needs to be replaced.

THen I called back on Friday and they said that they found out that the ‘exchange’ on their side is down because of data overload.

Then I called on Sunday and they said that it will take 1-2 weeks. (this was when I cried on the phone.)

Then I called back the next day and they said that it would be done by Tuesday(18/9/07).

Then I called again and they said that Malaysia does not have any of the cables. And they are currently importing it in from China………….. to which I asked, “Is the plane flying yet?” and they were like, “I’m not sure, Maam,”


I am so fucking internetless that i am going crazy…

The only thing that keeps me sane is this weekend’s dental dinner. A night to dress up and walk around in high heels. OH SUCH FUN!~ >:(


My best friend Melody Song Faye-Lynn will be running for Ms. Monash. Knowing her, this isn’t something she would usually do but she agreed to it since it would be her last year at Monash and she thought she should end it by doing something as shameless and as crazy as this.

she was also smart enough to ask her slightly-more-than-a-noob best friend Jolene Lai to design the banner above for her. I had 5 hours worth of fun doing the banner for her. it was meant to be similiar to her partner in crime’s, Jason Chan.

Melody deserves to win because she’s one of the smartest women that I’ve come across who goes all out to help the less fortunate ones in the society. See, she’s SO playing the part of the perfect beauty pageant.

A strong woman who was one of the creators of Jolene Lai(TM), she has influenced me in many many ways. Likes to appear that she is sometimes away with the fairies, she actually has her head set firmly on the ground. Oscillating between wanting a groundbreaking career and wanting to be a mother to a house full of children, my best friend is giddy like that.

Strong, demure(when she wants to be), romantic, ambitious, adamant, diligent, responsible, knowledgeable, witty…she’s not going all out to win this title, but I’m doing what I can to help her out.

She even bought little Vote Melody badges for her fellow supporters to wear.

Only 40+++ more days till the title is being announced. So if you have any Monashian(Malaysian campus) friends or are studying there too.. please ask all your friends to vote for Melody.

She’s doing it all in a humble way and not in extravagant OTT ways like singing in cafeterias. ;P So let the Girl With Her Head Firmly On The Ground win!!!

VOTE FOR MELODY SONG! (if you’re a student at Monash)

Zhu Zen’s Surprise Party and The First Years’ Rag-I mean Orientation.

For the past few days, my modem’s DSL light has been blinking non-stop after a storm at about 3am on Wednesday. Needless to say, I’ve been clawing at the walls. Sort of like an Internet withdrawal syndrome. However, I now have time for many other activities.

Before we go on any further, I need to feel kembang about this first:

DAMN NICE RIGHT. This is between the dental faculty and the girls’ hostel at dusk.

I’m particularly proud of this one time when I was planning the games for the 1st years’ orientation/ragging session, while watching my pirated chinese serials on dvd and making the video presentation for the Dental Dinner on Windows Movie Maker. Multi-tasking genius, that I am. πŸ˜€ This reminds me of the time I was trying to talk to Chee Kiang while he was trying to download his notes from the NUS student portal. He couldn’t talk to me while downloading his notes. He can’t do anything else when he’s concentrating on something. We went to eat after a bit and he was getting acquainted with a PDA phone so I thought that it would be a good opportunity to polish his nearly non-existent multi-tasking skills. (Guys. Pfft.)

I was throwing him random questions as part of the training. Good thing I asked him, “Okay, next question, When’s your mother’s birthday?” He looked up from his phone, slightly confused. “Er… September 4.” My eyes were wide, “OEI! It’s 3rd September today leh!” and his eyes became equally wide, “Oh fuck!!!”


Okay, back to the sad story about how I’ve been living for the past few days without the internet. πŸ™

Lie Yuen and I have been turning and offing the modem every time we walked pass it. I’ve been calling Streamyx in 6-hours-intervals. Apparently it would be settled in 24-48 hours. Damn fucked up lah. Kedah had a public holiday on Thursday and Friday is Kedah’s Sunday. Then it’ll be the weekend for all over Malaysia(though Kedah works half day on Saturday and Sunday is Kedah’s Monday.). Sadness. I hope it doesn’t involve me taking the modem to TMpoint to get things fixed.

