Blog Meet at Burger King, KLCC

For more posts covering the meet… head on to Yee Hou’s. He has got the entire collection over there. SAVE MY ENERGY. Thank you!

Yesterday’s gathering was perhap one of the best blog meets I’ve ever attended. I’ve attended four. The PPS bash and this are on the top of my list. 🙂

A few of us from the initial gathering thought that this time we might as well make it public so no one would feel left out. The response was pretty overwhelming, judging from the list. But I would say half the list ffk us…(Andreas? Simon?!).

Since there were alot of people I didn’t really know in the list, I didn’t think I would enjoy myself..but it’s always the case that when your expectations are low, you will enjoy yourself SO MUCH MORE!

If you all didn’t already know, *coaxes readers out of their coconut shell*, we made plans for a gathering for bloggers which was held at Burger King, KLCC yesterday.

I’d say about slightly less than 40 people turned up. Didn’t actually count. Anybody got the real figures?

Yee Hou was the absolute darling as he managed to book a place to accomodate ALLL of us at one section of burger king. I’m still dumbfounded how he managed to do such a thing. *kow tow*

A few of the Subang bloggers met up at KTM Subang to take a train down together. Namely Cheng Sim, Me, Calvintay and Chung Lern. Was good to see Chung Lern again after the last last last yamcha which was I think…..sometime when I first bought my camera. He’s the one who intro-ed my baby to me!! Thank you Chung Lern!

Met Cheng Sim for the first time and Calvin for the second time.

Cheng Sim and I in the ktm, It’s an unwritten rule that we must take photos to record the entire process. Hehehe Cheng Sim’s slightly different from her blog. Very sporty.. very laid back. And I gave her her Hello Kitty FM radio that I’ve promised to her for god knows how long.

l-r: Calvin and Chung Lern

The LRT was quite a rough ride.

I remember feeling a tad bit nervous while walking in. We each bought a little something at the counter before moving to the back of Burger King for the meet.

The lighting and the space was adequate, if not, perfect for a blog meet!! Comfy sofa.. just a slight bit of tables obstructing our way.. and the lighting was soft, yellow and oh SO perfect for camwhoring!!

This is Avril and Me! She’s so bubbly and giggly in real life!! I liked talking to her because you know you can only click with some people really well and the words came out in a jovial manner without the necessary I’m-so-polite-and-formal-let’s-make-small-talk type of conversation. 🙂 Was great meeting you, Avril!

But of course.

Yee Hou and me! This super organised, super dilligent, super friendly, super hensem, superman.. is the reason this blog meet was a success. I know some people think that this blog meet was my idea, but it was more Yee Hou’s effort than anything.

Having a conversation with Giant Sotong.. mosaic-ed face because he doesn’t want his boss to know that he blogs. Ok, respect.

l-r: Me, Boss Lepton(Wilson), Boss Stewie(Tim), Joan and Jason.

I GOT TO MEET LENGMOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such nice and approachable guys. 🙂 Pity Boss Stewie only comes down from Penang once in awhile…DoN’T KnoW WhEn OnlY Can Go EaT BaK KuT TeHhhh….~~~

And Boss Lepton is actually Su-Hsien’s boyfriend, Nick’s very very good friend and they all go to Warwick in UK together! What a small world. And he stays very very near me. Yamcha soon with the lovebirds, alright Boss?

Glad I managed to catch up with Jason this time around!!:) The previous meet I was busy layaning other people so didn’t have much time, even though I was equally busy here and there saying my hellos, but this time the atmosphere between the both of us was more relaxed.

I’d say the same for most of the bloggers whom I’ve met from the previous meet(Smashpop, Jen, Calvism, Calvin, Yee Hou, Yvonne..etc). Not so scarily polite and bright smiles anymore but more jovial this time around. Which is good!

Penny and I! Both of us met back in Jun 05 at Petertan’s Midvalley blog meet and were the youngest bloggers in the (active)malaysian blog scene. At least now there are so many people who are around our age who are into the scene.

Sarah, my dear senior from school and my Interact Club senior as well! I miss those days wei, of you guys teaching us all those funky dance steps for events’ performances. Sarah has been blogging for a long long time and was one of the very very early PPS pingers.

Suanie and I! Thanks dear for giving face at the very last minute to turn up!! 🙂 It was nice seeing you again though you didn’t stay around to camwhore much. Cis!

Penny and Suanie love me long time.

I forgot to ask Smashpop when will his Wah Lah Toi debut performance come on air. Someone once left a comment on his blog saying he looks like Douglas Lim.

I can’t remember who he intro-ed me to.. but he said, “Nah, this is Jay-elle-lel-ler-lel-ler-lel-ler..” *rolls tongue*. Teach you so many times how to pronounce my URL also don’t want to learn. Hmph.

This is Simplecheryl. A hot favourite among the guys at the meet.. and she is very very nice. Abit weird though. When we said goodbye she asked me, “Do you smoke?”
Dei! What kind of question is that? LOL Must explain to meet.

