Abercrombie and Fitch Topless Greeters – Ticked Off My Bucket List!

I knew I had to do this or die never knowing what it is like to stand next to one.

Random christmas deco in Singapore! As always, so gorgeous!

The crowd that thronged outside Abercrombie and Fitch where the sensational male models were posing for photographs!

I’ve been seeing them all over Facebook and no way in hell can I be so close to Singapore and not pop in to cop a feel, have a look.

You would think that it is super hard to get up close to take photos with the models but there’s actually a wall of very shy girls who somehow managed to get to the front of the line but were quite shy to finish the deed and go.

See! They were waiting! And they were also beckoning girls to come join them! 😀 And they made sure to remind you to come for the opening whenever you strike up a conversation.

Whee!! So many grouped together for us!!

This guy was going around taking topless pics with the models too..hahaha Okay lah, boleh lah I see some pectoral outlines there.

LOL Chee Kiang sent this to one of our gay buddies on whatsapp with the caption, “Merry Christmas!”. Hope our friend managed to find time to go check out the boys before their stint is over.

Hahahaha.. this guy so cute and shy. Aww.

Eng Hooi and I went around handpicking our favourites..hahaha!!

In most photos all over the internet, he has a smoldering look going on but mannn.. he has such a nice and genuine smile!!

In this photo, Weng Lum commented that I had very polite hands and that they should have travelled elsewhere. LOL!! Don’t want the guys to be disgusted and sue me for sexual harrassment!

And finally a picture with our lovely boys who encouraged us to catch the A&F boys before it is too late. We have such awesome boyfriends who will actually say things like, “Eh better faster, you want to go see your Abercrombie and Fitch models right? Let’s go! Let’s go!” and played cameramen while we oggled. 😀

Chee Kiang presents to you another addition to the already awesome streets of Singapore’s shopping heaven.

Despite going to Orchard many many times now, I still stumble about, not knowing which underground walkways lead to where, which escalator goes to which shopping mall…anyway long story short, suddenly I was in front of a super cute milkshake shop! I think it was at ION?

Choose your size! <3 (actually I love the colours in this pic hence the pic)

Rule of thumb: Whatever that has peanuts and cream probably tastes damn awesome. This one is called Nutty Peanut Butler!

And Chee Kiang had one called Powderful Milonosaurus! So cute right!! Confirm the name came from Milo dinosaur that most of your mamaks carry. 🙂

Previous weekend Daryl+Kim came down and we hung out with Joanne (Daryl’s Sis) and hubby Ser Hon.. and this week another part of the gang came down, Justin+Charlotte. So it’s like a non-stop december weekend thing! Should have brought my camera out last weekend as we went to a whole lot of awesome restaurants!

More of the Sg Christmas deco. 🙂 I want to see more but we always seem to be rushing to somewhere whenever we are in Orchard. :\ Maybe I’ll pop by one evening to just walk walk and photograph, photograph!

Even the display windows are so gorgeous.

Sigh. 🙂

Love this display window too. 😀

All the roads were decked out in these blue lights so everything around you is illuminated in blue. Very avatar. 🙂