Other than internet related worries, we’ve been watching this TVB series called Maiden’s Vow. The both of us formed Jolene-and-Lie-Yuen-shaped holes in my bean bag and were stuck at that position for like 6 hours. The only exercise I got was going down for a bag of crisps, then going down again for the Meiji chocolate that Lie Yuen brought back for me, then going down again to take my comb of bananas.(I finished one entire comb because I have a very serious maggots phobia.)

The show we’re watching is about four generations of lovebirds who have tragic love stories. The four women are related. As in one is a great great grandmother of the narrator, one’s a great grandmother and one’s a mother to the narrator. The narrator plays her modern self. All the women are acted by Charmaine Sheh and the guys in all the generation is acted by Joe Ma. Just look for Maiden’s Vow on Spcnet.tv’s reviews and you’ll know. Anyway, in one of the scenes, the third generation character would not have gotten her job at the advertising agency if she was married as maternity leave would be a burden to the company.

I was thinking right, I better have all my kids before I open my own clinic. Or else, if I open a clinic before I have more children(or any children for that matter), I would have to close shop for awhile. ;P

Then as always, my thought process takes on a life of its own. I was thinking that maybe when my clinic is closed, I can paste photos of my baby on the door, letting passerbys and patients(who didn’t know that I’d be closed for 2-3 months) alike to see how my little darling is growing day by day. I’ll drop by every other day(while my mum helps me at home with the newborn;p) to check on things and replace the photo on the door with a new one. Heheh. Good idea!

Aih, back to my internet-less story. I’ve also been able to allocate some quality time for my Harry Potter Book 7 THAT I’M STILL NOT DONE WITH YET.

Nothing beats a rainy night in, with the air condition set at 21 degrees celcius and the blanket covering the colder body parts and a long awaited book in hand.

On Wednesday night, true to the BDS Batch 1’s(that’s the name of my class, FYI) tradition, we gathered outside Zhu Zen’s house to surprise her on her 22nd birthday.

The lot of us standing outside, waiting for the clock to strike 12. We got a little too noisy and I guess it kind of spoiled the surprise for Zhu Zen already.

Sitting inside the living room, making even more noise.

Ah Thong decides to contribute to the noise.

We came up with the brilliant idea of singing the Happy Birthday until Zhu Zen comes downstairs on her own accord. She’s the shy type so she wouldn’t dare to come down as she knows we were there to give her a ‘surprise’.

The very delicious cheesecake from Secret Recipe.

Sett, Jimmy and Andy sticking candles into the cake.

Maxis looking at Zhu Zen coming out of her door.

Zhu Zen coming down the stairs paisehly. Hehe.

I always love the way how candles on a birthday cake can illuminate so well. πŸ™‚

we bought Zhu Zen the cutest looking pig! It’s a square pig. Damn nice to hug one.

Lie Yuen and I feeling very sad in Poh Yee’s room as the internet in our house was still down. πŸ™

On Thursday, we went back to university for the first years’ orientation/ragging. Since we had the entire day, we could have the session under sunlight, for once. My batch and the previous batch’s orientation were all held at night due to our hectic hectic schedule!

Oh by the way, have I mentioned that for the entire first module(9 weeks), I have a damn relaxing schedule?

On Monday, I only have one practical in the afternoon(2pm-5pm).
On Tuesday, class starts at 8.30am and ends at 10.30am.
On Wednesday, I’ve to do hospital rounds from 9am to 12pm. Class resumes at 2pm right up to 6.30pm. Nevermindlah, tahan abit.
On Thursday, class starts at 2pm again! Another practical.
And on Friday, this is the best.. CLASS starts at 9.30am to 1pm!! Yayyy! I can take the early bus back home! Woot!!

THIRD YEAR ROCKS SO FAR. Save for the studies though, I have NO idea what’s going on. Medical, Surgery and Endodontology are confusing me. But let me continue with the brain fermentation for another week or two before I see what’s up with third year. Heh.

All week, the juniors have been coming up to us for signatures as part of their orientation program.

Oh, oh, damn happy, so far, about 7 juniors have came up to say hello as they recognise me from my blog.(Very easy, just google AIMST dentistry and Jolene Lai’s on the first page with her million and one photos about life as a dental student at AIMST.) Oklah, cheating abit, out of the 7, Kenneth added me on MSN after stumbling across my blog a few months back, Zi Wei told me about a year ago that she read my blog after Gillian sent her my link and another one guy called John remembers me from my National Service posts day. Kembang sial!

l-r: Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Me, Poh Yee on a grassy patch.

