Fifteen Dental Noobs and One Pharmarcy Noob In Genting Highlands

It seems like it is a must for me to go to Genting Highlands with friends from every institution that I’ve ever been to. Save for kindergarten and primary school, of course. I did go to the Zoo with my kindergarten mates and the airforce base(school trip!)back in 1991 and then to KL tower and the Muzium in primary school in 1996! Quite happening also lah.

Is it like a test of friendship of some kind, this Genting place?

I had fun! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve gone on trips in a huge ass group. 16 of us took a bus from Sungai Petani straight up to the entrance of First World Hotel! Talk about service. I’m one of the few who managed to sleep throughout all seven hours of the journey.

I wish I took a photo of what I saw when I opened my eyes at 5am. I felt the bus ascending slowly and when I opened my eyes, I saw the trademark mossy hillside of the curvy roads leading up to the peak. But I could hardly see through the yellow illuminated mist. It was SO misty!

>misty = jolene >excited.

I didn’t know how the bus driver managed to drive up through the thick fog.

We learnt that the temperature was 14 degrees! Whoever said that Genting’s not so cold these days? Bull shit! We were having foggy breaths. Hehe, cheap thrills!

Hoodies on everyone! We took up almost the entire bus. I love these kinda trips.

Even at 6am, First World Plaza was already awake(or perhaps its 24 hours). This is Joe and a large bowl of noodles.

l-r: Maxis, Ghost, Me pinching ghost’s nipple.

l-r: Poh Yee, Cze-Yin and I

Even the insides of First World Plaza was enveloped in cold Genting mist!

See? So nice!!

The 16 of us proceeded into the casino. Bad move. Only juveniles move around in big groups. Ugh.

They started checking Ids and the nine 1985 kids could go in because they were already “AduLts” and obviously myself, the four 1986 and two 1985 kids whose birthdays have yet to pass were denied of entry. 🙁

The guard asked me, “Umur berapa?”

I waved at the guard and said, “Byebye..” with a terbocor-smile and walked back out. So kesian.

Sett had an idea for the ‘losers’ to take a group photo. The losers who were denied entry into the casino.
standing l-r: Chee Wen(1986), Xin Yi(1986), Joe(1986), Jimmy(1986), Sett(1985)
kneeling l-r: Me(1987), Cze-Yin(1985)

We had to regain some dignity after losing some face back at the casino. Wahahaha. Hence some poser photos.

We walked around somemore and saw this! Have you ever seen this before?? A phone recharging booth!!

wasting time while waiting for the “AduLtS” to come out of the casino.

Joe and Cze-Yin

Xin Yi and Chee Wen

l-r: Jimmy, Sett, Chee Wen

Aww! Xin Yi and Chee Wen. But she moved..

Group photo minus Chuan Horng and Ee Chean.
top l-r: Xin Yi, Pei Zhi, Joe, Zhu Zen, Poh Yee, Cze-Yin, Sock Nee, Jimmy, Steffi, Sett
bottom l-r: Chee Wen, Andy, Maxis, Me

Sett and his lovely Steffi! (cue for the girls: AWwwwwwwww mannn!~~~~)

Another group photo at Starbucks. It was freezing cold sitting there.

l-r: Maxis, Chuan Horng and Ee Chean

While waiting for the bumper cars..
L-r: Ee Chean, Maxis and Andy.

I think they were pretending to be kids because we were standing amidst a large crowd of what looked like standard 6 kids(with very foul mouths I should add.) Ee Chean saw a cute little girl who looked about 10 and alerted the rest of the boys and all of them agreed that its OKAY to oggle at little girls because it is considered “long term investment”. Hahahahhahaa.

Yup. It’s fun when the entire bumper car area consists only of your friends.

l-r: Zhu Zen, Cze-Yin and Joe

L-r: Xin Yi, Chee Wen, Pei Zhi, Jimmy, Sock Nee, Chuan Horng


While waiting for that orange slide thingie..
L-r: me, Chuan Horng

Next up was the spinner!

Camwhoring before the thing started spinning.

l-r: Zhu Zen, Pei Zhi

I don’t get it why everybody likes to butt in when I camwhore. 😀

L-r: Cze-Yin and Chuan Horng


My flying classmates.

I don’t know who she is but I think this photo is so nice as the lady looks really happy!

l-r: Joe, Zhu Zen and Maxis.

L-r: Jimmy, Sock Nee, Cze-Yin and Poh Yee.

Standing in the cold.. our hair got really wet due to the mist.

The boys came up with this game where they had to store water in their mouths and then go on the rollercoaster. After the ride, their mouths must still be filled with water.

So cute!

Sett and his sweetheart.

