Maxis Broadband Girls Day Out

I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the eight girl bloggers for the Maxis Broadband Girls Day Out. It’s basically an entire day of girly stuff for us to indulge in and be.. as girly as girly can be! The tricky part was how do eight blogger girls (on my part at least) gel when half of them don’t even know each other? But when everyone is as nice as Audrey, Karen Marie, Cindy, Ringo, Redmummy, Kimcun and Cynthia, it did turn out to be an incredibly fun day out.

The good people at Maxis have loan us each a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 complete with a Maxis Broadband enabled-sim card for a week and there you have it, eight internet-crazy girls, blogging live from wherever we were. Admittedly, some of us got carried away with the activities and forgot to blog. But we have the pictures and awesome stories to tell! The good stuff comes to those who are patient. 😛

I’m afraid mine might actually kill your computer. Go make yourself a nice cup of Milo and come back in 10 minutes! Maybe it’s done loading by then. 🙂

So my day started off by going to pick Audrey up from her place. We stay rows apart and back in 1998, during my Barry Crush days, I used to cycle up and down their road hoping to get a peek of him. I think a lot of people knows this. Hor Suet hor. About almost a decade later, he came clean with me: He was actually playing Playstation inside that’s why I didn’t get to see him in the evenings. Also, he was scared of me. He once asked, “Are you stalking me?” on ICQ in 1999.

While waiting for Audrey to come out.

It’s not often I get dressed up, so bear with me lah. Let me do this!

Audrey suddenly whipped out a pair of frameless aviators which I think is damn cute! Hahaha. Could be a new fashion statement.

The meeting point was at The Curve before the lot of us headed down to Pavillion. This was when we were heading into the transport that was provided for us. It was really fun! With 8 girls talking about anything under the sun. Conversations flowed ceaselessly as the day wore on.

The main attraction of the day was unveiled! It was so tiny!

Let the camwhoring begin!!
l-r: Karen, Kim, Myself.

l-r: Cindy, Ringo, Audrey, Cynthia.

Our first group photo! (So many more okay..) L-r: Cindy, Ringo, Audrey, Cynthia, Redmummy, Karen, Myself and Kim.

Don’t the bags look so adorable? Who would’ve thought that a laptop could fit into it?

I know I’m jakun but it was the first time I’ve ever seen a laptop as tiny as the Dell Inspiron Mini 9! At times I even forgot I was carrying the laptop bag! I’m serious! I’m not sucking up!!!

At the top of our agenda was a visit to My Diamond, a jewelry store which I’ve never ever dared step foot into. Girls like me who earn peanuts and rely on Daddy for life support would feel depressed if we were to go in there and lose ourselves. Unless of course, one day, someday, dunno when, Chee Kiang suddenly drags me in. *disney songs play in the background* then I’ll be there browsing for the prettiest ring ever. NOTIFICATION FOR LAM CHEE KIANG: HELLO. HINT HINT!

We met Su San from Maxis and her two adorable daughters who follow mummy to most Maxis-related events. These girls are really tech-savvy. You’ll see why later.

I always thought wedding rings are like tens of thousands (shows how pitifully unknowledgeable I am about the finer things in life), but for Rm2000…..should be okay right? For a working man? Say, when he graduates from a certain university in a neighbouring country (oh i dunno, somewhere like Singapore. *shrugs*).. in say 1 and a half years? Then maybe work for a few years? Can right. First salary also should be more than 2k lor. Can one lah. Can. *positive thinking*

The girls were already busy trying things out. Many poor boyfriends in the coming month.

I think I found the most perfect ring ever. Look at how dainty and unique the design is. Sometimes my hand might get mistaken for a man’s (such is life) but with the ring, I suddenly ooze feminity from my finger tips. Just like that!

This is the misleading photo which I put up in my Meet My Best Friend post via the Maxis Broadband-Ready Dell Inspiron Mini 9. By lunch time, I had several comments on that post. Most of them were congratulatory comments. Sure was nice to pretend for awhile.

If only dreams come true.

