Doodling As A Stress Reliever

Yes, yes. Still alive despite the repetitive late nights.. been waking up during lunch time, studying at 4.30pm to 5am(with various procrastinating actvities in between) and the cycle repeats.

But sometimes while studying, my mind drifts off and I end up doodling things all over my notes. I’ve actually done some of these doodles before on my brother’s PDA(hmph. lucky lucky) and he enjoyed them. Thought I’d share some of my, ahem, works with you guys.

The Conventional Chicken.

See, I even made sure that there’s a slight change in colour just like how real cooked fish will change in colour when they are cooked.

Little did Mr.Potato know that he would have been reduced to …slices. By the way, doesn’t Mr.Potato looks Mexican?

My crab looks like he’s dancing. You know, like, *snap* *snap* *taptaptap*, dumdeedummdaa..dooodoo….WARGHHHH.. SHAA SHAAAA..”Dinner is served.”

I learnt this from Ken. 🙂 HEY KEN DO YOU STILL READ MY BLOG DAMMNIT? Ken as in Chua Kok Kian, Ken, Ex-interact vice president of SMKSS17 2002/2003, currently in Melbourne U, came back to Malaysia never find old friend…yeahhh that Ken. 🙂 Just kidding, dude.;P We still miss you!
Oh right..sorry, I digressed. It’s a pig staring up at the camera. Can you picture it? And I love bak kut teh. I LOVE BAK KUT TEH.

Moomoo with saggy titties.

See the change in colour and reduction in size? Damnit, my drawings are SO realistic. I surprise myself sometimes.

I love eating lambchop, Lalala,
I love eating, LAMBCHOP. Lalala.
I love eating, Lambchop..
Lambchop always makes me glad!

Ok, a big prize to whoever who can guess where that spastic prose came from. Clue: What were you singing on weekends nearly a decade and a half ago?

I don’t mean to offend you animal loving activists, but I love sharksfin soup. Fake, real, hot, cold, frozen, lukewarm, regurgitated…whatever. LOVE EM. And yeah, I know it looks like a whale who thinks he is a shark(and he stuck the fin on so it makes him look like a shark)…but the blood on the teeth just screams, “Oei!! I’m a shark, ok!” no?

Let’s move on to more exotic cuisines..

I find the aliens I draw very cute. But this is my “artist’s impression”(FINALLY I get to use that word.) of what a bowl of steaming hot alien mush would look like. 🙂

Yeah, that’s what my parents always tell me. I always fall for the same old trick.

This is the chinese in me talking. We eat anything with four legs. By the way, it is a dog. Lie Yuen thinks it is a rat. Oei woman, I think the rats in your ceilings are messing with your head. Lie Yuen can be heard thumping the ceiling with the broom stick throughout the day to scare away the rats in the ceiling.

Never tried before..but check out the floating whiskers in the soup.

UGH. Never want to try this. Apparently the monkeys are still trashing around when their skull caps are cut open. I should have drawn an angry and scared looking money instead of a monkey who looks high.

Yes yes, as you can see, I’ve run out of ideas.

The penis of an asshole should always be fed to dogs.

This is a passing thought..was worried that i might forget it, hence I’m using that snapshot technique I was talking about in the previous post.;)

Oh, and you thought THAT photo of my room was bad. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Clean clothes are on the mattress, dirty clothes are on the floor. This is how ANY of my rooms look like when exams are near. Can’t give a shit about tidiness. I need everything within arm reach, yo. Oh yeah, can anybody spot a red bra? Hohoho.

My table. See.. you don’t wanna be here doing what I’m doing, I’m telling ya.


Clean my room? Bah.

You got a problem is it now?

By the way my keychain pinkie would like to say hi.

OHHH!! Good news. I’ve gotten double eyelids. Must be because I was sleepy, rubbing my eyes, sticky eyeshit sticking eyelids together….but the point is, I HAVE DOUBLE EYELIDS! Only on one side though. =

Holiday for everybody tomorrow!!

Hahaha..this was photoshopped on. Don’t laugh. Praise, but don’t laugh.

And the other side is still as pitiful as ever. ;( (YALAH I’LL PLUCK MY EYEBROWS SOON. Bitch.)

And the double eyelids dissapeared after I went to bed.:(

Oh, look. 4pm. Time to open the books for the day.

Ahh.. look at the pretty colours on my blog. I love my blog damnit!! Me and my colours. *revels*

** oooh.. here’s me doing Mariah Carey’s My All. Banyak tunjuk ajar ya. I’ve finally found a way to publicize my shower time syok sendiri moments.