Brain Spasms Of The Nocturnal Girl

It’s the second day of my period and I feel just a slightly bit moody. Forgot to take in the underwear that has been hung out to dry so I have to resort to disposable undies. Which is convenient anyway. But it’s not comfortable as the elastic is only so strong. Thus, walking around in my loose shorts with a pad sitting on a pair of disposables…..isn’t quite the best thing in the world. So yes, feel in the rest of the blanks with your very vivid imagination.(I should have trained all of you rather well by now.)

I haven’t been sleeping early(but since when have I ever?) for the past few days. Going to bed at about 5am.. yes, exams are around the corner. Top it off with my very very bad procrastinating habits and this is what you get.

I’ve actually editted a batch of photos but my brain is like vibrating and spasming from the tiredness I feel. But I told myself that no matter what I must complete just three more pages of my dental plaque notes and then I can retire to bed. But I really wanted to blog just because I haven’t been blogging properly for the past few days as well. I’m just too tired.

I feel my breathing is slightly suppressed.. and I need to raise the muscles around my eyebrows to keep myself from falling asleep. I have no strength to lift up the muscles of my eyelids. I’m shivering abit too. But that’s because the air con was on for the entire day. It’s either damn hot or damn cold here in Kedah. Rainy season too!

I can really feel my brain/head/whatever clenching up, and unclenching, clenching..and then relaxing and then … emptiness.

No coffee tonight, that’s why. 🙁

I KNOW I should go to bed. Just two more pages. TWO.

The vibration is going to the back of my ears and pressure is building up between my eyes. I feel a thudding pressure at the back of my head.. oh god I really need to stop this and go to bed.

I shall put the blame on this website –> Go knock yourself out. Lie Yuen and I had a great time watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory over there.

And for the dental dinner, we’re rethinking Stand By Me. We don’t quite have the stamina to sing it loudly.. and the da da dum people say that they get distracted after awhile and thus ruin the whole song.

So we need a song that oldies and people who do not like worldly songs will like.(Staunch christians.. gotta respect my friends). Nothing about holding you close tonight or kissing you under stars or i need you tonights or even the touch of your fingers etc etc.

We’re thinking Ain’t No Mountain High Enough(I’ve just listened to it …and it’s gonna be quite tough!) or Catch a Falling Star! We considered Seasons In The Sun before… but yawn yawn.

And as a joke, we wanted to do The Lion Sleeps Tonight. I like the Ah Weeeee part. haha.

Suggestions please!