Check out this diamond encrusted heart! It’s so big that I did not even dare look at the price tag. Why spoil a perfectly happy moment, right? I think blings look best under warm lights. The kind you find in a romantic hotel. Just the diamond heart on your bare skin ala Kate Winslet in Titanic. 🙂

Sorry, can’t help it! I love anything that is glittery, glamourous and glowing.

Karen looks stunning with my favourite necklace.

Cindy opted for something more classy. Can’t see the diamonds, so not sure if there were any on it.

I’ve always thought that real jewelry are made for only Datins. But hey, Pokai Plain Janes like me can actually look good in diamonds. No matter how old a girl is, how rich or poor she is, diamonds will always melt our hearts.

Rows of pretty shimmery delight.

It’s either the diamonds or a good hair day. Either one.

Once you go bling, you’ll never go back. Plastic no more!

Dainty as it is..

I really like this shot of Audrey and Ringo. They were preparing for a shot by John who came as Maxis’s official photographer for the day.

Judging from that big gold thing, he must be some pro-photographer. We were in good hands. *nods assuredly*

Kim and Redmummy get acquainted.

Audrey started the ball rolling by being the first to turn on her Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

The rest of us followed suit.

What better way to show off the awesomeness of these baby lappies by portraying our own pride and joy on the World Wide Web?

It’s so light that you can hold it up like a book. Snap it close like a flip phone even!

Cynthia and her pretty blog header.

After fiddling with the laptop, most of us were connected to the internet. It was unbelievable! I’ve never tried any of the telco’s broadband services but I was seriously impressed with Maxis’ connection. AGAIN, NO SUCKING UP. With High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), I was shocked by the speed of the connection. But that’s KL for you. In Kedah, I have 3G, GPRS and Edge. It’s satisfying, but I’ll touch more on that later. 🙂 The best part? I’m on MSN whenever and whereever!!

It totally served the purpose. A blogger, a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and an internet connection.

Camwhoring with our blogs was the only natural thing to do.

I do suppose the people at the jewelry store were rather bemused with us when our attention turned away from the diamonds as we tip-tapped away on our tiny lappies.

Here’s one of me using the display case glass as my table top. Tsk, tsk.

I freaking blogged from a jewelry store!!

Up next was a DIY makeover at Stage, a homegrown make-up brand.

The lot of us were seated round a rectangular tabled packed to the brim with brushes, eyeshadows, blushers, lipsticks, glosses, powders and many more.

Each of us had a space set aside especially for us, complete with a little name tag! I was extremely flattered. 🙂

They know me!! 😀

I felt like I was in some rich girl’s boudoir. 😀

We all knew that we had a make up session arranged for the day. But for fear of meeting new people for the first time with a completely bare face, most of us had make up on anyway. So this was before the removal of our make up.

Everyone started removing their make up. It’s actually quite a treat to see each other without make up. Kind of opens up a whole new side of the person.

Here I am spritzing some toner on.

I’ve always read about girls getting make over from professionals in magazines. I had to pinch myself a few times to check if it was really happening. One of the girls quipped, “This is like the scene from House Bunny!”

Learning how to apply foundation properly. I knew that we were gonna have a DIY makeover session and I was worried that my normal way of applying foundation has been very wrong all along and cause the other girls to stare at me in horror.

The make-up artist working his magic on Audrey.

I even learned about eye concealers. The idea is to go one shade darker from your foundation. Then from the inner part of the lower lids, sweep up to the sides!

A failed artsy-fartsy picture due to shaky hands.

I was taught to apply colour to the outer lid of my eyes. Since I have droopy eye lids it’s best that I stop 1mm short of the end of my lids. A lighter colour goes on the inner aspect of the lids. A highlighter is used at the top as the finishing.

Ringo was done with her make up really fast!

Kim has beautiful canvases for eyelids. Look at all the colours that you can play on them.

Cindy got some magic treatment too.

Now, I never knew this!! I’ve always applied the eyeliner before using the eyeshadow. A blender brush is now at the top of my shopping list. No more harsh black lines.

A little messy but you get the gist!

Finally, we came to the lips. I’ve never used a lip liner as I’ve always thought of it as a Fashion Faux Pas. But you must know that it was a tip I got from a Girlfriend magazine like back in 2000. I must be the outdated one now.

We had the option of using their incredibly vast variety of lippies or glosses. I’d give you a number but I lost count.

