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In the entire 15 days that Streamyx has been down, I have racked up a high phone bill (due to 15 minutes phone calls to Streamyx/TM and surfing with my hotlink prepaid as well), made a Tmnet customer service lady close to tears, cried on the phone embarrassingly to freaked out boyfriend in Singapore regarding Internet problems and became a Celcom and Digi customer. For the sake of the internet.

Long long story.

As you all know (not sure if you care, clearly you haven’t been including my streamyx in your bed time prayers!), the DSL light has been blinking since the 9th of March and I’ve been calling them every single day. On the dates (see, plural.) that my reports (plural again) were supposed to be solved, I would call them a minimum of twice a day. You can imagine my frustration.

A classmate mentioned that Celcom Broadband works pretty well in Bandar Laguna Merbok, the township which is populated by half of AIMST University, where I live. So I thought to myself, “hm. We’ll see if Streamyx is working today or not. It’s supposed to be fixed today.” This was after the streamyx people diagnosed my second problem as “Frequent Disconnections”

So I excitedly went home after receiving a call from the Streamyx technician that some wirings have been fixed. Went home, to my horror, the landline was DEAD. Zero dial tone. It was the most deafening silence ever. To say that my world came crashing down around me is obviously an exaggeration.

My anger and depression levels build up to a critical lever and in a fit of rage I drove straight to the nearest Celcom branch and after a few enquiries, I plopped RM500 on the table and got myself a USB modem plus the D98 Celcom Broadband package.

Shut up, I am still reeling from the RM500 damage. It was one of the topics discussed in that tearful phone call with Chee Kiang.

If it was a package deal with Celcom, I would not have departed with my RM500 but it was a RM399 ZTE USB Modem and the RM98 was for that so called 3.4Mbps broadband package. The download speed was pretty  good but what good is a broadband connection when you cannot SEND EMAILS, GO INTO MSN OR UPLOAD ANYTHING?

I was like an observer  of the internet. Youtube was loading faster than I was watching it. But I couldn’t even send a simple email or upload ANY photo for that matter. I was dying.

At one point I really regretted buying the modem plus the broadband package. When I enquired about capping, the stupid lady who sold me the package said “No, no capping”. I felt totally ripped off when I came home to read in the forums that once you download up to 5GB of data, they would throttle your speed.

I was really really upset.But I consoled myself that this modem is mine and it is without a contract. I can use it with any SIM card, just like that! I could use it for years! Pass down to my kids who probably need it and maybe even amaze my grandchildren with this gadget from the noughties.

It will last for a looong loong time. *self denial*

After going crazy with totally zero upload speed, I found myself standing at the Digi concept store and the moment I saw the dealer log on to MSN and sending emails with a Digi Edge enabled simcard, I passed RM66 to him without skipping a beat. You cannot imagine my happiness when I saw a Youtube video load with this SIM card. The package I’m using is solely for Data and it’s Rm66 per month. It’s quite cost efficient as I surf online with my hotlink when I’m bored at uni. I don’t even dare think how many times I top up in a month.

I’ve always thought of the EDGE network as something inferior like who the hell uses gprs and edge these days. But apparently desperate measures call for different circumstances and surprise surprise.. EDGE is actually faster than your average dial-up modem.

It’s the best that I can do. Can’t be spending all my time at Starbucks can I?

We spent Friday night at Starbucks satiating our net hunger pangs. This is Lie Yuen’s new hairstyle btw!

I actually rambled quite a bit last Sunday night and I’m too lazy to put it in a new post as it doesn’t really belong anywhere so here goes:


15th March 2009:

As I breeze pass my last remaining years at university, I barely have more than a couple of lectures per week. When we do have classes, we have it in a classroom that we share with the second years next to this air conditioning control room. Or at least I think that’s what it is.

It’s a cement flooring kind of room, something dingy with a staircase that leads down to the second floor where the toilets we use are situated at. In other words, it is a shortcut we use to get to the loo.  There are a couple of steps that lead up to a tiny alcove where the complex looking controls are and I said to Poh Yee the other day, “You know, if this was high school, this would be a great make out spot.”

Make out spots have become obscure once you’re at university, far away from home with your own room. (minus religious-minded security guards) It’s just silly to have a make out spot when you have honest to goodness privacy! Unless fresh couples at uni are into these kind of things, then maybe I’m wrong. I mean, what do I know, I’ve been one halve of an old married couple since my college days.

I know my high school had a block of classes which were pretty isolated from the rest of the school. Couples who made out there (and a pair even when all the way!) became legends. Well, among those who graduated in 2002-2005 at least. There were two couples who made out together (not with each other, we’re not THAT open). Both boys were the two most tormented and disturbed boys in our year. One was a tortured artist, a rebel since birth, genius type and the other one was the school’s crazy. To top it off, it was in form2. Chee Kiang and I were still obsessing about boybands (he 911, me Moffatts. HAHA DEAR DON’T KILL ME) and were only friends back then, so we didn’t do any of those stuff back in school. Most I did was sit on his lap and got into trouble with the biology teacher in form4. We skipped bio class that week out of fear.

