Are You Going For The Sex Party In Johor Tonight?

Thought that might get your attention. 😉

In my opinion, with that article alone in The Star and other newspapers, the popularity of the party has probably gone through the roof. Probably one of the organizers told the newspapers about, posing as a concerned citizen.

Over drinks yesterday, a few of us were shrieking our heads off coming up with possible scenarios that might take place at the seaside sex party:

1) Getting sand between the penile gland and the foreskin.

2) With no available water around, one would have to use sea water to wash off the sand (refer to No.1) and later on regret his rash decision.

3) If you’ve never been lavished with attention from the opposite sex before and think, “Hm, this sex party seems like a good idea to see if I’m actually desirable after all.” Then Imagine standing naked alone, with everything hanging loose, and no one bothers to come over to play. Abit the shy, don’t you think?
To make matters worse, it gets a bit cold too, coz no clothes on ma. Maybe can take out your hand phone and pretend that you’re preoccupied so that people won’t look at you sadly.

4) Kissing random girls(or so you think) and groping anything that resembles a boob without checking for the tell-tale bulge barely covered by the g-sring.

5) I thought guys are supposedly self conscious about the size of their things.. not awkward meh? Especially when those who belong to well endowed races stare at your relatively miniscule projections and give you “aww there, there, it’s okay!” looks.

6) For the noobie nudies, you’re probably gonna walk around with a hard on. And if someone brushes past you going, “Excuse me! Passing through!”, you accidentally make a mess on her. Paiseh, paiseh.

7)  Cool idea: Bury yourself in sand and leave the obvious unburied with a sign next to it, complete with equally obvious instructions.

8 ) Staring at strange goo left on the crotch area of the g-string that just landed on your head at midnight.

9) Being ferociously kissed and fondled by a big burly man. Regardless if you’re a guy or a girl.

10) College girls from Malacca and Terengganu(waaat?!) confirmed their attendance? Hahahahaha. so naive. Later all 50ish uncles and shemales milling around only..

I’d love to continue but I’m rushing out for a friend’s New Year’s eve gathering at an apartment in KL tonight! I’ve always wanted to be above the KL fireworks, and NOW I CAN!

Disclaimer: I am not at all involved in that probably fictional sex party down south tonight. Just in case the police is so desperate to google up people who blog about the event.

Here’s to a great 2009 and with high hopes of photos of the ‘party’ on Facebook tomorrow!