When you apply lip gloss, it only makes sense to take pouty pics. But clearly I don’t know much about the tricks of the trade.

A few other tips I learned from my makeover trip:

1) Always apply blush from the part of your face just above your ears down to the apples of your cheeks.

2) There is a remedy for flat noses!! Take matte brown eyeshadow, apply it lightly down the sides of your nose starting from the inner tip of your brows. Pull both lines with fingers down the tip of your nose. Use fingers to blend the colours so that you don’t look like some sad excuse of a modern art painting. Then to increase the height, add a streak of white down the centre. Lightly of course, and blend blend blend with the brown! I know lah still flat, but subtlety goes a long way! It does look a tad higher okay? Faster agree or not I beat you.

3) Another boo-boo I’ve made for the longest time: lining all the way to the inner lowerlids. Stop at the middle of your lower lashline and then blend blend blend again! I love blending!

With makeover sessions, come photo shoots.


The nicest. Sorry lah, Jolene Lai never gets to take photos with the aide of studio lights. Perhaps the last time was when I took photos for my driving license.

Ringo and myself.

The mess we made! Is it just me or does my part of the table looks particularly messy? Damn shy wei if the other girls cleaned up and I didn’t. 🙁

Cynthia and I.

Cindy! Like any other girl, who has not heard of Cindy Teh of MDG fame right? But having met her personally, I can assure you that she’s really down to Earth, polite and really sweet. A lot of pretty girls usually lanci towards me one okay, but the girls that day were really nice.

One more.

Audrey and myself. Gah, I hate my shaky hands. Parkinsons, perhaps? (CANNOT CANNOT, I still got a long way to go before I retire..:( )

She got bored but I finally managed a steady shot.

Karen and me. I love your make up babes!

Audrey and Ringo posing with the pretty Dell Insipron Mini 9. I’ve really come to love it a lot. So much that I don’t even want to give it up. 🙁

Kim and myself. Much thanks to whoever it was with steady hands!

A group photo with the Stage crew before we left for lunch.

A nicer one.

Mira and myself while we waited for our lunch to arrive.

This is Vanessa! She’s only 6 but she sure talks alot!

Vanessa took this picture! Haha, no just kidding. I can’t remember who did but I love that person.

While I devoured my beef noodles, Vanessa took over and played some sushi game that she was apparently addicted to! Even a kid has no problems with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9!

Here I am with Samantha, Vanessa’s older sister who looks all set to be a designer when she grows up! Check out her fashion designs! I can’t even draw that well!!

To entertain the little girl, we ventured over to Youtube to look for Powerpuff Girls videos. She even educated me about the new arrival of Powerpuff Girl Z, or something like that. It’s a hotter version of the cutesy and roundish Powerpuff Girls. I was shocked to see the video load at lightning speed. I was probably on the fastest connection that Maxis could possibly offer.

After lunch, it was time for SHOPPPPING!! We were headed for Cats Whiskers in Hartamas where each of us were given a RM50 voucher to spend. Anything more and you top up yourself. Mo man tai!

The half an hour ride which was peppered with obvious topics that girls usually discuss when girls come together. You know I know sky know ground know. On top of that, Cindy gave all of us a crash course on Astrology.

It’s funny. When you’re thrown in your favourite boutique and told to “OK! Shop!”, you’ll somehow find yourself gingerly fingering the latest collection without much enthusiasm. It’s only when you don’t have money that you want everything in the world. The blue dress is satin-ish. Kind of nice right? Lose the pink belt?

A pink polka dot dress. I’m looking for something with a Salmon Pink and chocolate colour scheme. It’s so girly and sweet. 🙂

How typical of me. Ho-hum.

Ringo tried a very unique sequinned top. There was another one in peacock green

Kim was on the lookout for a maxi but ended up with something way shorter!

Pretty dresses for her are teeny tiny tops for me. Sadness. 🙁

If this one came in my size, I would’ve snapped it up!! It’s like wooly, hot pink and glittery!! What’s not to love?

