AIMST Second Annual Dental Dinner 2008

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Dazzling Birthstone Stickers

Bling The Entire Rainbow


After months of anticipation, the dental dinner came and went two Saturdays ago.  Our theme for the night was Glitter.Glam. Glow. Aside from the official preparation, all of us clamoured to equip ourselves with glittery accessories, make-up and the works.

My president, my housemate, my Cze-Yin!

The dinner was held at G Hotel, a refreshing change from the boring hotels available at Sungai Petani. We did it last year at Cinta Sayang(probably the best the small town has to offer), and I hope the future committees of the AIMST Bachelor of Dental Surgery undergrads will only go higher and better from here. The cocktail area is quite impressive, don’t you think?

Having not seen the ballroom before but only heard about it via Ei Leng who kept telling us about her deco ideas during the meetings (complete with powerpoint presentations etc), my expectations of the place were far too high. While it snugly fits the 200-strong dinner party, I have to say I expected higher ceilings and a bigger stage!

Here’s Poh Yee and Zhu Zen who came early together with us to help out with the preparations.

Yii Ping pretending to play the piano.

The sponsorship committee did an awesome job by bringing in about RM10k worth of sponsors. Here we were, packing the goodies from our sponsors into Sensodyne bags.

We had Sensodyne bags from the Northern Region Malaysian Dental Association’s conference last year and they make really good bags to carry our swimming stuff in.

This is Samuel, my year 3 junior. Watch the second video which I’ll post below. He is a maestro on the violin!

Gotta love pretty white table arrangements.

Chee Wen is our Vice President and in all the years that I’ve known him, I’ve not seen this overly responsible side of him. He did such an amazing job by arranging the flow of the night, making sure there were no glitches at all!

l-r: Andy who headed the Glitter Queen and Gala King committee(sort of like a Prom King and Prom Queen kind of thing) and Yii Ping who controlled the lights for the night and rocked the crowd with her leet guitar skills.

in all the events that I’ve ever been a part of, the programme books by this committee has to be the BEST! Glossy cover and coloured pages inside!

Little suits and dresses to vote for the Glitter Queen and Gala King with.

Samuel and Gaya taking the extremely heavy keyboard into the ball room.

Because dental students floss, you see.

With the beautiful programme books all ready to blow their minds away.

The bunch of boys who poured in their sweat and blood into making the event a roaring success! It’s quite a feat as they are the ones who saunter into class looking like they’d rather be back in bed/in front of the computer. My kakis.
l-r: Maxis,Sett, Melvin, Jimmy and Chee Wen.

Gerviene’s really proud of her programme books.

Glamour shot of Melvin and me.

It totally goes with the theme of the night!

Doing the necessary.

CY was helping the Gala King and Glitter Queen committee to arrange the ballots in the ashtray.

As usual, Andy can be seen clowning around the entire place. Which dentistry event would be complete without his famous antics?

photos of Sensodyne bag to appease the sponsors.

With the products! We’ve got mugs, oral aid(for ulcers), some denture cleaners(erm..), Wrigley’s Chewing Gum in Watermelon!(damn damn nice)… and I think that’s about it.

We spent about RM400 on rented lights but turns out that the hotel already has their own lights.

Not too shabby eh? I made the glittery envelopes and printed out the ‘certs’ for the Glam King and Glitter Queen title of the night.

The RM36 tiara was bought from Hot Market, a dodgy place which sells all kinds of knick-knacks. Surprisingly, some treasures can be found amidst the cheapo junk. There are some pretty bling bling brooches that Lie Yuen and I are quite interetsed in.

Damn ngam with the theme right?

Gotta love the fonts too!

How I love my extremely glittery envelopes! <3

Me wearing the cheapo RM1.90 Gala King crown! It’s so cheap that the blings are not actually blings, but holes with inner facets to simulate facets.

Gerviene wears it proud.

Ei Leng, Kelvin and Melvin posing with the souvenirs for the VIPS.