As you all know, the lack of an internet connection has been going on for too long. I really thought I was matured enough to let myself have some zen time without the net, catch up on some sleep but I find myself calling Streamyx every single day. My tactic is to basically be a bitch saying things like, “Two days ago you said it would be done on the 13th. And yesterday you told me that it’ll be done on the 17th. So what’s the next date you’re going to give me? 21st? I don’t believe you anymore!” or  “You SAID your men would give me a call on Friday. There was NO phone call. WHY did they NOT call me?”

I think my next tactic would be to cry. Streamyx technicians are guys right? Guys can’t stand it when women cry. That should get the job done. Might be fun to cry hysterically over the phone, “I WANT MY INTERNET. I NEED MY INTERNET. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? I WANNNT MY INTERNETT!!!!”

That would totally be used in their “this conversation will be recorded for training purposes”. Streamyx Customer Service Training School Chapter 5: How To Deal With Crying Customers.

I reluctantly went clubbing a few nights ago. So reluctant that the only photos I snapped was of myself and Brenda in the car, on the way to Penang. I seriously think I’m done with clubbing. At least done with clubbing in Penang. Apologies to my classmate and juniors (and that’s all three of you boys, one to represent each year below me) for being such a bore. Some uni mates were brought in to the mix and introduced amidst the DOOSH DOOSH DOOSH stupid beats of Mois. I asked Chee Wen if that’s the best club in Penang and he nodded sadly. The crowd was bad, the music was bad.. there are better people than these in Penang. Why can’t they come up with a nicer place, with nicer music?  I don’t like meeting new people in clubs because I feel it’s stupid bending down to scream your name and no one ever gets your name the first time. But most people are old pros at this and just pretend they got it. So they never really get to know you.

Which is why I preferred to sit outside playing with my handphone instead of grinding up to people I barely know. I already have issues grinding with people I know.  It’s not that they are unworthy to be friends with or anything, nice boys actually whom I had fun talking to over drinks and lok-lok post-clubbing. You get more details that way..course, hometown.. all the better to stalk with, my dear. 😉 I kid.

Either I’m getting old or the reason why I’m always a cranky bitch midway through a clubbing session is because of painful shoes. I can never be comfortable in whatever shoes I wear to club. Yer, I make it sound as if I club a lot. Okay, all four times in a year that I do hit the dance floor, I swear I drew blood from my feet.

Gaya told me that wedges might solve the trick. Does it? My last clubbing outfit (oh there I go again) was a tube top, a pair of satin shorts with pink tights underneath… and gold wedges from Vincci. Sounds garish but it was quite okay, really. OH! I had a long pearl necklace to boot. Some of you who actually bother to read my every post would remember this long RM17 fake pearl necklace I got from Forever21? Yeahhh I wore that. It totally made the look! So yeah, about the outfit, the tights was a relatively new idea. Something very fresh from me. After much encouragement from Lie Yuen and influence from Blair’s Army (too much Gossip Girl now that there’s no internet to keep me sane.. and also if you detect a certain familiar dramatic flair to my writing, now you know why), I thought that the tights were a good idea.

I love tights, I really do. But long legs are not a blessing when it comes to tights sold in Malaysia, presumably made in China, Taiwan, wherever. My legs are LONG, I get crucified for it. My waist is thick, I can’t buy pre-order clothes. My boobs and side boobs (don’t ask) don’t allow me to pull shirts from local boutiques past my neck .. UGH.

Before I end this post, I’d like to write about my spontaneous trip to Batu Feringghi today with the girls. (As Chee Kiang calls it, the Dental Dahlings.. haha wtf) It was a trip to the touristy area of that part of Penang to get some floats for the upcoming Redang trip!  Major class trip in April after much drama about hotels, cheaper hotels, agreeing on the same freaking hotel, AND THEN cheaper or more expensive hotel rooms. Gahhh. But at least we’re all going together as one happy class.

Batu Feringghi is like a mini Petaling Street with their knick-knacks and fake stuff. I’m not one to gush about designer bags but I was *this* close to buying a RM90 Louis Vuitton hand carry. The guy said it was real leather and out of nowhere and for no good reason whatsoever, took out a lighter and tried to burn the bag. I was shocked and amused because why on earth would that be a good demonstration for a lady who wants to buy a bag? I’m not going to be setting my bag on flames on a daily basis! As beautiful as the material was, I was turned off because it had the word Louis Vuitton there.

I’m not above fake stuff but I just don’t like to buy things that scream, “FAKE”. “Inspired by” is okay. But not outright copying some super well known name. Vaguely fake is okay to me. Like I own an Agnes B. (I’m sure she’s some designer from somewhere) wallet that is of a poorer quality then my toiletry bag which was a free gift from Watsons, and that’s okay! As long as the designers are not well known and I adore the design, I’d pick it up right away!

