Experiment 15.1-Konyaku Jelly

Awoken to the sounds of the doorbell this morning. Vanitha and Stranger have decided to come over sans warning and ransacked(exaggerating) my stack of SPM books. The Stranger appeared to be her 12 year old sister. 12 year old and she’s MY height!! MY GOD. Kids these days. [Self note:Get kids to stay away from McD’s] So Vanitha set her eyes on the gigantic stack of books, she asked, “Are you charging?” It was a time to make up my mind, should I be calculative or manipulated? I came to the best conclusion:”3 bucks for each book below 7!” I am hereby RM24 richer.
Allow me to do a Barry:

As Vanitha was going through my 4 foot stack of books, I asked her 12-year-old sister, “So, aren’t you bored..do you wanna read a magazine or something? I’ve got Seventeen![thinking that that’s what young adolecence these days would like]”. “No, sorry, don’t read magazines,” replied 12 year old Stranger. “Um, so, what club do you plan to join next year when you come to SMKSU?Perhaps Interact? Leo?” asked I, in a pathetic attempt to make conversation while Vanitha mentally calculates how broke she’d be. “No, I don’t think so. Stupid club. Wouldn’t want to waste my mother’s money on uniforms like tie and such. Nope,” she replied. Vanitha’s eyes flickered across the sea of Kimia-Bio-Fizik-Bm-Maths-Addmaths and muttered, “She was the secretary of the Interact club lar, sis.” Thank you. “So… okay. Stupid it is. What club would you(may your majesty) prefer then?” I interogated further. “PBSM.”

Awaited Esther for a good coupla’ hours as the word “ffk” slowly creeps into me. Turns out that there was some downtime that she was having with her dad. Understandable. All activities must be put on standby as feuds cool off. I forgive you, Estee.

Picked up She Dee and headed off to Pyramid to meet up with Li Peng, Edison, Kim Zen, Kim Swee, Jiun Haw, David, Jason and tall guy from lambda..(can’t remember his name, sorry tall guy!) Apparently they were waiting for us to have lunch! I felt so bad! [Flashback–>“Mum!! I can’t finish my lunch!!..Bubbles! Do you want my wan tan meen?”] Met Mindee, Manda, Mervin, Jude and One SJ Guy. Exchanged air kisses with Mindee! We watched Looney Tunes till about 4..Brendan Fraser has SUCH a hot body. I can just imagine him as my pillow. *SIGH* Jenna Elffman’s acting is soooo goddamn fake. She should just stick to Dharma and Greg. Sit! That’s a good girl.

Finally bought Frontpage Express.. Ah, now I can put up music on any of the websites that I want to create. Headed off with SHe Dee to Giant to pick out ingredients for Konyaku jelly for tomorrow’s standard 6 class party reunion. Jocelyn won’t be going tomorrow..*SOB*. Mum requested that I buy her a six-pack….toiletroll. Lugging around grapes, canned longan, konyaku powder, she dee’s family size loaf of bread and the six-pack toilet roll.. I certainly didn’t look the part especially in my a-foot-above-the-knee denim skirt. I’m not going to call it a mini. It’s not a mini. Met Ji Yang and Chun Guan at Starbucks. “Ah eh! Didn’t know you got married? One week after SPM and you are married! Why never invite us to your wedding ar?” said Ji Yang of the Cheeky Ones. He was referring to my multiple plastic bags containing grocery items. LOL. And the toilet rolls too. I must’ve looked like a housewife. Poor She Dee and I!

After the (daily)Chinese Shows Marathon.. I proceeded to the kitchen to whip up some KonyAkU!;P. Not too bad if I may say so myself. But we’ll see if it’s safe to eat tomorrow. When it’s all harden and less disgusting. Barry! Pay half the bill!! 

Going to Taylors’ Open Day tomorrow at 10am. The time now is 4am. What’s up with me these days??? I blameth thee, Laptop (Christianed by Mel: Lolita Isabella!).