A.L. Designs: Vintage Meets Funky

I’ve always had a thing for intricate art designs. Yes, yes, really one. It explains why I was once so hung up on nail art. Adrine Liu sent me her blog a few weeks back and after looking around, I am in awe. She sells jewelry on the blog and it ranges from earrings to hand phone charms. Each painstakingly designed by hand.

Adrine Liu’s blog at A.L. Designs. She also has her own dot com to sell her collection!

This keychain would definitely make a nice gift!

You gotta hand it to the woman.. she really knows how to pick her charms. For some of the clay beads, she actually made them herself.

She even makes little doggie tags! Aww!

Oh I love this one!!

Her collection is unique in a way that she blends sophistication and simplicity, with a 1920s touch on top.

And blushing monkeys are cute too! Gotta check out her whole range of cutesey animals!

Very vintage. Yes, that’s another way of putting it!

She made this with her own hands!!! Unfortunately, she wants to keep this for herself. But maybe in the future she might make more. If you ask!

Little handbag hand phone charms.

Her necklaces are very fresh too. Love the ideas that she toys with!

Unfortunately, she’s based in Singapore. 🙁 But do try emailing her to see if there’s anyway she can ship some over to Malaysia! Adrine’s designs are definitely different from the ones I see in the bazaars. It must be fun to have a hobby like that. :\