A Little Community Message Won’t Hurt, Alright?

Yvonne has come up with a very innovative idea to continue raising funds for her medical treatments! She has teamed up with YC of Blackjettas Design to put some dresses up on eBay to be auctioned! Not only can you help Yvonne, but you can do a little shopping too!
Here’s her email to me:

Dear friend,

As part of my ongoing efforts to raise funds for medical treatments, four handmade dresses by Blackjettas Design will soon be up for auction on Ebay. During the month-long charity auction, a new dress will be up for bidding each week.

To understand why I’m still raising funds today, please take 2 minutes to read my brief story here: http://www.yvonnefoong.com/about-the-author/

The charity auction will span from March 22 to April 22, 2007. All biddings will be conducted on Ebay, making worldwide participation possible. Winning bidders will have the option of paying by Paypal which has credit card facilities. Dresses may be shipped worldwide.

What is Blackjettas Design?

Blackjettas Design is an independent multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2004 in Melbourne by YC. The studio spans the diverse industries of interior, product+furniture, retail, graphic, environment, fashion and lifestyle design consultancy, art direct, and illustration.

In the end of 2004, Blackjettas Design produced a collection of delightful handmade adornments of jewelries, accessories and apparel out of a yearning to create beautiful and intriguing design products that are a reflection of the user. In a world of mass production and factory run lines, Blackjettas Design isn’t about making huge quantities of goods but rather limited editions and on-offs designs.

Relocating from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, YC currently works with Axis Design Network Consultants as an interior architect. Due to her full time work commitment, Blackjettas Design studio will only provide free-lance design consultancy to selective jobs and all production of design products under the banner of Blackjettas Design will be downsized.

How else may I help?

The internet domain is very vast and Yvonne Foong is only one person. Please help me spread the word by writing a blog post, putting up banners, and linking my blog during the auction. Attached with this e-mail are two banner options. Feel free to use and distribute them. The best time for banners to go up is this Wednesday, 21st March 2007.
So don’t forget to keep track of the auction on my blog, from May 22nd – April 22nd, 2007!

Thank you,

And here’s another email from Alvin who is the webmaster of Youth.sg, a popular online portal for Singapore youths. Apparently there will be an Asean Ministerial Meeting on Youth coming up, so do pop over and voice your thoughts about being a South East Asian youth and your hopes for the youths of our region.

Hi Jolene,

How are you doing? 🙂
Youth.SG is involved with an upcoming Asean Ministerial Meeting on Youth
(AMMY V) –www.ammy.youth.sg and here is the information that I hope can be
featured on your blog if suitable. Do help us publicise about this via
your network in Malaysia.


Subject: Your Vote Counts for AMMY V!

It’s time to have your say in ASEAN issues that matter to you.

“My Wish for ASEAN” allows you to express YOUR views on 4 areas of ASEAN
development through voting: Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship,
Engagement, and Environment. Singapore will be hosting the 5th ASEAN
Ministerial Meeting for Youth (AMMY V) from 24-27 Apr 07, and your votes
will be forwarded to the AMMY V Youth Caucus. Youth country
representatives will consider your responses as they formulate
recommendations for the Meeting. What’s more, cast your votes and stand to
win $20 Kinokuniya vouchers. Click on http://ammy.youth.sg to vote now!

AMMY V is THE platform for ASEAN youth ministers to establish ties, set
directions and collaborate on youth initiatives in ASEAN. This is the
first time that Singapore is playing host to the event, since the event’s
beginning in 1992. The theme for AMMY V is “Youth: Creating Our Future
Together”, selected to encourage ASEAN youth to recognise the potential
and talent they have within themselves to create a strong and vibrant
future for ASEAN.


Do give your support to both causes, okay?

And yes, this is the first time I’m experimenting with my blockquotes function and I actually drew those little blockquote images;D cute or not?:D I drew it during my boring classes, went home and scanned it and spent more time(read:procrastinating) colouring them with Photoshop Elements. Then I used magic eraser to remove the background, copied the image onto a blue background, crop, upload to imageshack and voila!~ 🙂 I’m so proud of myself!

Initially I wanted to make them into stickers. I’d call them The Crazy Girlfriend. Actually I have 10 sketches of this crazy girlfriend. No prizes for guessing where the inspiration came from. But these are mostly exaggerations laa..I’m not that crazy.

The first image(where the girl is wearing green) is about the typical girl waiting for a phonecall from a guy who said he would call. But this is not really my problem. Haha.

The second image is of the girl who didn’t know her period came. But next to this image in my original sketching was a girl having PMS with a star pointing out from her tummy indicating pain.

The third image is of the crazy girlfriend who feels that she must do what she must do.

The fourth image depict increasing levels of frustration.(i’ve got an all-crazy-out one among my collection, but will put that up later!)

Alright, back to the books and then dinner and then we’ll see how, maybe more time wasting. *starts kicking self for lack of dicipline*