Class of 6SS 1998!

Taylors College had their open day today! I didn’t know everybody was going! Thought I’d only meet up with Abby but ended up with like the whole bunch!! .. Except Manda, Su Hsien and Esther. Where were they? Even Li Peng forgot to call me for the schedule. She’s going tomorrow though! The Career Interest Test was soOOOo interesting. At least I learn something about myself there. And yes, I am suitable to be a dentist! YAy!
Recently there has been alot of discouraging people lately saying things like “Are you sure you want to spend your entire life looking at people’s mouth?” or
“You know one patient takes how long ar?” ARGHH..!!

There were these bitchy parents at the Open Day’s Q&A. I noticed parents all tend to stoop to the same level of bitchiness when they are trying to stand up for their kids. One dad was like, “You have spoken for so long, yet we still do not understand the difference within this three courses..?” and when the lady speaker explained a little more about the courses..apparently in detail, I won’t know… the man stood up again, “Yes, but we are still confused.” Stupido.

I saw sooooo many people there, especially people from my primary school. Great!!! 🙂 Now if only there are some from kindergarten….. but nah, majority would still be in form 5. Joash is going to taylors too! (He was my kindergarten classmate)..

I guess I’ve made up my mind. I am taking A-Levels.. or as they call it, CAL. And you know what??? I don’t want to be deemed weak by just taking three subjects.. So guess what? HELLO AGAIN FUCKING PHYSICS!!

Had the standard 6 class party reunion at Kyle’s house just now. Stupid Barry couldn’t come back in time so we couldn’t make our konyaku entrance together. I had to go there and tell them that “Oh Barry made this too!” so that he won’t seem like a scrooge. Hor Baz? But apparently it didn’t matter coz not everybody brought dishes. I’m going to make more Konyaku tomorrow..!! Konyakus are soo fun! At least this time they’ll be harder coz I’ll have more time to spend using the fridge!

The class reunion was alittle mundane in the beginning. Very quiet people hovering around. I mean I expected screeches and HIIi!!!!!!!.. but they were like “heh. hi.” But the situation DID change for the better, and we all got talking abit more. Surprisingly I couldn’t stop talking with Ying Discussed about girls in SJ.. apparently, her school, the girls there are considered bitches among all the schools in Subang. True. True. Seafield girls are sporting. SU girls are apparently hard to get. How true is that?

I expected Barry and Kevin to go sit with Sze Wern, Jolynn and Darshini they all ala standard 6 and myself with siew li, zachary and jocelyn as usual. But how the people changed. My my. A cloud of awkwardom loomed over each passé cliques. So we scurried back to each other’s familiar crappy jokes. But slowly we all bonded a little bit more and the outcome was actually quite great!! Zachary made his grand entrance alongside EuShen, Brian, Angee and this Christine girl. They just got back from Disney On Ice Beauty and The Beast. Zachary gave me a hug when he saw me! So sad, he’s going to migrate to US soon.. apparently they’ve been waiting for more than 10 years already. Well, he was supposed to head over to Taylors since he’s done with SPM.. then YAY we can be good friends again. But unfortunately, ;( he’s going adi..It was soo nice to talk to him after soooo long. He’s got the nicest eyes when you talk to him! Brian saw me, and I saw him and I was like “AHHHHH!!!!” and he was like “AHHHHhHH!!!!” lol, soooo funny. You know lar that Brian like jump here jump there type of person. And then Anngee brought in another friend called Christine who whispered in AnnGee’s ears when she was being introduced to me. (How rude!) .. and then she said that I looked familiar ..but I won’t know her. Bloody suspense maker!

Everyone’s so big already…We never even had a reunion… (not counting the pathetic one Siew Li and I tried to organize in form3..At Coffeebean!! OH GOD…) and now when we have one, our next step would already be tertiary education. wow.. *tearing*


Will be meeting Ben Shyen tomorrow at TGIF! EVERYBODY.. DON’T PULL OUT. PULL OUT, I’ll Pull The Trigger.