Four Years Till Forever

Well thank goodness Esther did not heed my advice when I said, “eh pull me away from him if we talk more than 6 minutes okay!” all those 7 years ago.

To the boy who liked me when I was 14,
the boy whom I flirted heavily with when I was 15,
the boy whom I gave a cold shoulder to when I was 16 for getting more A’s than me in class,
the boy whom I started to miss when he went away for his A Levels in Singapore when I was 17,
the boy whom I was waiting (im)patiently for my first kiss with after a whole year of dating when I was 18,
the boy whom I cried for when he had to leave for Singapore once again for 7 years when I was 19,
the boy whom I only saw once every 2 months or more but was thankful for every chance we had when I was 20,
the boy whom I finally could fart in front of when I was 21 (and now he is farting a whole lot more in front of me. What is this! Permission is it!)

Happy 4th Anniversary dear. 🙂 I’ll up you next year.

Some of the millions of reasons why I love you:

1) The way you said, “A Gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell!” when you don’t want to answer my questions.

2) The way you curl up into a ball due to embarrassment when I said “ungentlemanly” things to my girlfriends in front of you.

3) The way you layaned me and assigned chores to our fictional children. Your cute “HAHH?” as I climbed higher and higher with the numbers: “Child number 6 leh?”

4) The way you shake my hand when you want to make a point/prevent me from merajuking.

5) The way you crafted our impossibly outrageous future together. (he even made up professions for our neighbours.. and talked about road trips with our Kiwi and Japanese

6) The way you have double eyelids and this totally solves the problem about me passing down my single eyelids to our children.

7) The way you totally rock at being bitchy about you-know-whos!

8) The way you complimented my father for his deep voice.

9) The way you are shy to say “Love you!” at the end of our phone conversation when your mum and aunt are within ear shot.

10) The way you make scandalous kepoh noises when we drive past stationary cars with couples in it at remote places.

Dec 17th/18th marked our 4th anniversary but as the poor boy was sick, we couldn’t spend two glorious days at Batu Feringghi. The other half of the plan turned out awesomely well though. JW Marriot at Singapore made up for everything. Definitely one of the best weekends of my life. Luxurious, romantic and FREE!!