Cze-Yin and Poh Yee entering the most boring ride(after motion master at First World Plaza!) ever. It’s a haunted house without any ghosts inside. Maxis volunteered to be a ghost by getting out of his vehicle-thingie(there IS a word for this rides vehicle..what’s it again?) and chased after the vehicle-thingie in front of his. LOL.

The ultimate thing to do in Genting Highlands is to go up to the Solero Shots.(and gambling too, but I’m still a little girl.)
Only me and Zhu Zen dared to go up! The other girls(and Joe!) were too scared. hehehe.

See my apprehensive face.

So high!!

It was damn cold as well… imagine being scared and feeling damn cold. Have you guys heard about the urban legend that a girl who had freaking long hair had her hair stuck up in the machinery and got her head detached/the skin of her head pulled out leaving the skull when she came down?

It must be true because even my classmates have heard of it and when I heard of the story I was in form5.

And one seat on every side is locked. They’ve even covered the backpart with some canvas thing so that nobody’s hair will get stuck. As you can see, I was being paranoid and had my hood on.

ee Chean and Andy!

Look at my scared face! Hahahha

We counted to 10 when we were up there. 10 seconds was how long it took for the thing to fall. It’s like 1..2…3..4…5…6..7…8…9…10……and you go.. “eh, I thought 10 alre-ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It used to shoot up faster than the speed of gravity. Now it goes up slowly and even the falling speed has been reduced. I remember having my bum lifted off the seat when I was in form3. For the past few times that I’ve been on the ride, I didn’t get lifted up.

Maybe I got fatter.

Jimmy and Chee Wen went up next. Chee Wen shouted, “WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!’ as the thing was falling down. LOL LOL. He looked like he was really scared. That didn’t helped at all to the other people who were awaiting their turns. LOL.

See how misty!

Falling..falling…. lol

HAHAHAH see Chee Wen’s hands on his face.

He looks seriously scared. Hahahhaa.

Zhu Zen and Cze-Yin awaiting their turn.

“Goodbye, my love.” – damn korean drama! l-r: Sock Nee and Jimmy.

Next up was Go-Karting! They installed new cars.

Can’t resist the urge to camwhore when I have weird contraptions on my head.

L-r: maxis and Andy

l-r: Poh Yee and Cze-Yin

L-r: me, Poh Yee

l-r: Xin Yi, Chee Wen and Joe


Get set…


Yeah man, I look so cool.

I bet you wish you were here to experience the cold too!

This is my serious racer face.

I could hardly see the tracks!

I finished first!!! Woohoo! Number 1 out of 16!!

I just love it when the photos despict how misty it was that day.

Crazy Andy and Pei ZHi wanting to eat ice cream in the cold. Mad one.

Some dude having some fun with the fake bus.

Zhu Zen and I at the super super super lame 3d motion master. I came up with a dioriented vision and a bad headache.

Imagine moving around, and the 3D aren’t even 3D but just double images moving here and there.. and then getting sprayed by water every now and then.

We were so bored we even took the Gondola rides. You know those bright swans moving slowly around the top of First World Plaza?
L-r: Ee Chean and Zhu Zen

L-r: me, Maxis

I went shopping alone for awhile while the rest went for rock climbing.

group photo after riding the flying coaster.

I loved it! It was like flying!

Some couples lovey dovey souvenirs. Us singles and LDR sufferers didn’t buy any!

Then we played bumper boats. Poor Chee Wen’s boat’s engine was kinda cacated. He was stuck in a corner for the rest of the game. Hehehe.

Now who would’ve thought there was such a thing as bumper boats? Innovative..

So cute to be driving your own little boat thing.

l-r: Ee Chean, Chuan Horng, Maxis, Zhu Zen, Me

The colourful spinner

One last time before we left the themepark.

Maxis was trying his very best to kick me.

A view from the hotel. Breath taking isn’t it?

We continued with some shopping at night, trying to kill time for the 1.45am horror movie that we wanted to catch.

I SAW BAGS THAT I WANTED TO BUY!! But I’ll probably look like an idiot carrying it around so I decided against it. Sigh, and it was so glittery too!

As you can tell, we REALLY needed to kill time. In all my life, I’ve never even bat an eyelash at the boats that go around First World Plaza.

Camwhoring lalalala.

But it was nice, taking picture on the boat.

Joe sits with the boat man.

Lovely view.

Cze-Yin pretends to be wistful.

After awhile, we headed back to the hotel to take a nap.

And of course, to be stupid too.

Surely to camwhore too.

The other guys came in to play “007 bang!”(punishment was to eat biscuits.) while the couples went clubbing. We were too kiamsiap to fork out Rm30 per person. Do you know HOW expensive the food in Genting is? Crazy pokai.

Lunch the next day.

Cze-Yin was bored too.

I got everyone to descend the escalator at the same time. Makes a nice photo!

While coming down from Genting, the bus dropped us at a chocolate store.

Very pretty..

Next proposed trip, probably to some island! 🙂