Annoying, Annoying, ANNOYING!!

She’s getting far too annoying to be portrayed as a cute furry little thing in the Adventures of Jay The Squirrel.

Vinnie The Hedgehog is actually my very very annoying housemate. Yes, I am Jay The Squirrel. SURPRISE!!

We started off fine. But soon the little things piled up and everything started to irk EVERYONE in the house. From the way she sings off key when she has the headphones on, from the way she breathes, from the way she taps you hard on the back and ask, “Got food ar?”. Mother… like extortion like that.

From the first day, she was already in the bad books of my two other housemates. Her first formal tiffy in this hostel would be when she did not pick her hair from the drain cover after her bath. Another housemate who shares her bathroom asked me to call for a house meeting to discuss this matter.

At that time, I was somewhat torn because I was on okay terms with her. I didn’t want chaos in the house. You should’ve seen our little meetings,

“Er Vinnie arr… can you please pick your hair up from the drain cover?” the housemate who shares her toilet asked her.

Vinnie replied icily, “Oh, er.. how do you know it’s my hair?”

Housemate who shares the toilet retorted rather weakly, “I don’t know lah. But please just pick up your hair when you’re done.”

You know when two women try to tell each other off, there is that certain strain to their voices which threatens to release some really bad ass all-out cat-fight.

1 down, 5 more housemates to tick off.

On the first day, she glared into another housemate’s room and eyed the can of Sprite underneath her bed. She said loudly to her roommate, “EHH..DID YOU SEE WHERE MY SPRITE WENT TO AR?”

2 down, 4 more housemates to tick off.

She has the nerve to tell people to “Volume down abit” when the other girls are discussing some class material. And who died and made her God to control the noise in the hostel? That’s why I have no qualms about asking her to shut the fuck up when she sings offkey when she listens to her yucky BSB songs with ear phones. Just kidding, I only tap her on the shoulders and lower my hands motioning her to be a little more quiet. Then there’s that breathing problem. It’s not a breathing problem, we think it’s more of a habit. You know the sound that the ghosts in Ju-on make? Yup. Add a sigh at the end. Every 2 seconds. About 30cm away from you. You are studying.

*pulls tufts of hair out*

Annoying times were like when she asked me for my biscuits without me offering her..and offering my maggi cup to her friends because “Jolene is a nice person”. Yes, I am so nice, I’d rather go hungry so that your friend can have a snack. I mean if that friend asked me if he could have my maggi cup then that’s fine. Not when you offer someone something that is not yours. Courtesy, etiquette, manners. Biatch.

Not to be mean or what, but there was once when she asked, “What’s the difference between the pulmonary system and the systemic system?”

-_-“. Maybe I’m just being prejudiced due to her annoying character.

But I THINK I remember reading that in our form2 science books.

Then once she asks if she can borrow my medical dictionary, so I said, “What happened to yours?” and she said she did not own one. Then I told her paying Rm39.90 for a medical dictionary is not alot. She said, “Nevermindlah, you all got mah.”… phuiyoh. Damn pissed.

*rubs temples* The only thing that irks me is her ability to take everything around her for granted. She has this set mindset about herself.

Her mum makes her meals to be stored in the fridge and she leaves it there for weeks on ends without even touching it. Taking up space AND making the fridge dirty.

It’s damn obvious that we don’t like her but she still could not take the hint. She still has the nerve to ask the housemate who shares a toilet with her if that housemate could fetch her to uni. Housemate who shares her toilet with her memang don’t like her already one, so she purposely went off without her. Then she realised that my housemate has left and she called that housemate up asking if she could turn back and pick her up. What could that housemate do? Of course must pick her up lah! So my housemate reversed and knocked into a flower pot. That flower pot cracked and the soil spilled out. Plus she was also driving her THREE WEEKS old Kelisa and her bumper had a scratch on it. From that day, she had more reasons to despise the girl. You know, like bad luck.

She asks another housemate to go to the cafeteria and tapau dinner for her. Because she was too lazy to go out.

She doesn’t clean her room, says her room mate. One of the very rare times that she did sweep the dirt out of her room, she sweep sweep sweep and OH, just left the pile of dirt on one of the steps of the staircase. BENGANG-FYING!! I mean you think this house is like some common room kinda thing?? IT’S A BLOODY HOUSE, KEEP IT CLEAN GODAMNIT!

Lately, I’ve been avoiding conversations with her and only reply her half-heartedly. I even cooked spagghetti for the entire house but didn’t bother to call her down to eat. I mean I cook for the rest because a majority of them have fetched me around with their cars, so I was just saying my thanks. But that one ar, too thick face adi, if she wanted spagghetti she would have taken her plate and help herself. But she didn’t. So yeah, I think she doesn’t like me much now either. Good lah, at least she doesn’t disturb me.

So YESTERDAY, she wanted to do some ironing and I was sitting near the ironing board studying. She moved my things away, fine. That’s fine. Then she picked up a white puncher and asked, “Er, is this yours ar? ER…what’s your name again ar?”…….I stared at her. Then I looked back at my computer screen and started laughing. It was a good 10 seconds or more that she was “trying to guess my name”. Then she asked me something else, before I bitched back, “So do you know what’s my name now?” And she replied, “Um, what’s it again ar… Oh yeah, Jolene… mm. Headache lah..” ..

WHat. The. Hell?!

You eat my biscuits, use my earphones, sit next to me studying for three months, offer my maggi to someone else, use my dictionary, ask me questions, tumpanged me to buy dinner for you etc etc…and you still don’t remember my name?

If that is not fucking fake, I don’t know what it is.

Other than that, I love the rest of the girls. Our psychology classes taught us that if people live in close proximity, they can either be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. I guess it applies!