Are You Free To Go To Ikea On Sunday?

Calvin’s been using me as an agony aunt to tell me how tiring it is to stand for 10 hours handing out flyers promoting for Ikea! I’ve always thought that it would be strange for a viking to be using his handphone smsing on the job. Tsk.

The poor boy needs some serious entertainment after looking like an entertainer for hours on end. Hahahaha. Too bad I’m in Kedah now or else I’d head down to Damansara with my camera.

Calvin has a shout out to ya’ll: “Spend RM500 and above using your Ikea Friends card and u stand a chance to win RM1111!!!”

So if you’re bored and restless, just pop by Ikea this Sunday and hear Calvin say over and over again, “Spend RM500 and above using your ikea friends card and u stand a chance to win RM1111!!!”

See, living in the Klang Valley is SO fun. You can do silly things like going down to Ikea and take photos of your sporting friends in Viking suits.

Have a heart, make Calvin smile today and please take a flyer from him!