Because Every Picture Tells A Story

My hostel has too many roaches. They measure about nearly 3 inches on the average. I am not shitting you. I was studying and then I felt something fall on my head. SOMETHING CANNOT FALL ON MY HEAD FROM A CEILING.

It then fluttered on my head for awhile before falling onto my arm, allowing me to realise what it is, and then my leg!! And it had the cheek to crawl down my leg and I SCREAMED AND SCREAMED until all my housemates came downstairs. Hahahaha.

Wuan Phing then rolled up a newspaper and slammed down on it. We left the newspaper covering the bastard in all its cockroach juice glory. Too disgusted to clear it up yet. Let it fester until the following day. Hehe.

When I removed the newspaper the next morning, it could still move! Pissed, I took Ridsect and sprayed and sprayed until it was completely covered in the white poison. Yes….*puts fingers together like Mr.Burns*… wriggle my child, wriggle to the smelly depths of insectiside hell.

Everytime I kill an insect, sure got another fellow species come and seek revenge one. I was eating a bowl of cereals one morning and Li Shen walked pass my room and said, “Wah, gom tai ge kah chat geh?”(What a huge cockroach!) I thought she was joking… but ended up having to battle the roach myself again. Swat at it and it fell on my bed.. UGHHH.. Then it ran into one of my bags and I heard it scurrying inside and I turned the bag inside out and MURDERED IT WITH INSECTISIDE and slammed another newspaper on it.

Not my fault it chose to die on top of the whiz kid’s head. Sorry. I think the whiz kid is very clever though. I hope slapping a cockroach with a photograph of someone’s face is not a curse of any sort. 🙁

Another one of my creations! Mushroom and gravy!! Yum! LOL.

Poured all over my mediocre spagghetti. Don’t buy any other brands BUT Preggo sauce please. That’s the reason why it tasted weird. It just wasn’t Preggo.

Kedah is THIS boring. I’ve created more during my boredom. Nice or not??:D The purple thing on the right is a snake, yes. If you’re asking me why it has ears, I also don’t know why. When I told Li Shen, “Snakes cannot hear one lah, why you put ears?” Then she said, “So he can hear lorh. Poor thing ma.” -_-;.

Latest additions are a candy, an icecream cone, a pau, polo mint, a bowl of porridge, a birthday cake with wordings, three stalks of roses, a sushi, watermelon, a basket of dimsum, a toiletbowl with shit and tissue paper, a dice, a supposedly Care Bear(the pink ugly bear look-alike), a spasticated Mickey Mouse(can you spot it?), a French Man with a ciggarette, a mangosteen and an orange. A durian is in progress.

I’ll show you a few of my favourites upclose.

Candy. Like the swirly colours? I’m good. Tell me I’m good:)

HAHAHA, comes with shit and all. Tissue paper is so real, courtesy of Wuan Phing.

Bonjour! French man smoking. The main attraction of this model is the eyes.

Top view.

A white rose… nice leh!! I mixed the colours for the stalk. Green and black to get dark green.

three roses…:)

And yes, I was back again for the weekend. Classes ended before lunch so I arrived in Subang just in time for dinner! 🙂

Came home and mum told me that Dad is reading my blog already and she mentioned the bra-swatting entries. Sigh. It’s time to filter my entries. Everybody say hello to my dad, my latest reader. 🙂

Mel came to pick me up to go to Tanjung for a spontaneous yamcha with a fragment of the gang. Thousand apologies to those that I did not contact. Sorryyy..

and I were there since 9pm and they only started arriving just after 10pm. Friday nights are usually one of the busiest nights for Everybody had other plans so it was abit sad as we went there to tumpang three tables. MelTanjung and everyone were giving us the evil glare.

It was damn funny because we wanted to convince other people (and the mamaks) that we had imaginary friends with us.

The mamaks glared at us and Mel did an innocent cute peace sign back at them. Then I also follow and did somemore peace signs with a huge grin. Then I got carried away and started to puff my cheeks and poke my cheeks with both fingers. Mel was laughing like mad and she said, “Doing it in front of the camera is ONe thing, doing it in front of a mamak is Sooo..sooo..wrong.” HAhahahahaha.

We were talking to our imaginary friends and offering them drinks and patting them on their backs and when I was half way talking to Prim(one of my Imaginary Friends), Barry popped his head down, table level, and said, “Hell-loo!”

HAHAHA. We explained the concept of imaginary friends to him and he acquired a few himself. Even engaging Prim in conversation. How nice of him.

Then Mun Teng joined us and when she took the chair next to me, I said, “Ow!” and we all cracked up. HAhahaha. Stupidness.

Barry and Mel posing with one of the imaginary friends.

Prim and I. Doesn’t she look hot with her latest haircut? You don’t think so?

Then the real human beings FINALLY came. Grr. Mun Teng, Esther, Kwo Kuang, Chien, Chun Guan, E-Guy, Chun Meng, Chin Ju and Amanda who joined us while she was with her events job doing some rounds.:) I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of everybody!! My apologies. Here’re a few though:

Kwo Kuang pretending only lah.

Mun Teng and Esther.

E-Guy and Chun Guan.

Chun Meng.

Chee Kiang has finally completed his A-Levels and came back to Malaysia on Saturday. Finally went out with him during the weekend.:) We watched Just Like Heaven, had dinner at Fish and Co and ended the night with a mamak session in Tanjung(the mamak people should be sick of me by now). The last time I saw him was two weeks before my national service. :

Some people pray before they eat, I take photos.

Chee Kiang’s dish. It’s actually a fish covered in something like spinach and that’s not carrot, it’s rice!


Sunway Pyramid is so beautiful this time of the year with their Christmas decorations! I think it’s the prettiest so far. The Sphinx didn’t get to wear a christmas bell though, but other than that, it was beautiful. Li Shen and I were staring at in awe when her brother drove us home from KL on Friday evening.

Some photos of the decor near the entrance:

The glitter covered floor. I am obsessed with glitter.

Christmas flowers!

Nice leh!

I like this one the most!

Then it’s back to kedah again. Sigh.

Fortunately I got the back seat with ample leg space.:D Chillin’ with a CLEO magazine(December issue!)

The only part I like about the rides back to Kedah… is the journey through the highlands. Always got mist one!! I have always been fascinated by mist especially when it is damn thick. Just like how I love glitter.