Another Dream Related Status That Was Too Long For Facebook

Latest dream of the afternoon: Dreamed that I was narrating a story (ala ancient TVB drama) where a young man visits the madam of a house and straddles her. She doesn’t reject his advances (but nothing was shown lol malaysian tv in my brain) as she is a lonely woman.

Then as the door is closed, I become the madam and I start to get aggressive by plucking and snapping of his teeth one by one, while looking at a study model of his teeth. The teeth was some how spread out in OPG style (x-ray of your jaws) BUT in plaster of paris, with the teeth snapped out accordingly.

I was just snapping his teeth off one by one while he sat there but with anger in his eyes. I snapped everything off with my fingers and suddenly family members started returning to the house so I left one quadrant of his dentition in tact. (the entire dentition is divided into one quadrant is 8 teeth.)

I knew he was going to take revenge but I had to get away from him.

Then I forgot what happened. LOL.

Next thing I knew, Linda Chung (wtf) was forcing me to chomp on glass and eat them.

I couldn’t tahan swallowing the pieces of glass so I started to retch out bits of glass. I had to puke it out carefully so that I did not cut my throat. The retching woke me up. UGHH. Luckily I didn’t puke on Chee Kiang’s bed.

Oh yeah, I’m in Singapore now. HI!