Jed!! I’ve only recently found out about him(when he linked me) and tada! I have a  new friend. 🙂 Nice guy. Very very warm. Down to earth. I like nice warm down to earth guys.

l-r: calvin, me, simplecheryl

Jen and I! It was nice of her to give face to Burger King by ordering some food…I on the other…should have been kicked out.

L-r: Calvin, Simple Cheryl, Jed, Jen

SO COMEL!!! *pinch PincH* Now I know why you look different! You don’t have curly hair no more! This one nicer. 🙂

Here’s one of Fireangel. And booze. Apparently it was a present from Giant Sotong to Suanie.

Calvism and I. He reminds me of a friend of mine. I warm up to people extra fast(I warm up to practically anyone, as those who were at the meet can testify) especially if they look like someone I already know. Wish we could’ve talked more, Calv! Till the next meet!

Slinky and I! We met through blogs, but we have more than enough mutual many that it’s almost like we went to college together/were from the same secondary school. So meeting him..there was no “meeting another blogger” feeling, but a “one of my guy friends” type of feeling. We met for the first time at Zouk, almost a year ago.

L-r: I’m so sorry I forgot your name!!, Lingghezhi, me.

Prior to this, I thought Ling Ghe Zhi was some chinese dude because of the name. You know, surname is Ling, chinese name is Ghe Zhi. But apparently it was a secondary nickname that Lingeshwaran(correct ar?) had and he thought it would make a nice blog nick. Creative!!

L-r: me, Laynie and Jenny

I joined them at their nice little corner at the bartop and got to know the two a little better. I really love reading Laynie’s daily rants because of her ability to craft her daily routines into such good reading material. As for Jenny, I’ve only just met her yesterday! Nice girl she is. 🙂 I was grossing them about cadavers(as usual) and telling them how the heads are cut in half and how the lecturers will take a chain saw and saw the mandible because it was in the way. The expression on their faces were priceless. Hahaha.

Camwhoring with Ah Jason Kor! I’ll be guestblogging in his blog very soon. 🙂 So wait for some entries from me over at his blog.

One more.

eh you got dimples one ar, Ah Jason kor? And the expression on my face was priceless. Byebye Suanie! (she was going off)

This is Erna. Took me quite a while to recognise her. I was talking to her for like 10 minutes before bursting out, “Ohhhhh you’re that girl in the blogger girls calendar!” . Friend of eyeris, housemate of Suanie.

Before FireAngel and Suanie went off to “lepak”, I managed to get one photo of her. Our conversations were quite stolen because we were both busy talking to others.. so it was like, “hey!! How have you been?”.. “good!! you??” .. “Great!! Thanks for coming! nice to see you again.” … DAmn! But I did manage to slip some Jolene Styled Bitchings to her when I bumped into her and Suanie again outside Burger’s King.

One with Kelz.

The length some people go to get a good shot.

And then Jasiminne arrived. Check out the sign,yo.

April and I! She came with her trademark beautiful earrings! We should’ve publicized more, damnit!

Kelz and I. Apparently she was SMSJ! Subang girl! Alot of Subang bloggers there.

Shaz and I. Now here is a guy who falls into the age old theory of how bloggers have a different personality from their real life persona. On the blogs and in his bloghopping antics, he sounds super chirpy and bubbly. In real life, he was more calm and had this air of coolness around him..ehehhe I don’t know what I’m saying, but yeah..:)

And this is Ivan! HE also reminds me of a friend from school. (Friends from school: wanna try taking a guess who I have in mind?) I recognised him of course! He said in his blog that he was surprised when I called him by his name. Ehe, dahling, I blog hop.

Yvonne and I! Glad you could make it, babes!

Some of April’s lovely creations.

And the infamous earring tower.

Yee Hou and I: do not have enough of bodoh photos together. By the way, the both of us are the same age. He looks so much younger than me! I’m an old lady..

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that April used a needle to design this right?

Jas and I in an obligatory camwhoring pic.

just one more..we didn’t get to catch up much because we were busy making new acquaintances. Old friends can meet up over drinks anytime, right? 🙂 But frankly, sometimes even old friends find difficulty in meeting up. Heck, before the last blog meet, the last time I saw her was at Chee Kiang’s farewell supper at Hilton back in May04. So long ago, you see.

HAh! See what I found Jas! l-r: jasiminne, me, Li Peng. This was taken on the last day of form5.

Unlike school days, everybody saw each other everyday. Something we all took for granted back then.

This was back when her boobs were slight and mine were unbumpable.

Why, hello there! (I was sitting down).

L-r: Cheng Sim, Rames, Bryan, Skyler, Chloe, Josh, Me
below l-r: Lingghezhi, Smashpop

Another one with Yvonne joining in!

And just like any other blog meet, we’ve got the anonymous bloggers.
l-r: Me, Abit of Eyeris and Scorkes.

I like the way Scorkes smiles and laughs, Avril and her share the same kind of bubbliness. As for Eyeris, looking extra yau yeng with that longish hair eh? This is the one constant in all my blog meets. I’ve seen him at all four! 🙂

Yvonne showing me some cute bunnies by April. Reminds me of those children story book type of Bunnies.

