Enough Of The Small Talk

I’m pretty sure at some point in my life, I might find myself in a position where I have to ask a favour from a friend who can benefit me in someway or other. Until then, I will try my best not to. 

It’s hard to believe that some old friends whom you have lost touch in the last five years or more, suddenly messages you out of the blue trying to say hello and stuff, actually want to keep in touch. I believe there are some people who just want to say hello for old time’s sake but at least 99% of the time, after exchanging a few default greetings, a favour is asked of you. Usually these come in the form of monetary gains. 

Got people so thick face one or not?

I’m so cynical that when a really really really old friend/acquaintance message me on facebook or msn asking me how’s life, I feel like saying “Cut the crap, what is it that you need me to do for you?”

I’d rather you just say “Hi, I know we’ve not been in touch, but I’d like to ask you about this…” rather than “Hello! How’s life? Good? So have you graduated? How’s your family? How long more to graduation?” etc etc until I thought we were having a really good conversation before they just cut in the conversation with a “Hey…. have you heard about (this is the worse)/I’m currently doing this thing (usually)/do you think you can (expected, but not as bad)..”

I don’t want to be this bitter old woman but I will help if it is within my means but when it inconveniences me (and takes up my time by listening to them rattle on about how this or that product or service would totally change my life) I will not bother to give face to the person at all. Admittedly it can be pretty tough to brush someone off if they were never ever annoying and are pretty nice people. Some people you can just tell them directly that you’re not able to help/you’re not interested because it doesn’t really matter for you to preserve that relationship.

Also, like most bloggers who has been at it for long enough, you really can’t say no to friends when they ask for help. Sometimes you don’t even take any payment when they ask you to help publicize something coz it is really not the right thing to do to a friend. But when an acquaintance, someone who didn’t even bother to say hello to you in school because you were not worthy of their time suddenly wants you to write about their something or other, it really pisses me off. Majorly. 

I will definitely help friends who I have kept in touch with but to be out of someone’s life for a long period of time only to say hello again with a favour to ask is just plain rude. You make us feel so worthless as a friend. 

I mean if the favour is to help look for some super medical specialist to cure a dying family member, of course it is okay. But when you burden me with your insurance/direct marketing nonsense it becomes really despicable.

I don’t know man, I just don’t have patience for these people in my life.