Jolene’s New Beauty Regime: Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Skincare Collection

Today I will be venturing into uncharted territory! I’m quite a simple girl(eh don’t you dare laugh). So simple that some might even call me ‘lazy’. But i refuse to use that word, I believe it is called Unnecessary Effort For Unnecessary Circumstances. I just wash my face with a RM10.90 Clean and Clear facial cleanser and then dab my face dry and don’t even bother to tone or moisturize. (I think I hear Su-Chien falling down the stairs after suffering from a heart attack upon reading that. Little bit of history: Chien is the one with the most beautiful skin among all of us as she’s been taking care of it very very very well.)

I guess all it took was an email from Miss Jean Loh, who is the PR Manager for Estee Lauder, to ask if I was interested to review a new range of products from Estee Lauder. SURE LAH I WAS INTERESTED! Hehe.

I hope I didn’t scare her with my enthusiasm thus ruining any future opportunities of products reviewing. ;\

In her email, she enquired about my skin type and my beauty regime?

No regime that’s why face like that lor. 🙁 But she said that my oily t-zone and forehead is normal for my age. However, my skin is freaking oily(I can fill up the entire Clean and Clear Oil Film… (when I let Lie Yuen read the post, she said it sounds like I’m reviewing Clean and Clear products more than Estee Lauder..haha)) but my skin doesn’t look shiny at all. I also had to admit to her that I’m not a very disciplined person when it comes to putting all sorts of things on my face.

Therefore, she asked me to try using Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Skincare Collection. Damn cute, on the card that she tied to the bag containing the products, she wrote, “Dear Jolene, Thank you for agreeing to try Nutritious – do use it regularly! Hope you have great stuff to blog about Nutritious! Best regards, Jean.” Hehe, paiseh, she had to make sure that I would use it regularly.

Since I’m still very excited about the prospect of having products from Estee Lauder to review, I’ve been using the products diligently everyday. After almost two weeks of usage, I think I’m ready to write the review. *takes a deep breath*. Here goes…!

May I present to you…. Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Skincare Collection!
l-r: Nutritious Restorative Night Cream, Nutritious Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence, Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Milk.

I’ve always envied girls who have this glow on their faces. I know beauty products can achieve that soft rosey glow that brightens up the plainest of faces. The Nutritious Skincare Collection focuses on maintaining beautiful radiant skin and sustaining a youthful look.

Yalor, so far so good. No little kids have been calling me Aunty for quite a while now.

The Nutritious Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser(RM90) is supposed to be used in the morning and when you bathe before you sleep! You can use it as a normal foaming cleanser in the morning and then use it as a deep purifying cleanser at night. Deep purifying cleanser meaning, as I’ve just learnt, is to use it without water. This cleanser is said to neutralize pollution generated free radicals before they can cause damage to the skin.

I don’t quite like the feeling of gloopy stuff to be rubbed on my face without it being watery.. so I still use it as a normal foaming cleanser at night! You know how at the end of a long day, your face feels so oily and sticky? This Foam Cleanser just strips all the oil residue away. It’s a damn comfortable feeling! Lie Yuen even tried some of it and she said there were squeaky noises when her finger rubbed against her cheeks.

As you can see, visually, the texture of the cleanser looks like it could very well be a scrub. It smells familiar in a citrus-y kind of way.. but according to the guide I was given, it consists of licorice extract, pomegranate oil extract, rice extracts and palmetto fruit extract. All these extracts have different properties that contribute to the benefits of this foam cleanser.

And you do feel it’s a little rough.

But as you spread it all over your face right, you can’t feel any of those ‘micro beads’ that they use in scrubs. It just becomes foam. And just a little bit is enough to wash your entire face! At least your RM90 will be worth it!

The Nutritious Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence(RM175) is used both morning and night after washing your face with the Foam Cleanser. In the full set, there’s actually another product which should be used before the Radiance Essence called The Nutritious Vita-Mineral Energy Lotion.

The functions of the essence is to renew the skin’s natural glow and energy, restore clarity and rejuvenate the skin’s natural support system.

Now, these are the exact features I’m looking for in a skin product. I’ve always felt that my skin lacks colour, it tends to look plain and dull… so I’ve actually been hunting high and low for a product like this.