I know Jimmy Choo is famous and all but I saw some of his bags (okay, knock-offs) at the stalls and they were SO gorgeous! They were of superb quality too! I never knew he made bags and I’m pretty sure I represent a pretty huge majority of girls who are not part of the super fashion savvy girls who make up 5% of the population. So if a lot of girls don’t know that he makes bags and what I’m carrying is just another gorgeous bag, a good bargain, I’m all for it. Which means… I can’t wait to go back to Batu Feringghi to go bag shopping! You should too! At the same time you could pick up RM4 dvds, RM10 Paris Hilton-esque sunglasses, hugging salt and pepper figurines for RM5 (I got conned. Paid RM12 for my first pair, then thought it was a bargain at the next stall for RM7…then saw a whole box of it further on for RM5 EACH.) and of course, parrios! Great place to stock up on beach stuff before you head to the real beach on the east coast. 

Ooh.. my period just arrived as I typed the last paragraph. Shall finish up the rest of the Gossip Girl episode and pop a Panadol before going to bed.

I Now Have Name Cards!/Wall E. Movie Premier/College Mini Reunion/Girls Night Out At Velvet/My Second Day Selling At The Bazaar/The August Singapore Trip

It’s Year 4 already here in Kedah! All of us are getting more wrinkles, cringing whenever we hear the age of the first year juniors, realizing how our dressing is totally more..serious.. than the younger dental students, feeling more and more detached from student life and so much more. Somehow, I don’t feel the enthusiasm of going into Year 4, as compared to how gung-ho I was about starting Year 2 and Year 3. It’s probably because I’ve got so much going through my head (all good things, most have to do with pumping cash into my bank account).

Here are two things that I am very very proud of!

Once upon a time, I used to think that blogger name cards are for people who are a little full of themselves. But notice how I don’t put “blogger” anywhere on the card? It’s more like a personal name card I will give out when I attend blogger events. I’ve been to more than a few events where people have passed me name cards (official ones, not blogger ones) and I’ll have to give them the whole I’m-only-a-pitiful-dental-student-who-is-not-worthy-of-name-cards-yet routine.

Now THESE cards are totally necessary. 🙂 Been giving out a lot of these.

Like about a million years ago in Internet time, Choo Ki passed me a ticket to watch the Wall E. Premier. When I decided to whip out my camera for some necessary snapshots, she was no where in sight. This is her colleague, Evelyn from TNB! TNB organized this event to raise funds for charity. Thank you Choo Ki for thinking of me. 🙂

She called a few other bloggers along too! On my left would be Ireneq and  Zewt! Both of them are part of the dying breed of bloggers who actually write beautiful beautiful accounts of their thoughts.

Suanie’s nephew Ryan was there! Lucky little boy gets invited along to movie premiers too!

He was totally turned off by the monster behind him.

It was one of those rare times when I get to meet blogger friends. Here’s Peter who is one of my very first few blogger friends from way back in 2005. The man who introduced me to the world of blogger meets. 🙂 He was previously based in Penang and is now permanently in KL!

Suanie and myself. She needs no further introduction. Her blog is one of the few blogs that I actually bother to read these days. 🙂

This is Wuan, Peter’s wife! Back then, I introduced her in my blog posts as ‘Peter’s Girlfriend’. They got married not too long ago. 🙂

The long postponed A-levels reunion took place a few weeks back with a measely attendance of only myself, Barry, Rudi and Fong! Having not seen Rudi since I dropped him off at My Place (the apartments where most students in SS15 stay at) after our year end class party back in June 2005, it’s been way too long and we’ve been missing each other since. Right, Rudi? 😀

This is Fong who MIA-ed after A-Levels. He now has a girlfriend and is studying in Birmingham. Had us worried back there, what with all his funny last minute studying on the DAY of our Chemistry A2 paper. I remember he said he couldn’t finish the other half of the textbook..hahaha.

Dinner was at Sakae Sushi in Pavillion as Rudi(on the left) was staying at a hotel nearby. He’s from Sarawak and has just completed his law degree! I also promised him that I will promote his blog as it is really very different from your conventional ones. You’ll see!

Desserts were so-so. High class hawker food always taste bad. Why ar?

Barry and his wrong choice of dessert. Mine was better!

Speaking of Rudi, something really embarrassing happened.

fong, Barry and I arrived at Pavillion and were waiting for Rudi to show up. To our left, a bunch of girls shouted, “JULIAN FONG!” and Fong went over to say hello to them before two girls from the same group cried out, “JOLENE LAI!”.

It was Ming Choi and Kathleen Tan, all grown up, and lawyery. The entire group of girls were decked out in black and white, looking every bit the young laywers that they are. Naturally when you see old friends, you jump up and down and get all excited and animated, a hug or two here and there.

I felt a cold draft brush past my chest and poo-poohed it till after all the hellos were being said. It’s not right to adjust your top when you’re talking to old friends, more so when they have a bunch of friends who are standing around. One of Kat and Ming Choi’s friend was staring at my chest and I was thinking, “Ah biasalaa…”

So we said our goodbyes but the next moment, Rudi wanted to hug (he just arrived) so I turned around…and reached up to hug him. My right forearm brushed past my chest and I felt a sickeningly familiar silicon-ish smoothness – when my tube dress is supposed to be more rayon than silicon in texture. I realized, OH FUCK, the entire right boob has popped out of the dress! You know, like, PLOP. I quickly put it back in and gaped in horror. Thank god for long hair as the boys didn’t realize anything. Barry was laughing like a hyena though.

