My best friend Melody Song Faye-Lynn will be running for Ms. Monash. Knowing her, this isn’t something she would usually do but she agreed to it since it would be her last year at Monash and she thought she should end it by doing something as shameless and as crazy as this.

she was also smart enough to ask her slightly-more-than-a-noob best friend Jolene Lai to design the banner above for her. I had 5 hours worth of fun doing the banner for her. it was meant to be similiar to her partner in crime’s, Jason Chan.

Melody deserves to win because she’s one of the smartest women that I’ve come across who goes all out to help the less fortunate ones in the society. See, she’s SO playing the part of the perfect beauty pageant.

A strong woman who was one of the creators of Jolene Lai(TM), she has influenced me in many many ways. Likes to appear that she is sometimes away with the fairies, she actually has her head set firmly on the ground. Oscillating between wanting a groundbreaking career and wanting to be a mother to a house full of children, my best friend is giddy like that.

Strong, demure(when she wants to be), romantic, ambitious, adamant, diligent, responsible, knowledgeable, witty…she’s not going all out to win this title, but I’m doing what I can to help her out.

She even bought little Vote Melody badges for her fellow supporters to wear.

Only 40+++ more days till the title is being announced. So if you have any Monashian(Malaysian campus) friends or are studying there too.. please ask all your friends to vote for Melody.

She’s doing it all in a humble way and not in extravagant OTT ways like singing in cafeterias. ;P So let the Girl With Her Head Firmly On The Ground win!!!

VOTE FOR MELODY SONG! (if you’re a student at Monash)