Walking towards the big open pathway where the orientation was being held.

Us old farts coming to see how the second batch are doing.(and what they are doing to the poor first years’.)

One of the games: Stuffing a mouthful of ginger among many other gross food stuff without spitting it out while doing various activities.

Poh Yee and Yi Chin.

i’m not sure if it was Lie Yuen or Me who took this shot. This is part of the administration building.

Look at how big the area is. We will never suffer from lack of space ever again!

Lie Yuen and the rest camwhoring with the vastness behind.

Nien and I.

The juniors were supposed to pour this over themselves.

Worms and fermented yogurt and..er I don’t know, Pandan leaves? There are some sweets at the bottom that are supposed to be fished out.

Much thanks to my Gorillapod for this photo.

Ei Leng and I.

Cassandra and Lie Yuen.

More of the second years. I guess they were taking a break after many rounds of games.

And the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, the first years descend the stairs with Kumaran leading the way.

l-r: Ken, Nien, Adrian, Tee Luun, Poh Yee, Lie Yuen, Cze-Yin, Zhu Zen

The lot of ‘super seniors’ checking out the first years’ signature collection. Some of them put a lot of effort into decorating their signature paper.

Zoomed out.

Look at them, streaming in, unassuming.

Ken, explaining to the juniors about his game.

Junior Khim Yik, participating in a game of charades.

It’s good that they were so sporting.

And I’m not sure exactly what game this was.

I guess Stephanie was demonstrating some game to the juniors. And that in the background, ladies and gentlemen, is the unready dental faculty and dental hospital.

A game of Whacko at Ei Leng’s group.

This is the station with the disgusting ginger.

just one more for that cool water droplets effect. The guy on the left is my brother’s age(18)!! So young right. Most of the first years are my age or a year younger than me only. Not so good news if there are interested female parties in my batch..if there are any. hehehehe.

This is game called Spiderweb where they have to pass their teammates through the holes without touching the rafia strings.

More charades.

This is me and Melvin. Responsible fella, running around ensuring that things were going smoothly.

Yi Chin and Seok Mei.

Ebby and Kumaran.

A game where they would have to hop around without allowing the balloon to fall on the floor.

A game where each team can only have two pairs of legs and two pairs of hands on the ground.

My foot with the water balloons as a background.

Kena tempik, kesian….

ugh. Flour and raw eggs.

OH! Check this out! The hills situated behind my university(which leads up to Gunung Jerai a few kilometres away) was enveloped in mist. Makes it seem as if my university is up in the mountains and that we would need jackets when we walk around campus. If only. *sigh*. Rainy season now in Kedah.

A zoomed out photo.

Myself and Seok Mei.

This game was DAMN funny. I enjoyed watching it elsewhere. This is the brainchild of the very intelligent Maxis(the joker in my class, not the telco). Two teams. At either ends of the line of chairs. The point is to reach the end of the other side but if they bump into each other, then they would have to one two jooz. Loser gets out while he tries to sit on all the chairs(speed!!) and the next team mate from the loser’s team tries to take over by coming on in the opposite direction. Okay, I’m starting to confuse myself too. It’s damn fun lah.

Awww, see the poor boy’s face.

That’s Kenneth, on the ground.

One, two, jooz!

Two juniors who look alike!

Cze-Yin tries to resist my advancements.

That four legs four hands game again.

Face painting on the juniors too!

That’s egg on her hair. The poor dear. πŸ™

The security guards took some tables and chairs out to watch the games. Hehe.

Spider web again.

Wah damn proud! They used my group’s idea from last year’s orientation!

Damn gross.

Ah, the face paint that will turn their skin read.

Charades. Disturbing.

ehehhee.. Kenneth’s charade card instructed him to do a horny pole dance. We asked him why didn’t he use the pole behind the tree instead. lol.

More juniors. Sorry, I forget names too easily. πŸ™

Me squatting down unhappily, worried about the impending rain.

Us old farts waiting for Nien’s boyfriend, Brian to come by with her car to take us to dinner.

The area around the new campus is more kampung compared to the area around the old campus.

Cze-Yin pan cute.

More of my nice nice sunset shots.

A vertical one. I love my gorillapod SO much.