That must be the reason why that girl was staring at me. :\ It only happens to Jolene.

After one of our many attempts to get Barry to give a biiiiig bright smile.

We adjourned back to Rudi’s hotel room to catch up on old times and watched a movie together (Babel).

Just doing what one is supposed to do when there’s a mirror.

He was sharing a room with two of his friends, Evelyn and another guy whose name totally escaped me. So sorry!

Barry found a torch light.

And made good use of it.

The boy who is lying on the bed is Keat.. a person who has TONS of mutual friends with me. I can tell the others (Adrian, Kwo Kuang, E-Guy etc) that I met Keat in a hotel room.
l-r: Barry, Fong, Me, SORRY!!, Keat, Evelyn and Rudi

Three Saturdays ago, my best girlfriends and I went clubbing together for the first time ever. Seems like we’ve made many different friends ever since high school and thus have not had the chance to go together. Whenever we headed to the clubs, it was never together. Not like there were many clubbing moments in my life. I prefer to shake my naked bootay after a warm shower in the confines of my room, but bootay shaking on the dance floor can be extremely fun too given the right company.

top l-r: Elaine, Mel, Sush
bottom: Mun Teng, Me

It was at Velvet and it was FREE! Thanks to Mun Teng who has very kind friends.

Sush and I. She has gone back to the UK already to start her new life at KPMG. 🙁

Mun Teng! Can we have more decent photos ah!

Elaine is the answer to the Dahlings’ lack of girlfriends. She is Mun Teng, Sush’s and my ex-primary school mate and a friend whom Mel met through another friend. In Subang, there’s no escaping each other. Everyone will know each other. Realizing that the lot of us do not have many(or in some of our cases, ANY) girlfriends to call out at the drop of a hat, we were very grateful for Elaine’s company. I only have four bunch of friends whom I can call out to yamcha (back in Subang) like in a matter of minutes. That’ll be Dennis, Josh and Vern.. then there’s Kwo Kuang, E-Guy, Yijin etc and Daryl, Justin whom I only see more of if Chee Kiang’s around. And of course, Mun Teng and Mel. No 5 minutes plane flights yet, so too bad for the rest of the Dahlings who are all over the world.

All of us with our good angles.

Meet Amar! He is Sush’s friend from uni and when he dances, he puts us to shame. He has the FLUIDITY!

That jug of Long Island Tea which we shared.

Looking totally innocent while sipping on our drink.

Poor Mun Teng ain’t got no straw.

I think Mun Teng and I sesated here as we were supposed to ‘Do The Sush’. To ‘Do The Sush’, one would need to purse her lips.

Mel and I

Another one of Sush and I.

It was actually quite hot on the dance floor. I like very few things about clubbing. One of them is dressing up. Hate hate hate the crowds.

Mel was smart enough to bring her own fan. She was dancing and fanning herself, sort of like incorporating some chinese dance elements into the usual random grooving on the dance floor.

Oh yes, the other thing I like about clubbing is all the photo taking.

This was also my first taste of the much talked about SNL held every Saturday at Velvet.

Sush looks like she was blowing on Amar’s ear.

Wah Sush damn glam here.

This photo opens the door to many many inappropriate comments. Mel’s all like, “FOUND IT!” and Amar’s facial expression makes it very very very wrong.

One jug of Long Island Tea shared among five girls is hardly considered alcohol.

The boys came a little late that we were already planning on leaving the venue.

Hey E-Guy! I think I found your look-older angle! Nice! 🙂

Adrian was pretty red when we found him.

Chin Ju was there too!

A group photo before we called it a night. We’re sorry that we had to leave early. I was driving and I didn’t want to get grilled by my parents for coming home too late too many nights in a row.

E-Guy and Mel’s couply looking photo.

Vern Yang was there with his friends too.

This is the last photo taken with my Pink Blinged Lumix before Vern Yang accidentally hit my hand and the camera flew off my hand and fell to the floor. I actually had to scurry around to find my camera. When I found it, it would not focus and the lens could no longer be retracted. Devastated, I went out and bought myself a Canon Ixus 80 IS two days later. Review will be up later!

My second time at the Chics Closet bazaar was a little more of a let down than the first one. The weather was being such a bitch. It ruined my boxes but thankfully my stickers come in tiny little plastic envelops and were spared the wrath of the rain. Due to the weather, the crowd was bad as well and our customers were each other. Pity though about the crowd. The sellers had such cute wares! Such a waste.

These are pixels from Miut Miut! Of all the pixel making online shops out there, I think Miut Miut has the best designs.

They even make Sesame Street pixels! Gotta love their choice of colours. Such HAPPY colours!

