Chinese Near 12,13,14 & 15

Just a wee bit left over photos from the Chinese New Year holidays..

Mel, Abby, Dennis, Hsin and I congregated for breakfast at the Old Town Kopitiam’s SS15 branch. The food’s not that good.

Abby and I

l-r: Abby, Me, Mel

Hsin and I.

Mel and I

As a joke, I can’t remember exactly how it went, I ended up asking Dennis to marry me. This is a video of him rejecting my marriage proposal.

On Friday, Abby and I went to Midvalley for some, spontaneous shopping. Hehe. Excuses, yea, I know. They were giving out free roses to those who has a receipt from any specialty stores in Midvalley.

Camwhoring with the roses.

One more time in the car!

On Saturday, I went with Chien and Abby to Sg. Wang for some essential shopping(not excuses la..had to get my silicon bra. My old ones were running out of adhesive.). No photos though because Chien dear has this thing about me taking too many photos here and there. The sweet dear is however still encouraging my trigger happy-ness by buying me a camera pouch for my Lumix as a belated birthday present. Thank you Chien!!

Later that day, I went with Chee Kiang to Luna Bar(again!) as he was meeting up with his Asean scholar friends. I was waiting for him to pick me up from the Bukit Nanas Monorail station. I was walking along the sidewalk and I caught side of this sick looking cat with all fours pointing towards the sky. I thought nothing of it and walked along. Then I heard a ferocious meOwr behind me and when I turned around, the damn feline used it’s paw to HIT my ankle. Not scratch, No, HIT. You know the type girls give guys who make fun of them, “eeyer! you damn bad la! *piak*!” Strange kitty.

So I hurried along, not wanting to befriend it but IT WAS CHASING ME!!! When I stopped, it manja-ed my legs and gave that same scary meow. I even took a video of the weird creature and as you can see, it was giving chase.

Ferocious manja cat video 1.

Ferocious manja cat video 2.

These are Chee Kiang’s scholar friends! l-r: Leong Hooi, Eng Hooi. Nice sunset eh?

L-r: Jon Siow, Chee Kiang, Me.

Viewing the skyline from the mezzanine floor.

A few pictures of the bar at dusk.

Gives a whole different effect, doesn’t it?

I LOVE THIS PHOTO SO MUCH! It’s my wallpaper now.

On Sunday, I went with my family to Itallianis at One Utama for dinner. This is my cousin in a RM149.90 RedRumMurder pink halter dress. I think it looks abit chiffon-y. Nice!

l-r: Me, Shevie, Aunty Judy, Uncle Terry

Shev and I

Angel and I looking similiar. 🙂

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail on Saturday! Thank you Lee Cheng!!!
Lee Cheng is my senior from school but we’ve kept in touch through reading each others’ blogs. She’s got this surprise gift package thing going on for whoeever who was interested and I thought it’d be fun so I was like, “Me! Me!” How would I know that she’d take me seriously??

The entire box of goodies! Stickers, tattoos, cards, postcards, bangles, Rocky Strawberry biscuits, incense sticks, facial foams, nail polish remover, pompom, nail polish, Chupachup etc.

My beautiful spangly new heels for my cousin Hong Fei’s wedding in March! Hope I won’t fall flat on my face, wish me luck!