The end product, all ready for the big night.

back l-r: EiLeng, Brenda
front l-r: Nien, Lie Yuen, Poh Yee, Zhu Zen and myself

Cze-Yin did not want to be left out.

I know this looks like a couply photo of Melvin and Poh Yee..bwahahha.

Another few hundred bucks went to an event company which helped with the backdrop.

l-r: Maxis, CY, Gerviene, Cze-Yin and Nien.

Since Gurney Plaza was only next door, it was quite convenient for us to get our hair done.

Now I see the appeal of the Jappy hair bun.

As with every event there would definitely be a mad rush to get our make-up done and of course, go about doing our delegated duties.  I was fortunate enough to secure a hole in the wall at the function room!

Here’s some of batch2 junors: Alice, Sue Lyn and Sook Mei.

Gillian and Gabrielle looking gamorous in what is actually white.

Gerviene smiles forcefully for me.

Since I was a busy running around taking photos (pathetic photographer for the night who didn’t snap with a dSLR), this probably one of the only photos of me camwhoring.

The VIPS arrived a little too early. Our Malaysian students, decided to arrive at Malaysian time.

The committee really went all out with the details.

l-r: Amalina and Phebe. Phebe was last year’s Gala Queen!

Myself and Ah Thong!

Nien looked really beautiful that night. Her dress was altered to perfection and it was flattering from ever possible angle. Her hair was wind swept and glamorous. Ah Thong, like almost all the guys in my class, looked really smart that night.

Cze-Yin’s dress, as we kept describing to whoever who asked, was like a night sky filled with stars. Better savour this moment, it’s one of the very rare occasions where you will see her in a dress. As for Zhu Zen, her gold crinkled dress looked absolutely elegant with a brown satin sash. Since she’s so fair, the colours really suited her.

l-r: me, Josiah, Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Nien, Cze-Yin and Ah Thong.
I’ve never seen Lie Yuen in a gown before and it adds plenty of height to her usual petiteness. A brown chiffon over a pink satin material, it really enhanced her curves!
Josiah was nominated for Gala King that night. I just looked lost, don’t I?

Here’s some of my batch 3 juniors.
l-r: Kenneth, Kai (hope I got your name right!), Jonathan

More rose petals at the reception.

Dr. Robinson and Prof. Comfort.

Don’t they look the part??:D Kelvin and Ei Leng so glam.

More of the deco.

GLITTER.GLAM.GLOW in full glory!

Ei Leng who headed the deco team came up with the idea to have an illuminated white backdrop with the Glitter Glam Glow ‘floating’.

l-r: Jennifer, Phillip and Deniece. Phillip and Deniece were our emcees for the night.

Forgive the bow-legs, my mother has already nagged me countless of times. Don’t you just love the background?

Yii Ping wanted one as well!

A sexy one.

True to her nature, we gave her one of the more macho jobs – lights!

This is Sett looking like the debonair gentleman that he is.

Here’s one of the belly dancers practicing backstage. The way they shimmied put me in awe! Yes, I know what a shimmy is. (or do I?) After all, I went for belly dancing classes for about four months.

The juniors hired a couple of stylists to do their hair on the spot.

Lie Yuen and Ee Chean.

More of the Year 2 boys:
L-r: Aik Munn, Jonathan, Kai(I THINK), Navein, Chew Weng, Kenneth, Wilander, Phillip.

Our charming biochemistry lecturer Dr. Ong with Deniece and Kai Xuan.

My first year juniors whose name escaped me! Sorry! Please let me know who you are if you do see this.

A few of us Year4 girls!
l-r: Zhu Zen, Myself, Lie Yuen, Nien, Angela, Sock Nee and Praveena.

Housemates photo!! Too bad Cze-Yin was too busy running around.

Nien and Sock Nee! Sock Nee make-up was amazing, it totally rendered her unrecognizable! Love the lashes!