I bought two from them – a heart and a rainbow.

Limau Elmo Satu, Bang!

Some accessories that a neighbouring stall was selling.

Innovative ways to display accessories.

Organic nail polishes that can be removed with warm water.

Some cute polymer clay accessories!

More of it! (Makes me miss April’s creations..)

The two pixels that I bought from Miut Miut! This is also one of the first few photos that I’ve taken with the Canon IXUS 80 IS.

Grant me a month long holiday and I’ll make it a point to go down to Singapore!

Jon being upset at the paltry amount of fried rice left for him to eat.

Chee Kiang sapu-ing the rest of the crispy noodles at Din Tai Fung. My greatest wish is to have trays and trays of Siu Long Paus to eat until I get sick of it. That is my only greatest wish at the moment.

Dessert was at Hogs Breath Cafe in Holland Village.

Some apple crumble thing that Jon and Chee Kiang were raving about.

I like my desserts to be served with ice-cream!

Playing with some glasses at Guardian. To those of you froggies who live under coconut shells, these ‘glasses’ have perforated plastic lenses which improves your eyesight if you have astigmatism. Apparently, unnecessary light gets blocked out and one would automatically focus at an object through one of the tiny holes on the lens. It has something to do with how light appears more refracted to a person with astigmatism.

Knowing how much I love astronomy, Chee Kiang said that I could sit in with him during his astronomy class. Every sem, he gets to choose a subject that is irrelevant to his course and this sem, he took astronomy. How interesting right?

I’ve never had the priviledge to take my laptop in to a lecture theatre. I was totally jakuning!

The photo I used as my wallpaper was taken with my new Canon IXUS 80 IS. I love it soooooooo much.

And so we learned about eclipses. We were shown a video of NASA’s first exploration of the moon. Somewhat interesting….but I was looking forward to more deep space stuff! The only thing that stands in the way of me becoming an astronaut is physics.

My diligent boyfriend taking down notes about the moon.

At 3am, we suddenly felt quite hungry and headed out to the Prata shop for a bite. The Prata Shop is a 24 hours mamak where most NUS students go to fill their tummies.

Me and my favourite Mutton Nasi Briyanni! One of the few spicy dishes that I can take. I usually need two glasses of milo ais to finish one plate of mutton Nasi Briyanni.

Chee Kiang and his Nasi Lemak.

Chee Kiang shifted from his old room to another room which shares a balcony with five other guys! They put the silliest things around, like a giant papier marche fish, a tyre swing and the best of them all – a hammock!

Lying there, swaying left to right, with the sea breeze gently caressing your skin and looking up into the sky, I could lay there forever.

As he had a pathology paper a few days later, he was trying his best to cram as much as he could before entertaining me.

I had my laptop, so I was all right.

I could busy myself with some photo editing.

He took half day off from class and accompanied me to China Town to search for more cheongsams. I got too fat for my old one. (ripped the seams)

Anybody want to buy for me?  SGD69? Anybody?

I prefer the sluttier first one.

Found some huge ass windmills! Are these called windmills too?

Met up with Chee Kiang’s Radiopulze friends for supper later that day. They are all extremely funny people who can make you laugh till you pee in your pants. Especially Razia(far left)! OH MY GOD, she is so funny. She pointed out that my eyeshadow was nice and shimmery and I exclaimed excitedly, “OOo!! Damn cheap only, RM4.50!” and she was all, “Awww, but I don’t look good in eyeshadow” To which I said, “But you’re having some on and it looks nice!” and she went, “OH!! That’s RIGHHT!” … Okay, might not be so funny when I type it out. You’ll have to see it in person.

Here I am wearing a hat that Chee Kiang brought back from Romania. This hat is apparent worn by virgin boys before marriage. They get a bigger hat once they are married. GIrls wear a string of beads around their neck to signify their purity. Me thinks they can wham bam thank you maam and then put the beads back on after some hot passionate loving. -_-

Chee Kiang’s Tigger was violating the poor Kangaroo.

Stuff Toy Porn.

Met up with Abby the next day and she treated me to this! I’m bad with names so I can’t remember the restaurant’s name. It’s just outside Wisma Atria.

Not a fan of the authentic chocolates. I’m a Cadsbury girl.

Thank you Abby! She damn bad you know, treated me to a chocolate dish but only drank a pot of rose tea as her ‘dessert’. What is this!

Abby was trying to tell me something.

It was raining cats and dogs, as you can see from the mosquitto netting behind her. She was partially soaked too.

Myself and my grown up BBypers.

Later that night, Jon brought us to this super atas restaurant(my pockets are still bleeding). This is Samuel! He is also from Sheares Hall, Chee Kiang’s hostel.

Chee Kiang looks a little frazzled here as it was after a long day at the Pharmacy Students’ AGM where Eng Hooi won and is now the Vice President of the NUS Pharmacy Students Society.

L-r: Samuel, Jon and Eng Hooi

L-r: Me, Chee Kiang, Karthik(go Hong Kong okay? HONG KONG HONG KONG!!)

Some of the atas food we had.

