Absolute Bazaar 2 – Who Will Be There?

If I can’t go this time around, you must ALL GO!!

The awesome crowd at their first bazaar:

I blogged about it last month and it’s on AGAIN!

For more information, head on to their Facebook event to pester the organizers with your questions!

=( Poor Sticker Monster is dying to peddle some stickers there.. so badly that I’ve actually gone crazy with my stickers, blinging a lot of my belongings!


I’ve only just blinged my locker at uni today. 😀 Pity I forgot to photograph it. Planning to bling it from top to bottom!

Sharyl sent me the entire list of the who’s who of the malaysian online shopping community and they will all be there this weekend!

Thought I’d put it up here for those who will be going, so that you can get first dips on the amazing bargains and collect it from the blogshop owners in person this weekend! So get clicking. 🙂

*if there are any mistakes, please let me know!

1- french kiss
2- clothes for fun
3- absolutely irresistible
4- Oh popsicles
5- kiss and tell
6- lush serendipity
7- vego
8- miss shopaholic closet
9- my closet giggles
10- modern grannie
11- a chic store closet
12- dressing lab
13- bloo ribbon
14- dandelion kisses
15- jolly dolly
16- glampot
17- candy treats
18- heaven angels
19- dusky wings
20- luscious lips
21- diary of a miniature enthusiast
22- smooch us
23- the kooky thing
24- charm secret garden
25- our temptation
26- my favouritees
27- coco goddess
28- simply pretty things
29- euphorics
30- bunny noo
31- Room8008
32- ancient orchids
33- peaches & pixies
34- dude and dudettes (i couldn’t find the url :(  but i once bought a nice baby pink bag from them at Bijou Bazaar)
35- phatculture
36- button my buttons
37- plusfabolous
38-Petite Maniac
39-Purple Peppermint
40-Drag n Fly
41-Candy We Hearts
42-House of Allure
44-One Glance Of Envy
46-The Purple Polka Dot Shop

Do enjoy yourselves and remember to shop on my behalf as well! T_T Damn exams.

Oooh ooh! And remember to blog about the things you’ve bought from the bazaar, I wanna feel the love too.