At night, I had my batch organise ice-breaking games for all the batches. The turn out was better than I expected it to be. A lot of my classmates asked me where I got the ideas from. πŸ™‚ As Nien mentioned, I really utilize the internet. I got the games from a Girls Guide website. Camp games at its best!

This is just part of the crowd.

Dividing them into groups.

More of the crowd. I’ve never been happier to see so many dental students.

The first game was a tissue paper introduction game. We didn’t tell the juniors what we were up to. We will pass a toilet roll around and ask them, “How many tissues would you need?” and they would take as many as they want.

Then when everyone has finished, they would have to count the amount of tissues and tell the group that amount of things about themselves.

Some took like 42 pieces. So man man lei la.

The great digital clock that chimes every hour. It also helped us keep track of the time during the games.

The groups in their respective circles.

The next game was the Great Shoe Dive. Everyone throws their shoes in a pile and they are required to take random shoes with unmatching sides.

They would then be required to put each foot next to the matching shoe. And like wise, the other leg. So it was supposed to be a tangled mess. But most of them managed to form a circle. How strange.

At least these group got closer to what I had in mind.

Another game was the hog call. No photos of that one just videos. But since my internet is down, I’m not posting it up yet. πŸ™ Later lah. it’s damn funny. Divide the groups into pairs. In each pair, there should be a machine and then an animal. Each machine and each animal must have a sound each and only the both of them can know what sound it is.(Ie. Train=toot toot, pig=oink oink). Then divide the machines and animals into two groups. Far away from each other. Then get them to close their eyes and tell them to find their animal/machine partner. It didn’t work. ;\ But it was damn funny to hear all those noises. I was laughing so hard. Video coming soon.

The next game was called chairs. We didn’t have enough chairs so we used newspapers instead. Chairs would have been much more fun though. Everybody is supposed to sit on one newspaper/chair. When I say, “Move 3 places if you have a brother!” Then those who can relate to the statement will move. Those who are not related to the statement should stay put. So the idea is to get people to be cramped up on one chair as not everybody can relate to the same statements! However, newspapers were good enough lah. The whole idea was to get people to respond to questions that might not have been asked before.(Ie. Move 5 places if you’re in a relationship!!)

That’s me, conducting the game. It’s surprising that my throat is still okay after a night of shouting. Hope I didn’t sound too shrill.

Not so great photos because it was from a video. Yeah, there’s a video of me shouting out instructions.

Probably there weren’t enough questions for Poh Yee. Hahahaha.

More of the circle. It’s damn big.

We asked questions like “Move 5 places if you think someone in the circle is cute!” and with a lot of sarcasm in my voice, “MOVE 10 PLACES if you’ve started studying!” Since most of the juniors were quite shy, when I asked, “Move 4 places if you’re wearing something other than white underwear today,”. Surprisingly, almost every got up. Damn funny. hohohohoh. It’s a great game to play at a party as the questions could’ve been more hamsap. Aiseh. Political correctness eats me up sometimes. ;(

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stick around as most of us were pretty tired out. Apparently the batch 3 wanted a photo with the entire bunch of us. Nevermind, the dental dinner this weekend will take care of that. And everyone will be looking fantastic, so no worries!

So us Batch 1s did our usual tradition of going to the mamak for a drink before calling it a day.

Ee Chean’s car and Lagenda Heights.

Maxis giving me a fake smile. That’s not his real smile, okay.

Xinyi looking so porcelain. πŸ™‚

Sock Nee’s doing the shaking peace sign.

And this is me being unhappy with the services that they offer at the mamak. I asked for Roti Tisu. Waited damn long and when it ‘arrived’, this was what I received. After that, the entire table kept asking me for tissue.

It’s good to have a spare camera now, as Lie Yuen can run around to help me take photos too.

But of course must tahan her incessant camwhoring with the rest. πŸ˜€

Am I that disgusting ar, Poh Yee hah hah hah?

Discussing the questions for the “chairs”(replaced with newspapers, remember?) game with Nien.

l-r: Poh Yee and Derrick(must be him on the phone, who else), Lie Yuen, Me, Cze-Yin.

Me being proud of my new campus. My uni is like Malaysia. I love the country and sometimes frown at the government.

Thanks Poh Yee for temaning me to act stupid.

Quite a nice shot, Lie Yuen.

This was taken when it rained during dinner time.