More of the atas food.

While walking through Plaza Singapura, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a The Body Shop warehouse sale! SGD10 for five bottles of lotion and body shampoo!

Karthik having a word with my fake bun as we waited for the MRT.

This fake bun is damn cute okay! Abby tricked a lot of her colleagues with the fake bun. One of her colleagues even tried cutting it with a knife. Her boyfriend licked it. Nothing beats my victims… my brother bit into it, my mother wanted to put it in the fridge and Joshua, who wanted to tear a piece and actually tore it. -_-

But it ain’t fooling no one in Singapore. Couldn’t trick any of them with it. 😀

Jon trying to put the bun as close as possible to Karthik’s head.

This picture is dman cute because Karthik’s all blurry and the sharpest image is that of the fake bun.

l-r: Jon, Fake Bun, Eng Hooi and Karthik.

Chee Kiang and myself looking very tired after a long day.

When we got back to hall, it was time for Sheares Hall Merdeka celebration. Here’s one of Karthik giving a short speech about himself.

Everyone shouting Merdeka together.

It was Chee Kiang’s duty to membaca ikrar.

And just like last year, they had a birthday cake and the Malaysians all stood around to celebrate the 51st birthday of our homeland.

As with most of our times together, this one was just as brief and short. Saying our goodbyes through the bus window as he stood in the pouring rain.

Totally spoil the whole emo-drama mood right?

Playing with my camera’s macro function.

He’ll be coming up to see me in three weeks’ time. 🙂 Can’t wait! I plan to go down again in October. If we keep this up, this would SO not be a long distance relationship.

When I got home, Angel tried to help me clean my suitcase.

She pulled one side and I pulled the other.

Poor dear was very tired after that. I was playing with my camera’s Color Accent function. See how only the pink colour part of my make up bag is seen?

This dog really knows how to make herself comfortable. Lying on my new blue dress somemore. Cis!

Sticker Teasers/The June Babies/Post Exam Arcade Fun/Exercising In Class/Spilled Cornflakes/Batu Feringghi For DVDs

I blame TVB Dramas (I can now download off forums! Same night as when Astro On Demand airs them!! Same NIGHT as when Hong Kong airs their latest shows. I is rockingz. ), torrented series (SATC, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother), classes but most of all the crazy amount of pictures that I am STILL editing. As I type this, I’m half way editing my Cameron Highland photos. Like when Firefox hangs, I’ll switch to Adobe and when Adobe hangs, switch back to Firefox. But this was before I reformatted my comp and I’ve upgraded my RAM! To 1gb!! My brother’s eyes popped out when I told him I got it for RM60 only. Some shop in Sungai Petani was having a promotion. I now have a super fast computer!

So tomorrow is the last day of year3 for all of us here! Everybody passed their exams, like last year. However, if you’re to be dubious about how my uni is so lenient as to let us just pass like that well I shouldn’t mention this but a few people from the current 1st year and 2nd year might have to repeat an entire year as they have failed too much. An ex classmate failed second year, we’re wondering if she will repeat second year. If so, it would be the second time she repeats an entire year. A student gets only two chances to repeat, but if he/she fails for a third year(different academic year) then it’s bye bye dentistry and a minimum of RM80k(four years spent at Uni. tsk.). Or worse, if the student fails at the end of the 5th year. Maximum profit for the uni. RM140k at least! Crazy.

I’ll be back for the entire month of August before going back to Uni on the 1st of September as a wiser, more matured, more diligent Year 4 senior. 🙂 But that probably won’t happen. Maybe for the 1st week where my make up is on and hair is blow dried then I’m back to being my bare face self with rags for hair. Just another day in the life of Jolene who can never wake up early enough to prepare for the entire day ahead. Will working life change me or will I still revert back to my don’t-give-a-fuck day in day out look?

Okay, on to the photos!


Since we’re on the topic of stickers, I shall not waste the opportunity to promote, publicize, pimp, peddle my sticky wares!

Back in Subang, I had a small stickers photoshoot. These are my Sandylion stickers which I have yet to put up on the blog.

These were up on the blog before! Here’s the link.

My pride and joy!! 🙂 Some are up, some are not yet up!

Deco tapes! I’ve not sold any, and am still trying to work out a code system to keep an inventory of these stickers.

Stickooo!! Almost sold out already. But I’ve already put in an order for 40+ Sticko stickers. Should be arriving in Subang in about a weeks’ time! I’m also importing A Touch Of Jolee’s and Sandylion Essentials. Those who are in the know will know how to squeal at the mention of those names. 🙂

Not up yet as well. 🙂

Here’s the link for this one.


I don’t think I’ve blogged about these yet. But almost all are sold out as it’s a hot favourite when I bring my sticker collection to meet other crazy sticker lovers. About three pieces left only.

When I came back from my 5 weeks’ break, the June babies (Maxis, Jimmy, Xin Yi and Josiah) celebrated their birthday. They do it together every year. This is Josiah and Angela by the way.

