Singapore In October/Mum and Grandma’s Birthday/Choo Ki’s Wedding/Absolute Bazaar/Alexis With Kwo Kuang and Chien

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The Sweetest Blings (Dainty and Big Bling Sheets)

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Christmas Themed Sandylion Stickers


It’s that time of the month again for my heavily photo-laden post of all that has happened in the past month! (Just a sad excuse for my procrastinating ways.)

And for the third time this year, I went to Singapore! It’s quite a feat compared to my once or twice a year trips there to see Chee Kiang. And on the 20th, I’m going down again!

We saw this at Cathay Cineleisure along Orchard (at least I hope that was where it was at).

It’s an entire collection of post-it notes which random people have contributed. Some idea from a neighbouring design school it seems.

My boyfriend said, “I need to go shopping!” Music to any girl’s ears right? He wanted to try the preppy look and settled on this knitted vest. I myself only bought a pair of patent baby pink pumps from Far East Plaza. No heels though. Sigh.

No he didn’t buy the Fedora. It was just purely for camwhoring purposes.

After an entire day of shopping (I KNOW I’M SO LUCKY), we met up with Tiang Lim, Chun Leen, Jon and Zul (new friend:)) for dinner at this American themed restaurant. Which was very obviously bias.

My boyfriend’s best friend.

Chun Leen indicates what is required of a man to run the United States.

Sexy massaj for Mr. Obamaa sir?

Jon is like SO happy to see you all!

The love for blinging in Singapore is strong.

I’ve got the zebra blings, I’ve got the zebra blings! Come and get it. 😉

But they use Swarovski crystals so those are ultra ultra bling. Each diamente can cost about RM0.10-RM0.50. So imagine how much blinging your entire thing would cost? Now, with blings from The Sticker Monster…it’s a whole different story! 😛 *not shy*

While we were getting Bubble Tea from a place near Chee Kiang’s hall, the two boys started gossiping after seeing someone they knew. This is true blue Gossiping Boys photo.

Look at the way they looked at their Gossipee! Not staged, I was just simply snapping! Hahaha.

Wei Chun Leen enough di.

Showing our love for Singapore money.

Taking couply photos (fail, not couply enough) while waiting for my honeydew Bubble Milk Tea.

On the Monday that I was there, Chee Kiang was telling me about this place called The Loof which serves free flow of Satay throughout the night. But unfortunately it was a public holiday and we had delicious lamb chops instead! It’s so delicious and barbaric as you have to hold the chops with your fingers, instead of proper fork and knife!

My claw-like grip on my poor boy.

Not like you can see it from this picture, but it’s a tiny bar like place a few stories higher from the ground. Somehow my photo mojo was not present that night, so I didn’t go around like my trigger happy myself. Part of growing up I suppose? 🙁

Before going out, I was fretting about whether to put make up or not because damn lazy. (there are no ugly women, only lazy women. hahaha.) And Chee Kiang was like, “Haiya don’t put lah” and when he said that the more I wanted to put. But decided that my laziness was stronger than my doubt in his Man Advice. Inilah akibatnya. T_T

not that high up from the ground but the view was pretty good!

On a quiet Monday Holiday night.|

After awhile the mojo did kick in and we were camwhoring at the back part of the bar.

Chee Kiang enjoying life.

Probably the most uncomfy chair ever.

Thanks dear for snapping one that shows the world how I do my Number Two.

HAHAHA his come-hither look!

I love this photo, I do. 🙂 Though I can’t believe I’ve come to a point in my life where no eye make up makes me cringe. AM I OLD ALREADY AH?!!? I’ll be 22 in a month’s time! 🙂 Eye concealers for presents pls.

That’s what Gorillapods are meant for. 🙂

My mum turned 48 a few weeks ago and my present to her was the prettiest cake I’ve seen in the longest time! I know lah it’s not as nice compared to all those creative ones you see on blogs. Given the practicality of most cakes we see at our friends’ birthdays, my mum’s was the prettiest! She wanted baby blue and pink (that’s why she’s my mother <3) as the colour theme.

The pink could have been a shade or two lighter. Baby blue cakes are quite rare! Oh, and a heart shaped one at that. 🙂

The pretty flowery details.

My entire family gathered for dinner on my mum’s birthday so the cake was put to good use!

She blew it out in one breath too!

Dad and mum.

I always love taking photos of the birthday girl/boy and their prettily lit birthday cake.

Right on top with my love for glitter is my affection for fully lit birthday cakes.

My cousin sister jacqie and myself.

The house is seriously lacking of recent-times family photos, so this should do.

l-r: Cousin Jacqie, Aunty Doreen/Sei Kau Mou and Uncle Yew Pun/Sei Kau Foo. Without Derek! So incomplete! Mervyn was saying how he felt so strange at a family event without Derek. Derek was a constant fixture in even the smallest family events but now that he is studying in Cambridge, family reunions would be slightly empty without him. 🙂

l-r: Cousin Hong Weng, his girlfriend Sam and myself.

My Kaima and myself.

top l-r: Kaiyeah/Uncle Alex, Mervyn
bottom l-r: Kaima/Auntie Susie, Shevie and mum.

My grandma looks so happy here. 🙂

l-r: Uncle Yew Hee/Tai Kau Foo, Aunty Jenny/Tai Kau Mou and my grandma/Popo. Missing here is Cousin Hong Weng and Kwee Foong with Baby Ethan. (who is now attending art classes….. and he can’t even talk yet!) They’ll be back at the end of the year so expect tons of cute baby photos soon!:)

On the 1st of November was Minishorts/Chooki’s wedding. As I couldn’t make it to the dinner at night, I attended the church wedding. Finding the place was a nightmare and I missed the whole bride-walks-in process. 🙁 That’s the reason for most of my photos with only the back of her beautiful dress.

