Abit Of A Rant and Justin’s Birthday Party

I know a blog is supposed to be a journal of sorts. With loads and loads of writings and interesting thoughts to be shared with anybody who cares.

But I’m back for the holidays. Time alone with my thoughts is not possible. The only constant thought in my head is “who am I meeting today again?”

It’s not that I’m so happening and highly demanded but so many old friends are back from overseas and I try to make it a point to see everyone. It’s not easy. It’s very draining. In fact, as I blog this, I feel so sleepy.

Why do I feel the need to have to blog about everything I do? Every photo I take?

I just feel like going to bed but if I don’t blog this, I will never get to move on to the gazillion of photos that I have left in my computer.

Su-Hsien once told me, “Jo, don’t let your blog turn into a photoblog.”

I’m afraid it’s already at that level already right? Please tell me my blog is not a photoblog. I still want to know that I can write. Can I write?

I know deep down I’m not a good writer. I don’t even speak or write perfect english. I suppose what is special about me is the way I try to dramatize every single event in my life. I was told before that I have the ability to make mundane things seem interesting. But I am not able to elaborate on everything all the time. On some days, there’s no inspiration to blog.

I take photos because I want to tell you what captured my attention. I want to tell everyone that I’ve been hanging out with so and so today. I want to remember the things I do clearer.

My eyes are barely open, now. These thoughts are just flowing.. and flowing. They might not even relate to one another.

But like I said, if I don’t blog this, I will never get around to doing it. Such is the life of Jolene Lai.

At which point did blogging became an obligation? (Don’t worry Justin this has nothing to do about blogging about your birthday party.)

I was once told off by someone that I can’t get mad at them just because they don’t want to post something on their blog.

I was pissed, but I see their reasons now.

it’s annoying when your guilt strings are pulled just because you own a blog. It’s a stupid duty to tend to.

I always tend to stupid duties. And end up blaming someone, and then realising that the culprit of the whole ordeal is because of myself.

I say yes to almost everything. I’m just so fucking obliging. I wish I was tougher. But if people stopped asking me to do things, I’d feel sad.

Now whose backside do you wanna kick?

And I’m always the first to say sorry should anybody be upset with/at me.

Even if it’s not my fault.

Why am I talking so much irrelevant er..irrelevances?


Last Saturday, Justin’s girlfriend Ada celebrated his 21st birthday party for him earlier at TGIF at the Curve. She celebrated it earlier because she was leaving for Australia before his birthday.

…. actually you know what? I’m so tired. I AM DAMN PISSED THAT I WROTE A NICE LONG POST ABOUT THE DINNER LAST NIGHT AND THE FUCKING INTERNET DIED ON ME. I was supposed to have posted something nicer than this, about this, two nights ago if it isn’t because of streamyx. Why isn’t there another reliable telecommunications giant that we can sign up with?

So there’s so much I want to say about the party. But just too tired. So I’m going to do it in a point form.
-girlfriend Ada. very good. will win girlfriend of the year award.

-makes me want to bury hole and put self inside.

-girlfriend Ada belanja-ed dinner.

-justin very touched.

-justin very surprised too.

-girlfriend Ada bought Justin 21 birthday presents to signify the 21 years of his life.

and I hope to god my mood is because of the pending arrival of my period. I feel so fucking angry for no particular reason? And maybe because I’m damn tired as well.


It must be the internet and my painful back.

cheers to the birthday boy. yay.

l-r: justin, ada, yee ling(nice girl. I’d say more. But with my current mood? Dangerous territory. Don’t mess with me when I’m in this mood.)

L-r: daryl, kenny, ahpeng, ah something can’t remember ah what. Ah Peng looks like Vick from Malaysian Idol. I was very witty last night when I wrote about this. But tonight I can’t be fucked. He looks like Vick. He said hah that guy again. I said hahaha. End.

l-r: Jon, Gaya, Me. Yes. Same top from blog meet. Went straight. No time to bathe, change. Whatever fuck.

She loves him so much, and he loves her even more.

Daryl the sor chai and myself.

Daryl so cute.

l-r: Saif, Nadine, Jon, Gaya, Me

Me and the birthday boy.

So cute.

This is what happens to you if you celebrate your birthday there.

Yea, blow blow.

Wah so big card

Aww, 21 birthday presents. So touchingleh.

She don’t want to see them kiss.

Self explanatory. I was happier last night. Blame the internet for my mood la.

Daryl so farnee.

Camwhoring in Daryl’s garden. Went there for booze and to lepak for abit. I hate alcohol. I officially hate alcohol. I’m not going to pretend anymore.

I HATE ALCOHOL. FUCK ALCOHOL. It’s so not the drink for me. I’m a coke kinda person.


Wah so loving. How come this photo above the other? Fuck i care la.

I was happier then. Yes.

Gaya and me.

lalala whatever

oh nice.

Lucky jon.

Tequila shots.

Marcus came.


Playing with ice.

puppies so cute. that’s ada by the way.

so cute. so cute. so cute. ….

AND THE END. Yes yesyesyesyesyesyesye i can sleep now.

I’ll probably only get to publish this on Friday morning. UGH! I HATE THE INTERNET IN MY AREA!!! The only redeeming fact about Kedah is that the internet is so much better there.