I was telling Karen about how this dress looks exactly like the dress Liesl from Sound Of Music wore when she went to meet her postman boyfriend in the gazebo, singing that 16 Going on 17 song, and getting caught in the rain soon after. The wetness really accentuated her boobs. Not quite the look I’m going for, but I thought it was very sexy! Yes, even at the age of 5. “When I grow up, I want those boobies!”

Karen told me about her great big love for baby doll tops. 🙂

Trying out a red number.

How about if I paired it with a tiny clutch?

Mira/Redmummy, being the red lover that she is quickly gathered us red ones for a photo when she spotted us in her favourite colour.

I eventually settled on this piece. So sexy!! I can’t possibly wear it just like that. But that’s what leggings are made for. Wish I can just keep it like this.

I might blind the entire world if I ever sit down in this dress-top. I bought it anyway. With my Rm50 voucher, I only had to fork another RM20. 🙂 I is happy.

Cindy with her high waist shorts. She bought this too!

We decided then and there that we would call this picture “Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat”.

Tweety wants a picture! Tweety wants a picture!

Tweety wants another picture!

Love the prints!

Everyone bought something! Nobody ever leaves Cat Whiskers without buying anything. It can never happen!

While waiting for the other girls to be done, I decide to take some silly photos. Thanks Karen for layaning.

You know how us girls are always so indecisive when it comes to shopping. And we do not have the luxury of having our friends around us all the time, right? With the Dell Inspiron Mini 9, I can turn on the webcam and get my girls to help me decide which top is less slutty (or with just the right amount of sluttiness – all girls secretly want a certain degree of that trait.:P)

The connection there was pretty awesome too!

Mira really HAS to be on the internet all the time. I feel you, Mira. I do.

The last stop before dinner was a pampering session at The Nail Shop, The Curve.

They use OPI nail polish!! I was frothing from my mouth with excitement. One bottle of OPI costs RM53 okay? The only time a normal girl gets to use OPI is at the nail salon. So gotta really savour the moment.


The girls were making themselves comfortable.

Some of us logged onto the net.

Nail arts!!

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 was a damn good company for those long pedi sessions. Damn boring lor mani sessions. No hands to tap tap on the computer.=( But this would come in super handy at the hair salon as well! Especially so when not all hair salons come equipped with their own wifi connections.

Such pretty nail arts!

These are for toes.. quite obvious I think. 😛

I remember the good old days where I slaved away at Sunway Pyramid’s Nail Artz. This sure brings back memories. But I’ve forgotten most of the procedures now.

High technye..

Pretty silver tips!!

I wanted something different and thus I utilized all the colours from one of the latest OPI collections.

Kimberly and Karen came a little later as there was not enough seats for all of us.

See how pretty they look? Especially with my plastic bracelet!

So 80s! I like~!

But everyone kept thinking that they were Smarties-inspired. So not.

I just love it too much. Plus the texture is sooooo smooth. *sigh* Too bad I had to remove it the next day as I have clinics on Mondays. Oh suckz is me.

Such happy colours. 🙂

What better way to complement my outrageous nails, right?

Kim checking to see if they did a good job.

Redmummy’s pretty pink nails.

Ringo who went all Cleopatra.

Check out how her golden Spider ring complements her mani and pedi!

Audrey had some Mario Mushroom-inspired tips.

With hot fluorescent pink toes!

Cindy chose a french manicure.

Her manicurist did a really good job with the filing.

Cindy perfected the Post-Manicure pose.

She too went for a french manicure.

Karen has the smile of a pampered woman. Seriously pampered lor. They each had two manicurists attending to them.

Redmummy taught me to pose like that!

And like that too!

Don’t you just love my nails?

Wish we had more of the girls and their hands.

Audrey and Ringo layaning me.

Dinner was at The Apartment, Curve where TImothy joined us, along with Su San and John from Maxis and Ron, Marilyn and Darren who made it all happen!

One with Cynthia under the pretty lighting.

l-r: Timothy, Su San.

This is John, our photographer who went around doing a real good job.

I’ve never actually been to the lower level of The Apartment, so I was abit jakun. Don’t mind me.

I love the bar!!

I love the colours..I just learned a lighting trick from Kwo Kuang the night before.

Ringo loves this picture too. Hehehe.

Cynthia’s bunny look. It’s the hands!

