Glee S1E17 Bad Reputation – Somewhat A Rave, Somewhat A Review

A tv show has never made me anticipate a month this badly before but Glee actually had me tapping my feet impatiently till April. After three so so episodes, episode 17, imho, is quite up to standard!

They threw in a few storylines to break away from the mundane love stories that has been going on for too long. In this episode we get confused if Jesse is using Rachel or if he is really into her.

I personally thought that Sue’s embarrassing video on youtube was pretty random and even more so with Olivia Newton John’s appearance. It doesn’t even go with the show! We did however got to see a good portrayal of Sue’s voice. That woman can sing!

The first song was Ice Ice Baby. I have always loved that song ever since I first heard my juniors in kindergarten performed it for our concert. It was a bunch of 5 year olds decked out in colourful shirts with plastic sunglasses bopping their heads left and right to the Vanilla Ice song. I remember my dad singing it with my brother (who has yet to enter kindergarten at that time) after the concert. I was also pleasantly surprised when my batch 4 juniors had that song for their cheerleading routine for the recent ADSALympics event and even more elated when Glee announced that they were going to cover that song too!

It would have been nicer if they mixed it up a little, put a little twist in it. A tad bit noisy but did you see the killa leg moves? Other Asian totally nailed them!

I thought it was really cute when Artie made an “Oh.. oh well” face when everyone got up to dance.

Don’t you want to hug him? 🙂 The choreographer Zach Woodlee says that Kevin is actually their best dancer and yet he is confined to a wheelchair!

I think I’m going to practice that leg kick and turn around thing to the Ice Ice Baby song. Love the move!! We also get to see Will’s sexy body quite a bit. He throws his hands up a lot and his shirt gets taut resulting in a defined chest …yumss.

When it comes to glee, I’ve never really been into the storyline. I just love it when they break out into song! So anyway, the drama for this episode is about them not being bad ass enough at McKinley High. Kurt wants to get all of them to be known as bad asses and they hatched a plan to cause chaos in the library.

He knows that geeks are sexy. Love it that he takes the look all the way. See that face? GRWAR!!!

I’m SO happy that Kevin got a solo!! Kevin’s my favourite on Glee. Kevin has a fantastic voice that sounds so different from any other guy singer. I fell in love with his voice when he sang the Usher part on It’s My Life/Confessions Pt. II back in the Vitamin D episode. I wish they would give him more parts! But because of this episode, I find Finn, Puck and Jesse very hot too. You’ll see why at the end of the episode.

Kevin does MC Hammer’s You Can’t Touch This. He is damn cute lahh!! In his little wheelchair, doing those dances with the body twists and supposedly sexy facial expressions. 🙂 Just too adorable!! I share the same sentiments as the old lady librarian who finds them ‘cute’ and wants to get them to perform for her Sunday service, totally ruining their plans to get expelled from school to be seen as bad asses.

For the dance moves in this song, I like the sudden head movements. Kurt does it really well!

I’m skipping the Physical part. So uncalled for. What was going on. I don’t understand a damn thing.
The song is catchy though, I’ll give you that.

For the Glee’s Club assignment entitled Bad Reputation, Rachel came up with a music video of her own, covering the song Run, Joey, Run. She made use of the three guys – Finn, Puck and Jesse to co-star with her in the video. Each thought that they were the only male lead and felt betrayed after Rachel presented the video.

The song Run Joey Run is about a guy who wants to elope with a girl and the girl is sort of singing the song to her very angry father. I don’t understand the story line..maybe pregnant?

It starts off with Puck lying on his bed being the first to sing the male lead. More parts to Puck to please!! Sweet Caroline was nice and he proved himself once more with this song! I love it that all the hot guys had a part in this song.

Lovely combination! Great voice plus his sexiness spread out on a bed is just too much. *fans self* Those armpit hair! <3

Mark Salling goes on to show his vocal prowess which we hear so little of.

It cuts away to a scene where the male lead supposedly arrives at the female lead’s house and is played by Jesse. More sexiness!

After Rachel gets shot by her father, Finn comes to hold her.

During the school corridor part where the three guys walked out one by one, again sexiness and hotness ooze effortlessly. Must be the great hair and the black leather jacket.

Can bring home to mother.

Perfect for boy on the side.

He is the one who rocks the bad ass look the best!! <3 Give a guy a leather jacket and he oozes sex appeal.

The final song is Total Eclipse of The Heart. The three guys start it off with the “Turn around~” part.

I love listening to Jesse’s part. He hits the right note with so much melody and Finn carries the note after him with just as much gusto. Another well harmonized product from the Glee series.

Finn is so hot!! 🙂

Can’t wait for the coming rendition of The Boy Is Mine in the next episode by Mercedes and Santana!! Among the girls I like Santana the most.