Cash Flow(ing away)

Had the Undang ceramah yesterday.. and I didn’t know it could be SO boring?! The night before Elizabeth, Esther and I fell asleep at 7am, 3.30am and 3.45am respectively. Just imagine, we had to sit for a 5 hour course the following day. Elizabeth and I were like dozing off here and there. Gosh, how embarassing. Plus the fact that the class has like about 20 people in it. This driving school’s offices are in containers. Poor people. Tight budget. We basically learnt about what are the offences and how many points would be deducted from our .. Probation thingie….and road signs and such. Poor Elizabeth was told off by the lecturer. He even took out what scarily resembled a cane. I was “fishing” as Esther has put it, but thank god I took a 15 minutes nap. Was a little bit more refreshed! They have this cute little blue card which contains our information and such on a chip. So interesting. I feel so important:P

Went to Summit at night for dinner and received a call from Min Dee which was SO depressing. She told me that she, Abby, Amanda, Barry, Kay Hong and Kevin dialled in to this NS number thing, and found out that they were in. After being critically depressed for a good hour or so(and frantic phone calls to the whole world..).. I was told that it was just the list of qualifying candidates. I thought that I had to start college all alone=(

Today I went to midvalley with my Aunty coz she needed to go see this doctor about her breast surgery. Well, while she was at the clinic I walked around Midvalley alone. It was quite packed for a Monday. Went into MPH and once again the quest to look for Nail Up the Jap Nail Magazine is not a success. So off I went to look at Nose..! I really really wanted that sequinned thong(it’s a type of Shoe, You Pervert!) when I saw it Sungei Wang but thought it was too casual.. and after a week of agonizing over my stupidity to not go for the spur of the moment, I was so happy to see it in midvalley!! I wanted the white one, but nevermindlar.. the turqoise one is just as nice:) Then I went to Bonita and OHMIGOD… Rm10 for a pair of dangly earrings?! I bought TWO! And I blew RM60 on fucking Maxis TopUp Card… Sheesh.(Stupid NS Sms Service). Or not I would’ve gone for the shorts from Labelz. Midvalley, the shopping Haven.

I looove My NeW thOnGs..!! And I also love my Roxy Flip-Flops!!!.. And I also LoooOoove my ladies Walker DenIm Skirt..!! AnD most of all I love my Acer Travelmate 290!!*HuGs IsabeLLa LoLLitA(my laptop’s name)*