I was still going on and on about my nails.

L-r: Cynthia, Marilyn and Darren.

Happiness is when your Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is white and your nails pretty much resemble the rainbow.

While waiting for dinner to be served, we ALL turned on our laptops. At least the laptop is not bulky enough for people to mock you go, “wah, no need so action lor, scared people don’t know you got laptop issit.” The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is pretty AND discrete! It even blends with the table clothe!

Cindy and her french manicure again.

Karen went pink!

damn, can’t really see Kim’s colours.

This was my appetizer. Porta Bello Mushroom, me thinks? Porto Bella? I can’t remember.

I actually wanted Redmummy to give me a pose with her nails, but she insisted on a candid soup drinking one. Okay lor.

Su San suggested that we sing to the little boy who celebrated his birthday. Awwww.:)

I really love Kwo Kuang for what he has taught me regarding my camera. SEE HOW PRETTY MY PASTA LOOKS!!!

The day of course ends with a group photo before hugs went all around and goodbyes were said.

We went home as eight happy girls with an adorable laptop and the ability to go online ANYWHERE. It’s almost like the super power that I’ve always wanted to have. Sometimes I think that I actually have a serious internet addiction. It’s almost a medical condition.

Gadget Boy at home had to get his hands on it for a look see.

After a long day, I clocked in a few more hours in bed before drivng back to Kedah.

Benefits of being a woman: Your cleavage can function as a tripod too! STILL LOVING THE NAILS!

Thank you Maxis for the awesome awesome awesome day out. 🙂

Which Lashes Should I Go With?

I’m having a tough time deciding on which lashes to go with for my dental dinner this weekend. Most of my course mates (girls, mind you. The guys are recycling last year’s outfits.) have been fretting for the past few weeks about dresses(extremely extremely important), hairstyles, make up looks and minor things like bags and accessories. I’ve got all that down pat with one thing left on the list to tick off. So tell me what you think okay?

First up is a pair of lashes from Elianto. It’s very feathery and slants to the outer part of my lids. In a way, the lashes sort of start from the middle of my eyes.

But I feel something blocking my vision when I have this on.

Why I love it: it comes with three diamantes at the side, damnit!

Next up is also another pair from Elianto (love love love their lashes. RM15 and so easy to apply. With Sasa and Shins, it’s more of a gamble because there are so many to choose from and only a few can suit your eyetype.) that is actually sparkly but you can’t see the glittery bits as I forgot to photograph it. :\

I like it because the pointy lashes are more in your face.

The silver glitter coats the top part of the lashes. Should have taken a looking-down shot.

Up close. Amacam?

Yaya I look artificially startled. These are my longest lashes ever!! Also from Elianto and they are very doll-like. What I’m worried is that with my small eyes, the lashes might reach all the way to the brows -___-.

The Hau Por in me has emerged. Happens everytime the camera takes more than 10 photos of myself.

I like it because it just screams “LASHES!!!!” I don’t care for subtlety.

Almost to the brows. A fashion faux pas or just something daring that I should just go ahead with?

Looking-down shot.

One more side shot.

This one is from Sasa. It’s a pair of diamante lashes from the brand Cosmos.

i bought it almost a year ago but since my skills (ahem) have not developed yet, I cast it aside, thinking that it’s crap. Now with my mastered fingers (ahem), I could apply them! YAY!

Like the Shu Uemura ones, right?

I forgot to mention, it’s also a criss-cross type. Apparently criss-cross lashes are extremely natural looking!

Lie Yuen told me that Lie Peh taught her how to attach two lashes together to get maximum thickness! A little pimping for Lie Peh: Go visit her blogshop! The lashes she sells are extermely easy to apply and natural looking! Tried and tested! (on Nien)

With the dolly Elianto lashes and the Cosmos Fake Shu Uemura diamante ones, I totally love the effect!


I’m not me anymore. 🙂

Check out the hairclip Poh Yee bought for me! Real groundnuts!

Aesthetics-related stress is only one of the many stress factors that the ADSA (Aimst Dental Students Association) committee is facing. The entire committee have been a buzz with glamourous ideas for the dinner ever since the theme Glitter. Glam. Glow. has been laid down. Glitter is right up my alley! You can be sure that I’ll be all glittery on that night. 🙂 Can’t wait!

