First Period Of The Year

Happy New Year and I have my period.


Pain pain pain pain. I’ve just sent my poor mother out of the house to buy me ActiveFast panadol. No mentrual panadols for me because I heard that it ruins your chances of celebrating mother’s day?

I’ve also just came back from a very very traumatizing time in the bathroom, as any other menstruating women out there, diarrhoea is a common occurence come that time of the month.

My legs feel weak, my boobs hurt(if I go over a speed bump in an ill fitting bra..ohmygod….*plip plap* OWw), I just want to sleep, at times I become bed ridden and won’t even want to eat anything. My back aches, the sides of my stomach feel strained and my eyes feel droopy.

It is also during my period where I throw the darndest of questions to the boyfriend. A good one would be, “Why don’t you read my blog?”(which he now does more regularly after that incident.heh) and followed by a whole lot of emosing. You have to ask him, it really happens. So he knows better not to pose me with any Big IssueTM questions or else I’ll just burst into tears and raging retorts if I do not like his reasonings. It’s the period. I’m not a bitch.

After a few days of my period, I’ll ask the same question to myself, “Does it really matter??” And I think to myself, No, it doesn’t matter. Hahahhaa.  Ohmygod, PMS does the strangest things.

I just find it strange that my first period of the year falls on New Year’s Day. Which makes it damn easy to keep track of my period dates.

I’m feeling a tad bit warm now, the fan is not blowing hard enough. And I feel my temper rising because I’m feeling uncomfortable. I feel like screaming now because there is a sore in my throat and no amount of water can sooth it, and my bag is unpacked and I am so fucking angry that I have to go back to Kedah tomorrow. I’m also so fucked that my exams are in three weeks.

I FEEL WARM WARM.. ARGHHHH>>I NEED THE AIRCON GODDAMNIT FUCKEN AIRCONnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. SHIT SHIT. Damn hot. malas to bathe somemore.