Am I The Only One Who Thinks That Earth Hour Is Stupid?

You switch off your lights for one hour and you call it a sacrifice for planet Earth? It’s bad enough that the radio stations have to drum it into my head every time I’m in my car but it took on a whole level of stupidity when I saw a poster hanging outside a music cafe to countdown to Earth Hour together.

Totally defeats the purpose right?

Why ask people to disrupt their lives for an hour just to save Planet Earth? It’s a great initiative and all but it’s the people who are in for the hype of it all that is annoying. If there’s no hype, you won’t save Planet Earth is it? Imagine the amount of energy your fridge needs to restart again. Your air conditioner to recool your room. Gee.

I’ve read up on it a little bit and I don’t find anything educational about it. Awareness, sure. But no habits are being cultivated. So what happens after that one hour?

Honestly, would you turn off your electricity for an hour on a weekend other than the Earth Hour weekend just because you feel like it at ? Didn’t think so.

The way the messages are being spread, it’s like everyone NEEDS to join this cause. If we’re already recycling our unwanted paper and plastic products, using hybrid cars and other tree hugging activites, that’s good enough. We’re already doing our part.

But to be so in your face about the bloody one hour is just plain annoying. I still roll my eyes at that stupid cafe for taking advantage of this campaign to draw the crowds. The cafe doesn’t want to save the world, it wants money!

A friend asked me to get my university to join the campaign. I know she means well but in my head I was like, “Say what?!”. Totally impossible, I thought, thinking about how we could probably be half way in the clinics working on teeth and the likes. But at that time I didn’t know it would be in the evening on a weekend.

It’s silly. There are many other ways to save the world and drilling on and on and on about this ‘event’ definitely used more than the energy they managed to save during that lame one hour.

Imagine if hospitals were asked to take part in this event. is it really that important until the entire world must drop everything that they are doing and go through with this?

In my opinion, and I am entitled to have one, this one hour of darkness (and heat, omgg..) is not worth the hype. Get off the dumb bandwagon and use energy moderately if you really mean it. You did not choose to vote for Planet Earth, you chose to be trendy.

I’m going to sleep now.