We’ve got the emcees, lucky draw hosts, treasurers, reception people, ushers, lightings committee and more to fret together with.

Poor President Cze-Yin, looking so tired.

The school should be so happy that we’re utilizing the Dental Students Common Room well!

After weeks and weeks of planning, we’re really really excited.


When Chee Kiang was up in Sungai Petani earlier this week, we went to check out a kuih stall after dinner. They sold a variety of typical Malaysian savouries such as Angku, Kuih Lapis, Kuih Koci, Ondeh-ondeh, jemput-jemput and the likes.

“Next time when I die right, you can buy this and pray for me!” he pointed at the Kuih Seri Kaya Pulut, which is apparently his favourite.

“Hah, do I look like the type who will go to your grave with cakes and stuff?”

“But I want to eat wor!!” he whined.

Hahaha first of all I didn’t even think my boyfriend would be the type who sees the necessity of going to gravesites with food stuff. Secondly, the way he said it was with such urgency that I started laughing like mad.

“With Kopi Peng, okay,” he added.

If we’re gonna be doing this whole food at grave thing, I expect McNuggets Value Meal at my grave every year if I die before him. 😀

Singapore In October/Mum and Grandma’s Birthday/Choo Ki’s Wedding/Absolute Bazaar/Alexis With Kwo Kuang and Chien

Sticker Updates:

The Sweetest Blings (Dainty and Big Bling Sheets)

A Treasure’s Trove of Stickers

Christmas Themed Sandylion Stickers


It’s that time of the month again for my heavily photo-laden post of all that has happened in the past month! (Just a sad excuse for my procrastinating ways.)

And for the third time this year, I went to Singapore! It’s quite a feat compared to my once or twice a year trips there to see Chee Kiang. And on the 20th, I’m going down again!

We saw this at Cathay Cineleisure along Orchard (at least I hope that was where it was at).

It’s an entire collection of post-it notes which random people have contributed. Some idea from a neighbouring design school it seems.

My boyfriend said, “I need to go shopping!” Music to any girl’s ears right? He wanted to try the preppy look and settled on this knitted vest. I myself only bought a pair of patent baby pink pumps from Far East Plaza. No heels though. Sigh.

No he didn’t buy the Fedora. It was just purely for camwhoring purposes.

After an entire day of shopping (I KNOW I’M SO LUCKY), we met up with Tiang Lim, Chun Leen, Jon and Zul (new friend:)) for dinner at this American themed restaurant. Which was very obviously bias.

My boyfriend’s best friend.

Chun Leen indicates what is required of a man to run the United States.

Sexy massaj for Mr. Obamaa sir?

Jon is like SO happy to see you all!

The love for blinging in Singapore is strong.

I’ve got the zebra blings, I’ve got the zebra blings! Come and get it. 😉

But they use Swarovski crystals so those are ultra ultra bling. Each diamente can cost about RM0.10-RM0.50. So imagine how much blinging your entire thing would cost? Now, with blings from The Sticker Monster…it’s a whole different story! 😛 *not shy*

While we were getting Bubble Tea from a place near Chee Kiang’s hall, the two boys started gossiping after seeing someone they knew. This is true blue Gossiping Boys photo.

Look at the way they looked at their Gossipee! Not staged, I was just simply snapping! Hahaha.

Wei Chun Leen enough di.

Showing our love for Singapore money.

Taking couply photos (fail, not couply enough) while waiting for my honeydew Bubble Milk Tea.

On the Monday that I was there, Chee Kiang was telling me about this place called The Loof which serves free flow of Satay throughout the night. But unfortunately it was a public holiday and we had delicious lamb chops instead! It’s so delicious and barbaric as you have to hold the chops with your fingers, instead of proper fork and knife!

My claw-like grip on my poor boy.

Not like you can see it from this picture, but it’s a tiny bar like place a few stories higher from the ground. Somehow my photo mojo was not present that night, so I didn’t go around like my trigger happy myself. Part of growing up I suppose? 🙁

Before going out, I was fretting about whether to put make up or not because damn lazy. (there are no ugly women, only lazy women. hahaha.) And Chee Kiang was like, “Haiya don’t put lah” and when he said that the more I wanted to put. But decided that my laziness was stronger than my doubt in his Man Advice. Inilah akibatnya. T_T

not that high up from the ground but the view was pretty good!

