Fashion-Truth Died And Reincarnated

I think I spent the better half of the night refreshing this new awesome blog for updates. It’s going to be really really fun if more people start contributing to it!

If you are a blogshop owner or a person who loves online shopping and have really ‘puke blood’ situations when it comes to transactions…

Slap Me Why Don’t You -The Place To Bitch Slap Those Idiots Without Them Knowing It.

I love it so much! Whoever who came up with it is a genius. Total anonymity. And with the tiny “Slap Seller” or “Slap Buyer” buttons akin to your Facebook Like buttons, it allows the readers to judge for themselves if the contributor was overreacting or are sided with.

Got to thank a certain Wen Chean on my twitter list for tweeting about it!