Brilliant Finds From Across The Blogshops

At my size, one would be more of a blogshop stalker than an online shopaholic! I’ve bought stuff online up to about 7 times or so, and only 2 or more barely fits me. Sigh. Which is why I LOVE bazaars! I can try dresses from the boutiques directly. See my update sometime this week regarding Absolute Bazaar organized by Absolute Obsession last weekend. They perfected the formula for the MOST AWESOME BAZAAR EVER! It was mind blowing. The traffic..oh how I regret not opening my stall.

Anyhow, for the love of all things pretty, I’ve decided to do an every-now-and-then sharing session with the lot of you. Also, to provide the Malaysian blogshop community with better exposure, especially those obscure blogshops with fantastic prices. But I bet some of the popular blogshops have higher traffic than me, but oh well, it’ll open doors for a few blogshops too! *self consolation*

If you’re unknown and you have the same things as the popular blogshops, then you slash the prices. Must cari makan that way lah….If you’re popular and known for your awesome taste in fashion, it only makes sense that your price is slightly higher.

See more at Fashion Truth! This is one scary website, but I’m hooked!! There are some pretty crazy shopaholics out there who can find the time to trawl through the entire community and TELL us which shop is selling the exact same item for less. It’s amazing. If you like subtle catfights and stretching your dollar, then hop on over!

To start of my series of Brilliant Finds From Across The Blogshops is Ablinc!

For Halloween, I almost wanted to go as Dead Marilyn Monroe..and HERE’S MARILYN’S DRESS! Ablinc has it in Black and Blue as well. Only at Rm75 too!

The skirt is really flowy, as can be seen in a few other photographs on Ablinc’s blog.

Naturally, I would be drawn to something like this. I love smock dresses! Not too dressy, yet pretty enough to go somewhere nice. RM38 only!!! *vomits blood* Too bad my bank a/c only has RM2 left. I haven’t been updating The Sticker Monster Blog. Wait ah, wait.

Next we have Ancient Orchids!

There’s a crazy amount of kimono-inspired tops at that blogshop! I just kept scrolling and scrolling and wouldn’t stop! Okay, maybe the entire community is slightly sick of kimono tops but this one is so special because of its prints! A beautiful play of colours against a black background. Each top is priced at RM45! The price could afford to be slightly more attractive. But I would pay for that amount if I really like it. (and I really do! Bloody bank a/c!)

I usually wouldn’t be drawn to such prints, but I’ve a feeling it really slims the entire silouhette!

Another kimono top with awesome prints. *sigh*

And for those entering the work force, isn’t this pretty? Only RM38!!! Classy and affordable. I need moolah. 🙁

I saw these gorgeous gorgeous printed tights at Ministry Of Clothes for RM20!!

I’ve bought like a whole truck of coloured tights from around the blogshops last month. My next goal is to buy as many printed tights as I can!

Fats, fats, go away, come again another day life. If I was any slimmer, I’d be able to wear all these cuteeeeeeeeeee cardis. I’ve seen a few around and they are all so pretty. Ministry of Clothes is selling this at RM35. Money well spent on keeping warm and toasty in the freezing lecture room.

At Dainty Dresser, I saw this beautiful teal dress. I know I can’t fit into it, but I’ll share the love with anyone who has similiar taste. RM55, anyone?

I don’t only look at clothes online, but nonstereotypically shaped girls like me adore looking at bags and accessories. And for now, I give you Dandelion Boutique!

Exquisite pendants, especially if you’re into the classical stuff.

Very unique cinchers! I’ve seen my fairshare of cinchers and most of them don’t come in funky colours like this! 🙂 *pats self for finding something nice* The price is quite alright for something this special!

=) Writing about pretty things from the blogshops is almost as good as shopping at the blogshops! Almost!