On a quiet Monday Holiday night.|

After awhile the mojo did kick in and we were camwhoring at the back part of the bar.

Chee Kiang enjoying life.

Probably the most uncomfy chair ever.

Thanks dear for snapping one that shows the world how I do my Number Two.

HAHAHA his come-hither look!

I love this photo, I do. 🙂 Though I can’t believe I’ve come to a point in my life where no eye make up makes me cringe. AM I OLD ALREADY AH?!!? I’ll be 22 in a month’s time! 🙂 Eye concealers for presents pls.

That’s what Gorillapods are meant for. 🙂

My mum turned 48 a few weeks ago and my present to her was the prettiest cake I’ve seen in the longest time! I know lah it’s not as nice compared to all those creative ones you see on blogs. Given the practicality of most cakes we see at our friends’ birthdays, my mum’s was the prettiest! She wanted baby blue and pink (that’s why she’s my mother <3) as the colour theme.

The pink could have been a shade or two lighter. Baby blue cakes are quite rare! Oh, and a heart shaped one at that. 🙂

The pretty flowery details.

My entire family gathered for dinner on my mum’s birthday so the cake was put to good use!

She blew it out in one breath too!

Dad and mum.

I always love taking photos of the birthday girl/boy and their prettily lit birthday cake.

Right on top with my love for glitter is my affection for fully lit birthday cakes.

My cousin sister jacqie and myself.

The house is seriously lacking of recent-times family photos, so this should do.

l-r: Cousin Jacqie, Aunty Doreen/Sei Kau Mou and Uncle Yew Pun/Sei Kau Foo. Without Derek! So incomplete! Mervyn was saying how he felt so strange at a family event without Derek. Derek was a constant fixture in even the smallest family events but now that he is studying in Cambridge, family reunions would be slightly empty without him. 🙂

l-r: Cousin Hong Weng, his girlfriend Sam and myself.

My Kaima and myself.

top l-r: Kaiyeah/Uncle Alex, Mervyn
bottom l-r: Kaima/Auntie Susie, Shevie and mum.

My grandma looks so happy here. 🙂

l-r: Uncle Yew Hee/Tai Kau Foo, Aunty Jenny/Tai Kau Mou and my grandma/Popo. Missing here is Cousin Hong Weng and Kwee Foong with Baby Ethan. (who is now attending art classes….. and he can’t even talk yet!) They’ll be back at the end of the year so expect tons of cute baby photos soon!:)

On the 1st of November was Minishorts/Chooki’s wedding. As I couldn’t make it to the dinner at night, I attended the church wedding. Finding the place was a nightmare and I missed the whole bride-walks-in process. 🙁 That’s the reason for most of my photos with only the back of her beautiful dress.

Eric and Choo Ki. No one will hire me as a wedding photographer.

I love how sheer her veil is! Like almost transparent.

Awww. 🙂

Look at the beautiful radiant bride. 🙂

I’m not quite sure about this tradition but it involved candles.

There wasn’t a category for blogger friends of Choo Ki to fit into, so I just tumpang glamour abit and settled for “chooki’s friends” when the emcee announced the groups of people to be photograhed with the newly weds. 🙂

Grandma’s 77th birthday was celebrated at Neway. She adores karaoking and I’m totally getting better at finding for chinese songs which she requested for. Learning how to recognize a few chinese words in the process! *pat self on back*

Aunty Jenny, myself and mum on an Abba craze.

This is one of the dozens of photo she made me take.

Daddy the potato chip vampire.

l-r: Dad, Mum, Aunty Jenny, Mervyn, myself and Popo.

I absolutely adore the dinner buffet at Neway. For a strange looking building, Jaya Square made a few choice selections when it came to tenants and that’s the reason for its success. With Tai Thong downstairs, Neway and a few other tenants, it’s always thriving with business on weekends. Neway is always so busy and the best selling point for me would be its proximity to my house. Within 2 minutes, we’re already “out having dinner at somewhere nice”. Since my parents don’t usually get worried (too much) if I’m somewhere in Subang at 3am as opposed to me being in KL at that time, singing at Neway way into the night is fun with my bed only a few hundred metres away.