In my opinion, Angela should have been nominated for Glitter Queen as well. She’s got the works! The make-up, the hair, the dress… I especially love the dress.

The three of us who came in about the same shade. Without my flash, my dress is like the colour of Nien’s.

Another one of Sue Lyn and Alice.

l-r: Phebe, Shing Hui and Gabrielle.

l-r: Xin Yi and Sett
Xin Yi’s dress is so sweet and sexy! I love the bow-sash thing.

Pei Zhi and myself. She’s so lucky to have nice cheek apples.

l-r: Amelia, Sook Mei, Myself and Oi Leng.

Myself and the very very cheeky Yi Chin.

Cze-Yin and Maxis.

l-r: Steven, Ee Chia, Yan Rui and Li Shen.
Ee Chia looks really different! Almost couldn’t recognize her.

l-r: sorry I can’t remember your name!!,

Some Year 1 juniors.
l-r: Ron, Priyanka(Briyanka?), The Guy Who Won Glam King(sorry can’t remember your name), Kelvin, Mac, Michelle, SORRY!!

L-r: Saratha, Sorry!!, Sutha, Shalini

The VIP Table. Once again, they were the first to go in! It’s such an embarrassment when the students are not as disciplined as the VIPs!

Myself and Chwan Horng. We never realized he had the build for a suit and he looked really good that night! The Gala King and Glitter Queen hunters must have thought the same as he was nominated for Gala King.

Andy and Zhu Zen, the newest couple in class. If we’re lucky, another pair might be on the same way but I’m not saying who~~. I’d probably get killed after this for even saying a little bit.

l-r: Narjit, Sett and Jamie.

More of the Year 1 girls.
L-r: Xin Le, Melanie, Jeanette, Dai Shan, Karishma, Peta, Priyanka/Briyanka. Correct me if I’m wrong!

l-r: Si Ying, Michelle (who is Andy’s sister!!), Mac.
Don’t you just love the background? We’ve got an awesome seaview!

Check out Poh Yee’s entire ensemble. She even got herself a fascinator!

Here’s Jeeva and Jeya!

Plus Harveen, whose make-up was really pretty!

Whilst ushering everyone into the hall, I managed to get Lie Yuen to get a quick shot. This will probably be my Facebook profile photo for the next 6 months.

The people were starting to trickle in.

Prof. Smales and Dr. Robinson trying to speak to Dr. ST Tiew from Tiew Dental Clinic and Mr. Ezekiel Tiew amidst the chatter of dental students.

Sett the projector guy.

l-r: Serene, SORRY but I love your dress!

Poh Yee and myself.

Ee Chean and me.

Ah Thong and me. Yea I know this is hardly a wordy blog entry…. more like a photo album.

Aik Munn and myself.

The lecturers’ table.

top l-r: myself, Yee Wooi,
bottom l-r: CY, SORRY, Yi Chin

Wah Melvin so hensem.

Myself and CY. He was nominated for Gala King that night too! I dig men in vests! Good choice, CY!

Lie Yuen and Brenda.

l-r: Jamie, Lie Yuen, Narjit.

l-r: Zhu Zen, Poh Yee, Lie Yuen, Sock Nee.

Don’t we look colorful?
l-r: Narjit, Poh Yee, Sock Nee, Angela, Brenda, Xin Yi, Pei Zhi and myself.

At least our table had a good balance of guys and girls!

The event officially started with the belly dancers doing their thang on stage.

Our four emcees for the night: Magesh, Deniece, Phillip and Gerviene.

The crowd was of a pretty good size, no complains there. Next year’s will be massive with the fifth batch soming in! 🙂 And us old folks enjoying ourselves for the very last time before we graduate.

Cze-Yin, Brenda and myself with our handsome dental tecnology lecturer Mr. Mansor who wore a lovely bowtie.

Prof. Smales used props for part of his joke during his speech. I was too busy going trigger happy that I did not hear what his joke was about. But apparently those were scrubs.