Lie Yuen took this photo of me while I took pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Our internet is STILL down as I’m writing this, so we’re currently at Nasmir(a mamak) using their free wireless service. However, electricity is RM1 per hour. Oklah, a good deal.

Everybody please pray for my internet.

Happy Third Dentistry Year and The Backtracked Clubbing Session At Mardi Gras

I’m still quite upset about the domain screw up. It HAD to happen when I was having one of those emo moments that you want to reminisce about and build up a little suspension for the people who know what’s going on in your life. I’m talking about my feelings towards the beginning of my third year. ;\
I was actually really really excited about coming back for my third year. I mean, I still am. But it’s no use now isn’t it, as I’m blogging this on the first day of class.

I suppose I could do a little backtracking to the time when I crammed all five of my bags of beans into Lie Yuen’s car and convinced poor squashed Poh Yee that the bean bags make good pillows. And that my printer would be a good foot stool. And that my Harry Potter book would prove to be a good arm rest. I’ve never seen my luggage bag look so full before.

Jolene hits the North-South Highway one more time! This time, Lie Yuen even let me drive pass the scary loopy mountainous area just after Ipoh. You know, the one with the huuuge loop that curves, which as you drive on one side, you can see the other end of the loop when you look to your left? It’s that scary. It’s also the part where your ears would pop due to the higher altitude and mists would gather at the brocolli-resembling hills lining the highways.

In a way we were kind of beside ourselves in anticipation of the coming year. (The moment has SO passed now). But as we took the exit into Sg. Petani, we cheered, “THIRD YEAR!! WHOOO HOO!!!” but the gloomed settled in when we made a left turn right after the tollhouse, heading straight towards the School Of Dentistry’s noticeboard, the first object that one would see when one decides to pay the old AIMST campus a visit.

There is no better way to start an academic year than having a 2pm class on a Monday. I slept at 6am on Monday morning to celebrate the fact that I’m going to be a third year student soon.

Woops, we’ve gone too far. Rewind.

The happiness quickly dissipated into thin air when we realized that our house was in a further dilapidated state.

I walked into the garden, expecting to see maggots crawling over 6 weeks old fallen papayas but to my utter amazement, my roughly 15 metres tall papaya tree lay in three pieces on the porch. Someone chopped it down for us! Our prayers have been answered!! We think that the neighbours were responsible for this as the smell must’ve been pretty overwhelming.

Oh well, pfft, into the house we went. Cobwebs, lizard shit, dead moths..same ol’ same ol’. The kitchen was extra gross as there was a river of lizard shit blocking us from the second half of the kitchen. Our rooms were covered in dust and so we spent the rest of the day scrubbing our rooms clean. We didn’t bother cleaning the whole house because………WE’RE SHIFTING OUT SOON!! YAY!!

The house is so clean and only Lie Yuen and I will be moving in together. Ultimate privacy!! My siamese twin/pet sea lion and I will lead a happy life together. Actually we have a whole lot of privacy now as well as the other housemate has moved out.(drama drama!). Now we can shout as loud as we want and scream for each other without worrying about being ‘troublesome’. But we really cannot tahan the dirtiness of this house. We vowed to each other that we will clean and scrub the house according to a duty roster. Each area and room of the new house will have its own set of broom and dustpan.

The best part is that the entire house cost only RM420 per month. And the owner is a doctor in Penang. Should be a much better human being compared to the “Mejar” who owns this house. This Mejar is very lanci one just because he served in the army and he refused to chop down the papaya tree for us and other simple household utilities. Grrr. And they didn’t even clean the house for us before we moved in. Where else, the agents for the new house said that they will clean the entire house for us before we move in.

Sunday was spent at Central Square to buy loads and loads of pretty storage boxes to stash my junk away from sight.

I now have the neatest room I’ve ever had! Photos later on in the post.

Now we’ll go further, FURTHER back in time: Last Thursday night was spent at Mardi Gras with Yijin, E-Guy, Kwo Kuang, Adrian, Chui San, Joey, Yen Chiew(a junior from high school), Weng Hoe and his friends etc. At first we looked at the club and we were like, “ew?” but after awhile everyone else warmed up to the place.