It was nice to see all of them after 5 weeks. L-r: Zhu Zen, Lie Yuen, Cze-Yin.

l-r: Ee Chean, Ah Thong, Chwan Horng, Sett.

A very nice photo of the loving couple. 🙂

Who da birthday boy!
l-r: Andy, Maxis, Jimmy

l-r: Sock Nee and Nien

Chee Wen has a new toy! I didn’t think that he would enjoy wielding a camera.

All the couples in my class got together in year 1 and they are still together and going strong!

Since nobody wanted to take a picture with me, I went solo.

Jimmy, Xin Yi and Josiah are 1986 babies. Maxis is the old man here at 23 years old.

I felt loved.

Of course, a group photo is always compulsory. But then, how many is too many?

I thought this was a pretty cool idea! The floating flower really does give a touch of class. Used here are ugly plastic/clothe flowers. Imagine if it’s a beautiful fresh rose in full bloom. Such a beautiful romantic glass of wine. 🙂

This photo can be used for the restaurants’ promotional brochures. Heh.

After our dentistry final paper, we went to Sunway Carnival in Penang for a movie. We had to kill some time before the movie (Get Smart! YES SEE HOW FAR BEHIND I AM WITH MY BLOG!!) and somehow ended up at the arcade. Brenda, Lie Yuen and I got separated from the rest but we had a smashing good time anyway!

Daytona back then was fun because “wahhhhhHhhH you so good at driving lah…wahhhhhhhhh I can’t wait to drive laa wei!! Damnn kau funnn!”.. and three girls who have been driving for about five years put RM1 into the slots and seriously, really played Daytona. It was quite fun lah.

And I managed to persuade Lie Yuen to play air hockey with me! The last time I played air hockey was when I was 11 years old with dad and the place was closing. Felt so sad because my game was cut short. 🙂

Orang tua tak sedar diri.

But they still look pretty in a car meant for kids.

Here I am doing my thang at one of the arcade thingies. I’m not pretending to be detached from arcades as I SWEAR I don’t frequent arcades. This was something like Dance Dance Revolution but with hands. That arcade in Sunway Carnival didn’t have DDR, can you believe it?!?!?!

I’ve always wanted to play DDR in public but I’ve never dared to do it. Over the years, I grew taller and now if I do pursue this unfinished dream of mine, I’ll only end up looking idiotic. “Wah why that Aunty so not shy go bounce bounce like that. eeeyer.” Yeap, most probable comment. Did I mention that when I went jogging at the park near my place, two kids who were clinging on to their gate called me “AuntYyyyy!!” ? Didn’t really do much for the ego. It also didn’t help that I was running circles around that park and had to pass their house each round and got called AUNTYYyyYy every single time. 🙁 Lie Yuen also got called Aunty. Wahahahaha.

I am actually quite good!

Another group pic. Our year book at the end of 5th year will be damn awesome.

I know we’re kinda Standard Six for always going out in a big group but that’s how it is in a university that is faaaar away from home. We’re each others’ family. 🙂

During one of our classes, Dr. Brindha made us do some exercises as a few of us were falling asleep.

Another random photo. That’s milk, cornflakes and sugar for you. Over a dusty dusty floor. 🙁 🙁 One can even get Audrey’s bad luck just by reading her blog!(which I was doing at the time of the incident.)

During one of our day offs, we headed to Penang and besides the usual like Queensbay, we drove all the way to Batu Feringghi! As for the clothes on sale, to each her own. =\

There were toys for sale as well.

Such a nice photo of Brenda, Lie Yuen and Narjit.

Then when it comes to me, I don’t get a nice clear one. 🙁 Why like that!

It’s like I’m wearing bubble goggles.

Some of the toys were kinda cute.

Many thongs for sale.

DVD galore!! Batu Feringghi is well known far and wide for being DVD heaven! RM4 per DVD!

Whereever there are stalls, there are sure to be accessories.

Brenda said that the stretch is the Petaling Street of Penang. Really..

salt and pepper shakes doing ballroom dancing.

These are one of those dangerous purchases which just entice you at the beginning and then you go home with a bunch of balls with light bulbs inside and go, “Wtf?!” Most of the time it’ll sit at the top of your cupboard with your stock of tissue rolls. True story. 🙁

Whale fuck dolphin fuck whale fuck dolphin fuck crocodile. Must say it out loud and damn fast. Brenda and I were laughing so hard.

The turtle looks really happy.

Crocodile then fucked loopy float that fucked whale who fucked crocodile jr who fucked sealion.

Colourful loopy doodoo. How lah to float with that?? And the heart is for protection.

so huggable!

Lie Yuen in the doodoo.

Only RM80! Three seasons of Family Guy (1,2 and 3) and five seasons of Sex and The City!! I’m so happy!! Each season has like 3-4 DVDs inside. 🙂 The amount of shows that the pirates have is really astounding. You name ANY obscure TV series also sure got one.

Alright, time for bed. 🙂 5am now.