More of the lecturers.

The dental dinner doubled as the exco’s installation ceremony as well. 🙂

Chee Wen gets installed as the Vice President.

Melvin as the second batch’s vice president.

Mohan as the third batch’s vice president.

Myself as the immortal secretary.

Nien as Asst. Treasurer.

Cze-Yin giving her mandatory speech.

Which we probably missed as we were too busy looking pretty and colourful.

I can’t remember which MDA rep this was, but isn’t he smiley?:)
The lady in red is our Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs’ Dr. Hacharan Singh’s wife. That’s Prof. Comfort, our Assisant dean looking for food.

Prof. Smales so nice, always smiling to my camera.

L-r: Ee Chia, Harveen, Steven, Jamie, Sylvia, Narjit, Wuan Phing, Li Shen, Yan Rui

Some of the batch 3s.

More of the batch3s. Sigh, our class is so small(and old) compared to them.

Ooh I love this picture. Very postery.
l-r: Charis, Gillian, Sook Mei, Amelia.

l-r: Nien, Myself, Thong, Ee Chean, Angela, Brenda and Cze-Yin

My dinner gang.

The food sucked. Enough said. The management at G Hotel did not follow our orders properly and actually served BEEF! Can you believe that?? We had Hindhus among our guests!

Dai Shan and Duo Zhuo(?) serenading the hungry crowd.

Sigh, wish we took a bigger group photo.

Dr. Pavai, Zhu Zen, Angela and Dr. Nanditha casting their votes.

Our beloved Zephyr then warmed up the crowd.

With Ebby, who is dubbed as Aimst’s best guitarist!

Yii Ping our girl guitarist! One of the MDA reps was so proud that he even snapped a photo of her.

Maxis, Zephyr’s crooner.

Jimmy is Zephyr’s other guitarist.

Chee Wen always looks so hot with his bass.

In between performances, Phillip and Gerviene threw Mr. Mansor a few questions about his attire. His bowtie was a crowd favourite.

Phillip continues to go around.

This was when the Glitter Queen nominees had to say a few words. I was actually trying to see if Poh Yee was on the stage but could not find her. In actual fact, she was only seated next to me, talking on the mic.

Another nice photo, courtesy of Lie Yuen!

l-r: brenda, Chee Wen and Ah Thong.

This Malay dance was performed by my classmates as well. Fizah choreographed this dance! I love the costumes!

It was then followed by an Indian dance by some of the Year3s.

And a strange Kungfu dance followed suit.

l-r: Gabrielle, Cassandra and Phebe doing an acapella version of Belaian Jiwa.

Oh Samuel sizzled with the violin! As did Sook Mei. 🙂

I always find violinists to very poised and polished.

oh this dance was pretty good! Aik Munn, you’re so sexy when you dance!!

Phebe, last year’s Gala Queen and Khim Yik, last year’s Gala King, preaparing to crowd this year’s recipients.

Jeanette from year 1 won the title of Glitter Queen.

The Gala King and Glitter Queen makes their way up to the stage.

I can’t remember the guy’s name but he’s a year 1 student as well.

Seems like a tradition for the title of Gala King to be given to first year students!

I. absolutely. love. love. love. Soo Huan’s dress. I’ve never seen anything this unique before!

myself posing with l-r: Desmond, Nien (you look gorgeous here), Brenda, Lie Yuen and Ebby.

Another photo to appease the kind and wonderful sponsors.

The year 3 choir!

Ken(far left) is an amazing singer. When he sings, he sounds like a boyband member(the one who can sing).

it was time for Zephyr to take to the stage again.

Jimmy and his trademark Fedora. So this is stage prop I suppose.

Chee Wen getting all intense.

The first years are a really sporting bunch! It also helps that the band members are all quite the dental hotties. 😀

Living the rock star dream. My classmates actually get gigs around Penang-Kedah!

Happy dancing girls make for nice photography!