Popo doing her thang!

Cousin Hong Weng and popo.

My brother surprisingly knows a large selection of songs.

Dad’s fake clapping.

Been meaning to write about Absolute Bazaar for the longest time. 🙁 My friend Sharyl and her friends deserve all the credit for this bazaar. Their formula was perfect! Location, location, location. They are having another on the 20th of December!

The smart move they did was to invite the famous blogshops(but they of course opened it to whoever who wanted to come) and choose a student-dense area such as Subang Jaya and there you have it, instant bazaar success! Held at 3k-Inn, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who attended the event. Saw tons of familiar faces there as well.

Myself, Serene and Mun Teng. Serene runs Luscious Lips, which is doing quite well as well! She like me, didn’t think of opening on that day. 🙁 WASTED!!!!!!!!!!

There were even chick lits for sale there! I didn’t get a close up but there was a cute collection of pendants made from those plastic-binding thingies used to keep bread airtight.

if you can see Nicholas Lim (senior from school), you’d know it means that almost the whole Subang Jaya was there. And STUPID CAMERA FLASH.

Munteng and her boyfriend Benson.

Here’s Sharyl the clever lady and myself. She’s also one of the writers for by the way.

This is Wai Jean, my junior from school and her boyfriend Reuben who was my primary school friend too. Reuben’s mum used to be my transport Aunty back in 1996. She runs French Kiss and has AWESOME photographs on her blogshop.

More trinkets.

Ever since Miut Miut closed down, I’ve yet to find pixels that I really like. These were not bad too, they had little Ipod pixels. 🙂

There were some really gorgeous shoes too! These are from Tasty Cherry Chapstick. One of the owners bought stickers from me before too:) We are ALL linked in someway or other in the shopping community. A lovely fashion piece to seal a new friendship. 🙂

I wasn’t kidding about the size of the crowd.

One of the popular blogshops there was Clothes Bucket! They were one of the very first blogshops online early 2007. And now see where they are now! They had their first offline sale that day too. I bought these beautiful pair of Oxfords (without the lace, are they still considered Oxfords?) for RM60!

Mun Teng loved it alot too!

But I took them home. 😉

Saw Wai Ping there too! DAMN FLASH! Melissa (Chen) was somewhere around too.

Meet Mei Li! She sells absolutely cute stuff at CuteKiutShop! She’s one of my customers as well!

Some even came with their own designs.

April has a contender! Check out Tiny Hands Online.

I loved this concept. The back og a white board and a laptop to showcase their things!

One of the decorations for a random store placed outside the venue.

Pretty pumps! I was using my brother’s DSLR camera that day, btw. 😛

pretty details on a kimono dress.

Another shot of Wai Jean and Reuben.

One of the pretty pieces from French Kiss.

Two Saturdays ago, Kwo Kuang, myself and Chien went for dinner at Alexis.

Mucking around with Kwo Kuang while waiting for Chien to come out.

Clearly she took quite a while to come out.

Until we had time to go pose out on the streets.

And cling onto poles.

And do emo loner shots.

Kwo Kuang purposely put the menu there to block my cleavage. Cibai!

Chien and Kwo Kuang! Chien’s hair is so beautifully thick right!

See what I mean!! grrr!

Chien would probably kill me for putting this photo up as it doesn’t really flatter her. But I looked nice wor! So I cut her out. 😀

It’s like we’re competing to see who has longer hair.

Kwo Kuang masters the art of camwhoring and did a damn good job at that.

Now that someone has a big boy toy to play with, he of the DSLR experteise taught me a few things on my own camera. I was so amazed that by changing the white balance, increasing the ISO to 400 and turning up the exposure a few notches, the photos turned out to be absolutely stunning! Okaylah, good enough for me!

Nice right?

Lousy random stranger photographer!!

I LOVE MY CAMERA OKAY! Much thanks to Kwo Kuang. 🙂

I’d better get ready now as I’m driving back to Subang at 4pm with Lie Yuen and Poh Yee.