Chinese New Year Day 2,3,4..

Chinese New Year always means going around to all the relatives’ homes to eat and endure pressurizing questions.

If you’re fresh out of college and undecided to do, you’ll be bombarded with the “So what’s next?” questions. It is so frustrating to repeat yourselves.
If they think you’re single then comes all the “Got boyfriend already ar?” questions.

But this year, I’ve promoted to the next level of questions.

Round 2:

“Oh! So when bringing him home ar?”
“So where are you studying again ar?”
“How is dentistry? Fun ar?”
“How was national service?”
“How many years ar your studies?”

I mean it’s all very well meaning that they engage me in conversation. But every  now and then I’d like to hear more about the family gossips more than sounding like a broken tape recorder. It is most frustrating when I tell them where I go to study. By the time I’m done saying the name of my university, they’ve looked elsewhere and have lost interest. “Asian Institute Of Medicine Sci-erm, koo cheh, you’re still listening?”

But I do suppose that chinese new year is the time for the aunties to stock up on their gossips to be shared during mah jong sessions.

Maybe next year I should print out all the answers on a card and hand it out. 🙂

I’ve started to disturb the younger kids and asked them, “Got boyfriend already ar?” And then they’d tell me they have three or four. Kids.

At least I still have 4 and a half years more worth of education to complete to be used as an excuse before I have to face the “SOOOoooOOo…when’s your turn ar girl?” questions. That’s round 3.

So when I DO get married, then time for Round 4. “SOOOooOOoo..when’s the first one coming??”

Very predictable.

At least I’ve graduated out of the preliminary rounds of “Wahhhhh so tall already…..”. This time around my Aunty Audrey was poking at my boobs and she was like, “Wah! All real!!?” *kembang*. And I flashed her my silicon bra and told her where she could get some.

Like my newly wed uncle and aunty, they were being bombarded with questions about ‘new additions’. My grandaunty is really itchy for a grandchild to carry. It got so serious that she was ACTUALLY cradling my youngest cousin’s babydoll like a real baby and was actually lost in her own world canoodling the babydoll. LOL. Such a strong hint. Hahahaha.

However, going back to Malacca only means meeting the immediate family members so no need for questions.

But there are strange things to do like comparing leg hair..

Clockwise from the bottom centre feet: me, Aunty Ping, Uncle Terry, Cousin Hong Fei, Mum, Dad the Pak Cham Kai(steamed chicken), My brother, My cousin Hong Weng, Uncle Yew Hee.

And other strange things like literally flying kites…..

Dad’s got a new hobby.

Aunty Judy and Uncle Terry helping dad with the kite.

A middle east tourist found us interesting and decided to join us.

And up it goes..!

Dad insisted that it was a good work out for the lot of us as we had to run after his fallen kite and throw it up in the air again for him. He’s so into it that he even booked a hotel in Port Dickson for my aunt, uncle, mum and himself on Thursday. Just so that he can go kite flying. -_-;. I’d rather stay home and see my friends. I’m quite torn actually. I want to go to the beaches there and have a shot of me lying down on the sand. Was thinking of using it as a blog header. Oh well. I’ve got another idea coming up though.

We drove towards the beach in Malacca and we saw other kites up in the air. Intrigued, we went for a closer look.

Oooh..! Pretty reflection!

One of the kites.

Can you see the sun rays?


The rays are more distinct here.

This little boy flies a kite better than my dad.

After kite flying we went up St. John’s hill for fun.

Making use of the canons at the fort.

The view from the fort atop St. John’s hill. Can you see the sea?

So nice.:)

My cousin Hong Fei’s wedding invitation card. So nice right? Since he’s in graphics, he could design his own wedding invitation card with his own touch. 🙂

Catching some wind by the balcony..:D

The adults chilled with wine at the 1st floor’s balcony…

..while the cousins, my brother and I went for mamak at 1am.
top l-r: Derek, Me
bottom l-r: Mervyn, Ted(Jacq’s bf), Jacq.

They kept telling me not to turn the flash off and just take a normal one without the flash. But without the flash cannot see anything at all laa. And so when we finished, they were all so embarassed what with 3 out of 4 of them being Malaccans and Malacca is so small. Because, whoever takes photos at a mamak stall?

Only Jolene, only Jolene.

Saw loads of Ah Kuas behind the Jalan Hang Tuah(Malacca’s one) but could not take any clear shots. As Ted said, “Later they throw their high heels at you then you know!”

When I got back to Subang, I went to pick up my luggage and my printer from Cze Yin’s house(since she drove back from kedah) and brought Lishen along to pai lin.

Ooooo..white chocolate with chopped almonds.

Cze Yin and I

I was perpetually having a mandarin orange in my hand.

Today we headed over to Dennis’ place to pai lin and for a mahjong session!

l-r: Yuen Fatt, Joshua

l-r: Hsin, Ben Shyen

Mel, Liss, Myself and Manda posing with the oh so famous Dennis Chan who changed his name as a child(inside joke).

Me insisting that I’ve had one too many cornflake cookie and Dennis was being a gracious host. Pai Seh.