Deja Vu Fiberwig Mascara: An Answer To Prayers Of Girls With No Eyelashes Everywhere

I’ve been meaning to blog about my Deja Vu Fiberwig mascara for the longest time! I’m sure it’s nothing new to those of you who are constantly on the hunt for the best mascara in the market (Most people love the ranges from Maybelline – Lash Discovery in particular).

I know this looks like an advertorial but I bought it with my own money(RM59!) and writing a review about a product that I like and love is really liberating! I want to be like Huai Bin of, where you review products that you like, back in the days where advertorials don’t exist yet. Don’t bother entering his link in your browser, it has long been defunct after the authorities found out that among the things he reviews are actually highly illegal in the country.


Back to the Deja Vu Fiberwig.

Using a technology that the Japanese cleverly called, “Paint on eye lashes”, it is exactly what this mascara does.

Deja Vu Fiberwig, Sasa’s best selling product.

This mascara formula comprises of the usual liquid gunk that one would find in any mascara but it is also infused with lash bits that will stick to your own eyelash as you apply it onto your lashes. I’m sure there’s a nice scientific name for these lash bits but I can only explain it to you in the noobest of terms – rubbery bits that are liquid at first but will harden into rubbery bits.

This is me without lashes. You can see that this photo is really old, what with my infamous oil seed still under my eye. I’ve finally managed to press all the gunk out about two weeks back.

If you have small eyes like me, the mascara brush might prove to be a little clumsy. But you only want the lash bits so it’s fine. They do sell a smaller version for RM30. I’m thinking of getting that one when this one runs out.

i like to use the tip of the brush to coat the hard to reach places.

Half way through.

It’s a little messy, but nothing a little practice cannot solve.

Mmmm, seductress 70%.. loading.. loading…

Old hag who uses mascara. I hate my left eye.

See what I mean? This miracle mascara really works wonders. Though the downside to it is that it extends but it doesn’t curl up. Maybe it’s my problem lah since my eyelashes have a tendency of curving downwards.

Futile attempts at opening my eyes to create lashes that curve up. Sigh.

it’s long but when people look at me from the front, it’s not so obvious. So I might as well cheat all the way if I want to lie.

My falsies and me. <3

The Deja Vu Fiberwig mascara is definitely the most loved item in my make up bag for now. At least now I have lashes to call my own.

Unlike other mascaras, if you happen to smudge during application, no problem. Just wait for it to dry into the rubbery lash bits and swipe it away with the tip of your finger. With normal mascaras, you would probably have to use eye make up remover to dab away the remnants at the end of the night. Alternatively, be like me, lazy and just wash your whole face with cleanser and don’t care if you look like a panda bear for the next few days.

Which is why lazy Jolene absolutely recommends this mascara to all her lazy comrades. First of all, it’s smudge proof. I’m not sure if it’s water proof or not but shouldn’t be since that’s the only way to remove it. Yup, only water and gentle tugs at individual eyelashes. At this point, you will see what I meant by rubbery bits and sort of understand the mechanism of Sasa’s best selling mascara.

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