I was still the sober one playing with my handphone and taking photos every now and then. I hate it when I happen to be the last one to dance. What’s most embarrassing would be when your own guy friends have to drag you out to dance. *blush* Usually it’s the girl who drags the guys out. God. I don’t want to be the last one to dance ever again. It’s not a nice feeling, man. Not at all. All alone on the couch, painfully downing bitter alcohol, wishing that the effect would kick in a little faster. But I did get up after awhile.(both arms being pulled by two boys and one girl motioning frantically at me to get up, can’t remember who). After bopping around a little bit with the guys, I joined the girls up on the podium on an impulse. Had a good laugh while learning dirty moves from Yen Chiew. Man, the last time I was on a podium was in Zouk back in 2005. πŸ™‚ Sush and Chien. Good times, good times.

L-r: Kwo Kuang, Chui San and Myself.

Chui San and Me.

l-r: Yijin, Joey and Lanci Kwo Kuang.

Kelas Satu Cekap 1999 foreva! Frenz foreva! *flowery autograph at the bottom*
l-r: me, Adrian and E-guy. Sometimes I can’t believe these were the same boys who reached up to my elbows in form one. Now I’m up to their foreheads. That’s a pretty good improvement! NOBODY CAN BEAT KWO KUANG THOUGH! He was up to my navel in form2!! Hohohoh..okaylah, not so kua cheong. But you get the drift. It’s scary how boys shoot up. My brother is an example too.

L-r: Kwo Kuang, Me, Chui San, E-Guy, Yen Chiew, Yijin.

l-r: Weng Hoe, Joey and Chui San.

l-r: Adrian nibbling on Yijin’s ears, Yijin enjoying it, Weng Hoe’s next in line.

My, my, after not properly seeing each other ever since SPM ended and of all the places to bump into, I met Jen-Yi at Mardi Gras that night.

Yijin and Yen Chiew.

l-r: Chui San, Me, Jen-Yi and Kwo Kuang.

l-r: Chui San, Me, Yen Chiew.

Jen-Yi and Chui San going at it.

Me and E-Guy.

l-r: Me, Chui San, E-Guy. Hehehe.

l-r: Kwo Kuang, E-Guy, Weng Hoe. I quite like the effect of this photo. Very pretty! The colours, I mean.

L-r: E-Guy, Joey, Chui San and a guy that Adrian didn’t introduce me to!

E-Guy and Me again. Nice colours again.

Lerr.. what’s with the fingers man.

THIS WENG HOE AND StEwwwPid Kwo Kuang, they lied to me that it was a banana tooth. A very RARE find. That SOMETIMES banana trees produce a TOOTH. IT’S VERY SPECIAL. AND I BOUGHT THEIR STUPID JOKE. GAhhh.. I should just burn my student ID and drop out of dentistry.

I was having a Marilyn Monroe moment when Yijin had to come and tumpang glamour. -_-

Yen Chiew doing her thing while Yijin didn’t budge, continuing with his glamour tumpanging.

NOW, photos of good ol’ Kedah. I bet some of you missssssssss my Kedah photos. Right, right?:P

Lie Yuen reacting to my new pink camera. Yes, I bought a new pink camera. RM860. Lumix FX-10. 6.0 megapixels. πŸ™‚ Don’t ask me why I didn’t blog about it. The guilt was too strong I guess. I now have a spare camera with a wonky lousy scroll. A spare camera. Spare. Camera. *consoles self*

There was a funnier photo of Brenda in Singapore. Her hand went up to her mouth. She took the camera from me to “check it out” and when she passed the camera back to me, the photo had already been deleted. ;(

I wanted to do a collection of shock faces at the sight of my new camera. But guess nobody really remembered what my old camera looks like.

This was before I cleaned my room. Was talking to my mother on the phone at that time. Hehe.

Oh what a happy day! We went to the rental agent’s office to tell them that we would be leaving in one month’s time. We camwhored while waiting for the agent to print a letter for us to sign.

Of course, one of the happiest things about going back to AIMST would be to see that there have been tremendous changes done to the university since I was last there.

There’s an UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS cafeteria. The windows on the left looks down onto the spacious downstairs cafeteria.(I’ve put up photos of that cafeteria before). So bright too!

The girls peering into the classroom in dismay due to the size.

I went in and quickly ‘chupped’ our places for the year. Hopefully. That’s Lie Yuen and Poh Yee leaving me to go to the toilet.

Went downstairs and bumped into some classmates and juniors. Melvin showed me the freshly printed dental dinner tickets. Damn beautiful. Kudos to Ei Leng for a job well done!