It’s a clear liquid which is slightly sticky to the touch. Think Hand Sanitizer! it’s easy to spread on your skin and the same rule applies, no need to use so much!

My favourite product of the lot – The Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Milk!(RM165) It’s got this very milky-moisturizerish(yes I created that word. Bite me.) type of scent. Like a lighter version of the Foam Cleanser’s scent. However, this is only applied in the morning, after applying the Vita-Mineral Radiance Essence. It’s more for hydration purposes. There’s also another product called The Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Creme but I was only given the Moisture Milk to try. Apparently the Moisture Creme is for deep hydration.

In the Moisture Milk(and Moisture Creme) formula, there are essential fatty acids from melon fruit and avocado extract that can help rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier protecting the skin against environmental irritants and water loss.

Unlike your standard moisturizer, the formula feels like a cream when you pump it out of the bottle and then when you rub it on your face, it feels very watery.

See? We all know that I portray masculine attributes every now and then almost all the time(my father wants to send me to How To Be A Proper Lady classes. I tell him, “But dad, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”) but by adhering to a beauty regime and having such milky silky formula to put on my skin in the mornings, I really feel ……um.. … shy to say leh.. but I do feel very feminine. Since my boyfriend is so far away, I have to caress my own cheeks and tell myself, “Wah, so soft…….”. So poor thing hor. 🙁

Flipping through magazines like Seventeen, Cleo etc, I realize that the beauty editors make beautiful art out of the products that they are given to sample. This is my pathetic attempt at beauty products art work. It’s a butterfly by the way.:D

And here’s the final one of the four products that I was given to try – The Nutritious Restorative Night Creme!(RM175). This is only used at night(duh.) and is used after using the Radiance Essence formula. Its functions are to regenerate natural skin function, replenish moisture and stimulate natural skin hydration. Very good for girls like me who sleep at 4am or 5am. Well, to be honest, nobody has started gushing about how great my skin is nowadays. But since I haven’t been receiving my daily dosage of “Wah why you look so tired today?”s, I’ll take it as a sign that these products are doing me some good. Thank you Jean!!:D

It’s richer in texture and among all the products, the scent of the Restorative Night Creme is closest to the Foam Cleanser.

The consistency of the night creme is..oh how do you say…uh.. more viscous as compared to the Moisture Milk(I lovelovelove). Not to say that it is like pei tai(nose booger juice… I mean mucous) type of consistency.. but it doesn’t really flow..? OH WAIT I THINK I KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT. Like the cream on your birthday cake. Hahh!.:) It feels slightly greasy upon application, but as you keep rubbing it into your skin, the greasy feeling will go away and you’ll feel that your skin is much softer and hydrated. I’m not trying to be a suck up lah, I’m serious. Go try it yourself!

Compare with the Moisture Milk photo and you’ll get what I’m trying to say.

Of course must pan cute with my very hydrating moisturizer. Nope, no photoshopping has been done to the photo, okay? That’s why I said, the products are really effective. If you think the psychological effects are more effective than the physical effects…OKAY, don’t believe me nevermind, I’ll take another photo in a month’s time and show you that my skin is still soft looking!

Well….The Nutritious Skincare Collection is not exactly plastic surgery laa.(my face is still like that, didn’t change, so sorry.) But at least it keeps your skin feeling soft, and that’s the most important thing. And of course the scent of the products will make you want more! So my skin got glow abit or not? Got abit lah right! (making me happy won’t die one you know.)

For those of you are into the whole scent mumbojumbo(which I’m not very well versed about), here’s the list of extracts that are used to create the fragrance: Grapefuit, Chinese Orange, Black Current, Fresh Rhubarb Asian Pear and Cherry Blossoms. For the soft sheer finish(ie top notes – I think that’s the term that they use in Scentology), they use Lotus flower, Pink Orchid and Fruity Musk. Very very nice.

The other products from the collection that I did not get to try are the Nutritious Vita-Mineral Energy Lotion, Nutritious Vita-Mineral Gel Creme and Nutritious UV Protector SPF 50/PA ++.

I think the products can last me until I get my next cheque from R.age(when I have the time to write more articles) or by next Chinese New Year, then I’ll go replenish my products. I really really love the Moisture Milk alot. Yes, that is a hint.

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