HOT CHICK!! Erin Tan. She looks so much younger in real life as compared to her profile photo. Mel, she’s your senior in Monash!

Kesian Kyels! (Oei Chung Lern!). I saw her when I first came and I was like hi-ing here and there and she didn’t look up so I thought she didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. Thought I’d layaned a few other friends first…

THEN WHEN THE DAMN MEET WAS ABOUT TO END..I asked her if she was *someoneelse* and she said, “No. I’m Kyels.” and i’m like, “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY EARLIER???” LoL. Silly Kyels. Next time no need so shy one ma:) At least I met you. If I found out that you were there after the meet, I would have beaten myself up pretty badly.

Skyler came too. Josh who took the picture was like, “Wah! Same eyes! Look same wor!” and I’m like, “Shadap and take picture lah”.

Smashpop thinks this photo was worth the interuption from his hand. Skyler’s surprisingly pleasant in real life. We didn’t really engage each other in conversation, but yeah, she was pleasant.

L-r: Smashpop, Albert and I

Boss Stewie and I were pretty worried that we might’ve gone home, bring each other’s camera home by accident.

L-r: Boss Lepton, Yee Hou and Boss Stewie.

Smashpop doesn’t like me leaning on him. *sits in a corner and cries*

Joan reminds me of a hongkong actress. The name is at the tip of my tongue…. can’t seem to remember the name..hmm….Wish we could’ve talked more. 🙂

Tango-ing with Slinky. It does look like it doesn’t it?

Another hiau pose with Slinky. You know, I cannot refrain from calling him Slinky. His real name just doesn’t make sense to me. I just cannot bring myself to call him by his real name.

I’m the lucky girl. Yeah man.

Time to layan some boys.
top girls l-r: Simplecheryl, Kelz, Cheng Sim, Erin
Lucky guy: Ivan
bottom girls l-r: Jas and I

LOL Check out the long line of guys waiting for their turn to take this photo. This same bunch of boys would be armed with cameras shooting at the girls and the lucky guy.

Smashpop’s turn. See how happy he is. Smug, I believe, is the expression on his face.

Just the girls.


New addition: Jen
Lucky guy: Yee Hou

Lengmou and the chics.
top l-r: Cheng Sim, Boss Lepton
bottom l-r: Evelyn, Jas, Simplecheryl, Boss Stewie, Kelz, Me, Erin, Jen and Joan.

While arranging for these few photos, I overheard Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton calling each other, “Boss..”. HAhah.. they actually do that in real life!

A nicer one.
L-r: Evelyn, Jas, Simple Cheryl, Cheng Sim, Boss Stewie, Boss Lepton, Kelz, Me, Erin and Jen.

A sharper one with different wordings.

Time for a group picture. And check out the cameras waiting in line.

This was taken by Chung Lern. This is NOT all the cameras, you know? Not all!

And these are not ALL the bloggers, you know? Not all!

We were freaking noisy… I hope the patrons at Burger King were not too bothered by us.

A few more jumped in.

Yee Hou bodoh! *pinch*

L-r: Ivan and Bryan were tired.

Me stalking Albert. Photo was taken by me you know.

Penny and I manja-ing each other. I like this woman la. We crapped so much on MSn until I was laughing so loudly. Peeing on some bitches lah, climb papaya tree and pee lah, pee on cement floor la, don’t make me laugh or not I pee lah… don’t take hiatus take HAI-tus better la..this la that la. LOL.

Alright girls and boys, we’ll play a game:

1. Guess who’s ass?

2. Guess who’s ass?

3. Guess who’s crotch?

4. Guess who’s crotch?

5. Guess who’s boobs?:D

One last photo with Cheng Sim before I left Burger King. LOL she was so funny, she touched me and said, “You’re so real lah…” and continued poking me. All this while we’ve only communicated online, so I did not seem real to her. LOL.

Chugn lern and I. Both of us had to go home soon. Too bad we didn’t take an SMK Subang Utama group photo with Jasiminne and Sarah. Four Subang Utama bloggers at the meet, yo!

l-r: Me, Fireangel and Suanie. They went shopping for awhile.

While making our way towards the carpark. Slinky was kind enough to give a few of the Subang bloggers(Me, Calvin Tay, Chung Lern and Penny) a lift back to .. well, Subang.

Walking and taking photos is fun.

I love this photo! Hahahaha.

Camwhoring in Slinky’s car.

I LOVE THIS PIC. See my bracelet. Haha. Everybody’s in except Chung Lern. I was scrunching my face because I was trying to balance my ass from slipping off the carseat.

Catching some evening sunlight.

One of myself. It’s a must. I’m sorry.

Like some scene out of a movie. Hahahaha..poser sial!

Chung Lern looks so pretty here!!

I had a great time, everyone. Really. Sorry if I seemed distant to some.. there’ll always be another chance for us to meet up and catch up more. So I suppose during the next round of blog meets, there’ll be more bloggers who will be interested in coming for the meet. 🙂 I love meeting new people this way. Very fun, sharing common grounds and mutual friends galore. Oh, and don’t forget the excessive camwhoring activities. LOL.