Adventures Of Jay The Squirrel: Don’t Use Others’ Nuts

Some of the more valuable nuts in the woods are used as currency.

Jay The Squirrel and the other rodents in the Rodent Conservation Programme have insufficient valuable nuts to maintain the lifestyle that they were used to back in their own trees in other parts of the woods. This is because they are away from their families and they need to know how to control their nuts and use them wisely. They are learning.

One of the little luxuries in their furry lives that they can afford would be the daily tea leaves that are sent to their trees which would inform them about the latest happenings in the woods. From the start, Vinnie The Hedgehog said that she would not need the daily tea leaves as she goes back to her own tree in another part of the woods every weekend and can get access to the weekend’s tea leaves and have no need to have a daily supply of it. So fine, the other rodents thought, if she doesn’t want to chip in, they can still manage. Then, Nini The Hedgehog pulled out because she did not want to use her valuable nuts unnecessarily. Jay The Squirrel was abit peeved but she was okay about it after awhile.

Then today, Kiki The Squirrel kicked Jay The Squirrel and spoke in  Squirrel-dialect, “She’s reading our daily tea leaves! Make her pay!” . Jay the Squirrel discreetly hinted to Vinnie The Hedgehog, “Eh, so you decided to join us for the daily tea leaves?” Then Vinnie The Hedgehog said, “Eh, no.. just swirling the leaves. Not really reading it.”

It is unfair because how can you “swirl the leaves” and not read it? It’s not fair that the other rodents fork out their own nuts to get a daily supply of tea leaves and from the start the rodents have made it clear that whoever who are sharing nuts would get to read the daily tea leaves.

It’s fine if Vinnie The Hedgehog asked permission if she can read but she should stand firm against her own words and not read the daily tea leaves if she has said from the start that she “doesn’t need it”. But she did not even ask the other rodents if she can read it.

Another night when Jay The Squirrel was dilligently reviewing her materials from the day’s activities on her crystal ball, Vinnie The Hedgehog prodded Jay The Squirrel for the umpteenth time and asked if she can borrow her multi-purpose tea leaves which contains the activities of the Rodent Convervation Programme in great detail. A little frazzled from being disturbed, Jay The Squirrel huffed, “Why can’t you buy your own multi-purpose tea leaves?”

Vinnie The Hedgehog replied unashamedly, “No need lah, you all got what.”

WAH LAU WEH! Jay the Squirrel was damn pissed and immediately spoke in Squirrel-dialect to the other squirrels before switching back to the Rodent Language and said calmly, “But don’t you need to refer to it when you go back to your tree in that other
part of the woods?”

Vinnie The Hedgehog mumbled something but was eventually lost for words.

Nini The Hedgehog once told the other squirrels that Vinnie The Hedgehog has her own multi-purpose tea leaves in her own hole somewhere high up in the big oak tree but was too lazy to scurry up to get it. Cunning, cunning.

On another note, Jay The Squirrel is unhappy with the quality of the leaves that she has been given to sleep on and it gives her pityful squirrely back a backache. Jay The Squirrel is constantly in pain and she hopes to be able to go to a nice hot spring to ease the tensed muscles in her back. However, it’s expensive for a nice session in a hot spring and she’s saving her nuts for one of those magic prisms that captures the most beautiful images which she can keep in her crystal ball.