AIMST HAVE PROPER BANNERS NOW. We are starting to look more and more like a university. *proud*

We now have a convenience store that can p4wn 7-11’s ass.

A bookstore with TONS of stationary! *reminder to self: Buy ruler from bookshop first thing tomorrow.

Happy about stationary.

Check out the amount of magazines on sale man!!! It’s LIKE we’re at MPH or TIMES. Even Popular loses out man.

I didn’t believe it myself too. Plus, I heard that there will be a post office and an ATM soon. I can send my contest entries as SOON as I can every month!! YAY! And buy stamps whenever I want!! WOOT!!

They even have storybooks. Not just textbook. That’s a Cecilia Ahern book that Lie Yuen’s holding.

Pretty massive too.

This is probably the funniest. They have a HAIR SALOON in AIMST. Check out the list of services. I’m really really not sure why are they offering wedding make up(3 types somemore!) in my university. Guys are not even allowed in the girls’ hostels to begin with. So how the hell?

Hehe, jokes aside, I’m quite happy that they are offering treading. My eyebrows are wriggling with happiness.

At the convenience store, Brenda was checking out some rather weird coloured drinks.

Toiletries!! But if didn’t pass my stringent test of needing to stock up on Clean and Clear facial washes and Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. Hmph.

I was looking for pad and only saw one shelf with some Kotex sanitary pads. I was like, “Fail!!”, shaking my head at the non-existent variety of sanitary pads. But when I turned the corner, I said out loud, “WAH LAO FUCKING LOT OF PADS WEI!”…… It just tumbled out of my mouth. Hope I wasn’t too loud. ;\

And one of my favourite drinks in the whole wide world is being sold in AIMST! Tesco has stopped stocking them by the way. πŸ™

Our first class for the year was Surgery. We were saying that our hand writing must’ve deteriorated since we were on break for so many weeks. Mine’s still pretty okay!

Lie Yuen’s one is still in ugly mode. Will get better soon!

The new lecturer,(who is from Newscastle! We only ever get Whites and Indians. No locals. Just foreigners. Strange.) was pretty intense. On the FIRST day, I’ve already used up 5 pages on notes alone. Mannnnn. Is this a sign that this will be a hectic year?

As you can see, my seal bookmark is looking out at me pitifully, trying to make me feel guilty about not finishing my Harry Potter book fast enough. Slowly lah! Savour the story. Mmmm.

My class looks smaller. Maybe because some people “missed” their flights from Sabah or some people “will come straight” from Subang.

After class, we went to the library to be kiasu(read: looking for books on Surgery). Instead, we poked our heads into the dentistry books’ aisle and immediately spotted a flock of first years and got acquainted! I met Kenneth already, who probably after me and Brenda will be the next AIMST Dentistry ambassador. Ehehe, our duty is to propagate about our dentistry course on our blogs. Just google AIMST Dentistry and we’ll turn up on the first page on google. For example, he was looking for information on the course and he found my blog. Another girl freshie from sabah told me that she recognized me from my blog too! *kembang* She was also looking up on things about the uni. Did I mention before that when I was at Borders at the Curve two weeks back, a future junior came up to me to introduce herself too? Wonder if I’ll get to see her this time around.

Hao lianing before going off for tea.
l-r: Me, Poh Yee, Lie Yuen, brenda, Zhu Zen.

It turned out to be dinner instead.

The rest decided to have nasi lemak for dinner instead.

They were all wearing nice shoes on their first day of third year. *snigger snigger*

New shirt, old pants, old shoes, old bag. Big girl already. No need to be too fancy one.

MY TIDY TIDY ROOM! See how much difference a rug makes? Thanks Jon for the amazing inspiration!!

See the cute little tea light holder near my computer! It’s only RM14.90.

The fatter bean bag. It’s damn comfortable. The stools have yet to be allocated their respective functions. I will think about it.

STORAGE BOXES! I love A.E.I.O.U. storage boxes. So sturdy and cute and convenient and most of all, they are aesthetically pleasing. Look at the colours that it adds to my room. And see how there are less plastic bags littered all over my floor. Everything is stowed away neatly in their respective storage boxes. πŸ˜€

While I sing praises about my newly tidied room, how can I leave my pride and joy out? πŸ™‚ I heart my ikea fairy lights forever.

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