ADSALympics 2010: Don’t Laugh..but I’m A Cheerleader

*During the second week of April 2010, my faculty held their annual games which we have so aptly named ADSALympics. ADSALympics is a monster of a sporting events. I like how my junior Shing Hui put it: ADSALympics = Cheer 2000 + NBA + Olympics + Thomas CUP + FIFI World Cup + Reality Show Event (plenty of drama). I’ll probably blog more about the other events, but by now most of you should be well acquainted with my blogging style, so don’t set your hopes too high. 😀

At the ripe old age of 23 (*dodges tomatoes and banana skins from the rest of the classmates*), I took part in my first ever cheerleading event!

A pre performance photo of some of the team members. We were praying that no accidents would happen that day.

Poh Yee recaptures her lost youth. 😛

Thankfully Brenda was there to capture our moment of glory!

Ee Chean found his initials twin among the Year 2 students. Ee Chean’s surname is Tan so I can see why this was a pleasant surprise to him. Thanks for posing Eng Cheong!

And this is what Ee Chean chose as the name on his journey. So cute right?!

This picture trumps all – it is by far the cutest! It also generated a whole lot of comments on facebook, becoming one of the more loved photos among all the ADSALympic photos.

So nice of the Year 2 boys to comply to a senior’s request for a photo.

Myself and Chwan Horng before everyone got a little more stressed out.

L-r: Ee Chia, Steven, Angela and Narjit.
Ee Chia worked really hard on the banners for our team. The job was delegated to her as she is the most artistic one in class. Alongside a few others lah, don’t emo.

This is Batch 2 practicing for their performance. Everyone was trying to do some last minute fine tuning. It was almost impossible for all batches to practice constantly due to our overbearing schedule.

Doing some last minute dance routines at the squash court. Yes, we have a squash court. Let it out, it is okay to be envious, shh, it is okay.. *rubs*

This is how Jimmy deals with stage fright.

Our class is seriously so small that our entire cheerleading team could practice in a single squash court.

Not exactly ideal but we only had minutes before the performance and were nervous like hell!

Damn hot in there with everyone sweating due to nervousness and also the lack of any sort of ventilation. Still smiling though!

As I was about to caption this picture, Lie Yuen walked in to my room to moan about our day/discuss dinner/weekend plans so…. which movie you want to watch ah woman? Robinhood or Kidnappers?

Everyone look so cute in their headgear!

Trust batch 4 to come up with a creative name!

The eventual champions. Sorry I gave it away.

Batch 5 made sure we knew they were there with their super glowing jerseys!

Our dear lecturers who sat in as judges for the cheerleading event!
L-r: Dr. Nanditha, Dr. Niekla, Dr. Kalyan and Dr. Senthil.

Presenting Batch 4!

I love it that the boys held pompoms too!

Wonder if the ones at the bottom felt any pain.

Batch 4’s Diazepom’s cheerleading routine.

Some team spirit thingie we did at the beginning of our act.

Being in the front line, it was our job to lay down the banners.


Too bad Wuan Phing didn’t manage to capture our fan formation! See the video for the full formation:)

We have this formation called The Bridge where Sock Nee runs across the boys’ backs. I was supposed to be an extra boy but after being all drama queen and squealing and screaming everytime Sock Nee stepped on me, they kicked me back out to join the girls shaking the pompoms. So happy to be back as a girl.

Everyone feared for Lie Yuen’s life with this formation. It was a three layer pyramid with the second layer’s boys’ hands extended all the way up, holding on to her feet. She then falls straight down from the top to the waiting hands below.

One of our prettiest formations!

Lie Yuen and Steven with their synchronized cartwheels.

See us being worried for Lie Yuen!

Poh Yee and Sock Nee’s mouths are the cutest here!! <3

See the video okay! The first video is shot in HD by our lecturer Dr. Kalyan and the second one was with my camera by Brenda. The second video is of course not as pro as the first but at least you can see Jimmy’s super high jump!

Batch 1’s Shockers Cheerleading routine

From the side. heh.

Batch 3 performed after us and gave it their all. They have been practicing for more than a month prior to the competition and with Deniece as their squad leader, they pretty much dropped all the jaws in the badminton court that day.

Gerviene as the damsel in distress during the siren call at the beginning (just watch the video!). Oh yeah, the Batch 3’s team name is Sirens (or was it Sirenz?).

Check out the hairography!

The Batch 3 can seriously seriously dance. There’s one part where their tummies tuck in and their chest stick out and back in in quick succession…that was awesome. I tried that in front of the mirror and failed embarrassingly.

With squad leader Deniece taking the lead.

More hairography from the ladies.

For amateurs (well, the most professionals among all the amateurs that day) they can really really bend!

Gorgeous pompoms from Batch 3 as souvenirs for the judges.

Batch 3’s Sirens Cheerleading routine

Thunder from Batch 2 had a great mix of songs which included Ice Ice Baby!!!

I thought the T formation was a nice touch!!

They all look really cute together. Like tiny mushrooms. Hahaha. 🙂

And then peeking out from under their mushroom pompoms!

Y YOU DAMN SEXY LAaa. Especially when you walked out to the front with that super intense look in your eyes, sending electricity to all the judges (Dr. Kalyan and Dr. Senthil also ng fong kor..haha) to the Sorry Sorry song.

<3 I wish to see you boys performing the entire dance number. 🙂 Too bad it was so short.

Always the best at designing banners. 🙂

Batch 2’s Thunder cheerleading routine part 1.

And here’s part 2!

The last to perform were the dentistry babies, our super juniors from Year 1. 🙂

There is one particular move that I liked a lot! The girls had this puppet move where they have their arms sticking out robot style and then they turn their heads to us in puppetry fashion. 🙂 Nice touch!

I must apologize though as I don’t have Batch 5’s video up on youtube and I must not procrastinate any longer with these posts so I won’t be showing Batch 5’s video here. It’s on facebook though…I think.

It was certainly a rewarding experience coming in at 2nd place after the few but intense cheerleading practice which was done military style by Maxis. This is probably the last time that I’ll ever get to be part of a cheerleading team. 🙂