Douglas Lim and The Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians

My friend Chi Ho knows exactly how much I adore Douglas Lim and told me about this comedy show that he is doing with Douglas and another friend.  


Pity I can’t go for this one. 🙁 Would really love to go for one of Douglas’ comedies. This is the matured Jolene Lai who can’t afford to shift her schedule around anymore as compared to the immature 16 year old Jolene who cried and cried when her school magazine teacher didn’t allow her to interview him for the yearbook. (I went ahead with it anyway and it got published!)

Not many people can claim to have met their celebrity crushes before. I’ve seen Douglas Lim on tv since I was 11 years old and at that time he was the skinny hairdresser who owned the Stylo-Milo hair salon on Kopitiam. Didn’t think much of him until Homecoming came on Astro in 2002!!

 There he was, one of the sons of that typical malaysian chinese family who just came back from uni and was unable to speak chinese well… what’s not to like?! I was in love straight away.

I became the Homecoming + Douglas Lim evangelist. That’s what everyone at school knew me as. 🙂

I managed to get in contact with Vision New Media, the company that produced Kopitiam and Homecoming and was allowed to conduct an interview with him for my school magazine. So that was the first time I met Douglas Lim. Amanda, Esther and my mum came with me and I was feeling nauseous all the way down to Section 14, PJ. It was surreal, meeting Douglas Lim for the first time.

I saw him a few times after that, once bumping into him at KLCC and for the first time discovering that he had a girlfriend (who is now his wife. :)). I remember ducking into Kinokuniya after saying hello to him and smsed the girls and screeched about my chance encounter. Amanda and I also saw him another time at  the Kopitiam 5th Anniversary party and we both won some contest and were supposed to be guest actors for an episode which never materialized. LOL.

It wasn’t till three years later that I got to see Douglas again. It was at the musical he starred in called Broken Bridges. I went up to him and he saw me and called my name! He actually remembered my name and he shook my hand!! I was all fluttery and we talked about his new home, his dogs, etc. 

After that first musical, Douglas continued to perform in a few other productions. After coming out of Broadway Parodies Lah, he saw me approaching him and he gave me a hug to say hello. I had to go home and tell the whole world. Hahaha.

So yeah, I have been very lucky. I got to meet my celebrity crush and actually talk to him on a personal level.

So I wish this won’t be the only time that MACC will be holding a comedy show. 

As for Chi Ho, I met him when I was the make-up artist for Hip Hopera, a musical by Taylor’s College Society of Performing Arts! It was probably the most elaborate student production I’ve ever had the chance to participate in. I dragged Chien with me to be my co-makeup artist and we did all the girls’ faces and hair, including the boys’ as well. Chi Ho was a senior at college at that time and was part of the comedy group The Come Back Kings which consists of a few of the other college mates. They did short skits as fillers during the intermission and their most memorable skit would be The Cockroach Dance. It trumps the Evolution of Dance video ANYTIME. Wish someone uploaded their dance on video, can laugh until you die. 

As for Jen Han, the other member of “MACC”, he appears to be a name that I think I remember hearing since my high school days. A friend of Amanda’s perhaps? I can’t remember now and I *think* I remember reading about him in the papers? Am I remembering clearly?

Anyway, here’s the press release Chi Ho sent me. It’s already very funny, so there’s no need for me to quote from it. I’ll just do a copy and paste. :P 


Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians 

1st Easy Going Meeting


Douglas Lim had a dream. A dream to bring laughter to the world. A dream to spread joy across the land. Unfortunately, fate conspired against him. He was born Chinese and was not eligible for Raja Lawak.

But Douglas Lim never gave up. Convinced that the Chinese can be funny, he scoured the country for like-minded (and like-coloured) people. He searched high and low, far and wide and upside down. After 3 years, the search has ended. For behold, he is tired AND he has found 2 other jokers.

Together they are M.A.C.C. – the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians and this is their first E.G.M. (Easy Going Meeting). On the agenda are funny observations, song parodies, impersonations and witty revelations from the founding members of M.A.C.C – Douglas Lim, Jenhan and Chi Ho. 

No stone is left unturned. Nothing is sacred – well except for sacred things which MUST NEVER be questioned by ALL Malaysians. M.A.C.C.’s first E.G.M. promises to be a laugh-out-loud affair for the whole family providing that your family is:

-English speaking

->easily amused

-at the show


M.A.C.C.’s first E.G.M. will commence at the PJ Live Arts Centre, Jaya ONE, on the following days:-


Saturday, 17 October @ 9pm

Sunday,   18 October @ 3pm – Matinee

Sunday,   18 October @ 9pm


Saturday, 24 October @ 9pm

Sunday,   25 October @ 3pm – Matinee

Sunday,   25 October @ 9pm


Tickets available at TICKETCHARGE (603) 2241 9999 OR visit


Douglas Lim

Douglas Lim is now primarily a STAND-UP COMEDIAN. But due to his greed, he is also many things. For example, he is an ACTOR on both screen and stage (1957 – Hati Malaya, Los & Faun, TenTenTen, Kopitiam, Homecoming, P.Ramlee the Musical, Tunku the Musical, Broken Bridges, etc…). He is also a COMPOSER, LYRICIST for tv and stage (Kopitiam, Reality, Ghost, Cuci the Musical, etc…).

His stand-up comedy performances include “Eh, Got Free Ticket Ah?” at Actors Studio Bangsar, Comedy Club KL, Comedy Club Singapore, Lake Club Comedy Night, Harith Iskander’s Nationwide Tour, “The June 4th Show” at No Black Tie and numeourous corporate events.   Douglas Lim was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy at the Asian TV Awards. He lost to Gurmit Singh (Phua Chu Kang)!

Kuah Jenhan 

Having performed on stage since secondary school, Kuah Jenhan is a natural in the performing arts scene. He began his career in stand-up Comedy in The Actors Studio Bangsar’s Freeflow and went on to win the Bond Stand-up Comedy Competition in 2006.

Now an actor, emcee and fresh from his recent appearance for Comedy Club KL alongside international starts Paul Chowdhry and Garry Who, he has performed in countless skits and plays over the years, from school, to college and now in Malaysian theatre including Rose Rose I Love You, No Limits and Ismail – The Last Days. Dubbed as “The Funniest Gravy (Kuah) of Malaysia”, he can be found regularly performing his mix of locally inspired comedy at Time Out KL’s Comedy Thursday and other YCOM shows around the city. 


Phoon Chi Ho

A comedian, actor, director and producer; the multitalented Chi Ho has been in performing arts since he discovered his love for it in high school and have directed and acted in several plays during his college life. Upon graduating, he chose to delve into theatre management by becoming the theatre supervisor of The Actors Studio Bangsar.  He now is a member of the skit-based The ComeBackKings, written, acted and directed 15 webisodes for and launched a successful stand-up comedy career in 2008. 

He now performs regularly around the Klang Valley, organising and performing in comedy shows for the Young Comedians of Malaysia (YCOM), a local comedy support group. Cheeky and very original, his stand-up routine sees him putting on a facade that is more familiar to his Chinese heritage.”