Getting Acquainted With Xpax Facebook SMS

So as I mentioned, I decided to get my hands on an Xpax SIM card to try out the Xpax Facebook SMS. RM1 per week for unlimited usage, it’s really a steal. With the new SIM Card plus this Xpax Facebook SMS, the total doesn’t even come up to RM10. 

I love the Xpax’s envelope. Feels very solid.

All I had to do was type ‘F’ and send it to 32665 and there it was, one whole week worth of Facebooking right from my mobile phone only for RM1 a week. 

Sending out my virgin FB status update! It appears immediately. Like faster than I can check my profile.

And so I wanted to send a message to someone who would layan me… obviously I chose Chee Kiang.

To leave a wall post, just type “wall (FB username) and then your message.

I typed Lam Chee Kiang, but the Xpax Facebook SMS was smart enough to detect that I’ve got a few Lams in my list.

My guilty pleasure is to constantly check for notifications. 😛 And these get sent RIGHT to your phone for FREE! So when I turned my phone on, the notifications were pouring in. 

Another one of my notifications. It even updates you about photo comments, messages to your inbox, notes and so forth. 

Aside from receiving, you can also write on your friends’ walls, poke them, write notes, send messages, request for a certain profile, add friends and more. 

Here’s an example of the statuses I updated:

If you’re keen to test it out yourself, I highly recommend it. Go check it out!