Eric and Choo Ki. No one will hire me as a wedding photographer.

I love how sheer her veil is! Like almost transparent.

Awww. 🙂

Look at the beautiful radiant bride. 🙂

I’m not quite sure about this tradition but it involved candles.

There wasn’t a category for blogger friends of Choo Ki to fit into, so I just tumpang glamour abit and settled for “chooki’s friends” when the emcee announced the groups of people to be photograhed with the newly weds. 🙂

Grandma’s 77th birthday was celebrated at Neway. She adores karaoking and I’m totally getting better at finding for chinese songs which she requested for. Learning how to recognize a few chinese words in the process! *pat self on back*

Aunty Jenny, myself and mum on an Abba craze.

This is one of the dozens of photo she made me take.

Daddy the potato chip vampire.

l-r: Dad, Mum, Aunty Jenny, Mervyn, myself and Popo.

I absolutely adore the dinner buffet at Neway. For a strange looking building, Jaya Square made a few choice selections when it came to tenants and that’s the reason for its success. With Tai Thong downstairs, Neway and a few other tenants, it’s always thriving with business on weekends. Neway is always so busy and the best selling point for me would be its proximity to my house. Within 2 minutes, we’re already “out having dinner at somewhere nice”. Since my parents don’t usually get worried (too much) if I’m somewhere in Subang at 3am as opposed to me being in KL at that time, singing at Neway way into the night is fun with my bed only a few hundred metres away.

Popo doing her thang!

Cousin Hong Weng and popo.

My brother surprisingly knows a large selection of songs.

Dad’s fake clapping.

Been meaning to write about Absolute Bazaar for the longest time. 🙁 My friend Sharyl and her friends deserve all the credit for this bazaar. Their formula was perfect! Location, location, location. They are having another on the 20th of December!

The smart move they did was to invite the famous blogshops(but they of course opened it to whoever who wanted to come) and choose a student-dense area such as Subang Jaya and there you have it, instant bazaar success! Held at 3k-Inn, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who attended the event. Saw tons of familiar faces there as well.

Myself, Serene and Mun Teng. Serene runs Luscious Lips, which is doing quite well as well! She like me, didn’t think of opening on that day. 🙁 WASTED!!!!!!!!!!

There were even chick lits for sale there! I didn’t get a close up but there was a cute collection of pendants made from those plastic-binding thingies used to keep bread airtight.

if you can see Nicholas Lim (senior from school), you’d know it means that almost the whole Subang Jaya was there. And STUPID CAMERA FLASH.

Munteng and her boyfriend Benson.

Here’s Sharyl the clever lady and myself. She’s also one of the writers for by the way.

This is Wai Jean, my junior from school and her boyfriend Reuben who was my primary school friend too. Reuben’s mum used to be my transport Aunty back in 1996. She runs French Kiss and has AWESOME photographs on her blogshop.

More trinkets.

Ever since Miut Miut closed down, I’ve yet to find pixels that I really like. These were not bad too, they had little Ipod pixels. 🙂

There were some really gorgeous shoes too! These are from Tasty Cherry Chapstick. One of the owners bought stickers from me before too:) We are ALL linked in someway or other in the shopping community. A lovely fashion piece to seal a new friendship. 🙂

I wasn’t kidding about the size of the crowd.

One of the popular blogshops there was Clothes Bucket! They were one of the very first blogshops online early 2007. And now see where they are now! They had their first offline sale that day too. I bought these beautiful pair of Oxfords (without the lace, are they still considered Oxfords?) for RM60!

Mun Teng loved it alot too!

But I took them home. 😉

Saw Wai Ping there too! DAMN FLASH! Melissa (Chen) was somewhere around too.

Meet Mei Li! She sells absolutely cute stuff at CuteKiutShop! She’s one of my customers as well!

Some even came with their own designs.

April has a contender! Check out Tiny Hands Online.

I loved this concept. The back og a white board and a laptop to showcase their things!

One of the decorations for a random store placed outside the venue.

Pretty pumps! I was using my brother’s DSLR camera that day, btw. 😛

pretty details on a kimono dress.

Another shot of Wai Jean and Reuben.

One of the pretty pieces from French Kiss.

Two Saturdays ago, Kwo Kuang, myself and Chien went for dinner at Alexis.

Mucking around with Kwo Kuang while waiting for Chien to come out.

Clearly she took quite a while to come out.

Until we had time to go pose out on the streets.

And cling onto poles.

And do emo loner shots.

Kwo Kuang purposely put the menu there to block my cleavage. Cibai!

Chien and Kwo Kuang! Chien’s hair is so beautifully thick right!

See what I mean!! grrr!

Chien would probably kill me for putting this photo up as it doesn’t really flatter her. But I looked nice wor! So I cut her out. 😀

It’s like we’re competing to see who has longer hair.

Kwo Kuang masters the art of camwhoring and did a damn good job at that.

Now that someone has a big boy toy to play with, he of the DSLR experteise taught me a few things on my own camera. I was so amazed that by changing the white balance, increasing the ISO to 400 and turning up the exposure a few notches, the photos turned out to be absolutely stunning! Okaylah, good enough for me!

Nice right?

Lousy random stranger photographer!!

I LOVE MY CAMERA OKAY! Much thanks to Kwo Kuang. 🙂

I’d better get ready now as I’m driving back to Subang at 4pm with Lie Yuen and Poh Yee.