Food Bad Luck Day

I had my usual runny eggs with piled up stir fried vegetables and rice this afternoon. I love to eat my Chap Fan that way! I know I’ve mentioned this a lot of times. Since it’s the exam season and one hour wasted on a meal (driving out, ordering, eating, driving home) would be too much so I decided to tapau my favourite combo for my dinner.

I packed two runny eggs and a mountain of stir fried vegetables and rice(which I later found out was enough to feed two hungry dogs. I know nuts about estimation.) and came home, all ready to go to sleep before waking up to study for an hour or two (LOL LET’S LAUGH! HAHAHAHAHA!!) and then maybe heat up my delicious chap fan and then consume that for dinner while watching the latest episode of Greek. (will do that after this blog post.) So I put my Styrofoam box inside the wok and closed it, in case it might get invaded by ants. THEN I went up to bed.

But we all know that I now have four more days to finish whatever I have left of my surgery notes so YAYY. (throws books aside for the day).

Lie Yuen went out to the mall to tapau a bowl of Laksa while I fiddled with the computer, waiting for her to get home so we can eat together. We really sound like an old married couple, don’t we? Cze-Yin went out with the rest of the classmates to play badminton. I’m just not in the mood.

When she got back, I went downstairs and excitedly opened my Styrofoam box to see the beautiful soggy rice with yellow yolk trickling through the gaps between each piece of rice and the emerald green vegetable glistening with oil.. ahhh.. just heavenly. I used a spoon to scoop everything out into a metal plate so that I could heat it up. Decided to clean the bits of rice stuck on the spoon with my tongue. Did it taste just a tad bit sour? Hm. Bet it’s just coz my tongue’s too weird from all that sleep.

Is that garbage I smell? I looked at the plastic bag hanging from the window and only saw my empty nescafe tin and Lie Yuen’s half eaten giant pear. Nothing that resembles the smell of 5 days old rice with side dishes. I took a great big whiff of my meal (which was starting to look more like dog food than human dinner) and couldn’t smell anything. Decided it was the garbage since they were in such close proximity. Or maybe my nose is problematic. (clogged with booger.)

I put it in the wok to steam. Decided that the smell was slightly overbearing and due to my great big love of chap fan with runny eggs and stir fried veggie, I stuck my spoon in and scooped a spoonful into my mouth. I swallowed it and screamed, “ARRGGHHH IT’S GONE BAD!!!!!!!!”

Honestly, the taste is still in my mouth. It’s sour and bland. Just thinking of it makes me want to puke. Do you all want to know how garbage taste like? Just leave your chap fan cooped up in a wok for a few hours. Fucking gross. Gross gross gross.

Feeling rather upset that I do not have any dinner to eat, I decided to make my ketchup+oyster sauce maggi mee instead. Yay! Went into the garden to pluck some tapioca leaves and boiled them. You know, as veggie for my pathetic dinner.

There’s a Grace who commented in my Life Is Shitty post about wanting the recipe to my ketchup+oyster sauce maggi mee and I did promise her a pictorial. So here it is:

I boiled the veggie from my little vegetable patch in the garden. (I’m not even THIS domesticated back home in Subang. Unless bougainvillea is actually a type of vegetable..?)

Then I dumped the maggi mee in and wait for it to soften, but not too soft till it has lost its springiness.

And a dash of oyster sauce and ketchup. You should estimate it yourself. Ideally it should be just enough to coat every stand of maggi mee. Too much and it just overwhelms. Also, equal amounts of both sauces. You don’t want it to be too sour or too salty.

Take the maggi mee out of the pot and start mixing it around in your plate!

There you have it, instant dinner. And stop staring at the amount okay. I’m a depressed girl. Move along nothing to see.

So if any of you try this recipe out, do let me know how it turned out for you. 🙂 Would be nice to know that the recipe is enjoyed by others as well.

While having my dinner and watching 27 Dresses with Lie Yuen, the putrid stench of stale economy rice was still lingering on my tongue. I decided to wash it down with chocolate. By the way, a trip to Langkawi equals infinity chocolate in the fridge. I still have more than half of what I have left from my chocolate buying frenzy in Langkawi back in December. I still had tons left over like half a box of Guylian (the best chocolates EVER! Fell in love with them when I was seven years old!) and some random brands.

Lie Yuen wanted to help me take the Tango Almond chocolates but ended up tipping my Guylian box and seven pieces of milky brown seashells rolled all over the floor, collecting dusts and strands of hair in their tragic journey.

“OH NO!!!” my heart broke. Guylian chocolates! GUYLIAN! Guylian chocolates all over the floor! I can buy a prepaid card with a box of Guylian chocolates!

“Can wash and eat la,” said Lie Yuen as she picked the chocolates off the floor and passed them to me. I’m not too sure. Chocolate under running water? But I did it anyway. 🙁

Imagine having to put dripping wet chocolate in your mouth and biting it only to find that there is a watery middle. But the thought of little dust particles sticking all over the chocolate just seems too horrible. There’s only so much washing you can do for your chocolates right? The whole damn thing is sticky and some might be embedded in.

I finished all seven pieces anyway. Will see how I feel later.