Love the Glitter. Glam. Glow at the back.

Myself and the sexy jennifer.

Ee Chean pops out of the Conga line.

Such happy people!

I especially love this photo as I managed to capture the girl with the red sash looking so very happy.

l-r: Angela, Zhu Zen, Nien, Cze-Yin, Lie Yuen, myself, Brenda and Poh Yee.

Maxis must’ve been very happy that night. Bwahaha.

Party people.

I decided to go around taking more photos.
l-r: Alex and myself.

Tee Lun and me.

Myself and Stephanie.

top l-r: myself, Samuel, Yi Chin
bottom l-r: Ken, Adrian and SORRY!!

Another couple in our dental course, Kimra and David.

Jeanette and Chwan Horng.

Jo Ee! She was doing A Levels at Taylors when I was there as well! She went to Russia and came backand is now my 1st year junior.

l-r: CY, Samuel, Melvin, Poh Yee and myself.

ugh, my boob fats are popping out. Pretend you can’t see anything okay. This is me and June.

Xin Yi and myself!

Adrian, myself and the infamous molar container that I bring for every dentistry event. It’s always very useful!

Myself and Wuan Phing.

Janice and myself.

Siva and myself.

Myself and are-you-Melvin?

myself and Kelvin.

Myself and Mac.

Myself and Alex.

Myself and Johnson.

Myself and I-think-could-be-Melvin-too.

Lie Yuen looking very pretty at the reception.

So does Nien.

I didn’t remember to take photos with the lecturers! Here’s one of Lie Yuen and Dr. Pavai.

l-r: Lie Yuen, Dr. Satya, Dr. Senthil, (sorry Sir!!), Sett and Josiah.

Cze-Yin with Dr. Karthik and Dr. Brindha, our clinical lecturers. They’ve been with us through the thick and thin! Almost as awesome as Prof. Smales!

I think this was Cze-Yin or Poh Yee’s extensively pinned up hair.

l-r: Magesh, Lie Yuen, Cze-Yin, Nien and Bala.

l-r: nien, Steven and Lie Yuen.

Steven didn’t want me to appear taller than him so he made me squat down. I look like Quasimodo as a result.

Andy and myself.

Jimmy and myself.

Gloco Dental Mug and myself.

myself and myself.

Committee photo!
top l-r: Jimmy, Yii Ping, Kelvin
bottom l-r: Cassandra, Phebe, Gerviene, Ei Leng, Nien, Myself, Cze-Yin, Andy, Chee Wen and Melvin.

One glam photo to wrap up the night.

We adjourned to a bar at the hotel called G spot.

Everyone was pooped out!

The place was quite pretty.. albeit a little dead.

Nien looking really nice here.

Lie Yuen wants you to buy her a drink.

josiah and myself.

Quasimodo reappears.

Here are photos of the preparation that led up to the night:

This was when we were filming the first scene for our “Dentistry for Dummies” video. It was a video by our class and almost the entire class acted in it!

Andy putting powder on Ee Chean’s hair to make him look older.

Praveena getting her motherly make-up done.

I didn’t think he had enough powder in his hair.

We had plenty of sweets for the scene. I’m too lazy to explain. If you bother to look at the video, it’ll be up on my blog in the near(or far) future.


Cameraman Jimmy!

The yummy sweets!

Chee Wen even had a timeline to follow.

Oh yes, brown eyeshadow to fake some moustache.

Really like a crew working on a movie. Jamie is the director by the way!

My room is still full of glitter. ;\ I was making the glittery envelope and ugh.. glitter everywhere.

One of my dinner dress with the glittery mess.

Glossy spray paint to set the glitter in. Not a nice effect.

Can do lah.

More gloss.

Everything had to be glittery, even my nails! 😀

Nice? 😀

We were helping Cze-Yin with her speech.

ooh ooh, and this is our committee photo at the dental building with our dean, Prof. Smales.

If you’re keen, here are some videos of the dinner itself: