56 Killer’s Lizard Room Mate, Practical Class and Party.

I’ve actually had this lizard roaming around my wall, just above my study table since a month ago. Actually, how long is a lizard’s life span? Anyway, it lives behind my stack of printer ink refills and comes out to play when there are bugs chilling on the wall. It’s quite fun to watch it pounce on  unsuspecting bugs. Once I even saw it attempt to devour a dragon fly whole.

My lizard room mate is damn cool.

Only thing is that I get a bit freaked out when I sleep at night because the left side of my bed is touching the wall and the wall is the same wall that the lizard roams on.

It’s so weird that it’s been over a month and it’s still staying there, happily killing bugs.

It doesn’t do cockroaches though.

I think I should name it. I’ve got a soft spot for it liao. When i’m waiting for people to reply me on MSN, I’ll stare at it as it cocks its head up and down and looks out for more bugs to it. Sometimes I even pick out tiny flying insects from the window sill and stick it to the wall so that my room mate lizard can put on a show for me.

The lizard which has taken up permanent residence in my room.

Going back to its home which is behind the ink refills. I’m treating it nice by cleaning its shit from behind the table every now and then. Okay, I’m lying. I’ve not gotten around to cleaning it yet.

Sometimes it goes and chill beside my bedside lamp.

Okay.. for those of you who have a queasy stomach, scroll down as quickly as you can and try to miss the next 5 or 6 photos yeah?

I don’t know how come Lie Yuen dared to put the fake brain so near her face. The lecturer touches the real brain and then caresses the plastic one to make a point. Without washing his hands.

This one lagi terrer.
l-r: Cze Yin, Poh Yee, Narjit
Oh yeah, more papayas from my papaya tree are ripe. #(*$&#%&#$..

Don’t they look like boobies?

Stupid birds.

Oh yeahh! We finally got our gas and are all ready to cook!(We bought a stove for like over a month and were too busy with exams).

Defrosting the chicken fillet!

Didn’t know that we needed a pipe to connect the gas. So clever hor.

When we went out to buy the pipe, we found more disasters.

Finally fallen.:( Got maggots somemore. Will put up a macro pic of it tomorrow! You think we can hire those bangla grass cutters to help us clean up or not? Neither one of us dare to touch it. ….*thinks*, maybe it’ll make a good blog entry. OKAY TOMORROW I CLEAN.


Yan Rui the Man was summoned to help us with the stove. Since he was the (only)man of the house.(for just a few hours lah..)

I like to chop the entire bulb of garlic and then keep it in the fridge. 🙂

And then there was fire!!

But we could still smell gas. I don’t know, they were the ones who told me they smelt something. I’ve got a blocked nose now. So I’d probably die alone in the house if the girls went back for the weekend.

Marinating the chicken.

Make me happy abit can? Say lah something nice.

Lie Yuen’s eggs.

Eggs with french beans!

Our chef! Who claims that she only knows how to cook eggs!

And is not bad at it!!

Our other chef, Jolene Lai, who has repetitive cooking styles. To quote Narjit when I showed her the pics later that night: “Lagi lagi kangkung… lagi lagi chicken+oystermushroom+onion”. Oei! People cook for you still want to complain!


AND I FINALLY HAVE RICE TO EAT IN SUNGAI PETANI, KEDAH. I mean I’ve eaten rice in Kedah, but not once from my own rice cooker.

Nice or not??

Yan Rui said looks like blended cadaver parts. Thanks ah Yan Rui.

Lie Yuen’s fried eggs!


This was taken with Lie Yuen standing on her chair. We felt so happy because we felt like we were back home.

Things Jolene learnt about cooking for the past two days:

1. Need more plates if you wanna cook.
2. Oil can be reused..*looks at tummy and goes “No wonder.”*
3. Rice stuck to the bottom of the rice cooker can be put in the fridge overnight and it’ll be easier to remove in the morning.
4. Newspaper can be placed on the floor where the stove is to avoid oil all over the place.
5. How to make sweet and sour sauce.

Things Lie Yuen learnt about cooking for the past two days:

1. The wok must be thoroughly dried before putting oil inside.
2. Salt can be put into the food with a spoon. (she used fingers to sprinkle!)
3. Mopping the floor after every meal(oil, and bits of garlic and bits of veggie) is quite a burden.
4. How to make sweet and sour sauce.

After cleaning up and taking a bath, we went over to our classmate’s place in the old housing area that I was in for our class rep’s surprise party!

The class trying to be quiet.

He was surprised yeah bla bla bla happy birthday bla bla bla bla pull the candle out with your teeth bla bla bla SLAM HIS FACE bla bla bla.

Happy belated birthday, Ebby!

Someone poured sparkling juice on the floor. Maxis is curious.

I KNEW I should have worn panties if I wanted to wear a skirt. Damn my periods.


And then Maxis came up with an idea to play Limbo rock.

Ebby has a go.

You know why they’re laughing? I could not get across..and you know what was in the way?? Damn shy sial.

Jimmy gets support!

That Maxis ar..really can bend.

And we played train. Yes, the average age of my classmates is 21. Erm, youngest is me and Narjit(19) and oldest is like 24. Shy only.

Li Shen does not like me kissing her. So bad.

On the way back to our current housing area, we saw a Kancil with this signboard. Weird. I wonder if the guy is about to commit a crime or something?! Must be lah. Will submit this pic to the Star.:)